Jiang Zhengqin’s face suddenly turned white, his eyes turned to the insensitive youth and glared at him.


“Wen, Mr Wen. It’s not what he said!” Jiang Zhengqin didn’t expect to run into Wen Zheng at the Xia family’s reception, and he didn’t expect that with Wen Zheng’s uncaring personality, he would even take care of such a trivial matter.


“Yes, I want to make an appointment with him, he just agreed, otherwise why would he accept my business card, and now he is pretending to be noble here to sell misery.” Jiang Zhengqin, fearing that others wouldn’t believe him, continued to remedy the situation.


“He is a person who doesn’t even have an invitation, how did he appear in such a high-end cocktail party? Who knows what he wants?”


“No.” The young man stood up from the ground, “My friend is a waiter at tonight’s reception, he said tonight that he was not feeling well and asked me fill in for him for a while.”


“I heard from my friend that there would be directors and investors here tonight to talk about a new drama, and that I might be selected, so it’s my fault that I got carried away and listened to Jiang Zhengqin’s words and really thought he was trying to give me a chance to audition.”


Seeing that the two were going to argue again, Xia Zongqi’s eyebrows knitted tightly, “Who are you here for?”


“I’m helping for Chen Wu, my name is Ji Hua. Gentlemen if you don’t believe me, you can call to ask, every word I said is true, if there is half a lie, let me only be an eighteenth tier star for the rest of my life.”


“You’re originally an 18th tier actor, do you really think you’ll have a chance to be on the big screen?”



The young man was stabbed by Jiang Zhengqin and turned his head to look at Wen Zheng, who had just helped him. He knew that Wen Zheng was probably not helping him, but just disgusted with people like Jiang Zhengqin.


At this time, someone suddenly interjected.



“What he said should be true, Jiang Zhengqin has an ex-conviction, many small eighteenth-tier artists in the industry have been harassed by him. Some time ago, I heard that an artist was harassed by Jiang Zhengqin, he refused before hitting Jiang Zhengqin.”



No one knew who laughed first, then one after another people also laughed.



“I’ve also heard about this, the director who was beaten is Jiang Zhengqin?”



“Yes, it is said that he got stitches on his forehead.”



Their eyes fell on Jiang Zhengqin’s forehead, which was still a bit scarred.


“Hahahahaha, my friend told me as a joke, he said there was a person in the industry who wanted to sneak rules for a small artist, but the other party didn’t want to, then he was smashed in the head.”


“Now there are still people playing ‘forced rules’ this way? Those rich second generation don’t dare to be so wild, Jiang Zhengqin looks like a dog, so it’s not surprising.”



“If the person was willing, there is nothing to say, but if forced, isn’t it attempted r*pe?”



“Jiang Zhengqin said he was a director? How come I have never heard of him?”


“I’ve never heard of him either, which nooks and crannies did he come out from? Don’t tell me that after filming a short video he think he’s a director, right?”



Jiang Zhengqin’s face went pale, and Xia Zongqi frowned, “Do you have an invitation?”


It was true that some starlets would be invited to the reception to get attention, it was nice to look at them, as for what could be chatted about or how that chat would develop, that was their business, but what was Jiang Zhengqin doing here?


“I’m here for director Chen.”


Director Chen was also a famous director in the entertainment industry, he got popularity from his web drama, why would Jiang Zhengqin have a relationship with Director Chen?



“Director Chen is busy with his new drama, so he asked me to come over.”


Wen Zheng’s brow knitted deeper, Director Chen had sought their company to invest in his drama, whether he was picked or not, Wen Zheng didn’t know, but this person in front of him was unknown to him.


“You are his friend?”


Jiang Zhengqin dared not accept, how could he be director Chen’s friend, he was just the casting director of the crew, to put it nicely he got a director’s tag, but in fact, he wasn’t different from the director’s assistant.


The main role or important supporting role recruitment wasn’t his call, it was just the small supporting role in the drama, special or group actors, could be decided by him.


Jiang Zhengqin didn’t expect that he would fall twice in a row on two starlets. The Lu Wenxing incident was already enough to make him angry, but he didn’t expect to be set up by this starlet again this time.



He didn’t even look at Jiang Zhengqin, he turned to Xia Zongqi.



“Since the invitation is to director Chen, should this one …… appear here?”



As Wen Zheng spoke up, Xia Zongqi quickly responded, “What Mr. Wen said is reasonable. My Xia family invited director Chen, since director Chen can’t come, I can only say that I’m sorry, please director Jiang Zhengqin, leave on your own.”


Xia Zongqi deliberately bit the word ‘director’ heavily, the sarcasm was too obvious.


A moment ago, Jiang Zhengqin was still bullying others, now he didn’t even dare to raise his head, afraid to see others pointing and laughing.


Wen Zheng’s identity was there, financial reports often commented on him, and there were even many people followed Wen Zheng’s investment.


As long as they heard that Wen Zheng’s investment company had invested in which project, there would be people holding the money to find out if the company B wanted additional investment, Wen Zheng even had more followers than some stars.



Young and talented, handsome and golden.

Carrying one of the two labels was enough to be popular, not to mention both.


No one cared about Jiang Zhengqin’s departure, but after watching the farce, Wen Zheng knew that the Xia family wanted to curry favor with him, so he gave him a step. Xia Zongqi wasn’t as cunning as his father.



He didn’t directly ask questions about the orphanage, instead he threw an olive branch, and talked about a project he had on ground and added Xia Zongqi on WeChat.


He was sure that Xia Zongqi would come to him in less than a week’s time.


Wen Zheng didn’t stay at the reception for too long, and left in less than half an hour. He had to go to E City on business the next day to look at his new investment.




On the other hand, Lu Wenxing found a gossip Weibo page and released the recording of the ‘deal’ between Jiang Zhengqin and Mang Cheng Entertainment, and bought a water army to make the topic trend.



When Lu Wenxing signed the contract with Mang Cheng entertainment, Wang Man asked him to delete the recording. Lu Wenxing did delete it, but he had a backup. He was also worried about what moths Mang Cheng entertainment would make.


Since Jiang Zhengqin didn’t want to reveal this matter, Lu Wenxing didn’t mind publicly amplifying it.


But Lu Wenxing didn’t expect that the blogger he found to be so powerful, they directly sent Jiang Zhengqin name to number 1 on the hot search list in one night.


Lu Wenxing didn’t look at his mobile phone when he woke up in the morning. He didn’t know until he heard someone chatting when he arrived at the crew. He opened Weibo and found that Jiang Zhengqin’s name was on the hot search .


#Jiang Zhengqin’s hidden rules


A gossip dragon v: a drama director’s abuse of power, uses unspoken rules to force an artist.


The voices of Jiang Zhengqin and Wang Man could be heard clearly in the recording, and the names of the artists mentioned were also blurred.



“Director Jiang, if you look at ****, it’s his good luck. If you don’t like him, we have other artists at Mang Cheng Entertainment.”



“** is a good candidate for the entertainment industry, and I like people who are hardworking and progressive. I’ll tell you what. Tell him to come to my room tonight for an audition.”


“What are you pretending to be noble for? If you follow me, I will definitely give you a satisfying role.”


“Not willing? You’re not naive enough to think that just because you’re good-looking, you can get a place in the entertainment industry, right?”


“Your agent has already agreed for you, you can’t leave tonight anyway.”




The comment section exploded.


[ Who the f*ck is this person? How many artists in the circle are climbing over the bed? Don’t drag others into the water just because you stink]


[ Who is Jiang Zhengqin? I’ve never heard of this person.]


[ I searched, you can even be called director with no works?]


[ What director Jiang, social scum, get out of the entertainment industry before it’s too late.]



[What are you being sympathetic for, upstairs? Why did he appear in the hotel if he didn’t want it? He probably didn’t get any resources after selling himself. Dogs bite dogs.]



[All are not good people.]


[ No, the victim is guilty?]


[What is the psychology of those who scolded the victim, can’t you hear it in the recording? They didn’t want to, right?]


[ The victim was there of their own free will? What if they were tricked into going there?]


[Please expose the manager as well.]


[ Please don’t cover up the agent.]


[please don’t shield the agent @ Mangcheng entertainment]



[Mang Cheng entertainment can’t be ignorant. Maybe all the people in the company are being pimped.]


Because there was a fight scene in the afternoon and Lu Wenxing was inexperienced, when others were resting in the afternoon, he was still with the martial arts director.


“The sword is very beautiful, you have a good figure, dancing shouldn’t be much of a problem, when the camera gives some hand close-ups and facial close-ups, it’ll look good.”


The martial arts director liked Lu Wenxing, he was diligent and willing to learn, and had a dance background, so he learnt the movements quickly.


But Lu Wenxing pursued perfection too much, the martial arts director approved Lu Wenxing’s movements, but Lu Wenxing still didn’t think it was good.


Not only the martial arts director thought so, the crew many staff also noticed it, Lu Wenxing was either filming, or learning when others filmed, or he was hiding in a corner practicing a scene.


When others were resting, Lu Wenxing didn’t rest.


“Isn’t Xiao Lu overly diligent?”


The pursuit of perfection was understandable, but Lu Wenxing seemed to be more than in pursuit of perfection, as if he wanted to spend all his time on filming.


It gave a kind of …… Director Wang thought for a while, but he couldn’t think of any suitable adjectives.


Gu Yanshen’s eyes fell on Lu Wenxing, looking thoughtfully at the sword-bearing Lu Wenxing.



His wrist turned nimbly, flipping a beautiful sword line, even a distance away, he noticed Lu Wenxing’s concentrated look.



Song Jiajia suddenly said, “I always feel like he’s in a hurry.”


Le Hanfei nodded, “Yes, that’s the feeling.”


Not impatient, but anxious.


It was like there was no chance if he didn’t hurry, Gu Yanshen also had this feeling, he didn’t know why Lu Wenxing was in such a hurry, but at the age of 20, he was sure that Lu Wenxing would only develop better and better in the entertainment industry.


There was no need to rush, and even honing acting skills was a gradual process.


“Is Xiao Lu a Virgo?” Director Wang couldn’t help asking.



Song Jiajia was surprised, “Director Wang, you know the horoscope?”


“I heard that Virgos pursue perfection.” Director Wang thought about it, “Xiao Lu’s diligence seems a bit of desperate.”


After the lunch break, the crew began to work busily again.


Lu Wenxing had night scenes, so when he took the crew’s car back to the hotel, it was already 11:00 pm.


The elevator from the fifth floor up was a separate one, Lu Wenxing lived on the fourth floor and Gu Yanshen didn’t use the same elevator.


Once the elevator door opened, Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing said goodbye and he went in first.


Lu Wenxing waited a while for the elevator door to open, he walked into the elevator and pressed the floor button, then a tall, straight figure walked in.



The young man was tall, with cold features, a bit mixed-race feeling, slightly long eyes, deep eyes, he was the type of person to be remembered at a glance.



He was wearing a dark gray suit, a mature color, but on him, it didn’t look old-fashioned, more set off by the charm of the British style.



Lu Wenxing took a step back after pressing the floor and gave his place to the youth, he noticed that the youth pressed the key for the fifth floor, but the light didn’t turn on.



“This elevator only goes to the fourth floor, you have to take the next elevator to the fifth floor.” Lu Wenxing reminded him.


The youth paused then he thanked him.


Just when Lu Wenxing thought he was going out, the youth closed the elevator.


Lu Wenxing didn’t ask more questions, guessing that the other should be too lazy to wait for the elevator and intended to take the stairs from the fourth floor up.

The elevator quickly went up to the fourth floor, Lu Wenxing and the youth walked out together, the two were going in the same direction, keeping a back-and-forth distance.


Lu Wenxing had just passed the corner when a figure came over aggressively.


“Lu Wenxing, did you put out the recording on the Internet?”


The person who came was none other than Jiang Zhengqin, who was in the news today. He was wearing a mask, and the anger on his face was obvious.


Lu Wenxing didn’t expect Jiang Zhengqin to be able to block him here, so he subconsciously took a step back, forgetting that there was someone behind him, and directly bumped into the youth who came out from the corner.



And accidentally stepped on the other’s foot.


“I’m sorry.”


Lu Wenxing subconsciously apologized, the youth helped him, but Jiang Zhengqin didn’t see the youth at the corner, he now had a stomach full of anger and only wanted to vent it at Lu Wenxing.


He took a big step forward and reached out to grab Lu Wenxing, when a strong, powerful hand reached out and directly clasped Jiang Zhengqin’s wrist.


When Jiang Zhengqin looked up, his face instantly turned white, his eyes widened and he stuttered in fear.


“Wen, Mr Wen.”



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