C8—- Gentle Neighbour

Bonus Chap




Xu Moshu examined Chu Chen’an, as if to see through his soulful and weak peach blossom eyes.



He was tall and slender, and the black shadows from the morning light weaved into a fine black net, like a high wall that imprisoned Chu Chen’an.


Chu Chen’an’s eyes drifted away. He was too embarrassed to look at Xu Moshu’s face. He lowered his head and stepped back.



He shouldn’t have made up nonsense last night.


What good neighbor?


This was clearly a perverted neighbor!


Xu Moshu saw that Chu Chen’an didn’t say anything for a long time, he laughed: “What, little anchor An forgot after one night’s work?”


The back of Chu Chen’an’s neck tended to turn red when he was nervous, and it used to do so even when he was using the system’s fabricated body, that was, Chen An’s body.


The white and soft skin suddenly flushed thin red, deer-like watery eyes looked weak and soft, flushed with nervousness, it made people want to bully him.


Xu Moshu carried the black plastic bag in his hand, as Chu Chen’an took a step back, he took a step closer.


Until Chu Chen’an was forced to the corner.


Chu Chen’an’s eyes were nervously misted with water, and his little face was handsome and stunning.


Chen An’s face was 40% similar to Chu Chen’an’s real face.


In terms of good looks, Chen An wasn’t even a third of what Chu Chen’an was now.


Chu Chen’an’s features were exquisite, and no flaws could be found.


Especially his eyes, sometimes it was cold and haughty, sometimes brimming with light, it was always seducing.


Those eyes were particularly similar to Chen An’s.


No, it was as if they were the eyes of the same person ……


This caused Xu Moshu to freeze for a moment.


He saw Chen An’s shadow in Chu Chen’an’s eyes again.


The smile in his eyes suddenly dimmed and flashed with a dark, cold light, but it passed in a flash.




His lover was Chen An.


It was Chen An who had selfishly abandoned him.


Xu Moshu took a few steps back.


He resumed the faint smile, “It seems that little anchor An is shy.”


Then, the lax smile under his eyes was like a demon cursing him in a ghostly manner, “Then, I believe we will get along well in the future as well, my new neighbor.”


Chu Chen’an couldn’t help but shiver, he was too familiar with this kind of look, so familiar that he couldn’t even forget it every night when he dreamt.


After saying that, Xu Moshu expressionlessly turned towards the entrance of the building to throw away the black plastic bag and turned around to return to his apartment.


Chu Chen’an tightly clutched his clothes and nearly sat down on the ground with weak legs. When he saw Xu Moshu go back to 701, he slowly relaxed.


Xu Moshu was like an obscure and imperative snake, forever wrapped around Chu Chen’an’s heart, his paranoid and fierce love was like injecting venom to shackle him, bound to take him for himself, until death did them part.


He leaned against the wall and breathed heavily, his eyelashes fluttering.



He didn’t understand why he had only told two lies last night, which caused Xu Moshu to reveal such a familiar and frightening look.


Chu Chen’an froze in place and pondered for a few seconds.


Could it be that ……


It was him who revealed himself there?



Chu Chen’an’s small face turned pale and he began to tense up.


How could ……


He obviously changed his name and changed to his real body.


Chu Chen’an thought worriedly.


He lifted his feet and moved a few steps, then he saw Zhang Liang’s figure from the corner of his eye.


Zhang Liang stood silently at the door of 703, he didn’t know how long he was standing there.


Zhang Liang approached Chu Chen’an: “Chen’an, what’s wrong with you? You don’t look too good.”


Chu Chen’an glanced at Zhang Liang, he didn’t say anything, and continued walking.


The system reminded him.


[Please confirm your new mission.
One, complete the cannon fodder daily task (0/1)
Second, unlock the main task as soon as possible]



“Did Xu Moshu bully you?”



“No.” Chu Chen’an frowned, in order to insist on portraying a good cannon fodder image, he didn’t even look at Zhang Liang and went back to his room, sharply closing the door behind him .



He almost regarded Zhang Liang as a transparent object.


Zhang Liang’s gentle eyes darkened.


He stared at the closed door of the room and clenched his hands.




Chu Chen’an was actually thinking about another, more important matter.

When the general unlock task appeared, it meant, the attack NPC in the copy had appeared.


Aggressive NPCs, that was, people or ghosts that existed in game copies, would attack or kill game players.


So was it not his dream last night?


The sound of water outside the room, the swaying of chairs, and the inexplicably closed windows.


He never closed the window!


This made Chu Chen’an more worried.


He had a hunch.

The one who visited his bedroom last night was, in all probability, Jiao Jiao.



Jiao Jiao was the aggressive NPC in the first copy and the first ghost Chu Chen’an knew.


She was a kid.

She said she had been dead for more than ten years and had been stuck at eight or nine years old. Lonely, she wandered in this neighborhood all year round, accompanied only by her doll.



Later, Jiao Jiao began to hate her doll, because she felt that the doll became too broken, ugly and old, rotten to a few pieces of cloth.



She wanted to make a new and beautiful doll.




She then, every night, gouged out the eyes of the living, because the eyes of the living were very beautiful ……



She would pull out a woman’s hair for her doll’s hair.


Hang the person up, cut all over the person’s body one by one, and use the blood on the person to dye clothes for the dolls.


And Lu Cheng’s death method was particularly similar.


She wasn’t bored with the dolls either, she would play with them every night on the roof of the building.



She would first open the faucet of a household, and if the occupant inside woke up and opened their eyes, she would dig the eyes of that occupant.


If not awake, she’d pull that person’s hair, then hang them up, just like cutting up a rag doll, cutting up that person’s whole body ……


Chu Chen’an remembered the first time he met Jiao Jiao when he was still Chen An, Jiao Jiao was trying to pull out his hair.



At that time it was Xu Moshu who stopped her.


Jiao Jiao was so intimidated by Xu Moshu at that time that she didn’t dare to lay a hand on Chu Chen An again.


But she still harbored a grudge against Chu Chen’an and wanted to cut him into pieces.


During that time, she didn’t dare to dig out his eyes to make a doll, she was so aggrieved that she could only squat at Chu Chen’an’s door and cry.


Chu Chen’an was so annoyed that he couldn’t stand it anymore, so he used cotton to tie a random cloth doll.



But he found that the cloth doll he made was too ugly and finally gave up.


He raised his hand and threw the ugly cloth doll in the trash.


He turned around and put on the earplugs and went back to sleep.


Then not more than ten minutes later, the sound of crying surprisingly stopped, Chu Chen’an took off the earplugs and got up to check.



Only to see that the kid Jiaojiao somehow had leapt into his room and picked up the ugly unshaped doll from the trash.



She held the cloth doll in her arms like a baby, and when Chu Chen’an woke up, she happily cried out: “Wuwu… it’s beautiful… it’s better than the one made with human eyes. Brother Chen An , you are so nice. Wuwu, I like this doll best…”


Chu Chen’an didn’t understand why the little girl liked such an ugly doll.


“You, as long as you like it.”



Jiao Jiao hugged Chu Chen’an, her bloody eyes looked straight at him, “Brother Chen An will make dolls tomorrow night?”


Chu Chen’an: “……”



So, Chu Chen’an had to make an ugly cloth doll for her almost every night during that time.



Chu Chen’an detached himself from the memories and leaned back in his chair to contemplate.


Last night Jiao Jiao didn’t hurt him, it was likely that she recognized him.


And Jiao Jiao knew Xu Moshu, in case Jiao Jiao told Xu Moshu that he was Chen An, then wouldn’t he have resurrected for nothing ……


As Chu Chen’an thought fearfully, the trash can not far from the corner of the table began to shake.


Chu Chen’an listened to the familiar sound and very reluctantly and slowly turned his head sideways to that spot.



He heard the girl’s mischievous laughter.



A very ugly cloth doll suddenly fell on Chu Chen’an’s desktop.


The girl’s laughing voice echoed in the room, “Brother Chen An is finally back, I’ve been waiting for a long time!”


“I’m going to tell brother Shu that you’re back, hehehe.”


Chu Chen’an sweated: “Come back!”





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