C18—- Stealing Candy

Lu Wenxing’s grip on the phone tightened, and his heartbeat subconsciously accelerated, if it was before, his answer would have definitely been yes, he wanted to, and very much so.


After the first episode aired, Lu Wenxing felt the skyrocketing number of his fans, and it was impossible to say that he wasn’t stunned. Wen Miao and Zhou Zitong fantasized about overnight success, Wei Ze fantasized about having a hundred concerts.


Of course Lu Wenxing also did.


He wanted to act, and he liked acting.


If the opportunity appeared a little earlier, or if he had met Gu Yanshen a little earlier, it would have been good.


If he didn’t know that he was living in a novel, and didn’t know that he was the cannon fodder made set the stage for the protagonist, didn’t know that it would involve his family, didn’t know the next plot development.


But now, he knew everything.


Although he was reluctance, to get away from the cannon fodder plot, withdrawing from the industry was the only choice at the moment.


Lu Wenxing’s throat knot rolled, his heartbeat calmed down, then he replied in a calm and composed voice, “Mr. Gu, I’m sorry, I don’t want to.”


Gu Yanshen didn’t ask him why, after a moment of silence, he replied.


“It’s okay, I just wanted to recommend you to audition.”


“I ……”


As if Gu Yanshen knew what he would say, he quickly interrupted him. “No need to rush and refuse, I think you might change your mind.”


Lu Wenxing: “……?”


“Contact me when you’ve thought about it. Go to bed early and have a good night.”


Lu Wenxing was still confused and he subconsciously replied, ‘good night’.




On the weekend, Xie Chengfei had the day off, Lu Wenxing took him out for lunch then they went back to his dorm room.


“Do you want the computer or tablet?”


Xie Qingfei was in his senior year, his school supervision was relatively strict, and usually, parents didn’t give their children electronic products. However, Xie Qingfei’s grades were very good, so they never worried about him.


“It’s almost time for the holidays, right?” Lu Wenxing took the tablet to Xie Chengfei.


“Next Wednesday.”


“Okay, we’ll go home when you get out of class.”


Lu Wenxing’s adoptive parents lived in B City, but both of them were in a different city, Xie Chengfei went back during long holidays, Lu Wenxing had only had time to go back for a few days during the summer and winter since he signed with Mang Cheng Entertainment.


“Brother, I want to drink fruit tea.”


Lu Wenxing handed his phone to Xie Chengfei, “Order it yourself.”




Xie Chengfei ordered a cup of Chi Chi Mango tea for Lu Wenxing, and a cup of Taro Puree Bobo milk tea for himself. While waiting for the milk tea, Xie Qingfei picked up his tablet and opened the video app, “Did you watch the second episode of Weekend Without Limits?”

“No, it just aired today.”


“Then let’s watch it together.”


It wasn’t Xie Qingfei’s first time in Lu Wenxing’s dorm room, so he knew where various things were, he skillfully took the tablet stand from the drawer.


The two of them chatted while watching the variety show, Xie Qingfei also liked to read the comments while he watched, so he opened them every time to amuse himself.


Like the audience in the comment section, Xie Qingfei laughed so hard that he leaned on Lu Wenxing’s body when he saw him opening the gifts given by other artists.


“Brother, your expression there is so funny.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


“I used to be the happiest when receiving gifts, now I know receiving gifts can be so difficult, it’s been really hard for you.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


Xie Chengfei wasn’t the only one laughing, the comment section was also lively.


[Wenxing’s expression, he doesn’t like it ah!]


[Ah, when Song Jiajia made that post, I really thought Wenxing liked pink]


[Hahahahahahaha, I’m dying of laughter, the expression on Wenxing’s face when he opened the gift box was really funny]


[Wenxing: Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?]


When Lu Wenxing opened the third gift, he looked up and asked the director, “Are you sure you got it right?”


The post-production editing put a lot of little question marks on the top of his head, with a subtitle…



[Child, you have a lot of questions.]


“Do you think a girl can wear such a big costume?” After the director finished answering the question, Lu Wenxing had to put away his doubts and open the next gift box.


Many rabbit figurines popped out, Lu Wenxing’s expression tensed up and asked once again.


“Is this really for me?”



[Although I’m a bit heartbroken for Wenxing, it’s really funny]


[Now I’m curious why they gave Wenxing pink gifts]


[Curious +1]



Xie Qingfei noticed the rabbit figurines that were placed separately on the table and bookshelf, he quickly picked one up and rubbed it.


“It’s actually quite cute.”


Lu Wenxing: “You like it?”


“It’s not bad.” Xie Chengfei was watching the variety show, so he responded casually, not noticing Lu Wenxing’s thoughtful expression.


The last thing Lu Wenxing unpacked in the video was a Bluetooth speaker, and the crew gave him a close-up, taking a clear picture of his unexpected, surprised expression.


“It seems that Wenxing likes this gift.”


[Wenxing: I don’t like this gift, I just don’t like pink]


[Wenxing: My world is finally not pink]

[Hahahahahahaha, what a big misunderstanding]


The comments section was filled with even more laughter as Lu Wenxing labeled all the other gifts with gray hearts.



“Except for the green team where Lu Wenxing is, twenty points have been deducted from the other two teams each.”



Everyone except Gu Yanshen had a look of disbelief, the crew also made a special edit to compare.


The screen was divided into two, the left was Song Jiajia confidently saying, “Wenxing will definitely like it.” The right was Lu Wenxing with a gray heart.


[Hahahahaha, f*ck?]


[Why are they so confident?]


[I’m curious]


“You big liar.”


Song Jiajia suddenly said with a sad expression, “Didn’t you say that you’d like whatever I send?”


“I didn’t know which one was from Sister Jiajia.”


[Wait! So the Bluetooth speaker is a gift from Brother Shen?]


[Why is brother Shen’s gift out of place in the crowd of pink?]



【The rabbits are gifts from Sister Song, look at her Weibo page, Lu Wenxing must have been forced, hahahahaha]


Then came the accusations of several other artists against Gu Yanshen.



“The question mark indicates doubt, I wasn’t sure.”


Once Gu Yanshen’s words came out, not only did the artists stare in disbelief, but the viewers in front of the screen were also puzzled.


【??? Am I the only one who feels a bit suspicious?]


[Ha ha ha ha, so they were misinformed by Brother Shen]


[So you’re like this Gu Yanshen!!!!]


Lu Wenxing gaze turned to Gu Yanshen, he smiled brightly.




“I like pink?”


Facing Lu Wenxing’s second consecutive question, Gu Yanshen put on a serious expression and replied solemnly, “Tactics.”


“Look we’re starting with twenty points, they have minus twenty points.”


[F”ck! What the hell is tactics? Brother Shen, do you think that is believable.]


[Cr*p, my brother’s cool and calm persona has collapsed]


[I’m curious, why did Gu Yanshen say Wenxing likes pink?]



[Curious +1]


When Xie Qingfei saw the comments, he turned his head to Lu Wenxing, “Why did Emperor Gu say you like pink?”


Lu Wenxing: “…as a tactic?”


Xie Qingfei: “……”


“Don’t use his perfunctory words to deceive me.” Xie Qingfei wasn’t easily fooled, but if Lu Wenxing didn’t speak, he wouldn’t be able to guess.



“Still watching or not? You have so many questions.” Lu Wenxing made a gesture to turn off the tablet.


“I’ll watch.”


Xie Chengfei grabbed the tablet and didn’t let go.


Then came the announcement of the task, the task was to go to the bar as a waiter or a resident singer, the director asked whether Lu Wenxing had been to a bar.


“My freshman year, I hadn’t signed on to an entertainment company yet, so I did a part-time residency at a bar near my school.”


“I only know that Wenxing can dance, but it turns out that he’s good at singing too?”


“Wenxing has such a beautiful voice, his singing mustn’t be bad either.”


As the artists spoke one after another, the comments in response to their words was numerous.


Then, there was Wen Miao’s humble reply.


“Although I have released an album, I haven’t performed live, I don’t know if I will have stage fright.”


Li Xiangming nodded in agreement, “I’ve had concerts, but I only need to sing, in terms of active atmosphere, we’re definitely not as good as Wenxing.”


[Hahahahaha, you guys, look at Wenxing’s expression, laughing to death]


[Wenxing: Where but, where but]


Xie Chengfei watched eagerly. Lu Wenxing wasn’t as addicted as he was, so he answered a phone call and went downstairs to get their orders.


When Lu Wenxing entered the door with milk tea, he saw Xie Chengfei looking at the tablet in awe.


Seeing Lu Wenxing come in, he pointed to Gu Yanshen, “Film Emperor Gu can also mix drinks? He’s so impressive!”


Lu Wenxing: “…… I can also do that.”




Lu Wenxing: “……”


After another moment.


“The bartending looks so cool! Look, there are still sparks on the cocktail.”


Lu Wenxing: “It looks handsome, but it’s actually just that.”


But Xie Chengfei didn’t care what Lu Wenxing said, his eyes showed interest and eagerness to try.


“Brother, you look super handsome in a suit!” Seeing Lu Wenxing in a suit, Xie Chengfei generously praised him.


Lu Wenxing proudly smiled, “When is your brother not handsome?”


The two drank their tea and continued watching the variety show.


“Who taught you how to throw roses?” Xie Qingfei was a little surprised, “In the words of the girls in our class, ‘brother, you’re so cool!”


“You know what the girls say?” Lu Wenxing flicked Xie Qingfei’s head, “Is it puppy love?”


Xie Qing Fei rubbed his forehead, “Brother, I’m almost eighteen, it’s no longer considered puppy love.”


Lu Wenxing narrowed his eyes and responded seriously, “You really fell in love early?”


“It’s just an analogy, not puppy love.” Xie Chengfei couldn’t help but gossip a little. “Brother, have you ever been in love?”




Xie Chengfei rarely talked to Lu Wenxing about this kind of topic, so Lu Wenxing took it seriously.


“I don’t usually care about your studies, but it’s only half a semester away from the college entrance examination. Even if there’s a girl you like, you have to wait until after the college entrance examination. ”

Xie Chengfei was generally quite obedient, but he couldn’t stand Lu Wenxing taking a parental position to lecture him, he couldn’t stop himself from replying.

“If I hold back until after the entrance exam, I won’t find anyone.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


Xie Chengfei moved his eyes to the tablet, he saw a long and slender hand cross over several girls in the front row and catch the rose in Lu Wenxing’s hand.


It was Gu Yanshen’s hand.


Xie Qingfei felt strange, why did Gu Yanshen deliberately reach out to catch the rose?


This atmosphere and occasion was like a confession scene.


Lu Wenxing observed Xie Chengfei for a while. Before it was broadcast, the director group sent him a short message, but now he couldn’t help thinking of the sentence’ Can I touch your Abs?’

This was a shameful line Lu Wenxing didn’t want Xie Chengfei to see, he quickly moved the tablet away.


“You should go back to school.”


“It’s only five o’clock.” Xie Chengfei hadn’t finished watching it. He wanted to grab the tablet in Lu Wenxing’s hand, but Lu Wenxing pressed it on the chair. “Evening study is 7:30, let’s go out for dinner, I’ll send you back to school after.”


“We can order takeaway and eat while watching, can’t we?”




Lu Wenxing bluntly refused, and after putting on his jacket, he handed Xie Chengfei’s jacket to him.


However, Lu Wenxing didn’t know that …… Xie Chengfei didn’t see it, but the general audience saw it. What was even better ……


Just a few hours after the variety show aired, when asked why Gu Yanshen chose Lu Wenxing, Gu Yanshen’s ‘rigorous’ ‘joke’ was on the hot search list.


–No, I’m strict.


–How strict?


–The standard of choosing a concubine.


Wei Ze, an internet surfer boy, conveniently forwarded it to Lu Wenxing.

[Top Star Wei Ze] Wenxing, look.


# Rigorous, Gu Yanshen#


Lu Wenxing: “……”


Lu Wenxing hesitated for a moment before he clicked in to see, luckily the topic didn’t pull much attention towards him, and no one took the words seriously. The reason why Gu Yanshen was sent to the hot search list was that–


Everyone was so dumbfounded that they were dying of laughter.


[Brother Shen made a more serious joke]


[Ah! I’ve always thought that he was a cool and calm man, but now I know that he can also tell a joke.]



The most popular comments were from Gu Yanshen’s fans, most of them were laughing at Gu Yanshen’s ‘cold joke’, but there were also a few scattered post without praise and comments, they were secretly making a CP group.

[TN: CP —– Couple Pairing.]

[Am I the only one who thinks that Brother Shen and Wenxing look good together?”


[I’m kowtowing to sugar] so sweet! Brother Shen’s words alone were like a confession.


[Milk tea is my real love] Did he join the entertainment variety show to shove sugar in our mouths? Am I watching a relationship variety show?]

[Worker] This CP is alive.


One blogger with few followers also followed the hot topic and made a post.


She also attached two photos that looked real.


The first one was an old costume stills of Gu Yanshen a few years ago, when he played the Regent.


The second was a screenshot from a variety show, the same one where Gu Yanshen said ‘according to the criteria for choosing a concubine’.


The two accompanying pictures were put together, and the blogger paired them with the text –


The regent himself has come down to choose a concubine!!! Cold and ruthless Regent King × Little Beauty. CP name-Wang Hao






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