C26—- Face Blindness



When Lu Wenxing heard the word ‘Mr. Wen’, he turned to look at Wen Zheng.


Was it the General Manager Wen he was thinking of? The older brother of Wen Yu?


Lu Wenxing was a little confused. Wen Yu’s eldest brother was actually mixed race?



But it was a little strange that Wen Yu didn’t look like a mixed race person.


In the few seconds he was dazed, Wen Zheng had already shackled Jiang Zhengqin’s hands behind his back and roughly pinned him to the wall.


“Ah! It hurts…hiss.”


Wen Zheng didn’t let up on Jiang Zhengqin’s painful cry, and slammed the person hard on the ground with force, seeing that Wen Zheng was going to continue to do it, Jiang Zhengqin immediately used his hands to protect his head.


“Wen, Mr. Wen, this is a misunderstanding.”


Lu Wenxing took out his cell phone to call the front desk, the number hadn’t dialed, but Wen Zheng seemed to have guessed Lu Wenxing’s thoughts.


He turned his head to him, “Call the police directly.”


“No, don’t call the police. I don’t mean anything else, I, I’m just looking for Lu Wenxing for something. Really, I don’t mean anything else.”



Wen Zheng looked at him with no expression, “Wait for the police to come over and explain to them.”


The hotel front desk was useless, they would only let the security guards come over to kick him out, but the police were different, Jiang Zhengqin had tried to hurt him, private investigation of someone’s whereabouts, tailing others, intent to misbehave, etc., as long as there was sufficient evidence, he would be detained in the police station.



Wen Zheng didn’t know that the situation between Lu Wenxing and Jiang Zhengqin, but Jiang Zhengqin was a villain in his eyes. Although he didn’t know the young man in front of him, Wen Zheng subconsciously wanted to protect him.


Perhaps Lu Wenxing looked too clean, he didn’t seem like the type of person to be entangled with Jiang Zhengqin, but maybe it was because Lu Wenxing’s name had ‘Xing’.


Seeing Wen Zheng’s actions, Lu Wenxing politely smiled, “Thank you, Mr Wen.”


“You’re welcome.”


Wen Zheng was a little glad that he didn’t get out of the elevator, otherwise the youth in front of him would have had to face Jiang Zhengqin’s pestering alone, thinking about this, Wen Zheng’s brows couldn’t help but knit, his eyes became a little colder.


At this moment, Wen Zheng’s cell phone rang.


“On the fourth floor, come down for a moment.”


After a short sentence, Wen Zheng hung up the phone, Lu Wenxing hesitated for a few seconds and walked up to him.


“Mr. Wen, if you have something to do, just go, thank you for helping me just now, I can handle the rest by myself.”



Hearing this, Jiang Zhengqin was eager for Wen Zheng to leave. He dared not move at all for the time being, and let Wen Zheng drag his collar. First, because of Wen Zheng’s family background, and second, because Wen Zheng was tall and had long legs, it would be difficult to move him.


To his disappointment, Wen Zheng didn’t let go.


“It’s okay.”


Lu Wenxing was ready to take Jiang Zhengqin from Wen Zheng’s hand, but didn’t expect Wen Zheng to say so, he froze for a moment.



The main character in the novel suffered from his big brother’s cold personality, but he turned out to be cold on the outside and hot on the inside, he was also helpful?



The two looked at each other, no one opened their mouths, the polite and courteous Lu Wenxing also didn’t know what to say to change the slightly strange atmosphere.


Luckily, it didn’t take long for Wen Zheng’s assistant to rush over.


“Mr. Wen.”


The assistant was a bit surprised when he saw Wen Zheng holding down a man he didn’t know, “…… Do you need to call the police?”


“The police have already been called.”


The one who spoke was Lu Wenxing.


“Lu Wenxing, did you come here to film?”


The assistant looked at Lu Wenxing, who was standing behind Wen Zheng, who was blocked by Wen Zheng’s tall body, in surprise.


“Do you know him?” Wen Zheng asked the assistant.


“Yes, but he doesn’t know me, my sister is a fan of his.”


Hearing this Wen Zheng understood that Lu Wenxing was an artist, and his eyes fell on Lu Wenxing’s clean and beautiful face.


Yes, he should have guessed that long ago.


He suddenly remembered yesterday at the Xia family reception.



The young man who was forced by Jiang Zhengqin, and the words that he heard at the reception.


“Jiang Zhengqin has a previous record, many small eighteenth tier artists in the industry have been harassed by him.”


The thought of this point made Wen Zheng’s slightly dark expression suddenly sink a few more, not only Jiang Zhengqin who was close to him, even Lu Wenxing and his assistant also felt the chill.



“That…Mr. Wen, there’s a video conference at 11:30, and it’s already 15 minutes past.”


Then, the assistant noticed that Wen Zheng’s expression became even more ugly.


He had followed Wen Zheng for three years and thought he knew his boss quite well, but he had never seen his boss change expressions so quickly.


“Mr. Wen, go ahead, I can handle it myself.”


Lu Wenxing repeated what he had just said, Wen Zheng paused for a moment, then pushed Jiang Zhengqin to his assistant, “Stay here, the police will come later, help handle it.”



“Then the meeting?”


“I’ll have Xiao Chen make a remote record, just wait here.”


“Okay, Mr. Wen.”


Knowing Wen Zheng’s good intention, Lu Wenxing didn’t repeatedly push back and seriously thanked him.

After Wen Zheng left, the assistant was still a bit confused, he looked at the back of his boss and fell into a deep thought, he wasn’t surprised that Wen Zheng helped Lu Wenxing, but surprised that Wen Zheng not only helped people, but also took care of the aftermath?



It was little too considerate, and the usually cold man that several managers redo their reports and the Wen Zheng now, seemed like two different people.


Lu Wenxing was delayed in sleeping yesterday because of Jiang Zhengqin’s case, and went to the police station to make a statement.


When he returned to the hotel, it was already extremely late. After washing, he went to bed.


Early in the morning, Lu Wenxing met the group of artists in the elevator, then he yawned.


“Wenxing, why are you so sleepy?”


Lu Wenxing rubbed his nose, “I slept late yesterday.”


“Stayed up late playing games?”


“You didn’t stay up late to read the script again, did you?”


“No, I ran into something yesterday and went to the police station.”


Lu Wenxing didn’t hide anything.


“Why did you go to the police station?”


The four of them came out of the elevator and ran into Gu Yanshen and the main actors, when they heard their words and they cast a questioning glance at Lu Wenxing.


“Yesterday, I was blocked by someone in the hotel, but nothing happened, I called the police, and later went to the police station to make a statement.”






“Is it a fan? It can’t be that you encountered a stalker?”


Lu Wenxing shook his head.


Last night when he went to make a statement, the police retrieved the hotel monitoring, because Jiang Zhengqin was stopped by Wen Zheng before he did anything, just the scene of reaching out wasn’t enough to be responsible for anything.


He thought that would be the end, but he didn’t expect Wen Zheng’s assistant to answer a phone call, he didn’t know what new evidence came up, but Jiang Zhengqin directly stayed in the detention center.


Lu Wenxing wasn’t stupid, he didn’t need to guess to know that the phone call his assistant received was probably from Wen Zheng, although he didn’t know why Wen Zheng helped him so much, his impression of Wen Zheng rose straight up.


However, he still didn’t dare to have too much contact with Wen Zheng, but verbally thanking him seemed insincere, so Lu Wenxing, who hadn’t figured out how to thank him, could only put the matter aside for the time being.


The group of people were concerned about Lu Wenxing, after being silent for a while, Gu Yanshen put away his phone and said to Lu Wenxing.


“I booked another room for you, later I’ll ask my assistant to help you pack your things, go to the fifth floor for the night.”


The fifth floor had a separate elevator, there were security guards sitting at the door, and they needed to show the room card to enter the corridor, the security factor was more than twice as high as the fourth floor.



“You did a good job, Gu Yanshen.” Song Jiajia gave him a thumbs up, not even calling ‘Brother Shen’, but directly called his name.


“Brother Shen’s image in my heart is instantly taller.”


“I thought brother Shen is a high cold movie emperor, he’s actually a warm man?”


“Go, warm what warm, do you see brother Shen acting warm to everyone?”


Lu Wenxing didn’t reject Gu Yanshen’s kindness, “Thank you Mr. Gu, then I will go to the front desk to make up the fee.”


Gu Yanshen: “Make up what, find the crew for reimbursement.”




“At the moment, director Wang still doesn’t know what’s happening.”


“The stingy director Wang silently weeps.”


Out of the hotel entrance, several people entered a crew’s car and were taken to the set.



It had been two or three days since the incident with Jiang Zhengqin, Lu Wenxing had almost forgotten, he also didn’t see Wen Zheng again these days, the other was probably busy.



When he entered the hotel lobby, he ran into Wen Zheng who was waiting for the elevator.


Lu Wenxing took the lead and greeted him, “Good evening Mr. Wen.”


Wen Zheng nodded and spoke, he rarely spoke to people he had just met, “I heard from my assistant that you’re shooting a movie around here?”



“Ah yes.” Meeting again, Lu Wenxing seemed to be able to greet and chat with Wen Zheng with ease, “Mr. Wen doesn’t pay much attention to the entertainment industry, right?”


“Well …… I’m a little face blind.”


Lu Wenxing: ????


Wen Zheng’s expression didn’t change half a bit, so much so that Lu Wenxing doubted whether he had heard wrong.



Who would have thought that the high-cold boss Wen Zheng would be face-blind?



The new stars in the entertainment industry were particularly numerous, and the routes they took were roughly the same, their height was about the same, their face value was about the same, so Wen Zheng never thought that face blindness was his problem from the beginning.


Lu Wenxing was so surprised that he couldn’t hold his expression for a while, and Wen Zheng looked at his confused expression and felt… It was a bit cute.



“I am not face blind to you.”


Lu Wenxing’s eyes curved, and his long eyelashes looked like two butterfly wings.


“I know, otherwise Mr. Wen wouldn’t have spoken to me just now.”


“You came here for business?”


“There are new investment projects here, so I came over for inspection.”


Lu Wenxing knew that Wen Zheng made accurate investments. He immediately showed an envious expression. If he invested a little, he would probably be able to buy a house in full!


Forget it, envy wasn’t becoming.


Lu Wenxing was still thinking when Wen Zheng suddenly spoke.



“Jiang Zhengqin won’t bother you again.”


Lu Wenxing thought Jiang Zhengqin was threatened, and didn’t ask any detailed questions, he thanked him again, the two walked out of the elevator together, Lu Wenxing said goodbye, but was called back by Wen Zheng.


“Which movie are you shooting?”


Lu Wenxing didn’t expect Wen Zheng to be curious about this, “A Hundred Ghosts.”


“I’ll go see it when it’s released.”



Wen Zheng himself couldn’t explain why he had such a high favorable opinion of someone he had only met once.



He wasn’t busy with work all day, in his spare time, he went to watch movies.


But he never went to see a movie because of someone.



Lu Wenxing had been on the set for almost two weeks, and a large part of his scene had been completed. The first week, because of inexperience, he couldn’t guarantee the best presentation every time.



The first few days, Lu Wenxing’s shooting progress was a little slower, but compared to other newcomers, Lu Wenxing was already considered extremely talented.


After a week of adaptation, and with Lu Wenxing’s diligence, his progress was staggeringly fast.


There was no imagined delay in progress, it wasn’t only faster than expected, there were many scenes that were done in one take, making Director Wang exclaim that he had found a treasure.



Two or three days had passed since Wen Zheng left E City, and Lu Wenxing hadn’t taken it to heart until he saw the Weibo hot search list.




Lu Wenxing went in and found that Jiang Zhengqin’s photos and other personal information had been exposed. The whole network was scolding Jiang Zhengqin.


It turned out that after Jiang Zhengqin was sent to the detention center that day, someone sent new evidence.


The same as the recording in Lu Wenxing’s hand, there were several anonymous witnesses.


They accused Jiang Zhengqin of sexual harassment, seducing and r*ping special actors or group actors by deceitful means.


Those artists who were forced by him before, had gone to the police station to submit evidence, Jiang Zhengqin couldn’t argue and was directly sent for court trial.


The victims took so long to report the case, so naturally it wasn’t out of the blue, someone contacted them and asked if they were willing to produce evidence or be witnesses to bring Jiang Zhengqin to justice.


The comment section was invariably full of abuse, after reading the long post, Lu Wenxing was quite shocked, if he had known that Jiang Zhengqin had done so many bad things, he would have released the recordings earlier.


It was surprising that the scum got away with it for a few months.


But the good thing was that the victims were also brave enough to come forward, it was Jiang Zhengqin who was to blame.

After reading the post, Lu Wenxing also finally reacted to what Wen Zheng said to him that day, ‘Jiang Zhengqin will not bother you again’.


So, Wen Zheng actually collected the evidence and didn’t give Jiang Zhengqin a chance to get out of the detention center and sent him directly to the jail.


Lu Wenxing really didn’t expect that Wen Zheng not only helped that time, but also checked it so carefully. He was a little curious about Wen Zheng.

It turned out that the boss was quite…approachable.


As he was swiping through Weibo, a phone call came in from Ms. Lu.


“Hey, Wenxing. I didn’t disturb your work, right?”


“No, I’m taking a break now that others are working.”


“That’s good.” Ms. Lu was silent for a moment, “Wenxing, there’s a message from the police station, do you want to meet?”


Back then, Lu Wenxing had a high fever after being rescued by Xie Nian, he woke up and didn’t remember anything, didn’t know where he came from, didn’t know who his parents were, he only said his name was ‘Xing’.


Xie Nian immediately went to the police station to report the case, before finding his biological parents, in order to prevent Lu Wenxing from being sent to an orphanage, Xie Nian and Ms. Lu decided to keep Lu Wenxing at home until he found his biological parents.



Because of the need to record the account for school, Ms. Lu gave Lu Wenxing this name, ‘Xing’ from his name, ‘Wen’ meant ‘hear’, the implication was to wish Lu Wenxing could be found soon.



A few years after the report, people came to the door one after another, but the results were disappointing.


Ms. Lu couldn’t bear to let Lu Wenxing experience disappointment again and again, so every time she experienced disappointment, Ms. Lu would hug Lu Wenxing and comfort him.



“Your parents must love you very much to give you the nickname ‘Xing’, because the star is the most dazzling existence in the sky, so your existence is also the most dazzling to your parents.”



Lu Wenxing wasn’t afraid of disappointment, as long as he thought of Ms. Lu’s gentle comfort, all the disappointment would turn into hope for the next time.


“Wenxing?” Ms. Lu spoke again.


Lu Wenxing looked calm, “I want to meet them.”



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