C73 —– Kind of Cute




Just as the host’s words fell, Jiang Ming and Wang Yitong had an accident, everyone was preparing, and before the host could start counting, Jiang Ming’s arm softened and he almost fell off Wang Yitong.



“Jiang Ming, what are you doing!” Wang Yitong’s eyes widened and he turned to the host, “He did it on purpose, it’s a personal vendetta.”



“I didn’t.” Jiang Ming innocently looked at Wang Yitong, “I really had a soft hand just now.”



“Jiang Ming, you can’t do it! Yitong is only eighty pounds and you can’t even hold her?”


Wang Yitong snorted, “That’s right, I’m so light yet you can’t even hold me.”



[It’s on. It’s on. It’s on. The couple that hates each other.]



[Jiang Ming can’t do it. He can’t even hold Tong Tong, she’s so light.]



“Let’s do it again, I wasn’t ready.”


“No.” Wang Yitong turned her head and deliberately said, “Host, I want to change partners.”



“Don’t, Sister Yitong, I was wrong. I really wasn’t ready just now, give me another chance, I’ll definitely get you an A,” Jiang Ming tugged on Wang Yitong’s sleeve and took the opportunity to give her an electric stare.



Wang Yitong raised her eyebrows, “Really?”



“Everyone present can testify.”


As soon as Jiang Ming’s words fell, the other three group members raised their heads to the sky, making an appearance of ‘I didn’t hear anything’.



[hhh, too bad]


[TN: basically another version of lol]


[You guys look at the expressions of Wenxing and brother Shen, the lip-sync professionals should translate what they are saying]



Lu Wenxing cautiously looked at Gu Yanshen.


“I won’t be dropped like Yitong, right?”



Gu Yanshen: “…No.”


“I don’t believe it.”



The host walked over, “We have a mike, don’t focus on whispering you two, say what you have to say for everyone to hear together.”



“I’m worried that Mr. Gu will drop me.”



Gu Yanshen: “I’m not Jiang Ming.”





Wen Miao didn’t hold back her laughter, Xu Yichen followed suit, “Don’t worry Wen Miao, I’m not Jiang Ming either.”



The two boys group also followed the joke, “Brother, I am also not …… Jiang Ming.”






The host watched the fun and didn’t forget to interview Jiang Ming, “May I ask what kind of mood you are in right now?”



Jiang Ming had a sad expression, “You guys are too much! I was going to save a bed for the fourth place, but in that case, we can enjoy Building A alone.”





Xu Yichen relentlessly inserted his knife, “Hold Yitong steady before you speak.”



“Can this matter be turned over?” Jiang Ming looked at them lifelessly.




The one who answered was Wang Yitong.



[Jiang Ming is miserable, after being mocked by his rivals, his wife doesn’t forget to stab him in the back.]


[Hhh, but I’m so happy.]


[Me too, the couple of mutual dislike is well deserved.]



After the fun, the host started counting down, “Ready.”



Gu Yanshen was already ready for push-ups, Lu Wenxing wasn’t too worried, his fingers traced from Gu Yanshen’s back, he wanted to make sure where he was sitting was more stable.



The clothes he wore in the summer were lighter and thinner and the temperature of Lu Wenxing’s fingers was hard to ignore, Gu Yanshen’s body stiffened.



“What are you doing?”


“I don’t know where to sit.”


Gu Yanshen was dumbfounded, “…… casually, just sit steadily.”


The two people’s conversation was normal, but the comments were already flying.



[Casually …… do????]


[Steadily? My nosebleed can’t stop]



[Ah ah ah ah ah, is this something I can hear?]


[I don’t quite get it. Can I pay to watch?]



“Three, two, one.”


The clock started.



“Eh eh eh eh eh, it’s a foul.”



Zheng Haoxing, who was sitting on his partner’s back, glanced at Xu Yichen holding Wen Miao for several seconds before doing a deep squat.



“They’re deliberately stalling.”



“Two seconds to do one, any more delay and you’ll be penalized for the length of time.”



Wen Miao tightly hooked Xu Yichen’s neck, afraid that Xu Yichen couldn’t hold on, anyway, as long as her feet didn’t touch the ground, she wouldn’t be considered a loser.


“Fifteen seconds.”



The host chimed in, Jiang Ming was already struggling a bit, Wang Yitong couldn’t care less about the other groups, chattering in Jiang Ming’s ear.



“Last place on the street, last place on the street.”



Jiang Ming’s chest rose and fell violently, a soreness came from his arms, and Wang Yitong screamed. “Jiang Ming!!! Hang on, I don’t want building A, but you can’t let me sleep on the streets.”



Lu Wenxing was still a little panicked in the first few seconds, afraid of crushing Gu Yanshen or falling on him, but after Gu Yanshen steadily did several push-ups, his hanging heart slowly dropped, and he even had the leisure to look at the other people’s hilarity.



“Jiang Ming can’t hold on much longer.”



He didn’t just watch himself, but also gave Gu Yanshen a real-time broadcast.



“Meng Ting’s group is also struggling a bit.”



“Thirty seconds.” The host looked at the timer.



The members of the four groups were facing each other, and after Lu Wenxing observed the other three groups, he instantly felt that Gu Yanshen’s stamina was better than he had imagined. His breath was even, and it was also particularly steady, and Lu Wenxing didn’t feel wobbly at all.



“Forty seconds.”



As soon as the moderator’s words fell, Jiang Ming knelt on the ground holding Wang Yitong, “No, no, no strength.”



Probably having already landed on the ground, Jiang Ming gave up, but Wang Yitong hooked his neck and refused to come down, “Where’s the Building A you just promised me? Jiang Ming you liar!”



Wen Miao was beside them, laughing so hard that tears were coming out of her eyes, Xu Yichen was helpless, “Sister, I’m already struggling to do deep squats with you in my arms, you, don’t move around anymore.”



“Jiang Ming’s group is out, the match continues.”



“Fifty seconds.”



“I, I tried my best.” Meng Ting slumped to the ground at once and said breathlessly, “Building C is building C. At least there’s a house to live in.”



Zheng Haoxing slid off his back and sat on the ground while wiping the sweaty Meng Ting.



Xu Yichen and Gu Yanshen were still battling it out, leaving only their two groups, both trying to outshine the other.



Wen Miao: “Xu Yichen, hold on. Building A will be ours soon.”


Lu Wenxing was so provoked by Wen Miao that his competitive spirit also came up.



“Mr. Gu, you can do it, right?”



[Yes, yes, yes! Mr. Gu can do it.]



[A man can’t say no.]



[Mr. Gu, let Wenxing feel how good you are.]



“One minute.”



The host also didn’t expect these two groups to last up to a minute, although artists focused on exercise, their physical fitness may not be very good.



“Overtime begins, we’ll now compare the length.”



More than a minute.



Gu Yanshen’s movements didn’t slow down, still maintaining the frequency from the very beginning.



Xu Yichen was already a bit unable to keep up, his movements slowed down, not only were his arms sore, his legs were also sore.



“Ah ah ah ah, almost two minutes.”



“So strong!!!”



The other two groups of artists gathered around the host, sometimes looking at the stopwatch, sometimes looking at the two who were still competing.



“Too strong.”



The members of the two groups who had lasted less than a minute let out exclamations.



“One minute and forty seconds.”



“Brother Yichen, hold on.” Wen Miao changed her mind to try and motivate Xu Yichen, but with her sudden ‘Brother Yichen’, Xu Yichen, who was originally holding his breath, instantly deflated.



[Ahhhhhhhh! Brother Shen won, my god, he looks like he can continue.]



Whether or not he could continue was one thing, but there was no need to continue after winning the match. Lu Wenxing patted Gu Yanshen, signaling that he could stop.



“Teacher Gu, we won.”



A white, slender hand reached out to Gu Yanshen.


Gu Yanshen first froze for a second, then took Lu Wenxing’s hand and was pulled up by him.



Lu Wenxing exerted a force, and due to inertia, Gu Yanshen’s body leaned forward as he was pulled up.



The distance between the two instantly shortened, and before Gu Yanshen could back away, the back of Lu Wenxing’s hand pressed against his forehead.



Lu Wenxing was wiping his sweat.



Wen Miao, who was still disappointed by the loss of Building A, suddenly lit up, at this time, only looking at this CP could soothe her sadness.



“Ah ah ah ah, so sweet.”



Also screaming were the viewers watching the live broadcast.



[I’m out, I’m out]



[Wen Miao’s expression is my current expression]



[Knocked to the ground]



[Brother Shen: It’s worth it.]




Gu Yanshen’s mood was indeed as the comment said, he froze and looked at Lu Wenxing, only to see the corner of his eyes curve from the force of his smile, then his clear voice rang out.



“Teacher Gu, you worked hard.”



Gu Yanshen felt that his heart was tingly, like an electric current had crossed it.



“Now please take your luggage and follow me to see the house you’ll be staying in tonight.”



The first thing to go see was Building C.



It was on the first floor, Meng Ting and Zheng Haoxing both had a key each, opening the door to a room that was a small single room of less than ten square meters.



A bed, a table, a closet and a chair, there was no extra furniture.



This was Meng Ting’s room, Zheng Haoxing lived across from him and opened the door to the same room setup as him.



“If we want to wash up, we have to go to the communal bathroom?”


“Yes.” The host nodded, “But it’s the first day and there’s still a chance to fight back.”



Zheng Haoxing and Meng Ting’s eyes instantly lit up.



Next was building B.


Wen Miao took the key and unlocked it, it was a small suite of over sixty square feet, a tiny living room, a kitchen that could only accommodate one person, and a modest balcony.



A ten square meter master bedroom and a ten square meter guest bedroom.



“I exppect a deluxe double room for Brother Shen and Wenxing.”



The host handed the last set of keys to Gu Yanshen, “Give it to Wenxing.”





[Oh, so thoughtful.]


Lu Wenxing accepted the keys with a bland expression.



Opening the door to the room, what met his eyes was the oversized living room.



The two room doors were opposite each other, and Lu Wenxing led them into one of them.



Standard one room, one hall, one bathroom and one balcony, Gu Yanshen’s room was exactly the same as Lu Wenxing’s.



Only the kitchen was communal, with more privacy.



“This is also fantastic, isn’t it?”



With the comparison of the two suites before, Building A was practically a mansion to them.



“They both have separate balconies and bathrooms.”



Wen Miao looked at Xu Yichen grudgingly, “Why didn’t you hold on a little longer, this room is fantastic.”


Wang Yitong rubbed up against Lu Wenxing’s side, “Wenxing, Wenxing. Can I borrow it for a night?”



“Please.” Wang Yitong folded her hands, “I can sleep on the sofa in the living room.”


Jiang Ming startled and immediately turned to Gu Yanshen.



“Brother Shen, I can also sleep in the living room, can I ……”





Jiang Ming: “…… So heartless.”


Lu Wenxing looked at the host.


Wang Yitong was a girl, letting a girl sleep in the living room while he slept in the bedroom was too ungentlemanly, but the …… apartment was won by Gu Yanshen.


He didn’t want to let it out either.



Wang Yitong suddenly had a bright idea, “Brother Shen, can you and Xingxing live in one set? Let me and Jiang Ming have the other set, I’ll sleep in the bedroom and Jiang Ming will sleep in the living room.”



“Moreover, both Brother Shen and Wenxing don’t need to sleep in the living room, the bed in the bedroom is two meters by two meters, it’s okay for the two of you to sleep together since you’re so close.”


“No, it’s not fair.” The one who objected was Meng Ting, “You got a luxury suite for getting fourth place, what of our third place?”



Wang Yitong walked to Meng Ting, “Brother Meng Ting friendship first, competition second.”


“We have always been competition first.” Zheng Haoxing said cooperatively.





“Can I borrow it?”


Several people looked at the host in unison, and the host who was watching the show then said, “You can find locals to rent a place. Note that it’s renting.”


“The program group doesn’t pay for it?” Wang Yitong was shocked.



“Starting from tomorrow, you will each have to find a way to earn money to maintain your living expenses for the next few days.”



“Then how much is the initial capital?”



“The initial capital is …… this suite you guys are staying in.”



Lu Wenxing’s eyes turned, “That is, ours is only this suite?”





As soon as the host’s words fell, Lu Wenxing immediately spoke.


“It’s so late, going out to rent a house would take a long time, and we still have to record the program tomorrow, so it’s better to rest early. Teacher Gu, it’s a waste for the two of us to live in two large sets, how about renting one set to them? Two hundred a day.”



“I’ll listen to you.”


Wang Yitong stared incredulously, “This is, you starting to make money?”



“Can it be cheaper?” Jiang Ming looked at Lu Wenxing pitifully.


Lu Wenxing shook his head.



Wen Miao saw a gap, “Stay with us, it’s a hundred a day.”


Xu Yichen cooperated, “Yitong can sleep in a room with Wen Miao, and Jiang Ming sleeps with me.”



Jiang Ming immediately thought it was a good idea, and before he could agree, he heard Lu Wenxinng say, “Wen Miao and Yichen’s room B, only has one toilet, which means the four of you have to line up to use it, and getting up in the morning won’t be so easy.”



“The girls have to put on makeup in the morning, is two hours enough for the four of you to line up to wash up?” Lu Wenxing’s gaze flashed with a touch of cunning, “Host, what time does the shooting start tomorrow?”



“At seven thirty.”


“Seven thirty ah ……,” Lu Wenxing intentionally dragged out a long tone, “Two hours is enough, so someone has to get up at five thirty in the morning.”


“Knowing that you guys don’t have money right now, you can get a discount, a hundred and seventy a day.”


“Just thirty yuan cheaper?” Jiang Ming stared wide-eyed.



Jiang Ming’s reaction already indicated that he preferred Lu Wenxing’s Room A.



“As long as you pay seventy more than room B, you guys don’t have to get up early. And you can make money starting tomorrow, don’t believe you can make money?” Lu Wenxing paused and added.



“Teacher Gu and I are honest, no matter how many nights you stay and make money, the rent will not go up.”


Wang Yitong was already heartened, nothing was more heartwarming than being able to get a good night’s sleep after a busy day, “It’s a deal, no price increase.”



“No increase.”


“We’ll live in a room.” Wang Yitong said.



Jiang Ming hesitated for a few seconds, “Yes, room A then.”


[They’ll only start the mission tomorrow, and Wenxing has netted a hundred and seven yuan after a good night’s sleep.]



[Everyone’s initial capital is 0, Wenxing easily has 170 more than others].



[Wenxing: A little money maker]



The host and camera boy hadn’t left yet, Lu Wenxing glanced at them and asked, “It’s not over yet?”


The host smiled, “There’s still one more session.”


The groups of artists looked at the director in unison, their gazes tinged with inquiring questions.



“Wenxing said there’s a gift ……”



“The anticipated part is here.”


It wasn’t Lu Wenxing’s first time on a variety show and he wasn’t that honest, he mischievously smiled.


“I said it’s for Mr. Gu, but I didn’t say I’d give it in front of you guys.”



[Don’t, I want to know so much, Wenxing send it quickly]


[Moderator ask him, ask hard, I want to see what gift he’s going to give to his attacker]



Lu Wenxing turned to Gu Yanshen, who was pushing his own suitcase into the bedroom, and calmly took the suitcase in Gu Yanshen’s hand. “Teacher Gu, let me help you.”



Lu Wenxing led Gu Yanshen into his room, politely saying good night before closing the door.



“Good night everyone …….”



[No, send it in person (hiss)]



[Wenxing, you’ve changed]



[Damn it, who the hell taught our Wenxing!!!]



“Disperse, disperse.” Xu Yichen waved his hand.



Meng Ting realized afterward, “Where’s my big scene?”



“Oooooh, it doesn’t matter, I’m not important. The CP I kowtowed to is sweet.”



“Sister Wen Miao has a CP?” Wang Yitong asked in surprise.



“Yes.” Wen Miao didn’t hide it and didn’t think there was any problem, “Who doesn’t have a little hobby anymore.”



Wang Yitong grabbed Wen Miao’s hand, “It’s too hard for me, all the CPs I chose had BE.”


[TN: Bad Ending ]



“Getting into this one, is definitely not a loss.”



[hhhh, dying of laughter. It’s the first time I’ve seen an artist who is so open to real life CP.]



[Me too.]



[God damn it, ‘get in on the ShenXing CP, it’s not a loss.’]



[It rhymed]


Closing the door to the room, Lu Wenxing took a change of clothes, “Teacher Gu, I’ll go take a shower first.”






Gu Yanshen’s expression remained bland, but in his heart, he had already begun to look forward to the gift from Lu Wenxing, what would it be?



He hung up the folded clothes and put them into the closet where Lu Wenxing had left half of the space for him, probably because of his different state of mind, the current scene couldn’t help but remind him of how their life would be after the two of them got together.



Thinking of this, Gu Yanshen’s heart beat a few points faster. When this episode was finished, he had to confess to Lu Wenxing.



Whether or not he had that intention for him, he could be sure that Lu Wenxing didn’t reject his proximity, which meant there was a chance. First confess, then chase after him, anyway, there was no one else around Lu Wenxing, so why couldn’t it be him?



Gu Yanshen put confession on his agenda, and was even a bit impatient.



The sound of water clattering in the bathroom was loud, Gu Yanshen turned the air conditioning to the lowest possible degree, suppressed the dryness in his heart, and tried his best to make himself ignore the person in the bathroom.



The sound of the water was isolated from him, and he held his cell phone seemingly engrossed in the game of raising pups, but only he himself knew that his mind was very unsettled.



The bathroom door was opened.



Lu Wenxing walked out followed by a vapor, his hair was already half-dried by a towel, and he had changed into cool summer pajamas, looking soft and giving off the feeling of a neighboring brother.



“I’m done, Mr. Gu can go wash up.”


Gu Yanshen returned to his senses, his face didn’t change, he answered in a low voice, took his pajamas and walked into the bathroom with the same hand and foot movement.


Only when the bathroom door closed did Lu Wenxing burst out laughing.



This kind of teacher Gu was a bit cute.



Before this, Lu Wenxing had no idea, but somehow he remembered what his roommate said to him – to confess first was to be the attack.



Lu Wenxing’s ears were hot, him attacking Teacher Gu?


Seemed a bit exciting.



Wait, what was he thinking?



Lu Wenxing slapped his cheeks to dispel the out-of-the-ordinary thoughts in his mind.



He searched out what he would wear tomorrow and hung the clothes behind the door, but his line of sight subconsciously drifted towards the bathroom.




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