C27—- Childhood Memories

Lu Wenxing and Lu Xiaofei agreed on a time, he asked the director for half a day’s leave in advance, because he was usually serious and diligent, the director had a very good impression of him and immediately agreed, he even asked him whether half a day was enough time.


That night, after the scene, Lu Wenxing went straight to the airport and hurried back home to B City.


When he was young, every few months there would be parents who lost their children looking for them.


As he grew older, the months turned into six months, then a year, and then two, three, four years after he started high school, he didn’t encounter any more parents looking for their children, but he never thought his parents had given up looking for him.


The world was a big place, and it was indeed difficult to find someone in a sea of people, so his biological parents hadn’t found him. But likewise, Lu Wenxing also didn’t find his biological parents.



People were very contradictory existence, Lu Wenxing would worry about the novel plot, would be worried about his adoptive parents, he also worried about unknowingly going on the path of a cannon fodder.


But he didn’t know why, for the search for his biological parents, he was very determined and sure, one day he was going to see them.


Lu Wenxing was afraid of the plot, but at the same time, he felt that the plot wasn’t so outrageous. It wasn’t as simple as described in the novel. Just a few words summarized his ending.


The first time he realized this was after he met Wen Zheng.


Originally, Wen Zheng was Wen Yu’s older brother, and Lu Wenxing should have avoided him. But after the first contact, Lu Wenxing felt that this shouldn’t be the case.



He didn’t know much about Wen Yu’s family, because the novels were all summed up in a few sentences, he only knew that the main character suffered from having a dominant brother, and that the ‘heavenly cool king break’ could decide the life and death of a company.



But this wasn’t the case, whether it was to send Jiang Zhengqin to the police or send the other to jail, he didn’t do it with his family background, but tangible evidence, and legal sanctions.


So far, the reality seemed to be gradually deviating from the novel, but nothing illogical had happened.


Did this mean that he wouldn’t be influenced by the so-called ‘world consciousness’? Of course, being forced to go through the plot this was completely speculation, this was what Lu Wenxing saw from a novel.


He couldn’t tell for the time being whether there was also a ‘world consciousness’ in this novel he was in.


From E City back to B City, Lu Wenxing took an hour-long flight and arrived home only at 11 pm.


Lu Xiaofei and Xie Nian picked him up at the airport early, and asked Lu Wenxing if he was tired from filming.


“Not tired.” Speaking of this, Lu Wenxing was still a little excited. “Filming is very interesting, and everyone in the crew takes good care of me.”


This was true, Lu Wenxing was a newcomer, in fact, there were many things he didn’t know, others took good care of him, Lu Wenxing didn’t have an assistant, but the staff were very enthusiastic.


It was still cold in E City just after spring, and it was impossible to wear thick clothes for the summer scenes, so the director would have staff help clothe him or hand him hot water as soon as he called cut.


To be honest, he was much happier than when he was in Mang Cheng Entertainment, there was no Wang Man’s finger pointing, and there were no contemporaries to sneer at him, although Lu Wenxing never took those words to heart.



But, anyone would yearn for a more comfortable environment.


“Wenxing.” Lu Xiaofei couldn’t say that she wasn’t very worried, so she couldn’t help but give Lu Wenxing a precautionary warning in advance.


“If ……”


“I know.” Lu Wenxing calmly said, “Don’t worry, I promise that whether it is or not, it won’t affect my mood.”


The most important thing for Lu Wenxing was time, it’d been nearly fifteen years, maybe for others, waiting was hard to bear, but for Lu Wenxing, waiting was the yearning for happiness.


He wasn’t an optimistic person, but he was never pessimistic.


After returning home, Lu Xiaofei worried that Lu Wenxing was too tired from running back and forth, “They will arrive tomorrow morning, have a good night’s rest.”




The next day, Lu Wenxing woke up early.


He looked normal, neither excited nor nervous, and helped Lu Xiaofei cook a hearty breakfast.


The family enjoyed a leisurely morning and waited until nearly noon before the couple who recognized him as their son arrived in a hurry.


Six eyes met, the couple’s eyes instantly lit up, the woman pinned her hair behind her ear, looked at Lu Wenxing with surprise, and said with utmost certainty.


“Can’t be wrong, can’t be wrong, he looks too much like me when I was a child.”


“We found him!” The middle-aged man’s eyes were wrinkled, and the smile at the corners of his mouth became more obvious from the time he saw Lu Wenxing, and he took out a yellowing old photo from the pocket of his washed white jacket.


A photo of the boy with bent eyes, a broad smile on his face, and a fleshy little face that was even more adorable.


The pair of light-colored eyes and Lu Wenxing’s current appearance were really similar.


The moment he saw the photo, Lu Xiaofei’s heart also followed the lift, she tightly grabbed Xie Nian’s arm, “Isn’t this Wenxing? Quickly look.”


Xie Nian stared at the little boy on the photo, and then looked carefully at Lu Wenxing.


It was a bit like, but not quite.


Lu Wenxing had been living in their home since he was rescued, Xie Nian knew Lu Wenxing’s demeanor too well, and the boy in the photo was a little more soft and cute.


When Xie Nian picked up Lu Wenxing from the hospital, Lu Wenxing was a little pale and polite to people, very good and obedient, but he didn’t look like this.


He even remembered that Xie Qingfei had just started kindergarten when Lu Wenxing was already in elementary school.



At that time, Xie Chengfei especially liked to copy Lu Wenxing, because he thought it was very cool.


Yes! Lu Wenxing should be cool when he was young.


He was also often praised for being a pretty little cool guy.


Lu Wenxing took the photo and looked at it for a while, there was no half memory in his head and no sense of familiarity.


But the looks did resemble him a bit as a child.



When the couple saw this look on Lu Wenxing’s face, they looked at each other and were about to say something when they heard Lu Wenxing suddenly ask. “Where is my sister?”



“Uh …… this?” The woman was momentarily stunned, the man beside her took over, “You were too young to remember, not a sister, only a brother.”


“Right! It’s your younger brother.” The woman said and took out another photo, “Look, this is your brother, you two look alike, right?”


The little boy in the photo was a little bigger, and it was clear that the photo was taken later, and the clarity was better than the previous photo.


“Wenxing.” Lu Xiaofei pulled over Lu Wenxing, “Although the photo is quite similar, do you want to do a paternity test first?”



Lu Wenxing nodded and looked at his watch. He needed to be on the plane at 12:00 p.m. and now it was 10:30. It was too late to go to the hospital for paternity testing.


“There’s no need to do paternity test. This photo is so similar, if you take it out to others to see, who wouldn’t say that this is your brother.”



“You are now called Lu Wenxing, right? Can I call you Wenxing?” The woman put her hand on her clothes and wiped it, like she was afraid of being disliked by Lu Wenxing, and hesitated to tentatively shake his hand.


“Wenxing, the year you were lost, your father and I almost divorced. In order to find you, he also lost his job, the family’s savings were also almost spent. Later, your father and I began to work as temporary workers, we took turns to go to work.”


“When he went to work, I looked for you all over the world. When he went to look for you, I went to work, this search ah …… has been more than ten years.”


“The good thing is that we weren’t disappointed, we found you.” The woman wiped her tears, “If we couldn’t find you this tkme, your father and I don’t know what we’d have done.”



The man sighed, “We know you are busy with work, temporarily settled in C city, right? It’s okay, your mother and I don’t want anything, just come and see us when you have time.”



The woman cried louder, Lu Xiaofei could only make a few comforting remarks, Lu Wenxing didn’t have much time, he didn’t have time to say a few more words to them, and then he had to rush to the set.


The couple only blearily withdrew their eyes once he left, and then looked at Lu Xiaofei with a sad expression.



“We are grateful that you have taken care of Wenxing for so long, Wenxing has sent you a lot of money over the past few years, right? Of course, we don’t mean to ask you for money, that is to say… Wenxing is our child after all, if he is willing to go home, I hope you won’t stop him.”



Lu Xiaofei felt the woman’s words sounded uncomfortable, she couldn’t help but frown, she saw Xie Nian shake his head towards her, Lu Xiaofei closed her mouth and didn’t answer.



“Of course, we have also been helping Wenxing to find his biological parents, we just hope that he can return to his home.” Xie Nian paused before finishing his sentence. “The premise is that you are indeed his biological parents.”


“Of course we are his parents, we have also shown you the picture of him as a child, and his eyes and nose can also show what he looked like as a child.”



Lu Xiaofei suddenly got angry, these two people’s words seemed to mean that she and Xie Nian weren’t biologically related to Lu Wenxing, Lu Wenxing grew up with them, but the two people were too strange.


If it wasn’t for the fact that they took out that photo with Lu Wenxing, Lu Xiaofei would definitely kick these two people out directly.


It was hard to send these two people away, after they left, Lu Xiaofei’s face was still flushed, and she looked angry.


“Don’t be angry, they’re gone.” Xie Nian comforted her from the side.


“I’m so pissed off. Wenxing is so cute, his parents shouldn’t be like this, and Wenxing was raised fine as a child, this couple doesn’t look like they can raise Wenxing that well.”


Xie Nian sighed, “That old yellowing photo and Wenxing are a bit like.”



“What’s that? The world’s population is so large, what can eye resemblance prove, I only believe in paternity tests.”


The appearance of that couple didn’t give Lu Wenxing a special impact, he was thinking about another problem.


After that fever, he didn’t remember anything, but he didn’t know why, he felt he should have a sister.



Obviously he didn’t remember anything, why did he have this feeling?



Lu Wenxing himself also felt very strange, thinking about it, then he fell asleep on the plane.



It was a bright afternoon.


“Mom, can I have a sister? Xiao Yiyi has a sister, she’s soft and so cute.”


The woman’s hand gently rubbed the boy’s head and said to him with a bit of amusement, “If you like her, you can always go to Yiyi’s house to play, but a sister is family and is to be treated gently, she is not a toy, not something you can have if you want it and put aside if you don’t.”


“Well …… I know. I’m not asking for a toy, if I had a sister, I would treat her very well, better than Yiyi treats her sister.”


“How good?” The woman’s words hid a smile.


“Ten thousand times better than Xiao Yiyi.”




The woman was amused by his naive words and continued to question him.


“If you have a sister, she might steal your toys and cupcakes, so will you cry?”


The boy hugged the woman at once and flung himself into her arms, “Can mommy buy two toys and two cupcakes? One for me and one for my sister.”


“Quite resourceful.” The woman laughed lightly, “What if there is only one cake left in the cake store, but your sister wants to eat the whole one?”


The boy looked down and thought about it, his little face was full of confusion, and after a while he revealed a bright smile.



“Then I can first give my sister all of today’s portion of cupcakes to eat, and then mom will buy me a double portion to compensate?”



The woman’s slender, pretty knuckles gently pinched the boy, “You just want two cupcakes.”


“Mom, I really want a sister, I’ll be extra nice to her. Really, I will be the best brother in the whole world.”

The scene shifted and it was still a sunny afternoon.


“Mommy will respect both of your wishes. Only if you both agree will mommy bring your sister home, but mommy doesn’t want you to just say yes, you have to think about it carefully before you do. Because a sister isn’t coming to stay for a few days and then leave, she will always live here and become a part of our family.”


“I… I want a sister.” The boy’s eyes shone brightly, and he turned to his brother with an expectant expression, hoping that he would be of the same mind as he was.


Then, his brother gave him a disgusted look.


“You want a muppet bear, you want cake, you want a puzzle racing game, can you mention what you don’t want?”



“Humph.” Not getting his brother’s approval, the boy said in a small voice with his face turned away, “Don’t want a brother.”


“Don’t want a brother?”


The older brother raised an eyebrow and reached out to tickle the little boy.




The boy was young, so he was quickly held down, he couldn’t break free.


He was particularly ticklish, he just gently touched the small soft flesh on his belly and he bent over laughing, nestled in his brother’s arms, his beautiful eyes were teary.


But he still refused to admit defeat and deliberately said louder, “…… don’t want brother.”


“Say it again.”


“Don’t want …… hahahahaha.”



The garden was filled with the sound of the boy’s laughter as he laid on his brother’s shoulders, finally unable to resist conceding defeat.


“I was wrong, I want brother, I like brother the most.”


“How much do you like it?” The brother took him into his arms.


“The world’s number one favorite.”


Brother still didn’t let him go and pulled him again and asked, “Do you like daddy or brother more?”


Looking at the hand that hadn’t let go of him, the boy didn’t hesitate half-heartedly, “Brother.”



The older brother let go of his hand with satisfaction, and the boy ran away in a flash.


He stood a few meters away and shouted at his brother.


“I lied to you, I like dad and mom the most.”


After saying that he also made a face at his brother, then after running a few steps he was picked up by his brother, “Little bad egg, still running or not?”


The warm sun didn’t last long, Lu Wenxing was suddenly frozen awake, his head was a little dizzy, but very conscious.


The couple in the morning was wrong, they were mistaken, he didn’t have a younger brother at all.


There was only an older brother.




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