C66 – Paranoid Secret Admirer

The system’s beep sounded in his head.




[Please confirm your player identity.]


[Player Name: Chu Chen’an]


[Character: Beiyuan Boys’ high school student]


[Your missions are:]


[I. Complete the cannon fodder mission]

[Two: Complete the main plot mission]

[Three: To be unlocked]


Chu Chen’an placed the books on the table neatly and continued to watch the text on the system control panel flicker and change with the mechanical sound.


[In this school, there have been many strange disappearances, and the missing people are all students. What’s even more bizarre is that these students disappear at 12 o’clock at night, wearing a red coat near the abandoned building; whether they’re alive or dead is unknown.]


[It’s been reported that a lot of paranormal activity went on in this bizarre case. It’s extremely frightening, and rumors are spreading. On an internet forum, a former student revealed that he had seen broken white bones outside the grove of an abandoned building, shaped like human thigh bones.]


[So far, the police have not found any trace of the students.
A number of parents protested and complained about the incident, but in the end it was suppressed by the school’s upper management, and the major media outlets dared not mention a word about it. Soon, the Beiyuan Boys’ High School disappearance case became a gray area in the world of suspicion, and the investigation of this bizarre case gradually died down.]


[And, despite the school’s history of strange disappearances, hundreds of parents continue to send their sons to the school every year, desperate to get in.
Because the school has a 99 percent promotion rate, and 90 percent of them go to the best universities in the country, breaking the record for the highest promotion rate.]

[Parents think that if their sons get in, they’ll get a foot in the door of the university.
Unbeknownst to them, the new students will be greeted by a blo*ody educational massacre.]


[And you, player Chu Chen’an, are a petulant, reserved senior who got into the school’s top class with money.
Your purpose for being here is not to study well, but rather to eat and wait for death.]


[Given the fact that you need to complete the main quests as well as the cannon fodder quests and that the difficulty factor of the main quests in this copy has increased, the system has decided to update its policy and reduce the difficulty and danger value of your cannon fodder quests.]


[In other words, your cannon fodder mission in this copy is very simple; you only need to maintain your cannon fodder image.]


[That’s it! Now please hurry up and go activate your quests.]


[Good luck~]


Chu Chen’an frowned, rubbed his temples, and plopped down on his desk.


The morning sunlight poured in through the classroom window, reflecting on the side of his delicate face, his eyelashes dancing in the light like butterfly wings.


Today was the first day of school, and it wasn’t yet time for morning study. The classroom was particularly quiet, with only a few students coming in sporadically.


Suddenly, the person in front of Chu Chen’an’s desk turned around and tapped the table.


Chu Chen’an opened his eyes and sat up.


He had a clean-cut look, and his hair color was chestnut.


His eyes were hesitant, and he looked very nervous. He leaned down and whispered to Chu Chen’an, “Classmate, where are you from?”


Chu Chen’an was stunned for a moment.


He lowered his eyes and dared not look at him. He continued cautiously, “I… my home is in Hangzhou, and you?”


There would never be a real place name like Hangzhou in the copy game.


This was an indirect probe.


The boy had been curious about Chu Chen’an from the moment he came in until now and had been looking for a chance to strike up a conversation.


He was nervously waiting for Chu Chen’an’s answer.


Chu Chen’an timidly glanced back at him and busily shook his head, laid down, and continued to sleep.


He had already developed a psychological shadow over his teammates.


The boy saw that Chu Chen’an’s reaction was normal, and he surprisingly didn’t ask him where Hangzhou was.


A glimmer of hope flashed in his eyes.


He came closer to Chu Chen’an again, his lips trembling. “Classmate, you and I are from the same place…  is it?”


The boy’s voice was very light, sounding both careful and nervous.


Chu Chen’an closed his eyes tightly, pretending not to hear.


He couldn’t hear it.




“Classmate, my name is Fang Qinglin.”


The boy in front was so nervous that he was about to pinch his own hand red. He looked around, gently touched the back of Chu Chen’an’s hand, and said to Chu Chen’an, “I’m not a bad person; I’m on your team.”


“Shhh!” Chu Chen’an quickly raised his head, his hand blocking his mouth.


The boy was definitely the most honest player he had ever seen, and it looked like he should be a novice.


Of course, he was here for the second time. He was also still a novice.


He cocked his head and glanced at the podium. The homeroom teacher had come long ago.


The class teacher looked less than forty years old; she wore a pair of glasses and had on heavy eyeliner. She was sitting on the podium, reading student information, her feet leaning high on her chair, and holding a slender iron rod in her hand.


Those kinds of sticks were particularly painful to hit with.


“Keep your voice down.” Chu Chen’an spoke softly to Fang Qinglin, withdrawing his hand.


Fang Qinglin immediately covered his mouth; his almond eyes widened as he nodded repeatedly.


Chu Chen’an cast a sidelong glance at Fang Qinglin’s meek and timid face and was a bit unable to bear it.


He looked away with his eyes downcast and said in a pretense of detachment, “My name is Chu Chen’an.”


“Oh, okay! I’ll remember!” Fang Qinglin nodded seriously as he added in a whisper, “I’m level 1, what about you?”


Chu Chen’an hesitated; he glanced at Fang Qinglin’s clear and harmless eyes, then answered, “I’m level 3.”


“Amazing.” Fang Qinglin clenched his hands into fists and looked at him with eyes full of admiration. “You’re already level 3.”


Chu Chen’an sat up straight, feeling a few small flowers bloom in his heart.


It turned out that the feeling of being worshipped was like this.


So refreshing.


“It’s my first time here, so I’m a bit scared,” Fang Qinglin stammered. “So, I just thought…”


“What?” When Chu Chen’an looked at Fang Qinglin’s nervousness and disorientation, he inexplicably thought of the time he first entered the game.


At that time, he was probably even more scared than Fang Qinglin.


Thinking about it, he gradually lowered most of his guard towards Fang Qinglin.


“Can we go together in the future?” Fang Qinglin finally spoke: “Maybe in the entire classroom, we are the only two that are… the same. Is that okay?”


“Okay.” Chu Chen’an nodded, and as he looked at Fang Qinglin, he inexplicably felt protective.


He bent down and shared half of the bread hidden in the drawer, his clear peach blossom-like eyes looking at Fang Qinglin. “Will you eat it?”


“Mm, thanks.” Fang Qinglin nodded and took the half-piece of bread. He hadn’t eaten since last night and was already so hungry that his stomach hurt.


He stuffed the bread into his mouth in a few mouthfuls, then he timidly glanced at Chu Chen’an as he chewed the bread and said, “Wow, you’re really… good looking.”


Chu Chen’an scratched the back of his neck, pursing his pink lips. “Thank you.”


Although he used to prefer someone praising him for being handsome, he was complimented on being “pretty” and “good-looking” too many times, so he didn’t care.


It was still a compliment anyway.


“Don’t be afraid; you can come and ask me any questions you have in the future.” Chu Chen’an comforted him: “I can teach you.”


“Hmm! Thank you really.” Fang Qinglin nodded gratefully and sincerely.


Even though the two of them were both novices.


If Chu Chen’an dared to teach, Fang Qinglin dared to learn.




One after another, the students of Class A arrived.


The classroom of thirty students was already so quiet that only the sound of footsteps could be heard.


Chu Chen’an turned over the first page of his physics book and began to write his name on his new book, one stroke at a time.


Even though he kept his head down, he could feel the blazing gazes from around him.


“Classmate, do you want some water?” The boy to his diagonal right couldn’t hold back, unscrewing the cap of the mineral water bottle and placing it on Chu Chen’an’s desktop.


Chu Chen’an froze and picked up the bottle of water.


Several of the surrounding boys threw jealous glances at that boy.


They were all amazed at Chu Chen’an’s exquisite looks.


“I’m not drinking it.” Chu Chen’an indifferently refused and put the bottle of water back on that boy’s desk. “Don’t give it to me.”


He looked detached and cold, but in his heart, he was actually panicking.


He was afraid of getting into any more trouble.


The few boys around him who were eager to try saw this, and they all temporarily gave up their attentiveness.


The whole school was full of boys and was under semi-closed management.


Nearly ten thousand boys from three grades gathered together all year round, and over time, their human nature and attitudes towards mate selection changed.


Any boy who looked fairly normal was likely to receive a courtship gift from a boy in the same school.


And Chu Chen’an, who was one-in-a-million, was even more popular and eye-catching.


Fang Qinglin had just turned around to ask him a question when a grumpy shout came from the front of the podium, blocking his movement.


He turned back in fear.


“Fuc*king leave me alone!!!”


A book slammed onto the podium, and a red-haired teenager in front, dressed in a punk outfit with silver chains, screamed at the homeroom teacher in front of the podium, “Don’t fu*cking play god for me! Do you know who my dad is? Ah! If you have the ability, ki*ll me; if you can’t k*ill me, then let me out. I just don’t like staying here; what’s the matter? Let me go!”


“I’ve already told the director that I just wanted to stay quietly in class.” The homeroom teacher rubbed her temples; her golden curls were very neat, and she looked annoyed as she stared at the textbook. She muttered to herself, “Ah, it’s really annoying.”


“Are you fuc*king…” the redheaded teenager raged, “even listening to me!”


The homeroom teacher glanced up at him, her fiery red lips pursing into an arc. She pushed up her glasses and said with a gentle smile, “Do I have to listen to a dead person?”


“You, what did you say…” The red-haired teenager’s face instantly went white as he took a step back and glanced back at the students in the seats behind him in dismay.


They all lowered their heads, indifferent, as if they hadn’t heard.


The atmosphere was oppressive and gloomy.


Chu Chen’an sat in the last row, still fairly hidden.


His head was hidden behind Fang Qinglin, so he raised his head and quickly glanced at that homeroom teacher, and then quickly lowered his eyes.


That homeroom teacher smiled gently and politely, but it gave him chills.


“Just kidding, haha.” The homeroom teacher covered her mouth and laughed, thin wrinkles spreading at the corners of her eyes. “You got scared like that; you’re really still a kid.”


The red-haired teenager was shocked by the class teacher’s laugh; his face turned from white to red, but his hands still subconsciously trembled.


“You can drop out of school if you want to; first go and prepare your documents; then turn left and go straight to the Director of Instruction,” the homeroom teacher said with a smile as she stroked her curly hair. “But before that, student Si Cheng will have to go to the discipline room for one night according to the school rules, ah.”


The red-haired teenager, whose name was Si Cheng, took two steps back, only to see that the director was leading two security guards to the door.


These two security guards were masked, and judging from the dress code and the protective gear they were carrying, they didn’t look like ordinary security guards at all.


They stepped forward and grabbed Si Cheng, then moved to walk out the door.


Si Cheng didn’t know what the so-called “punishment room” was for, but he still struggled uneasily: “I’m not going! What do you want? My father is the vice mayor of S. City. Get lost.”


Si Cheng’s hoarse shouts echoed in the hallway far away.


The few boys on Chu Chen’an’s diagonal left side lowered their heads, gloating and wringing their hands in laughter.


“That kid is dead.”


“Isn’t he dead? He dared to talk back to the teacher.”


“I’ve heard that most of the people who have been in the punishment room are ruined when they come out, tsk tsk.”


“Pfft, he deserves it.”


“I bet he’ll lose a leg.”


“I bet he comes out with his tongue missing.”


“Eh, you guys are overthinking it; he’s at least the son of the vice mayor; it won’t be that bad.”


“Don’t be silly; there are a lot of officials in the school who are bigger than his dad.”






The director of instruction smiled grimly and looked around the classroom. “Alright, continue with the lesson.”


The Director of Instruction and the class teacher smiled and nodded their heads in greeting, and the Director of Instruction left holding the black iron rod, letting it leisurely hit the back of his legs.


After the Director of Instruction left, the class teacher stood up immediately afterwards and gracefully clapped her hands. “So, let’s start class, children~”


“My name is Bai Lin; I’m your physics teacher and homeroom teacher; just call me Teacher Bai.” Bai Lin held her textbook and smiled affably. “Don’t be afraid; I’m a tolerant teacher.”


Chu Chen’an pinched his pen and shivered.


The students in their seats remained silent; no one dared to laugh or respond out loud.




Two lessons later, the first section of the first chapter of Chu Chen’an’s physics book was still white.


He had heard the content three times, but he still couldn’t understand it.


After writing a bunch of notes, he couldn’t remember what all the formulas and letters stood for.


The more he listened, the more sleepy he became, his eyelids drooped as he slowly fell asleep.


Upon noticing this, he gave up and lowered his head to play with his fingers.


Mathematics, science, and chemistry were fine; his worst subject was physics.


Once his physics paper was particularly difficult, he racked his brain to fill in all the blanks, yet the result was only 18 points.


He was so angry that he directly crumpled this humiliating test paper into a ball, found a deserted place, and buried the crumpled test paper in the soil by a tree.


As a result, he didn’t expect that just as he left, Pei Yan dug up his humiliating test paper behind him and even treasured it.


What a per-vert!


He even stole his test papers.


In the second period, during recess, all the students of the senior department lined up at the track and field for their morning run.


There were dozens of security guards standing in the outermost circle of the athletic field, and all of them were carrying electric batons and knives.


Bai Lin held a parasol and stood far to the back of the A-class team, holding up her mobile phone to film them.


“Run fast, kids~” Bai Lin pressed the record button, and the camera swept from the students led by the Class A team to the students at the back.


Chu Chen’an was arranged in the middle of the team, and his inadvertent inclination of his head just happened to put him squarely in the frame.


He froze, unsure if Bai Lin had filmed him.


After Bai Lin recorded for a brief thirty seconds, the whistle blew.


The leading class A was the first to start running.


Bai Lin dove back into the low shade of the tree as she sat on a chair and shared the video she had just recorded on the official Beiyuan Boys’ High School website on a social media platform.


[Caption: Youthful Class A kids~]


None of the students in the video wore a smile; they all looked numb.


After posting.


She smiled and clicked on the video again and watched it, satisfied with what she saw. “That’s the right thing to do; you need to be quiet to look like a good student.”




After Chu Chen’an and Fang Qinglin finished lunch, they went to the road where the teaching area and dormitory area met to take a walk.


Not far from the road was the blue lake, above which stood a magnificent arch bridge.


Few people came here, so it would be easier for them to chat.


“Did you just come here today?” Chu Chen’an asked him as he nibbled on a steamed bun in his hand.


“No, I arrived last night.” Fang Qinglin saw that there was no one around and finally said what he wanted to say: “It’s really scary here. When I slept last night, I felt someone touching my legs.”


Chu Chen’an was a little shocked. “Were you assigned to a four-person dormitory?”


Fang Qinglin lowered his head and sighed. “Yes, it’s just that I don’t know if I can still change.”


Before he could finish his words, the steamed bun in Chu Chen’an’s hand dropped.


Chu Chen’an glanced towards the fork in the road opposite the lake, the spacious main road that was the parking spot on the inside.


His eyesight was good, so he saw the deep black Maserati parked right there.


That car he had been in.


Because the green dinosaur pendant on the car was the one he had put up!


Chu Chen’an hurriedly pulled Fang Qinglin to hide by the stone pillar on the lower side of the arch bridge.


This stone pillar was wide, just wide enough to hide two people.


“What’s wrong?” Seeing Chu Chen’an’s tense expression, Fang Qinglin followed suit.


“Shhh, don’t speak for now.” Chu Chen’an’s eyes trembled as his heartbeat accelerated nervously.


It couldn’t be possible.


It had only been less than a day.


Absolutely impossible.


He took a deep breath and sidled up to carefully peel himself against the stone pillar, peeking out a little to glance at the car.


Five or six school leaders stood beside that car, and the door slowly opened.


A tall figure stepped out of the car, and that person was wearing a black trench coat.


Chu Chen’an watched nervously.


The school leaders were all having polite conversations with him, and he could hear faint laughter.


The man’s interest was lacking, and after saying a few words, he moved to walk towards the administrative district under the guidance of the school leader.


As the man turned to leave, he suddenly glanced back at the lake.


Chu Chen’an hastily shrank back behind the stone pillar, his eyes widening in bewilderment.


Just a little bit closer, and they would have been eye to eye.


His back pressed against the cold stone pillar, and he gasped sharply.


A drop of cold sweat ran down his cheek.


It really was Pei Yan.


Would he come this way?



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