He clicked repeatedly, but the “Exit Game” button didn’t appear, but a line of words appeared.


[Newbie protection period has expired, the player agreed to enter the game, please try to complete the internal test tasks.]


Mu Sichen: “……”


He thought the novice protection period was to give players time to familiarize themselves with the game, he didn’t think it was to give players time to quit?


Mu Sichen wanted to hit the hammer several times, but it was pointless to do so. It would only waste his strength.


Many years of experience in playing games taught Mu Sichen to control his emotions, after all, anger not only couldn’t solve the problem with the customer, but also intensified the conflict, resulting in his failure to get paid.


Mu Sichen took a deep breath and squeezed the corners of his mouth to make himself as happy as possible.


There is no need to lose your temper. After all, life is just as vexatious as this deceptive game.


Mu Sichen’s parents died unexpectedly when he was a freshman. He was also an only child. He had no brothers or sisters and no direct blood ties. He has never been in love, but he had several good friends. Other relatives treated him well, but everyone had their own life. Even if he suddenly disappeared, it wouldn’t affect others too much.


He was greedy for ease and entertainment in the real world, but because there were too many entertainment methods, he wasn’t patient enough to wait.


It could be said that Mu Sichen was a person without too many ties.


He had also fantasized that if one day, like in the novel, he crossed over to a strange world, he could probably also quickly withstand the discomfort of change and find a new reason for survival.


He quickly accepted the reality that he was most likely wrapped up in a mysterious force and came to a bizarre world. He needed to learn as soon as possible about this world, the way to return to reality, and how to live.



It wasn’t clear whether he, as a player who had crossed over, had the ability to resurrect or archive the game.


He gripped his crossaxe tightly with one hand, wary of possible dangers in the darkness, and with the other hand, he quickly clicked on the light screen to check the skills he might have.



The personal information panel and function panel only had his attribute values and skills, there was no archive, disk reading, resurrection energy, etc. The map he saw before also turned all black, with only a small light dot showing where he was, and the rest of the map was hidden.


It seemed that his effort to write down the map just now wasn’t a waste of effort, at least he made full use of the ten minutes to get the information. Mu Sichen thought optimistically.



A few minutes had just passed, before he forgot the map, he had to write it down with notes as soon as possible.



This broken system didn’t seem to be planning to give him any more hints, he had to find his own way to explore the world.


When there was still light on the walls, Mu Sichen had swept a glance at the room. A small room of 20 square meters was fully equipped with everything, a double bed was placed against the wall by the window, next to the bed was a cabinet with a desk, opposite the cabinet hung a small TV.


The other side was the bathroom and a simple kitchenette, it was a little crowded, but it was enough for a person to make simple things.


Mu Sichen remembered that there were randomly placed books, notebooks and a few pens, and a flashlight on the desk.


Although there was a sense of prying eyes coming from the darkness, but he felt that he wouldn’t so easily, after all this was the newbie village, the difficulty wouldn’t be too high, even if there was danger, it should be the kind that the cross-axe could solve.



The most important thing was that the game system spent a lot of money to make a web page, send him a game pod, and use the mysterious power to send him to this world, they shouldn’t have brought him here to die.



If they wanted him to die, they could have killed him when he was lying in the game pod.



The game system went to great lengths to get him here, and also issued a mission, the purpose was to let him carry out the internal test mission, if he died just after entering the game, it was obviously a waste of resources.


For the above reasons, Mu Sichen presumed that at least in this room, he was safe. Even if he encountered danger, it was a category that could be solved.


He moved a few steps, carefully holding the crossaxe, the sense of prying eyes was still there, but there was no risk as he walked to the desk.


Mu Sichen touched the flashlight, pressed the switch and found that it was actually a strong flashlight, it could make people temporarily blind for a period of time.



After touching the flashlight, a mechanical tone rang in his head: “Obtained prop ‘flashlight’.”


When Mu Sichen started to move, the system light screen went off automatically, and he didn’t expect to be able to send a prompt in his head.


He took advantage of the fact that his memory hadn’t faded, he quickly turned the blank page of the notebook, and drew a simple map on it.



The largest town on the map had lit up in white, giving a very safe feeling. The town where Mu Sichen was located was separated from the town with the lit up icon by two more towns, and there was no way he could immediately head to this town.



Of course, this wasn’t something that he needed to consider at this stage.


Mu Sichen tore off the page with the map and stuffed it into his shirt pocket, and also pinned a pen to his chest.


Just as he put it, he felt something strange, he felt the pocket and found that the pen and the map were missing.


He didn’t panic, but concentrated on the system panel, a light screen appeared in front of him, his personal information was there, then an additional “backpack” button, he clicked on it, “an ordinary pen” and “a piece of paper with a map drawn on it “A normal pen” and “a piece of paper with a map on it” were lying in the backpack.



The backpack had ten compartments, the pen and paper took up two of them, and he could still put eight items.


It seemed he had a bit of a golden finger, he breathed a sigh of relief.



The longer he was here, the trepidation faded and a little vague excitement rose up in the bottom of his heart.


After accepting the reality, he actually felt a hint of fun from this game experience that was moved into reality.


The system’s description of the flashlight was “a rather aggressive flashlight, unexpectedly suitable for this town”.


Mu Sichen thought he needed light to explore this dark room, the flashlight appeared in his hands, access to the props in the backpack only required him to concentrate on thinking about it, it was very convenient.


The notebook he has turned over before was just a blank book. Mu Sichen now had plenty of backpack space, he casually stuffed the notebook into the backpack, he could record some things, and later when the backpack was full, he could always throw the notebook away.



He opened a few books on the desk, these books were about the importance of the eyes, how to protect them, don’t be in the dark, maintain a bright environment, it was like those popular science books.


But Mu Sichen felt dizzy and disgusted after only reading a few lines of words in the book. He quickly closed the book, and for a moment, his mind was full of words like “eyes, eyes, eyes”. He couldn’t think about other things, only a variety of ways to maintain his eyes.


After a long time, Mu Sichen’s thinking ability gradually recovered.



At this time, the memory of the map in his mind was replaced by the content in the book, and he couldn’t remember the appearance of the map at all.


If he hadn’t drawn the map first, but first looked through the books, then he would have forgotten the map forever.


There were so many traps in this game that just by flipping through a random book, one could become delirious.



Mu Sichen became more cautious, his nerves were tense, his sensory abilities became unusually sharp, at this time even if only a pin fell on the ground, he could hear.


While remaining alert and rummaging through the desk again, he found a small radio in the drawer.


There was a precedent of reading a book before, so Mu Sichen didn’t turn on the radio. It would be bad if “eye protection method” sounded just after opening the radio.



After exploring the desk, Mu Sichen didn’t rush to open the window or leave the room, he wanted to get information as soon as possible.


This room didn’t have much dust, there were traces of human life, even if the owner may have been gone, it wasn’t long ago.



According to the game convention, he should search the novice village.



Mu Sichen boldly touched the single bed beside the desk and found a diary under the pillow.


He hesitated and opened his diary. However, he always kept alert and planned to close his diary as soon as he felt dizzy.



Fortunately, the diary didn’t confuse Mu Sichen, but the contents of the diary surprised him.



“I drew the curtains and locked myself in the house, not daring to have any light at all, which made me lose my sense of time, and I don’t know how many days have passed like this, and how many more will pass.”


“Even in the dark, there is always a feeling of being spied on, why is that? I’ve smashed all the mirrors in the room, so why is there still a line of sight?”



“The food is almost gone and I’m almost going crazy. Every day people came knocking on the door, asking me to recite all kinds of essential knowledge, and I gradually thought it would be a good thing to join them.”



“No one was talking to me, and the survivors who were still contactable at the beginning were nowhere to be found. The ‘day’ is getting longer and longer, and the ‘night’ is getting shorter and shorter. Is there a day when the ‘night’ will disappear?”



“Today, the only thing that can support me to live is this broadcast. I can’t give up, I have to hold on to this place and wait for Qin Zu to save us.”



“Qin Zu Qin Zu Qin Zu, when will you come?”


“I’m so hungry, I ate a book.”



“The eyes are the windows to the soul, the eyes are so important, how can I be in the dark all the time? I want to stay in the light a lot, it’s good for my eyes. It’s so bright outside, I want to get out ……”



Seeing this line, Mu Sichen decisively closed the diary.



Although the last line of the diary wasn’t as bad as the content in the book, Mu Sichen felt a slight discomfort. If he continued to read it, his mind would definitely be affected.


From the diary, Mu Sichen obtained a lot of information.


This place was dangerous, and the brighter it was, the more dangerous it was. The source of danger wasn’t light, but the eyes or the sight.


Knowledge related to the eyes could make people insane, or even go crazy. And what was written by a person who had gone insane could also make a person insane.


Do not look into the eyes of a certain eye, or do not fall into the line of sight of a certain eye.


Mu Sichen took out his notebook and wrote down what he presumed, and wrote down the words “eye” and “line of sight”.



He was very likely to accidentally see the relevant content in an unguarded situation, thus causing insanity and losing some of the key information, and then the contents of the notebook would be crucial.



The diary also mentioned a man named Qin Zu, whose name seemed to have kept the owner sane until he went mad.



On the cover of the diary, a series of numbers were written, which looked like a radio channel.



Mu Sichen deliberated for a moment, he decided to believe this information.


He tuned the radio channel to the one recorded in the diary, and at the same time, he didn’t forget to aim the cross-axe at his head. Once he lost his mind, his hand would naturally release the long handle of the cross-axe and it would smash on his head.



Although it would hurt and he may get injured, it was beneficial to help him stay calm and keep him from going crazy like the diary owner.


Mu Sichen solemnly pressed the radio play button.





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