C16—- More Rigorous

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“Can I touch your abs?”


Song Jiajia and Li Xiangming were shocked by these words. Did Lu Wenxing know what he was saying?


The two were dumbfounded, they felt like they were dreaming. As a result, just after they came back to their senses, they heard Gu Yanshen’s bland reply.


“You can.”




Lu Wenxing: “……?”


Gu Yanshen was also surprised for a moment when he heard Lu Wenxing’s words, not because of Lu Wenxing, but because he didn’t expect the director to not even be a human being.


He wasn’t worried that Lu Wenxing would really touch, the program needed gimmicks to attract attention, but they had to have a bottom line.


The director couldn’t let Lu Wenxing touch his abs in front of a large audience.

Gu Yanshen didn’t know to what extent the hidden task needed to be done. Anyway, it was always right to cooperate with Lu Wenxing.


When Lu Wenxing faltered, he guessed it was a hidden task, so he would guide Lu Wenxing to go on.


He just didn’t expect this line to be embarrassing.

It was really hard for Lu Wenxing!


Gu Yanshen cast a sympathetic glance at Lu Wenxing.


Song Jiajia and Li Xiangming also understood, “Wenxing is doing a hidden mission, right?”


Lu Wenxing’s mission ended here, and the heat rising to his face slowly cooled down.


“What about us? What’s our hidden mission?” Song Jiajia immediately turned to Wen Miao, “Quick, say your lines.”


Wen Miao: “……”


Li Xiangming, lest he be robbed by Song Jiajia’s group, pulled Zhou Zitong and asked, “What’s your line? Touching thighs?”


What god d*mn thighs?


“Pfft hahahahahahaha.” Wen Miao was originally a little speechless because of Song Jiajia, once she heard that, she found it extremely funny.


Now everyone knew there was a hidden mission, if Wen Miao asked Song Jiajia to teach her yoga moves, it would seem too deliberate and not in line with the mission conditions.


Zhou Zitong had already given up on the task, unless deliberately guided, there was no way Li Xiangming would sing “My good brother”, he wasn’t even allowed to say the lyrics.


Lu Wenxing had already completed the task, the other teams still had negative points, so there was nothing to be nervous about.


When the director saw them give up their struggle, he announced, “Lu Wenxing has successfully completed the hidden task, plus thirty points.”


Then, before he had time to be happy, he heard the director say, “Wen Yu didn’t complete the hidden task, forty points will be deducted from your team.”

Lu Wenxing:?

Gu Yanshen:?


“Hahahahahahahaha.” Wen Miao laughed so hard that tears were coming out, “I’m laughing to death.”


He didn’t expect to hear this kind of good news, Zhou Zitong also laughed so hard that he couldn’t straighten his back, “Wenxing mustered up the courage to say those shameful lines, and lost forty points.”


“Sorry. My hidden task was to shout at you guys to wake up, and as long as I succeeded in one, no points would be deducted, but…” Wen Yu scratched his head with an apologetic expression.


“I overslept, and you all got up earlier than me. I thought Wenxing would be in bed, but when I went there, he was already washing up.”


“It’s not your fault, there’s no need to apologize.”


It was Gu Yanshen who spoke, and several people looked at him differently, not expecting him to take the initiative to answer, and even comfort someone.


Wen Yu lowered his eyes, Gu Yanshen thought about it and said, “Wenxing got thirty points, so it’s still ten points more than the other groups’ deducted points The difference isn’t much!”


The depression on Wen Yu’s face dispersed and he instantly revealed a smile, “Thank you, Brother Shen. Wenxing won’t blame me either, right?”


Lu Wenxing nodded in response.


His eyes wandered between Gu Yanshen and Wen Yu. Was this the bud of feelings?

However, what Lu Wenxing didn’t know was that when Wen Yu came in the morning, he wasn’t awake.


Gu Yanshen lied to Wen Yu.


When Wen Yu knocked on the door, Gu Yanshen didn’t think much about it. When he saw that Wen Yu was going to enter the room to wake Lu Wenxing, Gu Yanshen noticed the camera man behind Wen Yu.


So, he said Lu Wenxing was awake and let Wen Yu leave.


But even if Gu Yanshen knew in advance that Wen Yu was on a mission, he still wouldn’t have let Wen Yu and the cameraman into the bedroom.


Because he didn’t want the cameraman to capture Lu Wenxing’s sleeping face.


Gu Yanshen was very concerned about privacy, he never revealed his family’s information.


Even when Lu Wenxing’s poster was found, he said it was a friend who wanted it, not exposing his brother.


When Wen Yu apologized and felt guilty, Gu Yanshen wasn’t consoling him, he was just being honest, it was indeed not Wen Yu’s fault, but it was him who didn’t let Wen Yu into the room.


But Gu Yanshen also didn’t expect that his explanation fell on the ears of others and seemed like he was comforting him.


If one looked into it, they could also interpret other meanings.



With a few hours left before the end of the episode, the director decided to do the interview in the form of a chat.


“I’ve collected questions from the netizens, and I’ll spend the rest of the time satisfying everyone’s curiosity.”


The director unfolded the slip of paper he got his hands on, “This question is for the three partner group members and the booster guest.”


“After the last show aired, several of you have gotten a lot of fans, any feelings?”

“Feelings! I have a lot.” Wen Miao was the first to step forward and answer, “It’s like a dream, I can’t believe it went up by more than 100,000 fans, even the rest of the New4 members got followed.”


“What did your teammates say?”


“They can’t wait for the camera to show a closeup up of my face.”


“Hahahahahahaha, your teammates really said that?” Song Jiajia waved her hand towards the camera man, “Here, she need a close-up shot, the ‘dislike the face’ kind.”


“I’m similar to Wen Miao, it’s feels like a dream. I previously dreamt of overnight success, but I didn’t expect that when the program aired, I’d really get more than a hundred thousand followers overnight.”


Zhou Zitong turned to Li Xiangming, “I have to thank brother Xiangming for giving me this opportunity.”


“What about Wen Yu? After the last episode aired, there were also a lot of messages from fans about you, hoping you would have more scenes.”


Wen Yu was good-looking and gentle, in the industry that had many personas, the gentle persona wasn’t crowded, making Wen Yu more unique, but also most likely to attract girlfriend fans.


“I first went on the show to thank the fans who support me and like me. Well, I just feel particularly moved, I also didn’t expect to have so many fans pay attention to me, I’m very surprised and also very happy.”

“In fact, when I entered the entertainment industry … my family wasn’t very supportive, but I still want to do my best. I like filming, and I hope to get more roles in the future. At the same time, I also want to prove myself to my family.”


“Go for it! You can do it.”


“Go for it! Xiao Wen.”


The topic suddenly became warm, and the crowd gave Wen Yu the appropriate encouragement.


The reason Lu Wenxing knew about it was because he held the plot in his hands. He thought Wen Yu’s persona was self-sufficient and self-improvement, but he didn’t expect it to be because his family wasn’t very supportive.


No wonder Wen Yu didn’t go to the Wen family’s film and television company, but came to Mang Cheng Entertainment.


The reason why a self-serving agent like Wang Man would be so biased towards Wen Yu was because she accidentally learned of Wen Yu’s family history and didn’t dare to be strict, because she wanted to curry favour with him.


“What about you, Wenxing? Before this variety show, you were the artist with the lowest exposure among them. How do you feel about this? ”

Lu Wenxing actually didn’t feel much, because he was about to retire from the industry, but he was still on the variety show, so he certainly couldn’t say nothing.


He felt that if he withdrew from the industry, he would be letting down his fans who were following him.

Lu Wenxing usually went on Weibo, he had more fans and multiplied private messages. But Lu Wenxing didn’t dare to pay attention to it. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to quit.


Wen Yu said that he liked filming, Lu Wenxing also entered the entertainment industry because he was interested in filming, but Wang Man never gave him an opponent.


“Is there nothing Wenxing wants to say?”


Probably because Lu Wenxing had been silent for too long, the director asked again, and several people’s eyes focused on him.


Lu Wenxing copied Wen Miao’s words, “It feels like a dream.”


The crowd: “……”


This was what Wen Miao said, and Zhou Zitong also said it. They could hear the excitement and disbelief in their voices.


But why did it sound a bit perfunctory coming from Lu Wenxing?


It even felt like Lu Wenxing was very relaxed and calm, as if getting a hundred thousand or two hundred thousand fans overnight wasn’t something to be excited about.


“Is there more?” The director asked again.


Lu Wenxing seriously thought about it, “No more.”


The crowd: “…………”


Knowing that nothing more would be said, the director could only jump to the next topic.


“This question is for the guest group, and a topic that has been getting a lot of attention from fans. How did you choose your partners?”




“Xiao Miao gave me a very good first impression, so I chose her.”


“What about Yanshen? How did you choose Wenxing? First impression? Or did you choose randomly?”




After Gu Yanshen denied it, the crowd was more eager to know, even the person involved, Lu Wenxing, became curious.


“Then how did you choose Wenxing?” Song Jiajia asked. “Because he’s handsome?”


“No, I’m more strict.”


The crowd asked him seriously, “What rigorous method did you use?”


After leaving enough suspense, Gu Yanshen turned his head to look at Lu Wensing, the corners of his mouth showed a faintly untraceable smile, as he responded in a light tone.


“According to the standard of choosing a concubine.”


The crowd:????


Lu Wenxing, the only one who understood: “………………”


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