C17—- Late Night Call

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“What are you sitting there for? Let’s laugh!”


Song Jiajia was the first to react, “Didn’t you hear Brother Shen’s joke?”


“Hahahaha, Brother Shen is quite humorous.”


“Miaomiao, your laughter is too fake.” Song Jiajia coldly scolded her.


“Brother Shen’s cold joke was too sudden, so I didn’t react properly.”


Gu Yanshen didn’t explain and meaningfully looked at Lu Wenxing, as their four eyes faced each other, Lu Wenxing lowered his head as if nothing happened.


As long as he didn’t speak, embarrassment wouldn’t catch up with him.


As the group of people joked around, time flew, when it was almost noon, the director still hadn’t announced the voting results of the previous day’s competition.


The director smilingly said, “This episode will end in suspense, the results will be announced in the third episode. The winning group will be awarded prizes ~”


Song Jiajia: “…… talk well, why did you drag your words?”


“My little daughter said it’s cuter, that’s how kindergarten kids talk ~”


The crowd: “…………”


The recording of this episode ended here, Song Jiajia still had to work and the nanny van had long been waiting outside the door, waiting for the recording to end, so she’d leave.


Gu Yanshen and Song Jiajia left at about the same time, he had a lot of things to do at the end of the year, he had to fly to three cities in a day.


The rest of the four people weren’t too fast, they pulled their suitcases downstairs as they chatted and said goodbye.


“How will you guys leave?”


“I’ll wait for my assistant to pick me up.”


“Me too…”


Wen Miao asked, “Wenxing, you’re flying to C City, right? Are you going back with Xiao Wen?”


“I’m staying in G City tonight, my friend is coming to pick me.” Lu Wenxing received a call from Wei Ze yesterday, he was coming to G City to have fun for a few days.


“In that case, Xiao Wen is going back by himself?”


“My big brother is coming to G City for business, he’s coming to pick me up.”


Wen Yu always had a light smile on his face no matter when, which was very fitting for his warm and gentle persona.


“Xiao Wen has a brother, it sounds like you have a good relationship.”


“My elder brother is usually very busy, it’s a coincidence.” Just as he was saying that, Wen Yu’s phone rang, “Excuse me, I need to take a call.”


“It’s already packed, okay, I’ll wait for big brother.” When Wen Yu hung up the phone, they couldn’t help but be a little curious.


Because Wen Yu said on the show that his family didn’t support his decision to enter the entertainment industry, they originally thought that Wen Yu and his family had a stiff relationship, it seemed like that wasn’t the case.


Judging from Wen Yu’s outfit and conversation, his family should be wealthy. Wen Miao said half-jokingly, “Is it because Xiao Wen’s family is rich, so they don’t agree?”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


It was really that.

Lu Wenxing wanted Wen Miao to be more confident and remove the ‘?’.


Wen Yu smiled, “It’s not because of that. My big brother is almost here, I’m going to wait for him in the courtyard.”


“I’ll come along, my assistant will be here soon.”




Wen Miao and Zhou Zitong pushed their suitcases and followed them out, with Lu Wenxing walking at the end.


Seeing him follow, Wen Yu froze for a moment, “Wenxing, are you also going to wait in the courtyard?”


“Yes, why?”


Lu Wenxing felt that Wen Yu’s question was very strange, everyone was waiting in the courtyard, what was wrong with him waiting in the courtyard too?


“Nothing.” Wen Yu smiled, “I saw you didn’t seem to have much energy, so I thought you would rest in your room for a while.”


“My friend is arriving soon and I’m afraid he won’t be able to find his way.” Lu Wenxing explained, he always felt as if Wen Yu was very concerned about him. Of course, it could also be that he was overly vigilant and created an illusion.


As he was talking, a black Maybach stopped smoothly at the entrance of the courtyard.




Zhou Zitong’s eyes lit up, “That Maybach must be more than six million!”


“Why is it parked here?”


“It’s my big brother coming, I’ll leave first. Bye!” Wen Yu pushed his suitcase, his steps were a little fast.


Zhou Zitong looked at the car and then looked at Wen Miao. “You were really right! Xiao Wen is a young master that came out to play, right? His family isn’t supportive but they’re worried? They even personally came to pick him up?”


Wen Miao didn’t expect her words to be true, she stared at Wen Yu’s back in shock. “So, his family is really rich?”


“Wenxing, how come you’re not surprised at all?” Zhou Zitong looked at back with an envious expression, but the he saw Lu Wenxing looking at the car thoughtfully, with an overly calm look on his face.


“I’m surprised.” Lu Wenxing was thinking, so he gave a perfunctory response.


He had a very strange feeling.


Since he wanted to get rid of the cannon fodder plot, not only should he stay away from Wen Yu, he also had to avoid the Wen family, but he was suddenly a bit curious about what Wen Yu’s big brother was like.


Like a domineering president?


What you want, I’ll do?


Or maybe ……


It’s cold, should the Wang family go bankrupt?


Until Wen Yu got on the car, Lu Wenxing failed to see the bully president sitting in the car, because the car window was a one-way mirror, he couldn’t see anything.


“Wenxing, you’re so perfunctory.”


Zhou Zitong suddenly felt that they weren’t connected with each other, not even with their emotions.


“Wenxing, why are you so calm?” Wen Miao stared at him, “Tell me honestly, you’re not also a young master that came to play, right?”


Lu Wenxing: “…… stop thinking.”


He wasn’t surprised because he knew the plot. And for a family as wealthy as the Wen family, a six million dollar car might even be the most affordable one in the garage.


In the car.


Wen Zheng’s eyes rested on the rearview mirror, he had just noticed a few people standing with Wen Yu, especially the teenager wearing a ginger down jacket, he was particularly conspicuous among the three dark colored outfits.

But he was blocked by the teenager wearing glasses next to him, and Wen Zheng didn’t even get a good look at his face. He only noticed the ginger down jacket.


He remembered that there was a ginger sweater in Xingxing’s closet, but he didn’t wear it much because Wen Zheng deliberately teased him once, saying that he looked like a bee standing in the garden with the sweater.


Later, that piece of clothing was shelved in the closet, and Xingxing never wore it again.


Perhaps the sweater evoked memories, so Wen Zheng also looked back a few more times.


As the car slowly drove away, the person in the rearview mirror gradually became blurry.


Wen Zheng was planning to withdraw his gaze when the rearview mirror suddenly showed a figure pouncing on the teenager, the teenager moved back twice to stabilize his body.


Wen Zheng’s eyebrows furrowed.


Too dangerous.


The teenager wore a fluffy down jacket, but it was still slightly thin, how could he withstand such rough treatment?


“Big brother, what are you looking at?”


Wen Zheng withdrew his gaze and looked at Wen Yu blankly, “What did you say to mom yesterday?”


“Nothing.” Wen Yu lowered his eyes.


“It’s almost New Year’s Eve and mom asked me when I was coming home, so I told her I was recording a variety show in G City. I really didn’t know that big brother was also in G City, and I didn’t expect mom to ask big brother to pick me up.”


Wen Zheng wasn’t impressed with his explanation and his tone became a few degrees colder. “Don’t make small moves.”


“Big brother, why are you so hostile to me?” Wen Yu lowered his eyes, hiding the despondency in his eyes.


“Yes, I’m also sad that Xingxing is missing. But I didn’t cause him to go missing, big brother can’t target me so much just because you feel sorry for him.”


“I’ve been raised in the Wen family since I was a child, and I’ve always been peaceful and quiet, and I’ve been here for so long, but is big brother still so intolerant of me?”


Facing Wen Yu’s emotional questioning, Wen Zheng’s expression didn’t change and his tone remained even. “If you weren’t tolerated, do you think you would still be able to return to the Wen family now?”


Wen Yu’s face suddenly turned white, and after a few seconds of silence, he eased his tone.


“Big brother, I’m sorry. I got too excited just now, I said the wrong thing.”


Wen Zheng didn’t respond, and the atmosphere in the car became dull.




Lu Wenxing looked at Wei Ze a little helplessly, “You don’t have to jump over like a bear every time.”


Wei Ze grabbed Lu Wenxing’s shoulder and complained with dissatisfaction. “Wenxing, you actually said I look like a bear. I lost weight lately!”


Lu Wenxing ripped the man off his body and corrected his words. “The point is ‘jump’, not bear.”


“Oh, I just haven’t seen you for too long. You didn’t even miss me?”


Lu Wenxing ignored him and turned to say goodbye to Wen Miao and Zhou Zitong, then he dragged his suitcase and took Wei Ze to East Lane for food.


After the show aired, Lu Wenxing couldn’t be as carefree as before on the street, a mask had become a necessity, he now had no agent and no assistant, so he had to be careful.


Because of Wei Ze’s arrival, Lu Wenxing stayed in G City for two more days before returning to C City with him.


At night, Lu Wenxing suddenly remembered that he hadn’t replied to [Love to Sleep].


The other didn’t continue with the request and sent several sad emojis, which amused Lu Wenxing, but he didn’t have the heart to reject them all.


He accepted one of them, the drawing of Gu Yanshen.

After all, Lu Wenxing felt too ashamed to draw himself, and it was even a picture of him in pajamas.


He received a new job now, and the previous one would be finished earlier. The Chinese New Year was coming soon, so he had to finish it before he went home.


Time passed quite quickly, ehEn Lu Wenxing was ready to go to bed, he grabbed his phone and saw a new WeChat message.


Lu Wenxing opened it, it was from Gu Yanshen.


【. 】 Is it convenient to call?


It was an hour ago.


[ET] Teacher Gu, are you asleep?


The next second, his phone rang.


Gu Yanshen’s low voice rang out through the phone, “Hey, Wenxing.”


Lu Wenxing’s hand holding the phone tightened, he didn’t know why, Gu Yanshen calling his name in such a serious tone made his ears inexplicably a little hot.


He cleared his throat and asked, “Teacher Gu wants to speak with me?”


“Mm.” Gu Yanshen answered and went straight to the point.


“Wenxing, do you want to star in a movie?”



Hi, long time no update. So my grandma had been sick, then she had a stroke, entered a stroke-induced coma and woke up before Christmas, she’s permanently in a wheelchair now tho, I and my family are currently with her, just trying to spend as much time with her as possible.  My hiatus is over.
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