C74 —- Afraid Of Your Regret

Gu Yanshen finished blowing his hair and walked out. Lu Wenxing was sitting on the big bed where they’d sleep tonight. His beautiful face was covered in a healthy light pink color, and he was calm, even his hair seemed particularly soft.


“Are you done?”




Lu Wenxing patted the bed, “Come here.”



Gu Yanshen hesitated for a second and walked to the bedside, Lu Wenxing took out a navy blue box from the nightstand.



Gu Yanshen had been curious about what Lu Wenxing gave him since the competition, and finally waited until the moment Lu Wenxing took the gift out.



Lu Wenxing blinked, “Don’t you want to open it?”



Gu Yanshen opened the box, it was a brooch.



On a rose gold leaf was a rose flower, the tip of the flower extending out into a thin chain, the end of the chain linking to a star.



Gu Yanshen swallowed heavily, “Why did you give me a brooch?”






Gu Yanshen’s thoughts were mixed, and he asked in a questioning tone, “Return gift?”


“…… Yes.”



“OH.” Gu Yanshen’s rising expectations was instantly covered by loss, but his tone remained calm, “Did you see the cufflinks?”


Lu Wenxing’s tone showed a hint of helplessness, “Did you hide it so deep for fear of it being discovered by me?”



Gu Yanshen paused. If he went out with a suitcase or backpack, the first thing he did when he returned home was to put the contents back in place and carefully check if there were any things left in the bag.


But obviously, Lu Wenxing didn’t have this habit.



It was a miscalculation.


“Actually, it’s not exactly a return gift.”



Gu Yanshen’s eyes lit up, and a smile was imprinted in Lu Wenxing’s light-colored eyes.



“It can also be a prize for you winning the competition.”



Gu Yanshen: “…… Oh.” He was overthinking again.



“I designed this myself.”



Gu Yanshen’s lost emotion turned to surprise, “You also know how to design jewelry?”



“No, I learnt it now.”


“This brooch is unique?”


With Lu Wenxing’s response, Gu Yanshen’s mood floated up to the clouds again, but Lu Wenxing wasn’t too happy because Gu Yanshen didn’t seem to understand the meaning of the brooch.



Maybe Gu Yanshen had forgotten, but Lu Wenxing remembered.



At the first variety show taping, Gu Yanshen took the red rose in his hand at the bar.


As for the meaning of the star, there was no need to explain.


“What do you think?”


Gu Yanshen looked at him in confusion, “What?”


“You asked me why I gave you the gift, why do you think it was?”


Gu Yanshen was stunned by the question.



What else could be the reason?


Of course it was because he thought that Lu Wenxing might have that much in mind for him as well, but he seemed to have overthought it.



Seeing Gu Yanshen fall into a momentary daze, Lu Wenxing cheered up, his eyebrows revealing his good mood.


“Go to sleep, Teacher Gu.”



Gu Yanshen, who was racking his brain for a reason: “……”



Lu Wenxing was already lying down, “Teacher Gu, turn off the lights.”





Even if the air conditioning was turned on, there was an extra person by his side no matter if it was his body heat or breath, it was hard to ignore, Gu Yanshen’s heartbeat was a little out of control, he closed his eyes and forced himself to fall asleep.



But after closing his eyes, his perception deepened, he noticed that the person beside him moved a little, and the heat source seemed to be a little closer to him.



“Mr. Gu, are you asleep?”




“Are you unable to sleep?”



Before Gu Yanshen could answer, Lu Wenxing added, “Actually, I can’t sleep either.”



“Want to chat?” Gu Yanshen asked.






Gu Yanshen thought that Lu Wenxing would say yes, after hearing the refusal, he didn’t bother anymore.


After waiting for a while, no one around him moved, and only the sound of calm breathing could be heard.



Through the dimness of the room, Gu Yanshen’s line of sight secretly fell on Lu Wenxing’s face.


Lu Wenxing was lying on his side, his long eyelashes fell below his eyes and his nose was high and straight, the moonlight outside the window spilled in through the curtains and fell on Lu Wenxing’s attractive lips.



Gu Yanshen was a little envious, jealous of the unbridled moonlight.


Beauty under the moon, or …… sleeping beauty.



Lu Wenxing’s eyelashes fluttered lightly, then he opened her eyes, and Gu Yanshen sheepishly withdrew his sight.


“You should have just asked me why I couldn’t sleep.”



Gu Yanshen was surprised that Lu Wenxing wasn’t asleep, and the inexplicable sentence made him a little puzzled, but he still asked along with Lu Wenxing’s words.



“Then …… why can’t you sleep?”


“Not telling you.”



Gu Yanshen: “……”



Lu Wenxing looked straight at Gu Yanshen and let out a low laugh, as his voice fell on Gu Yanshen’s ears, he felt like an electric current was running through his heart.



“I can sleep now, good night.”



Gu Yanshen was already unable to sleep, and with his favorite person lying by his side, no one else would be able to sleep in peace. Looking at the person beside him who was deliberately arousing his curiosity, Gu Yanshen was a little helpless and a little amused.



He knew that Lu Wenxing was doing it on purpose, but he also cooperated and responded, “Good night.”



Gu Yanshen didn’t know if Lu Wenxing could really sleep, he only knew that he was even more unable to sleep now.



But he was still a little happy, because he hadn’t seen this kind of Lu Wenxing before, did this mean that in Lu Wenxing’s heart, the relationship between the two of them was a little closer?



A little bad Wenxing was also very cute, and more difficult to resist.


The next morning, Gu Yanshen’s biological clock woke him up on time, with the sound of shallow breathing in his ears, and when he inclined his head, he was confronted by a beautiful face.



Waking up in the morning was already impulsive, and under the impact of the beautiful face, a certain part of his body was particularly excited.


Gu Yanshen was lying down and didn’t dare to move, hesitating whether to get up and calm down or lie down and not care.


Not waiting for him to make a choice, the alarm suddenly sounded.


Gu Yanshen: “……”


A small red rooster appeared in his field of vision, and it strutted its short little legs, diligently starting its wake-up call service.


Gu Yanshen instantly lost all thoughts and his mind was filled with the rooster crowing.


Not getting his master’s attention, the little rooster scurried all over the house, running even more happily.


Gu Yanshen resigned himself to getting up and catching the chicken, and then he found …… that the little rooster also had the function of avoiding obstacles, sensing the obstacle, it would avoid him or change its direction.



It was quite intelligent.


No wonder Lu Wenxing hadn’t been late until now.



With his unwavering sleep quality and no obstacle avoidance function, if the little rooster failed to wake up its owner, it would have knocked itself into a hemiplegia.



After turning off the alarm, Gu Yanshen placed the little rooster on the nightstand and went into the bathroom to wash up.



When he came out, Lu Wenxing was still asleep, and Gu Yanshen took on the task of waking the sleeping beauty again.



Thoughts flashed, the sleeping beauty in the story was woken up by a kiss, but he didn’t have that benefit, he could only ……






Gu Yanshen tugged on Lu Wenxing’s quilt.



Lu Wenxing rolled over, murmuring in a daze, “Uh, don’t make trouble.”


Gu Yanshen: “……”


“Get up.”


The person on the bed was indifferent.


He pushed Lu Wenxing, who shrunk inward, Gu Yanshen instantly felt amused and poked Lu Wenxing again.



He furrowed his brows gently and continued to move in.


So cute, he really wanted to ……


He couldn’t think about it, just thinking about it made his heart itch.



Under Gu Yanshen’s unremitting efforts, Lu Wenxing struggled to open his eyes, looking at Gu Yanshen who was close at hand, Lu Wenxing was a bit confused, he dreamed that he confessed.



In his dream, Gu Yanshen asked him ‘why is the brooch a rose and a star’, and Lu Wenxing confessed.



This was originally Lu Wenxing’s plan, but although Gu Yanshen was in love with the brooch, he completely failed to understand the brooch’s implication.


Lu Wenxing was unhappy, so the confession was no more.


“Wenxing, get up, it’s time for the program team to call us over.” Gu Yanshen patiently coaxed Lu Wenxing to get up.



Lu Wenxing instantly woke up.



He made his way out of bed, a few mischievous strands of hair sticking up. He looked sleepily at Gu Yanshen, then grunted lightly and got out of bed and walked into the bathroom.



Gu Yanshen, who still didn’t know about yesterday’s misplaced confession, “……?”


What did ‘hm’ mean?


Because he woke him up?




After all the members arrived, the program sent them to the playground.



The host released today’s task, “As I said yesterday, you guys have no funds.”



“But you can earn money to support your family in the following ways.”


“First, ‘street selling.’ Second, selling toys. Third, haunted house staff. Fourth, 5D movie projectionist.”



“Each group can only choose one, and the order of choice follows the order of yesterday’s room sharing. That is to say, Wenxing and Teacher Gu can have the first choice.”



Several people looked at Gu Yanshen in unison, and he inclined his head to look at Lu Wenxing, “Choose what?”



Lu Wenxing didn’t choose and asked the host in return.


“What are the complete rules?”


The host smiled and explained the complete rules.


“The first one, those who choose to perform must rent musical instrument props from the program, two hundred yuan a day, and each person who orders a song can earn fifteen yuan.”



“Can you dig this hole a little deeper?”



“No? Are we the ones making money to support our families, or is it the program group making money to support the staff?”





Meeting the sight of the lifeless stars, the host laughed heartily.



[Laughing to death, this program is full of pits, making money and still having to spend money first.]



[Wenxing could actually guess this.]



[Wenxing is a good housekeeper.]



“The second option is to wear panda headgears to sell toys, you need to find the program team to get goods, each toy’s purchase price is 10 yuan, with a sale price of 25 yuan, you can’t raise the price of goods. The quantity of each take must not be less than 50.”




“This is too pitiful, isn’t it?””


“The program group is exploiting us, it’s too much, we want an uprising.”


“Hahahahaha, Xu Yichen you take the lead.”


“The third?”



Host: “Haunted house staff, prop suit rental for one person is 150 yuan, 15 yuan for successfully scaring away a visitor.”



“Movie projectionist, teaching and guidance required, training fee 200 yuan, you’ll earn 20 yuan for each movie opened.”



The host’s smile deepened, “Considering that you don’t have the funds, the program team has thoughtfully offered a ‘credit’ service.”



Several groups of artists, “……” How thoughtful.



Gu Yanshen didn’t have much of a reaction, “What do you want to choose?”



“Haunted house staff?” Lu Wenxing was a bit curious, from before he was scared by ‘ghosts’, but he also wanted to experience the fun of pretending to be a ghost.



“OK.” Gu Yanshen was also decisive.



After the host finished keeping score, Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen took the tickets and went to the staff to get the props clothes.



“Mind getting some ‘blood’?” The staff asked them.



“I don’t mind.”


After Lu Wenxing replied, he added, “The more scary, the better.”



Gu Yanshen’s disguise was that of a ghost, he was holding handcuffs made of chains, half of his face was cover with’blood’, he was dressed in white, with a cloak of hair, and he was wearing a long official’s hat with the word ‘yin man’ written on it.



Lu Wenxing wore a black robe with a knife ‘stuck’ in his chest, his mouth was opened up to just below his ears, his white teeth were ghastly, and he was fitted with a protruding ‘eyeball’.



After the two put on their makeup, they were taken to the haunted house, “The amusement park opens at nine-thirty, and no one comes in until ten o’clock, roughly.”



They were placed in a cavern-like room with dark red lighting, the room had sprinklers that oozed fine droplets of water from the stone, and the fishy smell wafting through the air was like blood falling on them.



An ethereal voice echoed, and various instruments of torture were laid out on the table.





The staff left, leaving only Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen in the room.



Lu Wenxing felt that Gu Yanshen had asked redundantly, how could he have chosen this mission if he was afraid?



He took a step forward, his bulging eyeballs almost hitting Gu Yanshen’s chin.


“Little brother.”


Lu Wenxing grinned and came close to Gu Yanshen’s ear, saying in a cold and creepy tone.


“I want to go home with you, are you …… afraid?”



Lu Wenxing didn’t think that this sentence could scare Gu Yanshen, it was just that the player hadn’t appeared yet, so he could only mess with Gu Yanshen.



But Gu Yanshen didn’t squeak, probably because he thought he was too boring, Lu Wenxing was about to go find other fun, when Gu Yanshen’s low voice rang out.



“I’m afraid.”



Lu Wenxing looked at him in surprise, so cooperative?



Only to hear, a click.



Lu Wenxing looked down


His left wrist was cuffed by Gu Yanshen’s cold handcuffs.



Lu Wenxing: ????



Gu Yanshen handcuffed the other handcuff to his right wrist in the same manner.



“I’m afraid you’ll back out.”


[Afraid you’ll back out!!! Ah ah ah ah, this is a confession, right? I don’t care, it is]


[awsl, I order Wenxing to go home with Brother Shen quickly]


[TN: awsl —- that’s so cute]



[Wenxing has to do what he said, so please make sure you go home with Brother Shen.]



[Princess, lock me up! I swallowed the key.]





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