C52 — Paranoid Patient

Bonus Chap

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“No, I don’t want it.” Chu Chen’an refused and took a few steps back, glancing at the oil painting on the wall with a flustered expression.


Shen Delu put the rose oil down, his eyes deep, “Well then, I’ll give it to you when you want it, doctor.”


Never mind.


I can apply it to you with my own hands.


Chu Chen’an frowned tightly, he felt vaguely uneasy, “Why did you move here?”


“I came here to heal.” Shen Delu smiled, revealing his white teeth.


Chu Chen’an was stunned, “What did you say?”


“My condition has worsened, doctor. In order to facilitate the doctor to treat me, I moved closer.” Shen Delu’s words were filled with helplessness, but his eyes were full of amusement.


The more Chu Chen’an listened to Shen Delu’s words, the more unsettled his heart became.


“Oh ……” he lowered his eyes, his heartbeat accelerated, then he pinched the palm of his hand, in a hurry to leave here, “I, I’ll go back first.”


He quickly passed by Shen Delu and fled.


“Doctor, go slowly.” Shen Delu’s gaze was locked on Chu Chen’an’s body.


He recalled last night, and licked the corner of his lips as he remembered the feeling.


So soft.




Chu Chen’an went out the door, almost running back to his dormitory, his back pressed against the door as he panted sharply.


How could there be such a coincidence?


He dreamed of the rose fragrance last night, and Shen Delu had exactly the same.


When did Shen Delu move in next door to him?


Chu Chen’an held his forehead, panicked.


Could it be …… could it be that Shen Delu had already recognized him ……?


He eagerly waved this speculation away in his mind.




Shen Delu said yesterday that he would wait for the deceased Chen An to wake up, how could it be?


Maybe he just lied to you, besides, you’re so gullible.


He felt torn and suddenly recalled their encounter in the elevator yesterday.


The location of the monitoring room was told to him by Shen Delu, and then how could it be so coincidental that he came as soon as the lights in the monitoring room were turned off?


Moreover, he also held him in the elevator for a few hours.


Chu Chen’an blinked, dumbfounded. Only now did he realize that these things were not right.


He let out a deep breath, on the verge of panicking. He didn’t dare to think about this anymore, the priority was to complete quest point one.


He clicked on the system control panel and checked the time limit of the quest displayed at the top: time remaining for the quest: 6 hours.


It was over.


These two days, he was so busy dealing with Shen Delu that he forgot that there was a time limit for the mission!


He needed his flashlight, so he got up and quickly walked towards the fourth floor of Building A. When he passed through the fourth floor, he was able to find his flashlight.


When he passed through the hallway of the fourth floor, he happened to bump into Liang Xu walking over from the end of the corridor.


The wards on the fourth floor were all closed, in all probability, Liang Xu came out from the monitoring room.


What was he doing in the monitoring room?


Chu Chen’an was wondering in his heart, and with his eyes lowered, he paused his steps.


“What are you doing here?” Liang Xu approached Chu Chen’an, with a gloomy look in his eyes.


“Nothing, I came to check the room.” Chu Chen’an specially took a medicine box to cover up before he came.


Liang Xu didn’t ask any more questions as he scrutinized Chu Chen’an, “Is everything you just said true? Peng Longlong really said that?”


Chu Chen’an nodded and said, “It is true, I personally heard him say it, is there …… any problem?”


Liang Xu didn’t say anything else, he was silent for a few seconds, his eyes were cold and obscure, then he frowned tightly and sidestepped past Chu Chen’an.


“Liang Xu,” Chu Chen’an turned to look at his back as he left, calling out to him boldly, “You’re not the sorcerer, are you?”


Liang Xu’s footsteps lurched.


He turned around to look back at Chu Chen’an, sneered coldly, and turned around again to continue leaving the the building.


Chu Chen’an nervously clenched his palms as he waited for Liang Xu to leave before he looked around, tiptoed towards the door of the monitoring room, and used his work tag to open the iron door.


Chu Chen’an had a long memory this time, and turned on his flashlight first as soon as he entered.


The elevator on the inside of the wall seemed to be repaired, but he still didn’t know where it led downwards.


The screen wall of the monitoring room was black, Chu Chen’an walked towards the console and opened the handle on the console.


After a “beep”, the screen suddenly displayed the security footage.


He raised his eyes to look at these surveillance videos, and he found a flash of red blo*od.


That was the surveillance on the rooftop on the fourth floor.


Chu Chen’an’s eyes widened, his shoulders trembled in fear, and his hands also trembled as he tuned in to the rooftop’s surveillance and zoomed in on the main screen.


There was a pool of blo*od on the floor of the rooftop, a patient in a hospital gown was hanging on the edge of the fence, and Liang Xu was holding a knife and digging up an intact heart.


Chu Chen’an couldn’t believe that Liang Xu, who was talking to him just now, in the blink of an eye went up to the rooftop to dig up someone else’s heart.


He was disgusted by the sight, and what shocked him even more was not only the bl*oody scene, but in the surveillance footage…


stood two people!


The dean stood at Liang Xu’s side, his face was horribly pale and his left hand was still twitching violently.


After Liang Xu dug out the complete heart, he took the heart from Liang Xu’s hand, took out his treasured red porcelain teapot and collected the blo*od that flowed down from the heart ……


Liang Xu in the monitor had a contemptuous expression, and when the dean finished collecting the blo*od, he placed the heart on the edge of the rooftop fence.


When Chu Chen’an looked at the bright red tea bottle, he remembered the cup of fishy red tea that the dean brewed for him today, he covered his mouth but couldn’t hold back and threw up.


When Chu Chen’an straightened up with difficulty, another person appeared in the surveillance.


That person was tall and wearing a pink nurse’s uniform.


Chu Chen’an’s pupils crinkled as he incredulously watched the person turn to face the direction of the invisible camera.


It was Lu Chengdong!


He only saw Lu Chengdong squatting down in front of the pool of bloo*d, digging out that patient’s organs and eyes and throwing them in the pool of blo*od, following up with a wooden stick surrounded by cloth, he wiped away the blo*od on the ground. His movements were skillful and reverent, and he drew a treacherous formation with the blo*od.


That was the symbol of the cu*lt that Chu Chen’an had seen in Liang Xu’s book.


After he finished drawing, he stood up and licked the blo*od that had gotten on his fingertips.


He locked eyes with the dean and laughed eerily, his shoulders shaking slightly as he laughed, revealing his white teeth.


Chu Chen’an was now completely confused.


Among these three people, who was the “sorcerer” that Peng Longlong said?


And who was the instigator of the fall?


Chu Chen’an pondered in his heart, only to see Lu Chengdong cut the rope hanging from the patient’s neck and push him off the roof of the building like a piece of garbage.




[Congratulations, you’ve activated the quest question and answer session]


[Please answer the following question based on the plot you’ve activated so far: who was the mastermind behind the fall?]


[A. Liang Xu. According to the persona information you have acquired so far, he is: a doctor.]


[B. Qu Qi. According to the persona information you have acquired, he is: the dean.]


[C.Lu Chengdong. According to the persona information you obtained, he is: Nurse.]


[D. Shen Delu. According to the persona information you obtained, he is: per*vert (?). ]


Chu Chen’an swept the control panel and turned it off first, and he was busy pressing on the handle to turn off the monitor screen as well.


These three looked like they were going to finish, he had to go down before they came down.


He jogged all the way to the stairwell and was just about to go down the steps when he heard footsteps coming from upstairs.


They were coming down!


Chu Chen’an’s footsteps faltered in fear, and he had to turn around and turn into the toilet on the left side of the stairwell.


“Why do I hear movement downstairs?” Lu Chengdong walked at the front.


Liang Xu: “You heard wrong.”


“Go and take a look,” the dean’s voice with a smile, he looked especially weird, “Just in time, my bottle is still not full.”


Lu Chengdong smiled brightly and quickly hopped down the steps, “Okay.”


Chu Chen’an’s heart trembled in fear as he ran into the men’s restroom.


The three of them were already so heartless, it was guaranteed that he would be split up and dissected by them today.


It wasn’t like Shen Delu was here right now.


Maybe he was going to die before Shen Delu could recognize him …


Chu Chen’an thought, so anxious that the ends of his eyes turned red.


Just when he was so scared that he panicked and lost his mind, a pair of large hands suddenly reached out from a cubicle and swept him in firmly.


Chu Chen’an crashed into a wide and warm embrace, and the smell of this person’s body was familiar.


It was Shen Delu.


“Hush.” Shen Delu picked up his entire body, his hand firmly resting on his back. His voice was warm deep and low, “Don’t be afraid.”


Chu Chen’an was stunned.


He realized a very strange phenomenon.


Every time he was particularly afraid and helpless, he would think of Shen Delu … first.


He also didn’t understand why.


Chu Chen’an glanced at Shen Delu’s deep eyes and immediately lowered them again.


Shen Delu’s eyes were very pretty.


He was afraid that if he looked at them a few more times he would repeat the same mistake and wouldn’t be able to resist falling in.


Chu Chen’an’s heartbeat accelerated and jumped, so he carefully and tightly held onto Shen Delu’s shoulders.


Or he’d fall.


Lu Chengdong’s footsteps sounded, and he casually looked in a few cubicles.


After lingering in front of the cubicle the two of them were in for three seconds, he left the men’s restroom and spoke, “There’s nothing, I might have misheard.”


“Did you look carefully?” The dean said.


Lu Chengdong followed them down the stairs, his voice fading away, “I looked all over, there’s not even a single soul.”




Chu Chen’an was forced to lie on Shen Delu’s shoulder as he nervously listened to the movement outside.


It became very quiet outside.


He could even hear his own and Shen Delu’s heartbeats.


“Don’t be afraid, they’re gone.” Shen Delu said softly.


Chu Chen’an’s cheeks reddened before he whispered, “You, put me down.”


As if Shen Delu had only just realized it, he hugged Chu Chen’an like a child and slowly lowered him down along his legs.


After Chu Chen’an stood still, he raised his eyes and glanced at Shen Delu.


His eyes flooded with a smile as he spoke, “What a coincidence, doctor.”


Too coincidental.


So coincidental that Chu Chen’an didn’t dare to think it was a coincidence anymore.


He turned around in a panic and opened the door to the cubicle.


“The doctor looks scared, did you go to the monitoring room?” Shen Delu followed behind him.


“Uh-huh.” Chu Chen’an nodded.


“The doctor saw it all, didn’t you, they’re really bad, tsk tsk.” Shen Delu said, “Doctor, I’m not like them, I’m a good person.”


Chu Chen’an listened to Shen Delu’s nonsense, his expression was cold and reserved, but his red lips were moist and glossy, he stood still with his eyes lowered and didn’t go, and looked at him from the corner of his eyes.


He originally wanted to leave first by himself, but then remembered the bl*oody scene just now, and suddenly couldn’t take a step.


Should he wait for Shen Delu to go first, then he would follow?


Chu Chen’an’s small movements were unexpectedly cute.


Shen Delu swallowed, he suddenly wanted to bite his red lips, “I’ll go down with the doctor, we just happen to be going the same way.”


Chu Chen’an nodded, carefully and quietly walking beside him.


Shen Delu accompanied him all the way back to the dormitory, “Doctor get some rest, I’ll be right next door.”


Chu Chen’an didn’t respond, he lowered his head and closed the door.


His heart was extremely unsettled right now.


He realized it even if he was stupid, but he just didn’t dare to admit it.




He sat down in front of the table, took a deep breath, clicked on the system control panel, and went to the page of quest answers.


[Please answer the following question based on the plot you’ve activated so far: who is the plotter of the falls?]


[A. Liang Xu. According to the persona information you have acquired so far, he is: a doctor.]


[B. Qu Qi. According to the persona information you have acquired, he is: the dean.]


[C.Lu Chengdong. According to the persona information you obtained, he is: Nurse.]


D. Shen Delu. According to the persona information you obtained, he is: per*vert (?). 】.


When Liang Xu appeared alone in the monitoring screen the last time, the system didn’t give a prompt, indicating that it wasn’t him, A could be excluded.


And Shen Delu … Chu Chen’an looked at Shen Delu’s persona information and the corner of his mouth twitched.


He seriously suspected that Shen Delu was being used by the system just to add an option.


According to his understanding of Shen Delu, it was impossible for Shen Delu to be idle enough to do these things.


Then D could also be ruled out.


Now he had to choose between B and C.


Chu Chen’an was hesitating when a knock came from outside the door.




Lu Chengdong’s voice was clear, but it made Chu Chen’an’s scalp go numb from hearing it.


“Chen’an, are you inside?” Lu Chengdong added.


“I’m in.” Chu Chen’an hesitated for a few seconds, but still got up to open the door.


“Have you had lunch, let’s go together?” Lu Chengdong smiled, his face sunny and handsome.


Chu Chen’an nervously squeezed the handle and smiled with difficulty, “I’ve eaten, why don’t you go by yourself?”


“Ow, that’s fine.” Lu Chengdong scratched his cheek.


He smiled and looked at Chu Chen’an, suddenly pretending to be intimate, he approached Chu Chen’an and held his shoulder, “I haven’t seen you for two days, I see that you haven’t been in the office for the past few days, did you activate some kind of mission?”


Chu Chen’an was patted on his shoulder, he smiled lightly with lowered eyes, but he was flustered, “No, I haven’t activated the mission yet, what about you?”


“Ugh, don’t mention it, I haven’t even activated a quest in the months I’ve been here,” Lu Chengdong sighed, “I’m annoyed to death.”


“Forget it, don’t mention that.” He smiled and came closer to Chu Chen’an’s cheek, jokingly saying, “Chen’an, why are you so pretty, your face is as tender as a girl’s. If you were a female, I would definitely marry you.”


After saying that, he laughed again and stroked down his shoulder to his arm.


Chu Chen’an frowned, he resented this feeling.


He dodged Lu Chengdong’s hand, “Go ahead if you haven’t eaten yet, you still have to make your rounds in the afternoon.”


“Okay.” Lu Chengdong withdrew his hand, he revealed a wide smile, looking bright and pure, “By the way, Chen’an, remember to tell me when you activate a quest in the future. I’m at least level 6, more or less, I can provide some help.”


Chu Chen’an nodded, “Okay.”


Lu Chengdong looked deeply at Chu Chen’an for a few seconds and left.


Seeing him leave, Chu Chen’an eagerly closed the door.


It seemed that his previous premonition was correct, he must not tell Lu Chengdong about the mission he had activated.


Chu Chen’an clicked on the control panel again, clicked on that question, and chose item C between item B, Qu Qi, and item C, Lu Chengdong.


Lu Chengdong had just said that he had been here a few months ago, which was different from what he had said when he and Chu Chen’an had first met.


Lu Chengdong said that day that he had also just come here a few days ago.


And he had repeatedly asked about Chu Chen’an’s mission, which meant that his own mission might be involved with him, or maybe it was important to him.


And Qu Qi had said that he had come here last month.


But according to the information he had looked up in the archive room, there had been one incident of a fall two months ago.


So after Lu Chengdong inadvertently said the real time he came to the asylum, the answer was basically certain.


The only one who fit the bill at this point in time was Lu Chengdong.


Lu Chengdong was the mastermind, while Liang Xu and the dean were both helpers.


The full complement of villains.




[Congratulations, you have completed mission point one]


[Reward Points: X200]


Chu Chen’an let out a breath and closed the system page.


It was finally completed.


So, who was the Mushroom King’s sorcerer?






After Chu Chen’an washed up, he clicked on the system live stream as usual.


[Did you sleep well last night? (X33 gold coins)


[What my wife is wearing today is very nice to look at!!!]


[Pretty wife is actually sitting properly, which means he didn’t last night ……]


[Blind guess, was it done with mouth or legs or little feet and legs?]


[Vote for feet and legs]


[Wife’s little feet are so soft, they must be rubbed red (X520 gold coins)]]


The comments swept by so quickly that Chu Chen’an didn’t even read much of them, he thought they were all teasing as usual.




[The 108th day of the old attacker who wants to meet his wife (X555 gold coins)]


[Blind guess that the NPC will sneak in again tonight]


[Upstairs, you are exposed!]


[Shhhh, the wife won’t be able to sleep if he finds out and can’t sleep, what else are we going to watch! (66 gold coins)]


[You’ve been exposed upstairs! (X55 gold coins)]


[Let’s get rid of the message! Don’t let our wife see it (X22 gold coins)]


Suddenly, the growth of comments skyrocketed, twice as much as last night.




It was only then that Chu Chen’an realized something was wrong, and he slowly scrolled upwards through more than a thousand comments, and it took him more than ten minutes before he found this comment.


He was stunned.


His intuition was really right, Shen Delu had really come last night.


[Oooooooh wife found out, we actually became a plot leaker (X22 gold coins)]


[Wife, don’t be afraid, just be obedient and get ready (X520 gold coins)]


[The delightful couple identification session is coming (X33 gold coins)]


[It’s coming.]




Chu Chen’an didn’t know how this half hour passed, he said goodnight to everyone in the live broadcast and thanked the fans above the reward list, then closed the live broadcast with a smile.


It was already twelve thirty, he was so stunned to the point of not feeling half a bit of sleepiness.


It turned out …… that he knew nothing about his own stupidity.


He felt sorry for the p*ervert yesterday, but it turned out that the p*ervert came to pick his clothes that night!




Chu Chen’an exasperatedly turned off the main light and lifted the quilt to lie on the bed.


He borrowed the light from the bed and stared at the ceiling’s daze.


Suddenly, the door to his room made a “creak” sound, someone was coming.


Chu Chen’an hurriedly closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.


That person’s footsteps were getting closer and closer, he sat on the edge of his bed, his fingertips rubbing Chu Chen’an’s eyebrows.


Chu Chen’an tensed up, he forced himself to resist the itchiness of his eyelashes.


The man leaned down, the smell around him was particularly familiar, Chu Chen’an was sure that this person was Shen Delu.


Shen Delu came close to his face, hot breath exhaled on his face, and landed a gentle lingering kiss on his moist red lips.


It lasted a full thirty seconds.


It was a wet kiss.


Shen Delu got up and turned towards the door.


There was a “squeak” at the door, followed by the sound of the door closing.


Chu Chen’an was a bit surprised, the pe*rvert left so quickly tonight?


He closed his eyes, only to hear the silence around the room for a long time, he only heard the sound of his own breathing.


Shen Delu seemed to have really left.


After a few more minutes, the interior was still quiet.


Chu Chen’an’s heart instantly dropped.


He opened his eyes and glanced at the door. Stunned, his face paled.


He then saw Shen Delu leaning against the door, his hands was leisurely folded, and he was quietly staring at Chu Chen’an.


Shen Delu saw that Chu Chen’an had opened his eyes and laughed softly, his voice mellow and low as he walked towards Chu Chen’an, “I caught An An pretending to be asleep.”



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