C48[Kill That Gentleman 11]

Yu Ci didn’t get to eat with Shen Jue and He Quying, because as soon as he finished saying that, a disciple from the Ten Extremities Island came running over in a hurry.


“Island Master, the Right Guardian has returned!”


Hearing this, Yu Ci immediately turned around, his eyes lit up, “Are you serious?”


The disciple nodded repeatedly, “Really, the right protector has returned to the island, he asked this disciple to find the island master.”


When he heard that, he walked out in big strides, asking as he went, “Where is he?”


Shen Jue looked at the distant back of Yu Ci, and lowered his eyes again. He knew why the right protector had left the island. The right protector had been ordered to find a spiritual medicine, in order to unblock Sang Xinghe’s meridians.


The right protector had been sent out a long time ago, and now the right protector had returned, only because he had found the elixir.


But Shen Jue didn’t know if Sang Xinghe had taken the elixir or not. In his previous lives, Sang Xinghe didn’t like to share too much with him, and occasionally talked about himself, or because he was just too bored.


When He Quying heard the news that the Right Protector had returned, he was obviously happy too, but he remembered that there was something he hadn’t done.


He took out a mask from his chest, “This new mask is for you, this mask is different from the previous one, it fits the face better and won’t feel stuffy.” He paused, “You can wear it yourself from now on, the key is for you.”


Shen Jue looked at the mask and key in He Qiuying’s hand and didn’t take them, but shook his head gently.


He Quying smiled, as if gaining insight into what Shen Jue meant, “It’s okay, I trust you, this mask is stuffy after wearing it for a long time, sometimes I may not be able to unlock it for you when I’m busy, so you let the boy next to you unlock it for you.”


He finished and forced the mask and key into Shen Jue’s hand, “Well, I’m going to make a trip to the Right Protector’s place as well.”


He Quying left in a hurry after he finished speaking, and after a while, the boy beside He Quying came over.


The boy smiled at Shen Jue and put the red lacquered food box in his hand on the table.


“Sir Shen, this is what Guardian Zuo ordered me to send over, and inside are all the delicacies from the Jiangnan side.”


After he finished speaking, he excused himself.


Shen Jue glanced at the red-lacquered food box on the table, and then looked down at the mask in his hand. The mask this time was obviously much more exquisite than the previous two, and He Quying had found such a good new mask in just one night, so he had put some effort into it.


He Quying was dumber than Shen Jue thought, and it would be better if he could make him pity him. That way, it might be easier for him to take Sang Xinghe off the island.


But he couldn’t be too hasty now, He Quying wasn’t a defenseless person, so if he got close to the other side, it would only arouse their suspicion, so he had to take the matter slowly.




At the other side of the room, when Yu Ci heard that the other party has retrieved the elixir, his face couldn’t help but reveal a smile. He took the brocade box in the right protector’s hand, “Good, great, I’ll send this medicine to Yi Shui Pavilion now.”


As he spoke, He Quying on the side shook his head disapprovingly, “Island Master, Warrior Sang is a proud man, these days …… you have been making so much trouble with him again, I am afraid that he will not take the medicine.”


Hearing this, the right protector pulled out the knife at his waist, “Then put the knife on his neck, he will have to eat even if he doesn’t want to.”


He Quying hooked his lips, and there seemed to be mockery in his eyes, “You can try, but I think the island master will split you before you can put your knife on him.”


The right protector turned his eyes to Yu Ci, as if he wanted to hear who he actually favored.


When Yu Ci heard his words, he said, “You are not allowed to put a knife to his neck. Get out.”

The right guardian: “……”


After scolding the right protector, he could only look at He Quying, he and the right protector both used force to win, only He Qiuying used his brain around him, “What do you say?”


He Quying looked at the elixir in his hand and was silent for a moment before he slowly said, “Why don’t we have Shen Jue give it to Warrior Sang, Warrior Sang doesn’t like the people of the Ten Extremities Island, but Shen Jue isn’t exactly a member of the Ten Extremities Islands, perhaps Warrior Sang will be willing to take the elixir that Shen Jue sent over.”


The Right Protector froze for a moment, “Who is Shen Jue?”


At the same time, Yu Ci’s voice rang out, “Let him deliver it? How is Shen Jue going to explain the origin of that medicine?”


“No need to explain, Warrior Sang is not a fool, he will know where that medicine comes from just by seeing it.” He Quying said, “Warrior Sang doesn’t like to practice with the Celestial Luo body, and when the Celestial Luo body sends an alternative, I don’t think the upright Warrior Sang would refuse, even if that medicine was actually sent by the island master.”


Yu Ci fell into a deep thought, he seemed to be considering the feasibility of this method.


And aside, the Right Protector asked again, “Who exactly is Shen Jue?”


But no one answered his question.


After a moment, Yu Ci handed the medicine to He Quying, “Okay, let’s do it, you go and instruct that dwarf, Sang Xinghe must take this medicine, or else his little life is meaningless.” Speaking of this, he gave He Quying a warning look.


He Quying took the box and nodded slightly, “Don’t worry, my subordinates will definitely take care of this.”


After saying that, He Quying headed out.


The right protector, who was still in the same place, asked again, “Who is the dwarf again?”


Yu Ci finally rewarded the right protector with a look, the meaning of the look was obvious.


“……” The right protector was silent for a moment, placing the knife back to his waist and followed the footsteps of He Quying and went out.


The right protector thought for a moment, but still accelerated his steps to catch up with He Quying, “He Quying, who exactly is the Shen Jue that you and the island master talked about just now?”


He Quying thought for a moment and answered simply, “The Island Master gave Sang Xinghe a Celestial Luo body, and that Celestial Luo body is called Shen Jue.”


“A Celestial Luo body?” The Right Protector frowned, “Didn’t the Island Master like that Sang Xinghe?”


He took a light breath.


He Quying gave him a sidelong glance, “You’re right in thinking that the Island Master wants Sang Xinghe to use this method to recover his inner strength, and now it has already had initial results.”


The right protector shook his head at his words, “The island master is really crazy, if in the future Sang Xinghe falls in love with that Celestial Luo body, what would the island master do?”


Many people who practiced martial arts would end up falling in love with their Celestial Luo body, after all, they spent time together.


He Quying looked towards the distant canopy, his voice lightened, “When the day comes, do you think that Celestial Luo body will still be alive? Sang Xinghe that person looks like a decent man, in fact ……”


He did not finish his words, the right protector of Sang Xinghe also didn’t have a good feeling, so he nodded, “Just a pity for that Celestial Luo body, I do not have a Celestial Luo body yet, when will the island master reward me one?”


He Qiuying rolled his eyes, “Soon.”


The right protector did not see He Quying’s blank eyes, only thought the other party’s words were true, and smiled embarrassedly.


When He Qiuying saw this, his white eyes were about to roll up to the sky.


How come one and two around him were both dumb?


In the afternoon, He Quying went to Shen Jue’s courtyard and handed the box to Shen Jue, “This is an elixir that can help the noble guest of the Yi Shui Pavilion recover his martial arts skills, the island master wants you to send this over, you don’t need to explain the origin of the medicine, just deliver it to the noble guest’s eyes.”


He paused for a moment, “If you do well in this matter, the island master will remember your good deeds.”

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