C9—- Gentle Neighbour

Bonus Chap





“Hmm ……”



It was suddenly quiet for a few seconds.



The little girl’s voice became soft and small, she hid aggressively in the corner, “Brother Chen An didn’t even come to me first when he came back yesterday, and he didn’t let me go tell Brother Xu ……”



She said, “You say! These months you’ve been gone, is it …… oooh …… is there another sister!?”



The little girl let out a light and long cry, echoing in the empty chamber, it sounded a bit eerie.


Chu Chen’an looked around the empty room and wasn’t quite sure where Jiao Jiao was hiding.



His white and slender hand picked up the ugly cloth doll, then he helplessly and warmly said to the air in front of him, “I don’t have another Jiao Jiao, brother is just too tired, i wanted to sleep first, and then when I felt better, I’d come back to find Jiao Jiao.”


“You’re lying!”

Jiao Jiao wailed and cried, not wanting to listen to a single word.


“You’re all lying to me, oooh …… you’ve been gone for so long and still didn’t come back …… leaving me behind!”


Immediately after, the trash can violently turned over.



The girl’s voice wandered around the room: “oooh I waited for you for so long and you didn’t come back …… you, you just don’t want to care about me anymore, you hate me …… you also hate brother Xu Moshu, oooh so you left! ”



Chu Chen’an held his forehead, some fine sweat gathered between his forehead: “Jiao Jiao don’t cry, I didn’t ignore you, I just ……”




The girl snatched the ugly cloth doll back from Chu Chen’an’s hand, “If you didn’t hate us, you wouldn’t be gone for how long?! ”


“I’m going to tell brother Xu now!”


“I’m going to let brother Xu lock you up again and beat you to tears every day like before, hum, I won’t feel sorry for you anymore.”



Chu Chen’an’s face suddenly turned red then he paled.


She should be talking about the time when he was imprisoned by Xu Moshu.



The little devil actually eavesdropped?


Were those things that a child could listen to?




Fortunately, this little kid interpreted the reason for his crying as simply “being beaten and crying”.



Chu Chen’an then reassured her: “Jiao Jiao, how can I hate you? Brother was only gone for a while because of his own business. Look, brother is back now, isn’t he?”


The little girl’s sobbing voice thinned.


“I’ve never disliked you, you’re the cutest sister I’ve ever seen, brother will never hate you.”


The little ghost’s sobbing stopped, and after a few seconds of silence, she let out a mosquito-like whisper, “Really, really?”


“Of course,” Chu Chen’an said, bowing down and rummaging through the suitcase for something, “I also brought a present for Jiao Jiao when I came back, would Jiao Jiao like to see your present?”



“Then,” the little girl put the ugly cloth doll back on the table lightly, still not showing her human form, her arrogant childish voice wandered in the air, “then okay.”



Chu Chen’an smiled up, his bright peach blossom eyes flooded with a gentle smile, like a few dazzling stars.


“This is a new doll I bought for you, Jiao Jiao.”



Chu Chen’an handed the girl doll wearing a white curly-rimmed little red hat in the direction of the corner.



A few soft sounds came out of the empty corner, the new doll was taken away by the little girl who didn’t want to appear, and hung straight in the air.


Chu Chen’an “Do you like it?”


“Yes!” The little ghost girl hugged the new doll, and let out a light giggle.



“But it’s not as good-looking as the dolls brother made for me, my brother is the best.”



Chu Chen’an’s heart felt warm.



He was surprised that Jiao Jiao didn’t like anything else, but liked to hold the ugly cloth dolls he made.


“It’s good that you like it.”



“Hee hee.” The little ghost girl carefully placed her new doll in front of the table again, and put it side by side with the ugly cloth doll.



Chu Chen’an asked, “What’s wrong?”



Only to see the trash can that had fallen on the floor suddenly stand back up, and the leaking trash dangled little by little, back into the trash can.


She set up the trash can before she spoke carefully, “Brother Chen An, I picked up all the trash back. Don’t hate me, okay?”



She seemed to be feeling guilty and regretful for her capriciousness just now, she was extremely sensitive after years of lacking security.


“No,” Chu Chen’an suddenly felt a slight sourness at the bottom of his heart, “Brother will never hate Jiao Jiao.”


Jiao Jiao asked, “Then brother won’t leave again, right?”


Chu Chen’an: “No.”


Jiao Jiao: “Never?”


Chu Chen’an was stunned, knowing full well that this was unlikely, but he still just wanted to answer at this moment, “Yes, I will never leave.”


“That’s good!”


Jiao Jiao still didn’t appear, she quietly went back to the table and picked up the new doll, gently stroking the new figure’s beautiful eyes.


The air was quiet for a few seconds.


Jiao Jiao hid in the corner and remembered again, “Then let me go tell brother Xu, he’ll be happier than I am.”

“No! Don’t go!”


Jiao Jiao: “Why don’t you want to, does brother Chen An hate brother Xu? Is it because he keeps beating you to tears?”


Chu Chen’an’s earlobes turned red as he listened.


He frowned slightly, pondering how to stop her from telling Xu Moshu.


He thought anxiously for a long time.


Suddenly, in a rush, he said, “Jiaojiao, let’s play a game.”


“A game?”



The girl froze for a moment, and then excitedly said, “Yes! I love playing games! What kind of game are we going to play, Brother Chen An?”


Chu Chen’an whispered to the empty wall, “How about we play a game of pretending we don’t know each other?”


“The rules of the game are, if I don’t recognize you, you have to pretend not to recognize me all the time, and whoever lasts the longest will win, okay?”


Without thinking, the little girl nodded, “Yes! I want to play! And what if I win?”


“If you win, then brother will make ten more dolls for you.” Chu Chen’an said softly.


“Yes! I’ll win for sure!”



Chu Chen’an squinted in satisfaction and smiled, “Good, now the game begins.”



Chu Chen’an walked out of the room and saw that Li Yaya, Su Yu, Zhang Liang and Xu Moshu had already sat around the living room sofa in unison.


Su Yu was still shaking incessantly.


She shrank back, her hand clutched Li Yaya’s sleeve, and her mouth was still muttering: “Eaten …… eaten …… are dead …… run …… get out of here ……”



Chu Chen’an didn’t move and sat down on the side of Zhang Liang, coincidentally facing the other and Xu Moshu.



“Escape! Let’s escape!” Su Yu’s beautiful eyes were glazed. Her face was white like a ghost and haggard, and she lost the lively image of yesterday. She shrieked: “I don’t want to die! Let’s escape here! Yaya! Yaya, let’s escape!”



She and Yaya Li were best friends in the same art school. They both planned to rent an apartment together because they had a huge amount of loans and had no money to pay their rents.

Their relationship was very close.



Li Yaya was also scared to death, she comforted Su Yu, “Xiao Yu calm down a little, first ……”



Su Yu wrinkled her brow and shouted: “Calm down!? We’re about to die! How can I calm down ah! If we don’t run, we still have to wait here to die! Die! We’ll die!”



Su Yu began to scream again.



Xu Moshu frowned and rubbed his ear, his elbows leaned leisurely on the back of the sofa.



Zhang Liang’s gaze swept over Chu Chen’an, then he turned to Su Yu: “Stop it, is shouting useful? Didn’t you see how Lu Cheng died? You also want to run and end up like that?”



Su Yu glanced at Zhang Liang’s cold eyes, lightly trembled and shrank back behind Li Yaya, crying.



Chu Chen’an leaned against the sofa with arms wrapped around his chest, and didn’t make a sound.



Zhang Liang turned his head to look at the handsome youth beside him, the indifference in his eyes dispersed, “By the way, Chen’an, how come I heard someone talking in your room just now?”


Chu Chen’an froze, he didn’t expect the spearhead to point at him so quickly.


When he raised his eyes, he bumped into the scrutinizing gaze from Xu Moshu.



Chu Chen’s blinked in panic, his thick and long eyelashes fluttered, “You heard wrong, I was playing a song inside for a while, the song I downloaded earlier.”



Zhang Liang nodded: “Okay.”



Chu Chen’an lowered his head.


Nervously, he felt a dangerous gaze from across the room.


At this time, the radio on the seventh floor sounded again.


[Good morning, my tenants, how was your sleep?]


The male landlord’s voice sounded like he was smiling.



[You’ve seen the iron gate at the door, haven’t you?
If any of you are still thinking about running out, you can try it. The neighbors downstairs have been hungry for a long time, so you can give them a taste, haha ……]



Zhang Liang got up and pulled open the curtains, only to see that the cell iron gate was already three stories high.



The male landlord’s eerie laughter echoed.


[Ouch, there are no idle people in my community. Okay, let’s play a warm-up game first.]



[Yesterday, you made the neighbors downstairs angry. Just pick a gift at the door and give it to her as an apology.]



[There are just five kinds of gifts at the door. She hates only one of them.]



[Choose one and deliver it to the sixth floor at 7:30 pm]



[If anyone chooses the one she doesn’t like, they’ll be her dinner tonight.]


The broadcast ended.



The crowd looked at each other, Su Yu and Li Yaya paled.


The atmosphere became intense, and they slowly arrived at the door of the room together.


Chu Chen’an held the handle and opened the door.



Only to see that there were five things on the doorway:



Strawberry cake, strawberry fudge, dolls, colored gemstone necklaces and a toy gun.



The style dissimilarity was obvious.



They could all guess, the person living downstairs was definitely a girl.


Su Yu rushed out of the crowd like crazy and took the lead in snatching the doll on the ground, fearing that others would move before her.



Li Yaya squatted down and grabbed a strawberry cake. She held the cake and relaxed.


Zhang Liang looked around at Chu Chen’an and Xu Moshu and bent down to pick up the fondant and the colored gemstone necklace.


He was just about to hand the gemstone necklace to Chu Chen’an when he was cut off by Xu Moshu.



Xu Moshu smiled and rightfully accepted the gemstone necklace, “Thanks, Zhang Liang.”


Chu Chen’an inclined his head to look at Xu Moshu.


What the hell was this pervert up to?



He still needs to rob from us, the underprivileged?



“You ……” Zhang Liang glanced at Chu Chen’an, hesitated for a few seconds and then backed away a few steps, holding the strawberry fondant in his hand tightly at his side, but his mouth said, “Chen’an, how about I give you mine… …”



“No need.” Chu Chen’an still remembered today’s cannon fodder task, he continued to build up strength, “I don’t care.”



Chu Chen’an glanced at Zhang Liang indifferently, he bent down and picked up the toy gun, his eyes were cold and reserved, then he turned around and went back to the living room.



He hesitated for a few seconds before he began to mutter in a low voice again, “If I had known it’d be like this, why did I follow you poor rats here in the first place?”


The system sounded a prompt in Chu Chen’an’s mind.



[Congratulations on activating main line mission point one]


[Cannon Fodder Daily Mission (1/1)]
[Congratulations, reward points: X5]


In Xu Moshu’s perspective, Chu Chen’an was like a small cat that had been abandoned by an ostracized hand, and was blowing up his fur with his sharp claws open and humming his discontent softly in a reserved manner.



Su Yu didn’t react, only clutching the doll in her hand.



At the moment of death, people were selfish.



Zhang Liang sat on a chair at the dining table, silent.



Li Yaya was no exception, she sat on the corner of the sofa, holding her strawberry cake, with a pitiful gaze at Chu Chen’an.



Chu Chen’an was definitely going to die tonight.



And he was now sitting quietly in the middle of the sofa, not crying or grabbing, he curiously surveyed the toy gu-n in his hand.



“Nice style,” Chu Chen’an squinted his left eye, revealing a faint smile: “Imitation should be 95 type, but the magazine is AWM, really not too good.”


Li Yaya glanced at Chu Chen’an, feeling admiration for him.


He was about to die and was still able to play.



Xu Moshu was sitting not far from Chu Chenan, pillowing his chin and leisurely watching him play.



Chu Chen’an’s hair was very well behaved, so even if he pretended to be cold and mean, he still looked like a well-behaved and delicate cat.


Xu Moshu’s fingers fluttered on the gemstone necklace: “What, you’re not afraid?”



“Afraid,” Chu Chen’an glanced at Xu Moshu’s slender fingers and retorted meanly, “What, you can change with me?”


Xu Moshu locked eyes with Chu Chen’an for two seconds and leaned his elbows on the back of the sofa, “It’s not impossible.”



Chu Chen’an froze.


Only then did he realize that he had said the wrong thing.


He gave a light hum in a pretentious manner and fled with the toy gun, he quickly walked into his room and snapped the door shut heavily.



Zhang Liang noticed the sound and gazed up at the closed door.




Chu Chen’an put the pistol on the table and exhaled heavily.


The corner then came the girl’s voice: “It’s okay brother Chen An, they robbed you of your favorite gift? Don’t be sad, wait for when they send it to the sixth floor, I’ll give it you.”


“Although, although girls don’t like to play with gu-ns, but as long as it is from brother Chen An, I like it!”


“Shhh.” Chu Chen’an said into the air, “Jiao Jiao, let’s keep it down, the people outside will hear.



The girl responded softly, “Okay, brother.”



Before nightfall, Su Yu grabbed Li Yaya’s strawberry cake twice, saying that she wanted to exchange, but Li Yaya was unwilling.



Later, the room was filled with the sound of not-so-soft crying and arguing, and it didn’t stop until evening.



It was Chu Chen’an who was the calmest, he went back to his room to sleep.



Jiao Jiao hid in the corner and played with her two dolls quietly.



Because Chu Chen’an slept so peacefully, he didn’t even notice that Xu Moshu had entered his room.


Chu Chen’an’s sleeping face was stunning, well-behaved and quiet.



A thin white leg leaning on the quilt, skin shiny and transparent, his eyelashes that were like butterfly wings were closed, even the pink nail caps were delicate and small.



Xu Moshu leisurely sat on the soft chair in front of Chu Chen’an’s table, his strong fingers played with the pink cat ears of his headset, slowly fondling them.


His other hand shook up the gemstone necklace, and the gemstone beads clashed with a clear and crisp tinkling sound.


It woke up Chu Chen’an from his sleep.



He squinted and his eyes were flooded with a hazy mist.


He saw Xu Moshu sitting on his chair!



Chu Chen’an sat up in shock.


Xu Moshu was sitting opposite Chu Chen’an, glancing sideways at the two lonely mannequin dolls in the corner.


“I couldn’t tell ah new neighbor, you also love to play with dolls?”


Chu Chen’an’s heart thumped nervously, his hands gripping the bed sheet underneath him.




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