C74—- Kill The Half-Blood 3

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In the next instant, Yu Qing was vigorously pulled out from under the table by Xiang Wen.

“Who let you touch the noble body of the Lord without permission!” Xiang Wen stared at Yu Qing on the floor, his eyes were full of disdain and rejection. He didn’t want this guy to use this way to get to the top, in the Duke’s side, only he had the Duke’s attention.

After he scolded Yu Qing, he pulled out a snow-white handkerchief from his breast pocket and knelt down to wipe Shen Jue’s feet carefully, as if Yu Qing’s kiss was the germ that would infect his Duke.

Yu Qing got up and fell to his knees with a pale face, thinking he was done for.

If he was sent to the judge, he would probably be sentenced to death and have the word “thief” branded on him.

The steward at the side deliberated, but decided to plead for Yu Qing, “Your honor, let’s spare the boy since it’s his first offense.”

They all knew how it would end up with the judge, and none of the servants wanted to be convicted of theft.

Shen Jue looked at Yu Qing calmly, and suddenly, he held out his hand to him. Yu Qing didn’t understand what he meant, but got up and walked over anyway.

“Kneel down.”

When he reached in front of him, he heard Shen Jue say in a cold voice.

Yu Qing hurriedly knelt down again, so that Shen Jue could again look at Yu Qing from a high position. He quietly looked at the angelic face in front of him, kissed by the Creator, and slowly cupped his forefinger and thumb around his chin.

Cold fingertips rubbed against the smooth skin, until the jaw of Yu Qing was red, only then did he slowly say: “It’s not impossible to spare you once, after the last hunt, my snow horse was frightened, recently it’s been refusing to eat, if you can make it start eating, I won’t send you to the judge.”

After he finished, he let go of his hand and handed it to Xiang Wen, who stepped aside.

Xiang Wen took out another handkerchief from somewhere and wiped the hand that Shen Jue had used to touch Yu Qing’s face again carefully.

The butler in the room was already used to seeing it, so there was no surprise in his eyes.

In his mind, Xiang Wen was a noble dog raised by the Duke, who only listened to the Duke’s words and understood his thoughts very well, and was very vicious to others.


Xue Nai was a mare raised by Shen Jue, and although she was a female, her personality was just as bad-tempered as her master’s, and the servants in charge of Xue Nai would often get hurt.

But Yu Qing was happy enough knowing he wouldn’t be sent to the judge, and said thank you several times in quick succession.

Shen Jue stopped looking at him and instead wiped his lips with the dishcloth on his lap and stood up.

Although Shen Jue had told the butler to refuse Qiao Jiangyuan’s servant, the butler’s self-righteousness had made Qiao Jiangyuan think that Shen Jue was angry with him for not coming a few days before, so at twelve midnight, Qiao Jiangyuan came to his door with a gift.

The butler was very happy to see Qiao Jiangyuan, “Duke Qiao, good evening.”

Qiao Jiangyuan was a very handsome looking blood, he was very tall, at least one meter nine. He removed the bowler hat from his head and smiled slightly at the butler, “Where is Shen Jue? I don’t suppose he’s still sleeping, is he?”

“My lord is upstairs reading a book.” The butler said as he welcomed Qiao Jiangyuan inside.

After Qiao Jiangyuan entered the manor, he looked to his left and right without moving a muscle. Sometimes Yu Qing would help with the weeds in the yard, but unfortunately, he didn’t see the other party in the yard today.

After entering the house, he was led to sit in the living room.

When the servant served blood tea, Qiao Jiangyuan pretended to casually mention, “I remember that you have a young man here who brews blood tea very well.”

The man thought for a moment and then said with a smile, “You are talking about Yu Qing, right? He is now at the horse farm, so he can’t make blood tea for your honor.”

“The horse farm?” Qiao Jiangyuan remembered that Yu Qing was a kitchen helper.

The servant pursed his lips with difficulty, but said in a low voice: “A few hours ago, Yu Qing offended the Duke, who punished him to go to the horse farm to feed the horses.”

When Qiao Jiangyuan heard this, a trace of displeasure flashed in his eyes, but he still nodded with a smile, “So that’s the case, too bad, I really liked the blood tea he made.”

After being served tea and snacks, Qiao Jiangyuan sat on the dark green cloth sofa waiting for Shen Jue to come down, but he waited for a full half hour, but didn’t see him come down. He couldn’t help but look at the pocket watch in his pocket.

This was a sign of impatience.

The butler at the side saw it and hurriedly said, “The Duke may be fascinated by the world in the book, sit a little.”

He hurriedly went up to the third floor.

When he had seen Xiang Wen earlier, he had specifically told him that Qiao Jiangyuan was here, but somehow Shen Jue hadn’t come down yet. He could only make another trip.

He stood at the door to his study and knocked gently on the door, waiting for a voice to come from inside before he opened it and entered.

Shen Jue was sitting behind a wide desk, and he had put on a pair of gold-rimmed glasses because he was reading a book.

When he saw the housekeeper, he gently pushed down on his glasses with his index finger, “What’s wrong?”

The butler glanced at Xiang Wen before saying, “Duke, Duke Qiao is waiting for you in the downstairs living room right now.”

Shen Jue smiled and slightly tilted his body, still propping his chin up with his hand, he said with interest, “I know, but didn’t I say I didn’t want to?” He paused, “If you don’t think that’s a good response, just say that I’m not well enough to see guests.”

Naturally, the housekeeper couldn’t refute Shen Jue, so he could only go down and relay the message to Qiao Jiangyuan.

Qiao Jiangyuan’s gaze flickered when he heard that Shen Jue wasn’t well enough to see him, and then he picked up the bowler hat on the table and said gently, “In that case, I’ll come back another day.”

When he left the doorway, Qiao Jiangyuan’s face sank right down, but he wasn’t extremely angry.

When he was about to get on the carriage, he unexpectedly saw Shen Jue’s servant carrying the gift he had brought earlier and he threw it at the gate. The servant seemed to treat Qiao Jiangyuan’s gift as if he couldn’t wait to get rid it, and after doing this, he turned around and left.

Qiao Jiangyuan looked at this scene and his face sank,, he inclined his head to his servant and said, “Pick up the things and throw them away.”


Shen Jue stood in front of the window and let out a soft laugh as he watched Qiao Jiangyuan leave.

Xiang Wen, who was standing behind him, naturally noticed that Shen Jue’s attitude toward Qiao Jiangyuan was extraordinarily different today, and he thought for a moment before saying carefully, “The Duke doesn’t want to see Duke Qiao?”

Xiang Wen was a very good judge of character, and he was used to finding out what Shen Jue liked about each person, so that he could stay with him longer.

“Yeah, you don’t have to treat him differently when you see him in the future.”

Shen Jue knew what kind of servant Xiang Wen was, but he needed such a smart and high-handed servant right now.

If he couldn’t get rid of Qiao Jiangyuan completely, Xiang Wen could still help him out.

Shen Jue thought Qiao Jiangyuan wouldn’t come to his door after such a closed door, but he didn’t know that he would come back the next day, even with more expensive gifts than yesterday.

Xiang Wen was naturally responsible for stopping Qiao Jiangyuan, but unfortunately, he couldn’t. In the end, Qiao Jiangyuan showed up in front of Shen Jue.

Shen Jue was swimming in the open-air pool in the backyard, and when he saw Qiao Jiangyuan, he came out of the water.

Xiang Wen hurriedly handed Shen Jue his clothes and as he did that, he complained about Qiao Jiangyuan, “Duke, I already told Duke Qiao that you were swimming and it wasn’t convenient for you to see guests, but he still insisted on barging in, and the housekeeper didn’t even stop him, he really let in all kinds of cats and dogs.”

Shen Jue couldn’t help but let out a laugh as he listened to Xiang Wen’s words while dressing, he gently glanced at Qiao Jiangyuan’s face and then rewarded him by stroking Xiang Wen’s head, “It’s okay.”

Although Qiao Jiangyuan didn’t understand Shen Jue’s sudden change of attitude towards him, he maintained the smile on his face and asked caringly, “Are you feeling better? I had to go out of town some time ago and only returned the day before yesterday.”

And at that moment, someone came up with refreshments.

Qiao Jiangyuan a glance to find that it was Yuk Qing, he couldn’t help revealing his surprise.

Yu Qing didn’t look at Qiao Jiangyuan, at this time he didn’t know Qiao Jiangyuan’s fondness for him.

He put the refreshments down and then prepared to leave, but was shouted at by Shen Jue.

“Stop, help me finish rubbing the oil before you leave.” After shouting at Yu Qing, Shen Jue then said to Xiang Wen next to him, “Give him the essential oil.”

Xiang Wen had waited days for the opportunity to rub the oil on the Duke, and now that lowly half-blood was going to steal it from him?

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