C70– Kill That Gentleman 33

Yue Hong yanked Shen Jue behind him, his eyes staring defensively at Sang Xinghe not far away.

“Xiao Jue, go out first.”

Shen Jue hesitated, but took a few steps back, ready to leave the Great Hall first. He didn’t know if his action had stimulated Sang Xinghe, but he suddenly let out a low roar and broke the young monk’s neck, so fast that Yue Hong didn’t even have time to stop him.

The young monk’s corpse fell to the ground with a crash, a dull thud on the smooth red bricks. The abbot closed his eyes and recited Amitabha Buddha. His voice was obviously not loud, but it resounded throughout the hall.

Yue Hong didn’t expect Sang Xinghe to actually do something murderous, both heartbroken and angry, he no longer cared about anything else, and directly went forward to prepare to arrest Sang Xinghe. According to reason, Sang Xinghe’s martial arts were taught by him, it was easy to subdue the other, seeing Sang Xinghe use martial arts he had never seen, but were very sinister and poisonous moves, to Yue Hong, the master, he wasn’t prepared.

Yue Hong was caught unprepared and was knocked back a few steps by Sang Xinghe, and as soon as he was on his feet, he saw that Sang Xinghe had already flashed to Shen Jue’s side.

He grabbed Shen Jue and fled directly outside.


Sang Xinghe grabbed Shen Jue with one hand and flew forward, all the way to the back of the Thousand Buddha Temple, before stopping. He unlocked Shen Jue’s mute points before releasing his grip. Shen Jue got free and immediately took several steps back, looking at him defensively.

The back of the mountain was densely wooded, elegant and quiet, with only the sound of insects and birds chirping in his ears.

Sang Xinghe’s long hair fell, and his already delicate face was even more demonic in the poorly lit woods, as he stared straight at Shen Jue, his voice low, “Are you afraid of me?”

Shen Jue sniffed and took another step back, “Are you …… you can go to reincarnation? It won’t do you any good to go on like this.”

The look on Sang Xinghe’s face seemed to change again at his words, he stepped forward and grabbed Shen Jue’s arm directly, his eyes filled with a murderous aura, “You want me to leave and then let me watch you and Sang Xinghe be together, you really want it badly!” He gritted his teeth, his expression gradually becoming twisted, “Shen Jue, we’ll die together.”

After saying that, he raised his hand and strangled Shen Jue’s neck.

Sang Xinghe felt as if he had been locked up, all his senses were blocked from the outside world until he heard a gasping sound coming from his throat.

The sound was like something only a dying person could make, like a cuckoo crying for blood, a sound of sorrow.

His eyes snapped open, but he saw that his hand was strangling Shen Jue’s neck, whose face had turned red. He feebly tried to tear off Sang Xinghe’s hand, desperation written in his eyes.

Sang Xinghe instantly felt his scalp tingling, he hurriedly let go of his hand and took several steps back, watching Shen Jue sliding weakly to the ground, his hand that had just choked him was trembling slightly.

He was controlled by the evil spirit again, what had he done?

Sang Xinghe’s face was full of confusion, and the next moment, he heard footsteps, looked at the sound, it was Yue Hong chasing after him. Before he could speak, he was struck by Yue Hong’s palm on his heart and flew out several feet.

“Inferior disciple, how dare you forge such a big disaster!” Yue Hong was already at the head of his anger, and when he arrived here, he saw Shen Jue lying on the ground with a blue mark on his neck, he was even more angry.

He had found this son with great difficulty, and had transferred almost all of his guilt towards Miao Luo to his son, only to see his son injured like this by his own beloved disciple, how could he not be angry, how could he not hate? If possible, he really wanted to kill this disciple directly, but ultimately he couldn’t lay hands on him. He took a heavy breath and walked towards Sang Xinghe, who had fallen to the ground.

And Sang Xinghe was dumbfounded by Yue Hong’s behaviour, after he reacted, he immediately climbed up and kneeled on the ground, “Master, the disciple was possessed by an evil spirit and committed a wrongdoing, please master, punish me.”

Yue Hong’s eyes were complicated, he inclined his head and took several deep breaths before saying, “Come back with me and make amends with the abbot.”

He turned and walked next to Shen Jue, squatting down, “Xiao Jue, are you okay?”

Shen Jue rubbed his neck and slowly nodded his head.

And aside, Sang Xinghe watched the scene, he didn’t know what to do or what to say.

He had just almost killed Shen Jue.

If he had come to his senses any later, Shen Jue would have died by his hand.

Yue Hong took the two men down the mountain together. He first sent Shen Jue back to his room to rest, and then led Sang Xinghe to see the abbot of the Thousand Buddha Temple. Sang Xinghe realized that he had killed the abbot’s own disciple and was ashamed.

He knelt on the ground and blamed himself, “Abbot, kill me, I really have no face to live in the world anymore.”

Yue Hong was beside him and also said, “This disciple of mine has caused such a big trouble, his sin is unpardonable, Abbot, how about one life for one life?”

The abbot recited Amitabha Buddha before slowly saying, “The person who killed my disciple was not Master Sang, but an evil spirit.”

Yue Hong secretly sighed in relief, he just deliberately laid such a heavy hand, and said that kind of words, naturally there were elements of bitterness in, now listening to the abbot’s words, at least his disciple’s life was saved.

“This seventy-two spell formation is useless against that evil spirit, what else can be done?” Yue Hong said.

The abbot lowered his eyes and thought for a while before saying, “This matter still needs to be discussed, and since Master Sang is unable to control his body now, according to this old abbot’s opinion, it was better to condescend to Master Sang for a while first.”

That afternoon, Sang Xinghe was imprisoned in the Yanfu Cave at the back of the Thousand Buddha Temple. To prevent him from killing again, his hands were chained, and monks and disciples of the Tianluo Temple took turns guarding him.

After Sang Xinghe was imprisoned here, at first he just felt a little bored, but later he found that both the monks of Thousand Buddha Temple and the disciples of Tian Luo Sect looked at him with fear written in their eyes, avoiding him like a snake, not even talking to him, and even if he took the initiative to speak, those people did not reply.

The monks of the Thousand Buddha Temple were fine, but the disciples of the Tian Luo Sect treated him like this. Sang Xinghe had never been treated like this in his twenty years of life, and he became more and more depressed, and during this time, only one person persisted in visiting him every day and cooked good food for him in a different way.

Because in the Thousand Buddha Temple, they couldn’t touch meat, Shen Jue made simple vegetarian dishes, and even carved with tofu into a variety of small animals.

“Next time, don’t make it like this, it’s too time consuming to make these every day, okay?” Sang Xinghe whispered.

Shen Jue smiled at Sang Xinghe, “It’s okay, I like to do this, I’m idle anyway.” He pushed today’s specially made deep-fried vegetarian food to Sang Xinghe, “Try this, and guess what’s in it?”

Sang Xinghe was about to pick up his chopsticks when he glanced at Shen Jue’s hand, his pupils shrunk slightly, he immediately said, “What’s wrong with your hand?”

Shen Jue quickly hid his hand behind his back and said as if nothing had happened, “Nothing.”

“Show me your hand.” Sang Xinghe’s face sank, and when he saw that Shen Jue hesitated, he increased his voice, “Xiao Jue, don’t you listen to me anymore?”

When Shen Jue heard Sang Xinghe say this, he pursed his lips and put out his hand.

As soon as his hand was extended, Sang Xinghe saw that the jade white hand had many small blisters that he hadn’t seen yesterday. He frowned slightly and gently cupped Shen Jue’s hand from below, but as soon as he touched it, Shen Jue sucked in a breath of pain, and his hand shrank back.

Seeing this, Sang Xinghe said again, “Turn it over and show me.”

Sure enough, there were many small blisters on the palm of his hand as well.

“Is this from the oil frying?” Sang Xinghe had seen this hand in perfect condition, and now seeing Shen Jue’s hand with so many more small blisters for him, it was no less sad. For twenty years, how many people expressed their love for him, but no one would always stand by his side when he was down and out, even his master never came to see him these days.

Those disciples, he had carefully counseled them one by one, when the master wasn’t around, he taught them martial arts, respected by them as a big brother, but they now saw him as an evil spirit, their eyes were either afraid or defensive.

It was easy when a lover was beautiful, but difficult when a lover was down, not to mention that he couldn’t even control himself now, but several times he had hurt Shen Jue, and last time he almost killed him, even so, but Shen Jue was still willing to come near him.

“Xiao Jue, why are you so stupid?” Sang Xinghe’s eyes felt a little warm, “I don’t deserve you, really.”

Shen Jue slowly withdrew his hand and said calmly and deliberately, “It’s up to me to decide if it’s worth it, not you. I know you don’t like me, but I like you, so I’ll always do my best to treat you well until you like me too, as long as you don’t dislike me.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he was drawn into an embrace.

Sang Xinghe hugged Shen Jue tightly, “How could I dislike you? It’s better if you don’t dislike me.”

Shen Jue pulled the corners of his lips, his eyes turned indifferent, but his tone was very cheerful, “Great, I’ve finally impressed you a little.” He paused, “So is it possible that if I try harder, you’ll fall in love with me?”

Sang Xinghe couldn’t see Shen Jue’s expression, but felt that the other’s words were very serious. Childish and very cute, like a boy with a heart of innocence. How did he run into such a good person.

“Xiao Jue, of course I will fall in love with you.” Sang Xinghe let go of Shen Jue after he finished speaking, and he looked at him seriously, “but don’t cook such dangerous dishes next time, you know? In the Temple, there should be a big pot of rice, you can just make a serving for me.”

Shen Jue responded, but next time he brought him the food he cooked by himself. Sang Xinghe was both distressed and moved, and vowed to treat Shen Jue well in the future.

But gradually Sang Xinghe found that he couldn’t control himself anymore, sometimes it seemed like someone else’s voice would appear in his mind, and that person wanted him to kill all the people who were guarding him.

“You’re being guarded like this? Don’t you feel suffocated? What right do they have to hold you, it’s not you who are sick, it’s them, you should kill them all.”

Sang Xinghe shook his head violently, trying to push the voice in his head out.

His sudden movement startled Shen Jue, who looked at him cautiously, “Xinghe, what’s wrong with you?”

Sang Xinghe’s body stiffened, and after half a second, he squeezed out a smile, “Nothing.”

But the voice in his head kept talking, even more and more frequently, he wanted to drive it out, but he couldn’t, especially in the dead of night, when he was lying alone on the plank bed, the voice in his head would become clearer and clearer.

“Kill them, kill them and you can get out, how long do you want to be locked up here? Sang Xinghe, are you still a human being? Why do you want to be locked up here like a dog?”

No, he wasn’t a dog, because he had an evil spirit in his body, so he was just living here temporarily, those people were not trying to lock him up, but to protect him.

“Sang Xinghe, you are too good at deceiving yourself and others, right? If they are protecting you, why are they all so afraid of you? Your most respected master hasn’t visited you once? Because they all think you’re crazy and they’re thinking of some way to kill you.”

“No!” Sang Xinghe couldn’t help but shout out.

This voice sounded extra loud in the night, the disciple who was a little tired immediately held the sword in his hand steady and looked uneasily into the cave, seeing that it was quiet inside, he couldn’t help but ask, “Eldest Brother?”

Another disciple was also a little scared, the previous night was four people watching together, recently Sang Xinghe hadn’t trouble, so they adjusted the number of people, replaced it with two people.

He gently bumped the sword-holding disciple’s arm, “Is this …… all right?”

The sword-holding disciple thought for a moment, “Big Brother won’t be in trouble inside, right?”

“What can happen in the middle of the night? Isn’t he staying inside alone?”

The sword-holding disciple looked into the cave a few more times, “Should we go in and take a look?”

The disciple thought for a moment, but finally nodded.


The people who came to change shifts the next day saw no one at the door and froze for a moment, but they quickly reacted and hurriedly went inside the cave, only to find that the two disciples who had guarded Sang Xinghe last night had fallen to the ground, unconscious, while Sang Xinghe was sitting on the edge of the bed, gazing blankly at his hands.

Those people hastily drew out their swords and pointed them at Sang Xinghe, their eyes were terrified, as if they saw some monster.

Sang Xinghe raised his head, and after seeing the eyes of those people, his face became paler, and he said feebly, “I didn’t kill them, I didn’t kill.”

One of them heard Sang Xinghe’s words and boldly went to confirm the life and death of the two disciples who had fallen to the ground, and was relieved to find that they were still breathing. They didn’t say anything to Sang Xinghe, they just carried the two unconscious people out.

Yue Hong knew that Sang Xinghe had hurt someone, he was furious and went straight up to Sang Xinghe, he didn’t care if Sang Xinghe was an evil spirit into his body, but he had to punish Sang Xinghe, otherwise what should others say about him, that he didn’t care about the life and death of the next person for this beloved disciple?

He smacked Sang Xinghe a whip in front of the crowd, thought he could stop the crowd’s mouth, but Sang Xinghe couldn’t easily see Yue Hong, and only called out for his master, then was hit in front of the crowd. Sang Xinghe tasted the taste of blood in his mouth, but couldn’t resist the sadness in his heart.

After the beating, Yue Hong’s anger dissipated, he put away the whip and said to Sang Xinghe: “The next time you do this, it will not be as simple as a whip, Sang Xinghe, now do you still look like an elder brother? There are so many people in the world, how come you are the only one who has an evil spirit in your body? You’re still so unsteady in your mind, how many more people do you want to kill?”

Sang Xinghe was covered in sweat, his face was as white as a piece of paper, even his lips were white, he was kneeling on the ground, his whole body was shaking, but Yue Hong seemed to be blind, still lecturing him.

His body hurt, his heart also hurt, why couldn’t master care about caring for him? He was also in pain, and he didn’t want to hurt anyone, much less kill someone.

“Father, don’t punish him, Xinghe didn’t do it on purpose.” Shen Jue came at some point, and as soon as he arrived, he stepped in front of Sang Xinghe, “If you want to punish him, punish me as well.”

Yue Hong had finished his fight, and now that he saw Shen Jue coming, but he still had to pretend on the surface.

“Nonsense, what are you talking about, he should be punished, did you not see how badly Li Cheng, who was guarding the door yesterday, was hurt? Now he still can’t get out of bed, get out of the way!”

Shen Jue did not move, he used his body to block hin, “Father, you have already punished him, it was not his intention to do, you shouldn’t punish him again, he stayed here alone, it is already very pitiful.”

“He is pitiful? Then others are not pitiful? If it wasn’t for this mess, would it be necessary to make it like this?” Yue Hong cursed a few more times before he heaved a sigh, “I am ashamed.”

He walked out of the cave with his hands behind his back, shaking his head.

When Shen Jue saw Yue Hong leave, he hurriedly turned around to help Sang Xinghe.

“Xinghe, are you okay?”

Sang Xinghe was drenched in cold sweat, he squeezed out a smile with difficulty to Shen Jue and said weakly, “You shouldn’t talk back to Master, he did it for my own good.”

Shen Jue seemed a little angry, “No matter how bad you are, you can’t be punished like this, what the evil spirit did has nothing to do with you, what father did is simply unreasonable, he beat you, is the evil spirit scared by him and will never come out to do evil again?”


Because even at this moment, there was still a voice in his head.

“You see, your master does not care about you, he didn’t even look at you after beating you, and left, what kind of master is this? And to deliberately beat you in front of everyone, huh, he just wants to have a good reputation for himself.”

Sang Xinghe sat up slowly with his hand on the ground, his eyes were dark, like a deep, dark, bottomless well, underneath the surface of the well were unspeakable struggles and pains, but in a few months, he was reduced from the great disciple of Tian Luo Sect to a locked-up monster, they were all afraid of him, his master hated him, he had killed people, he had done evil, his sins were unpardonable, he would only cause trouble to others by living.

His long eyelashes trembled, and a fragile look passed over his beautiful face, like a fine begonia flower that had suffered innocently from the storm and should have been sought after by millions, but was now rotting in the mud, where anyone could step on it.

“Xiao Jue, do you think I shouldn’t be alive?” He said quietly.

“How can you think like that?” Shen Jue seemed frightened by him and looked at him worriedly and anxiously, “Xinghe, it’s okay, you’ll get better, they’ll get rid of the evil spirit inside you, once it’s gone, you’ll be fine.”

Sang Xinghe hooked his lips, it was an extremely shallow smile, “But I have harmed and killed someone, I have made a mistake, whether it is an evil spirit or not, it’s because of me.” He raised his hand and touched the corner of Shen Jue’s eye with his fingertips, only a light touch, as if a feather had touched his face, “I almost killed you too, Xiao Jue, I don’t think I can get better.”

His eyes turned red, but his smile deepened.

Seeing this, Shen Jue grabbed Sang Xinghe’s hand directly and placed the other man’s hand on his face, “Don’t think like that, you’ll get better, I believe in you.” He paused and took a breath, like he was making some important decision, “If you really can’t get better, you’ll have me with you, wherever you go, I’ll go.”

“Silly.” Sang Xinghe couldn’t laugh anymore, he only clenched his teeth to death so as not to let the tears weakly flow down from his eyes.

It turned out he wasn’t alone, there was someone in this world who always believed in him.

For the sake of Shen Jue, he would try one more time.

After leaving the cave for a long time, Shen Jue walked to the stream and wiped his face fiercely with his handkerchief. He washed the handkerchief clean with an expressionless face, only to turn around and see an unexpected person. He instantly adjusted his expression and hurriedly took a few steps back, “What are you doing here?”

The person in front of him smiled gently and pulled out a handkerchief from his sleeve, “The water on your face is still wet, do you want to wipe it?”

Shen Jue was silent for a moment, but still took the handkerchief.

Seeing this, the man smiled again, “Haven’t seen you for a long time, how have you been?”

Shen Jue finished wiping his face with the other man’s handkerchief and handed it over again, the man didn’t mind and took it directly.

“You haven’t answered my question, Guardian Zuo.”

He Qiuying shook his head, “You don’t need to call me Guardian Zuo, you’re no longer from the Ten Extremities Island, and besides, I’m no longer a Guardian. As for why I came here, don’t you know?”

That was really an odd thing to say, Shen Jue didn’t expect him to meet He Qiuying again, and He Qiuying appeared here, seemingly prepared for what he had come for.

“I don’t know.” Shen Jue said honestly.

He Qiuying looked at Shen Jue with a smile, and lowered his voice, “I heard that Warrior Sang had been struck by an evil spirit, so I was really curious, so I wanted to come and take a look, but I didn’t expect to run into you changing your face, and I have to say, you looked better just now.”

The hand in Shen Jue’s sleeve moved slightly, but on the surface he pretended not to understand, “How come I don’t understand a word you’re saying?”

“It doesn’t matter, you can continue to play dumb.” He Qiuying looked up in the distance, “If you want to kill me here, it’s a bit difficult, my martial arts skills are far above yours, even if you sneak attack, it’s useless, besides, after you kill me, how should you explain it to that cheap father of yours?”

He seemed to find it interesting, “The tender son suddenly killed the devil of the Ten Extremities Island, can you even think about it?”

The confusion on Shen Jue’s face faded as he regained his expressionless look, with a touch of killing intent in his eyes, “No need to explain, they won’t find your corpse.”

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