C59 – Paranoid Patient

Chu Chen’an typed in a reply, “Can I skip the interview and mail it to you directly?”

The other party read it and was typing…

“You can. However, our headquarters is currently in a busy period; you need to try to mail it again in two weeks.”

Two weeks from now?

He couldn’t wait two weeks from now.
The mission had to be completed as soon as possible.

Chu Chen’an frowned, and he had no choice but to agree. “Okay, then I’ll accept the interview. Can I do it tomorrow?”

AN Media: “Yes. We will send your exclusive interview reporter’s contact information to your mailbox, and you can negotiate the meeting time with him.”

Chu Chen’an typed a reply, “Okay.”

He had a vague feeling that something was wrong.

He searched this AN Hot Spring Hotel again and found that the hotel was indeed a direct property under AN Media.

Maybe it was just because the in-house hotel was more convenient for interviews?

He was overthinking it.

But how could there be such a coincidence?

Chu Chen’an scratched his cheek, clicked on his email to copy the reporter’s contact information, and then used his social account to add him.


The other party immediately agreed.

The reporter’s nickname was two capital letters: AN, and his avatar was a simple black color.

The reporter sent a text, “Hello, the location of our interview is tentatively scheduled for the fifth floor of the hot spring hotel, room A03; do you have time tomorrow at two o’clock in the afternoon?”

Chu Chen’an hesitated but still replied, “Yes, I have time.”

The reporter replied, “Okay, then see you tomorrow afternoon (smile).”

Chu Chen’an’s gaze stalled, and he looked at the emoticon twice more.

“Baby, are you in the room?” Shen Delu’s voice came from outside the door.

Chu Chen’an quickly closed the laptop and hid it in the cabinet under the bathroom sink.

“I-I’m here.” He responded and opened the bathroom door.

Shen Delu was standing in the doorway of the master bedroom. He walked towards Chu Chen’an and directly picked him up with one hand.

Scared, Chu Chen’an held onto his neck and carefully asked, “What’s wrong?”

Shen Delu’s broad palm rested on Chu Chen’an’s back. He looked deeply at him and was silent for a few seconds.

These few seconds were simply torture for Chu Chen’an.

Chu Chen’an nervously lowered his eyes and pressed his head sideways against the side of Shen Delu’s face.

It couldn’t be that he really found something, right?

He blinked twice.

A moment later.

Shen Delu kissed his cheek intimately and said, “Let me draw for An’an.”

Chu Chen’an: “Huh?”

Shen Delu didn’t wait for Chu Chen’an to react; he quickly carried him towards the study.

He was placed on the leather sofa next to the desk by Shen Delu.

Probably because of the special material of the sofa, as soon as he moved, the sofa would make a shameful sound.

Shen Delu sat right across from him, holding a paintbrush and looking straight at him.

Chu Chen’an only wore Shen Delu’s black shirt, and his legs were slim and slender.

Shen Delu looked, and his gaze became dark.

Chu Chen’an’s cheeks were slightly red, and his peach blossom-like eyes were glistening and brimming with tears as he was met with Shen Delu’s look.

“It’s okay, baby; you can move as you like.” Shen Delu took the paintbrush and started to draw on the drawing board, but his gaze stayed on Chu Chen’an all the time.

He looked at Chu Chen’an obsessively, his eyes harboring an extreme level of love.

Chu Chen’an’s red face was looking at him; a little nervous, he squeezed his small hands tightly.

He suddenly thought of something and whispered, “That hot spring hotel… let’s go.”

“An’an, have you changed your mind again?” Shen Delu raised his eyes, his deep eyes staring at him.


Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes: “Uh-huh.”

Shen Delu looked at his lovely red face and smiled quietly. “How about we go in the morning?”

“Okay.” Chu Chen’an nodded and whispered a response.

The corners of Shen Delu’s lips hooked up in an arc, his gaze wandering over his white porcelain-like little face.


“Okay, then I’ll go pack up our clothes in a moment.”

Chu Chen’an nodded and sat down to let Shen Delu draw.

Shen Delu’s movements were skillful and elegant; he was very focused.


His features were handsome, and his facial structure was perfect; his lips were pursed into a line, and his shirt sleeves were half pulled back, carrying the unique male hormonal charm.


Chu Chen’an seemed to have rarely scrutinized him so carefully.

If Shen Delu’s past horrible and brutal behavior was put aside, he might be a perfect person.

The study was quiet.

He could hear his heartbeat.

Probably because he was afraid that Chu Chen’an would get tired if he sat for a long time, Shen Delu took less than half an hour to finish the painting.


He tore the painting off the drawing board, sat down next to Chu Chen’an, and held it out to Chu Chen’an.

“Baby, take a quick look. Do you like it?”

Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes to look at the painting. He was stunned.

No wonder Shen Delu said that he could just move around.

The person in that oil painting was him, wearing a hospital gown, standing in front of the dining table. The young man’s face was young and timid; he was so nervous that his face flushed red as he took out a candy from his pocket.

But the face wasn’t Chen An’s from before, but his current appearance.

“When you came back a few days ago, I had several dreams. I dreamed about the day we first met, and I also dreamed that you came back in just the same clothes you wore before… An An, this is what you really look like in that place, right? It’s so pretty.” Shen Delu wiped his hand clean and stroked the side of Chu Chen’an’s face. “I’m very happy that I could see it.”

Chu Chen’an’s heart skipped a beat, and he suddenly felt a little guilty.

“I sometimes thought you weren’t coming back and wanted to go straight to you.”

Shen Delu wrapped his arms tightly around Chu Chen’an, his fingertips tracing his eyebrows. “But luckily I waited and didn’t lose you. There were times when I missed you too much, so I would go to paintings and visualize these paintings as you were accompanying me.”

Shen Delu said, “I drew a thousand and nineteen portraits of you.”

Chu Chen’an lightly bit his lower lip and trembled.

This number seemed to have turned into a shackle, bit by bit, imprisoning his heart.

“So, An’an, ah, I can’t leave you anymore.” Shen Delu’s voice was mellow and low, and he said softly, “Don’t leave me behind again, okay?”

It was as if Chu Chen’an was going to fall into this gentle voice of his.

He was silent for two seconds, and under Shen Delu’s gloomy gaze, he still nodded.

The emotions within him once again overcame reason.

“So good.”

Shen Delu’s gloomy eyes flooded with light as he added, “However, no matter if An’an agrees or not, I will find An’an, and I will haunt you forever.”

Chu Chen’an suddenly shivered as he listened to Shen Delu’s words.

When he said that, he forcefully kissed Chu Chen’an’s red lips, prying open his lips, both passionate and paranoid.

He felt like he was melting.



Chu Chen’an hugged the piggy doll and shrunk in the corner of the sofa to watch the fat bear cartoon.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to watch something else; the villa didn’t have an internet connection yet, and the only thing he found in the whole house was this stack of DVDs.

Mr. Duck said, “Alright then, let’s go find Mr. Bumper together.”

The fat bear patted his chubby belly and bounced twice on the ground. “Kids, come and raise your left hand together and shout Bumper.”

Chu Chen’an hadn’t watched TV for many days, so he watched especially carefully.

He stared straight at the TV screen and also happily raised the short little hand of the piggy doll in his arms, his mouth mumbling along, “Bumper.”

“Here comes Mr. Ding Dong Bumper!” A chubby little piggy popped out, danced in a circle, and conjured a rose from behind him.

“Oh, so childish.” Chu Chen’an whispered, but still held up the little piggy doll’s little hand and waved gently.

Shen Delu was wearing a bathrobe and smiled as he scooped him up directly behind him. “It’s time to go to bed, Mr. Bumper.”

Chu Chen’an was startled as he was carried back to the bedroom by Shen Delu.

“I’m not.” Chu Chen’an argued.

Shen Delu smiled, kissed his cute face a few times, and added, “I’ve packed the clothes for going to the hotel. Baby, come and check if they fit.”

Why should he try the clothes he’ll wear tomorrow?

Confused, Chu Chen’an sat on the edge of the bed as he wondered.

He raised his eyes and saw Shen Delu standing in front of the closet, taking out a few pieces of clothing.

Chu Chen’an’s eyes widened.


“An’an, which one do you like? The blue one isn’t bad, but I prefer the white one.” Shen Delu held two sets of clothes, both of which were one-piece swimsuits.

The blue swimsuit on the left hand had a strong sense of design, with all the fabric that should and shouldn’t be there.

The white swimsuit on the right hand was more normal, but with a lace hem.

Before Chu Chen’an could open his mouth to refuse, Shen Delu placed them all on the bed.

Shen Delu stared slyly at Chu Chen.


“Then try them all on; I can’t wait to see An’an wear them.”


Chu Chen’an looked at the jar of rose essential oil in Shen Delu’s hand.

He suddenly wanted to run.


They walked into the AN Hot Spring Hotel.

Chu Chen’an’s legs were still trembling.

Shen Delu wanted to hold him, but Chu Chen’an refused to let him, no matter how much he coaxed him, insisting on walking on his own.

“Baby, let me hold you, okay?” Shen Delu wrapped his arm around Chu Chen’an’s shoulders and whispered in his ear.

Chu Chen’an looked at Shen Delu and said, “Don’t.”

He was carrying a bag diagonally, which contained his laptop.

“Alright, then let’s walk slowly,” Shen Delu whispered in his ear. “There’s no rush.”

They were warmly escorted by four managers and executives up to the presidential suite on the top floor.

With the attitude of these managers along the way, Chu Chen’an felt that Shen Delu’s family history was definitely not as simple as being rich.

His satchel never left his hand, and he protected it all the way, like a treasure.

Shen Delu didn’t say anything and let him carry it by himself.

After they arrived at the room, Shen Delu first took him to eat lunch, then took him to soak in the hot springs for more than an hour.

After the hot springs, Chu Chen’an’s whole body felt relieved, and he wasn’t as tired as when he came.

He was brought back to the top floor by Shen Delu.

Chu Chen’an sat on the sofa and turned on the Fat Bear cartoon and started watching it, but in reality, he was stealing glances at Shen Delu.

He was wondering how he was going to distract Shen Delu so he could contact that reporter.

Shen Delu looked at the cell phone screen, then stood up and said to him, “An’an, I have to go to the company; watch TV here; I’ll be back in an hour, hmm?”

“Okay.” Chu Chen’an nodded repeatedly; he couldn’t wait to send Shen Delu out the door right now.

Shen Delu stood in the doorway and looked at him deeply, kissed his forehead, and finally said several sentences before leaving the top-floor corridor.

Chu Chen’an stood at the door, waiting for him to leave.

It turned out that Shen Delu had a company.

What company was it?

It was the first time he heard him mention it.

Without another thought, he jogged back to the room, flipping out his laptop.

Just as he opened it, he received a message from AN:

“Is An here?”

“I’m already in A03; please remember to bring your entry information when you come.”


Chu Chen’an took a look at the send time: 2 minutes ago!

He busily got up and changed into a high-necked jacket to cover the dot of red spots on his neck, grabbed his invisible camera and entry tool, and ran towards the elevator door.

He stood in front of the elevator doors and hesitated for a few seconds, a bit afraid to go in.

Turning around and running towards the stairs of the building, he decided to run down from the fifteenth floor to the fifth.


He stood still in front of the door to A03, panting for a few seconds before he raised his hand and knocked on the door.

Sweat soaked the ends of his hair, and his face was red from running.

“Come in.” A male voice came from inside the room.

Chu Chen’an gasped sharply; he hadn’t fully calmed down, but he felt that the voice of the man inside was particularly familiar.

It was probably because he had misheard it.

He stood up straight and pushed open the half-covered door of the room.

He immediately saw that there was a person sitting beside the desk by the window, and that person was sitting on the office chair with his back to the doorway, as if he were gazing out of the floor-to-ceiling window.

When Chu Chen’an took a few steps closer and saw the familiar hem of the man’s black suit, his heart went cold.

The invisible camera in his hand didn’t hold steady, and it fell to the ground.

It seemed to have shattered.

Immediately after.

The’reporter’ turned around in his office chair and looked at the sweat on Chu Chen’an’s face with a sinister smile. “Baby, are you in such a hurry to get a room with someone else? I’m so sad.”

Chu Chen’an was stunned. He glanced sheepishly at the floor, blinking quickly.

How… how was it possible?

Shen Delu got up and approached Chu Chen’an step by step.

Chu Chen’an backed up and was forced by him to the door.

Shen Delu wrapped his arms around his back and closed the door behind him with a click.

He smiled grimly, took out the gold-rimmed glasses hanging on the left pocket of his suit, and put them on.

“So, now it’s time to get down to business.”

Shen Delu’s hot breath poured over his ear as he whispered, “Let’s do the interview, little blogger An.”

It was only now that Chu Chen’an realized that he had been duped.

It seemed like it was over.




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