C10— Gentle Neighbour

Bonus Chap




Chu Chen’an averted his gaze to the other side, his eyes surged in panic for a few moments before he forcing himself to regain his composure.


“I don’t understand what you’re talking about.” Chu Chen’an lifted the quilt, then lowered his head and began to put on his shoes, when he lowered his waist, his back formed a beautiful arc.



The fingers of Chu Chen’an pinching the shoelaces were shaking minutely, but he said coldly, “That is not mine at all, I don’t even know where it came from.”


“Is that so?”


Xu Moshu was relaxed, his finger lightly tapped on the table, making a fine sound, his dark eyes were gloomy, he raised his hand and placed the gemstone necklace on the table.


Xu Moshu stared at Chu Chen’an’s thin waist, his smile seeping with chill.


“It seems true, I think little anchor An wouldn’t like something so cheap. By the way, I remember little anchor An also said that the people living here are rats living in the gutter.”


Chu Chen’an secretly glanced at the two new and old mannequin dolls in the corner, and looked straight at the floor.


He wasn’t sure if Jiaojiao was still hiding there ……


If Jiao Jiao and Xu Moshu met, he couldn’t be sure that the silly child wouldn’t reveal his identity.



If Jiao Jiao accidentally said something.



Then wouldn’t he still be locked back up ……


“When did you come in?” He was actually so nervous that his heart was thumping, glancing arrogantly at Xu Moshu, his face clear and cold.


Xu Moshu sat leisurely: “A few hours ago.”



Chu Chen’an’s movement to stand up froze and his eyes widened slightly.


A few hours ago?



That was to say.


How long did he sleep? How long did Xu Moshu watch him there?!





Chu Chen’an scolded him in his heart.


“Sorry, I didn’t mean to enter your room without permission,” Xu Moshu held his eyebrow and gently rubbed it. “Because it’s too noisy outside, they are going to tear down the living room in order to grab the strawberry cake.”

Chu Chen’an didn’t respond, he turned to lift the covers flat, intending to open the door to leave the room.


He had never seen such a righteously wrong person.


“Why didn’t you take it?” Xu Moshu’s sudden question made Chu Chen’an stop in his tracks.


He turned his back to Xu Moshu and didn’t speak.


Xu Moshu raised his hand to pick up the gemstone necklace and added, “Aren’t you worried that the thing you chose is the only thing the neighbor on the sixth floor doesn’t like?”


Chu Chen’an didn’t want to say more, so he planned to pass by perfunctorily, he coldly replied: “Can’t grab, also can’t fight.”


Xu Moshu suddenly let out a light laugh after hearing Chu Chen’an’s words, he examined Chu Chen’an’s back, “You’re not afraid of death?”


“Afraid,” Chu Chen’an returned perfunctorily, “but I just can’t grab it.”


Chu Chen’an was very much like a cat that had no fear, even if it was isolated, it would always maintain a high and noble posture.


Xu Moshu’s smile intensified, “You seem very sure of yourself.”


“I don’t understand what you’re saying.” Chu Chen’an was so nervous that his earlobes turned red.



His voice was clear and soft, making it very comfortable to listen to.


Xu Moshu put the gemstone necklace back on the table, “I can exchange it with yours.


His voice was mellow and warm, but it made Chu Chen’an break out in a cold sweat as he listened. Chu Chen’an refused, “No need.”



“Why?” Xu Moshu’s eyes were sharp and deep, his voice contained a smile, “You are not afraid to die? Or did …… you originally have the certainty that you would not die.”



Xu Moshu’s sharp questioning made Chu Chen’an’s heart tighten.


He just wanted to leave this room immediately.


One more word from Xu Moshu, and he would be one step closer to exposing the identity of his resurrection.


If Xu Moshu knew that he was Chen An.


Then wouldn’t he be resurrected for nothing ……


“I …… I really don’t understand what you’re talking about, you should stop talking ……”


Chu Chen’an turned his back to Xu Moshu and closed his eyes tightly.


His voice was trembling, and his soft voice sounded like an invitation to bully him.


His voice was like a feather, scratching straight into one’s heart.


The 60% similarity between the voices of Chu Chen’an and Chen An had stunned Xu Moshu for a long time.


Xu Moshu leaned his back against the soft chair, “You and my lover are really similar.”


“I remember my baby’s ears glowed red when he got angry, exactly like you now. His eyes also gets red, he looks really pretty when he cries, and his voice is very nice. He’s really cute, so cute that I can do it all night ……”


Xu Moshu’s words were full of mosaic, but his voice contained a smile.


He was calm, and seemed to say it to Chu Chen’an on purpose. He didn’t seem to realize how his words were…..


Chu Chen’an squeezed his palm, and his ears turned red. “It’s just alike….”


After that, he quickly walked to the door, turned the handle and opened the room, and escaped like a flood of beasts were behind him.



Xu Moshu saw Chu Chen’an leave and suddenly fell silent.



His smile seeped with chill gradually faded away, his expression became cold and gloomy.


He glanced sideways grimly at the two new and old mannequin dolls in the corner and casually clenched the necklace with a clicking sound.


What made him so much like Chen An.


What made it possible to live with a face similar to Chen An’s?


And why was he alive not Chen An?


How could his Chen An disappear selfishly?



He thought grumpily and violently inclined his head to glance at the corner again.



He could see Jiaojiao, who was still hiding in the corner, and his voice was cold and gloomy, “Look carefully, is that my Chen An?”



Jiao Jiao hugged her two dolls, holding back her tears.


She thought about the game with brother Chen An.


Thought about her ten doll dolls.


Then she swallowed the words that almost came out of her mouth.


Su Yu was entangled with Zhang Liang. Perhaps it was because of the over-reaction, suspicion and uneasiness in the past two days. She wanted to take everything in everyone’s hands except Chu Chen’an and Xu Moshu.


They refused to change, so Su Yu came forward and tried to grab it.


Chu Chen’an sat on the sofa, and the toy gu-n on his side was casually placed in front of the table. He wasn’t afraid of being robbed, because no one would want it.


The toy gu-n was the most abrupt of the five things.


It was also the most likely to be the one the downstairs “neighbor” didn’t like that one.


“I beg you, for the last time, just let me change once more, Zhang Liang ……” Su Yu’s hair was a mess and she stood on her tiptoes to pull Zhang Liang’s clothes, “the candy in your hand seems more likely to be liked ……”


“Stop it, I’m not changing.” Zhang Liang expressionlessly dodged Su Yu.



Li Yaya held her intact strawberry cake and hid in the corner, she tilted her head and stared nervously at the wall clock, intently waiting for 7:30 to come.


Zhang Liang’s face had a few scratches that were not too deep and not too shallow, Li Yaya was no exception, it could be seen that they just had more than one fight.




At seven twenty-five.


All of them stood up and looked around at each other for a few moments before slowly walking out of 702 and turning toward the stairway.


Su Yu clutched the hem of Zhang Liang’s coat and stood in the middle of the safest position.


Chu Chen’an unhurriedly followed Su Yu, he was flanked by Li Yaya, and Xu Moshu walked at the end.


Su Yu clutching the doll in his hand, nervously looked backwards around the circle.


Finally, her eyes met with Chu Chen’an, she froze for a moment, beautiful eyes like a stagnant water without light, her eyes stared exaggeratedly, glancing twice at the toy g-un in Chu Chen’an’s hand.


Her mind was already a bit disturbed, she looked at Chu Chen’an pitifully and said in a small voice: “Chen’an, you’re going to die soon.”


Chu Chen’an was stunned, a little surprised by Su Yu’s sudden words.


He didn’t get angry and continued walking.


Su Yu turned around and continued to clutch Zhang Liang tightly.



They walked very slowly, almost stopping a few seconds after going down a step, and by the time they reached the sixth floor, the time was close to 7:30.


The stairway on the sixth floor was dimly lit, and the red sound-controlled lights made the atmosphere in the hallway eerie and morbid.


The space on the sixth floor was smaller than the seventh floor, and there were only two rented rooms, 601 and 602.


When they arrived at the center of the hallway, the door of 601 opened on its own.


The room of 701 also glowed with dark light , and it was impossible to see what was inside.


Zhang Liang and the others froze in fear for a few seconds.


As the silence stretched, the overhead radio sounded.


[New tenants, go to the sixth floor.]


[Good, I like tenants who are on time.]


[Now, let the game begin.]


The male landlord smiled and said.


[ If your neighbor likes your gift, you will get out of 601 safely.
The one who stays behind will be left for the sixth floor neighbor for dinner.]


The broadcast ended.


Zhang Liang looked around at the crowd, standing nervously in place for a few seconds, he finally moved under the urging of Su Yu and slowly walked towards the dark unknown 601.


Everyone entered the dark and silent house, the air inside the house was extraordinarily cold, there was a painting on the wall, the portrait of the person on it was blurred, like it was years ago.


The furnishings inside the house were old and worn out.


It was very dark, the interior lights were broken.



Only the torch in Zhang Liang’s hand still glowed faintly, and he took the lead to carefully place the packet of soft candy in his hand on the table.



Su Yu and Li Yaya followed, putting down the doll and strawberry cake respectively.



Xu Moshu raised his hand and hung the necklace on the table lamp beside the table.


As Chu Chen’an placed down the toy gu-n, the door of the master bedroom opened automatically.


Inside came the little girl’s childish voice: “Put the things in or else I’ll gouge out all your eyes, hehehe ……”


The crowd looked at the open bedroom door.


“Ah,” Su Yu’s face paled and she abruptly ran to the door!


Who expected that she hadn’t stepped out of the door, when the door suddenly heavily closed.



Chu Chen’an looked up and it was really Jiao Jiao’s voice.


He alertly looked at Xu Moshu at his side.



He silently prayed that Jiao Jiao would keep her mouth shut and keep pretending that she didn’t know him.


The system prompted in his mind.



[Congratulations, fully activate main quest: find the cause of the little girl’s death.]



Last time in the game, he and the protagonist were killed in succession before they could complete mission one.


“If you don’t bring it in, I’m coming out.”



The little girl laughed mischievously as the master bedroom emitted a Peng Peng sound, the noise sounded horrible.


A small, round ball slipped out of the bedroom door.


Zhang Liang’s left hand trembled, he lifted the flashlight, and was so scared that he dropped it directly on the floor.



“Ho …… eye …… eye ……” Li Yaya covered her mouth as she saw a spherical object on the ground, she was stunned.






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