C51 — Paranoid Patient

Bonus Chap

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Immediately after that, the comments of the live broadcast instantly rose sharply.


[Hehe Essential Oil (20 gold coins)]


[I’m going to die, before I die, my wish is for 001 to burn my wife’s underw*ear and send it to me, please.(33×6 gold coins.)]


[Why did you put it under my wife’s clothes? (667 gold coins)]


[My wife’s top is soaked through.]


[My wife is so pretty, stick it on.(520 gold coins)]


[I’ve seen my beautiful wife’s nn! I saw my beautiful wife’s nn ah ah ah ah ah.]






[I have no regrets. ( 20 gold coins.)]


The image only lasted for a second, and the live broadcast immediately turned black.




[Da*mn, 001 you dog]


[What? I didn’t see anything.]


[Why don’t you let me see it?]


[001, you’ve never seen anyone na*ked before, right? This is all shielded? [52 gold coins]].


[I want to talk to you, 001.]


…… (99 messages hidden below)


[I’m crying my head off after missing out.]


[Pink! It’s really super pretty (520 gold coins)]


[Wife, you’re so pretty even for a boy.(20 gold coins.)]


[It’s like the color of roses, it must be very nice.(20 gold coins.)]


[No wonder he can’t help but come every day, who can handle it?(20 gold coins.)]


[They shut down the broadcast, da*mn it.]


[I’m so sad, I can only rely on YY tonight (52 gold coins)]


[TN: YY — fantasizing ]


[I didn’t see anything.]


[Bye bye wife, cry louder, I want to hear it in my dreams (888 gold coins)]




[Live broadcast is closed]


Chu Chen’an felt cold all over in his sleep, as if he was soaking in a warm rose bath.


His eyes were closed, his eyelashes fluttering slightly, and he sniffed the thick intoxicating floral scent, lost in a mesmerizing dream.


He dreamed of Shen Delu again.


That per*vert was kissing him.




Chu Chen’an woke up.


He rubbed the back of his sore neck and sat up.


He yawned, even more tired than last night, and two tears suddenly appeared at the ends of his eyes.


The air in the room was fresh, and there was no trace of the intoxicating scent of the flowers from the dream.


Again, again this kind of strange dream.


Chu Chen’an’s earlobes turned red and he got up to change into his pajamas.


He might have sweated when he slept last night, his clothes were a bit sticky.


He stood in front of the mirror to brush his teeth, and when he looked down, he suddenly realized that a button was missing from the left pocket of his pajamas.


He had two sets of these exact blue pajamas.


One was new.


The other one was missing a button, which was secretly cut away by the boss behind the scene in copy three.


It was said to be used for collection, and was touched every day before he slept.


Chu Chen’an’s head ached when he thought of the per*vert in copy three, he busily waved away the thoughts in his head and bowed to wash his face.


He inexplicably had an illusion.


The boss behind the scenes in every copy he had encountered was particularly similar.


The resemblance was such that it was as if it was the same person.


Perhaps possessing the same soul.


Xu Moshu was like this, and so was Shen Delu.


Chu Chen’an thought that this button might have accidentally fallen off while sleeping at night, so he didn’t let himself think any more.


He walked out of the dormitory, hesitated for a moment, but still lifted his foot towards the third floor office.


As he passed by the nurse’s area, he heard the sound of laughter inside.


Chu Chen’an’s footsteps lurched as he sniffed and looked over.


He saw the little nurse Chen Xiao standing in the center of the nurses, she pursed her lips slightly but her eyes didn’t any hint of sadness.


“Although it is very sad, our work still needs to continue,” the dean stood in front of the nurses and said, “In the coming days, Chen Xiao will take on the position of head nurse. I hope everyone can actively cooperate with her work and let our hospital continue to develop well.”


After saying that, the dean then gently applauded.


Several nurses looked at each other for a few moments, with a little bit of joy in their eyes.


Only Lu Chengdong’s eyes were indifferent, not holding any joy or sadness, he also applauded along with them.


The one who most changed Chu Chen’an’s opinion was Lu Chengdong.


Chen Xiao stood in front of the nurses, the corners of her mouth couldn’t hide the happy curve.




Having been suppressed and bullied by the head nurse for so long, it was only after finally seeing her day of reckoning that she was inevitably so happy that she couldn’t help it.


Chu Chen’an looked at them for a couple of moments before returning to his office.


He had just entered the door of his office when he stopped in his tracks.


Liang Xu came to the office today.


He was sitting in his seat reading the blo*od-colored tome, and he was so engrossed in his reading that he didn’t raise his eyes to look at Chu Chen’an.


Chu Chen’an carefully walked back to his seat and casually opened the file, but he looked at Liang Xu at his side from the corner of his eyes.


Liang Xu’s arm seemed to be injured, there was a white bandage on it, no wonder he looked sick yesterday.


Chu Chen’an glanced at Liang Xu, feeling torn.


Go and talk to him, he doesn’t dare to ki*ll you in the office.


But what if he did?


What if he suddenly sta*bbed him with a knife, it’d hurt.


He nervously clenched his palm, his agile eyes trembling. He gritted his teeth, leaned towards Liang Xu, and raised his voice, “You, don’t you want to know what I said to your brother? I can tell you. ”


Liang Xu’s hand that was flipping through the book lurched. He inclined his head and glanced coldly at Chu Chen’an, “How do you know that he’s my brother, you’ve investigated me?”


Liang Xu’s eyes were so cold that they looked like they were trying to ki*ll, causing Chu Chen’an’s heart to thump and instantly turn abashed.


He lowered his eyes, panicked and pondered for a few seconds, then spoke quickly, “I heard it from Shen Delu on the fourth floor of Building B. I didn’t ask! Yes, it was him who told me himself yesterday ……”


Anyway, Liang Xu looked like he was afraid of Shen Delu, and he decided to dump the pot all on the per*vert.


It was as he expected.


As soon as Chu Chen’an mentioned Shen Delu’s name, Liang Xu withdrew his cold gaze.


Liang Xu was silent for a few seconds, “What did you say to him?”


“I didn’t say anything to him,” Chu Chen’an said, “but he told me a lot.”


“Before I tell you, you have to answer a question.” Chu Chen’an was scared to death, but managed to hold his composure, “When you tell me, I’ll tell you everything he said. Maybe after you know, you’ll be able to find out the reason why he tried to ki*ll himself, isn’t that right?”


Liang Xu was silent for a few seconds, but still nodded, “Okay.”


Chu Chen’an breathed a sigh of relief.


He had gambled right, it seemed that Peng Longlong was important to him.


He moved over, hesitated for a moment, and whispered to him, “Are you a sorcerer?”


Liang Xu was stunned, he squinted at Chu Chen’an, his expression was slightly different, “What did you say?”


“Sorcerer,” Chu Chen’an added, “Peng Longlong is the Mushroom King, are you his sorcerer?”


What Chu Chen’an said was childish, but his tone was serious.


Liang Xu’s brows furrowed as he pondered for a long time, “……”


“You’re not a ‘sorcerer’?” Chu Chen’an glanced at Liang Xu’s expression, “Then who is the ‘sorcerer’?”


Liang Xu was silent for a few more seconds, “Yes.”


Chu Chen’an frowned.


If Liang Xu was a sorcerer, then how could he have ‘defected’?


Chu Chen’an still didn’t know what Peng Longlong was referring to when he said “mutiny”.


He felt that there must be a lot of things involved that he didn’t know.


Liang Xu closed the Scarlet Codex, “What did he tell you, and why did he seek death after meeting you?”


Chu Chen’an kept his promise and whispered, “He said that the sorcerer is going to rebel.”


His words hadn’t yet fallen.


A knock at the door interrupted their conversation.


“Yo, the two doctors are more acquainted than the other day, hahaha this is a good thing,” the dean held a document and looked at Chu Chen’an in a warm voice, “Dr. Chu, can I trouble you to come to my office, I have something to hand over to you.”


Chu Chen’an froze for a moment and got up, “Okay ……”


Liang Xu frowned, scrunching the first page of the blo*od-colored tome.




Chu Chen’an followed the dean to his office.


“Doctor, sit down for a while, I’ll make you a cup of tea.” The dean opened his red tea box, the red tea leaves were brightly colored, scattered in the teapot and poured in boiling hot water.


The colorful red tea suddenly steeped, the tea rose to a deepening blo*od color, constantly bubbling with hot air that carried a strong tea fragrance.


Chu Chen’an looked at the tea that was as red as blo*od, and shrugged it off, “I won’t drink the tea, thank you Dean, is there something you are looking for me for?”


“Aiya, Dr. Chu try it, let’s drink and talk. This is my newly made tea, it’s different from the last green tea,” the dean smiled gently, and enthusiastically poured a cup of hot tea for Chu Chen’an, “the color and quality are all top quality, doctor you have to drink a few mouthfuls this time.”


The dean sat on the opposite side of Chu Chen’an, he placed the cup of tea in front of Chu Chen’an, while taking out a sealed document and handing it to Chu Chen’an.


“Here, Dr. Chu, take a look at this document. You should also know that our hospital is now short of manpower, and there’s no way to carry out a lot of work, alas ……” the dean said, “The patients all have to collectively take their medication once in the dining hall hall after eating their food, and this work can’t be stopped. So after thinking about it, I intend to give this task of distributing medicine to Dr. Chu.”


Chu Chen’an listened, and the more he heard, the more he felt that something wasn’t quite right.


The dean didn’t say a word about last night’s weird and horrifying incident, as if it had never happened before, and added with a warm smile, “I’ve also taken into account the work schedules of the doctors and nurses, and during that period of time in the middle of the day, only you, Dr. Chu, happened to be free, so it’s more than appropriate to let you, the doctor, distribute the medication.”


The implication was that he was the only one in this institution who was the most idle.


He had to do it even if he didn’t want to.


“Okay, then I’ll do it.” Chu Chen’an could only comply.


“Then it will be hard for Dr. Chu,” the dean smiled, picked up the teacup in front of Chu Chen’an and handed it over to him, “Come, come, Dr. Chu, this tea is getting cold. Drink a few mouthfuls, you’ll know what’s top quality after you taste it ……”


The mouth of the cup was almost against Chu Chen’an’s mouth.


He busily raised his hand and pushed back the cup, “No, there’s really no need, thank you Dean.”


“Don’t be so formal, Dr. Chu,” the dean said in a difficult manner, “Look at me, I’ve brewed tea for you twice, if you don’t drink a few mouthfuls of it this time, it’s really impossible to explain, come on, it’s okay to just taste it.”


Chu Chen’an didn’t like tea, when he was a child, he had a high fever at night because he drank a cup of tea.


From that time on he had a shadow over tea.


But the dean had said so, and the hospitality was hard to resist, so he had no choice but to take the cup of tea.


Just take a sip ……


The cup of tea had become lukewarm.


He held the cup of tea and just wanted to take a sip, when the office door was opened with a “pang” sound.


Chu Chen’an’s movements paused and he turned his head to look over.


“The dean made the doctor tea,” Shen Delu opened the door and looked at the two of them, his smile chillingly creepy, “What kind of tea is it? The flavor is so strong, the dean should also give me a cup of it.”


As soon as the dean saw Shen Delu, he stood up from his seat, and his movements obviously became formal.


He reluctantly smiled, “Ha, no, it is just ordinary tea …… that, that, Dr. Chu, go back first.”


“Okay.” Chu Chen’an couldn’t wait to hurry up and leave, he put down the hot potato in his hand.


He didn’t know why, every time he was in a critical situation or had something he didn’t want to do, Shen Delu always happened to show up and indirectly got him out of the situation.


So he would suddenly become less afraid of Shen Delu at a certain moment.


Though only for a brief moment.


Because he knew that although the per*vert was scary, at least he was sincere.


He was crazily in love with him.




As he passed by Shen Delu, Shen Delu suddenly lowered his head and came close to his ear, his voice mellow and light, “I’ll come find the doctor later.”


Chu Chen’an was stunned, he lowered his head, sped up his steps and walked out.




When Chu Chen’an left, Shen Delu’s face instantly clouded over, and he closed the door.


The dean stood, his face showing fear.


“That’s all you want to give him to drink?” Shen Delu directly picked up the pot of warm black tea water, and sullenly surveyed it, “Qu Qi, you’ve only been here for a few months, and you’re in such a hurry to die.”


“Yes, it’s my fault,” the dean’s lowered his head and stepped back, “I didn’t know that you valued him so much, I thought you were just playing around …… please give me another chance . …I was wrong, I ……”


Shen Delu frowned, he couldn’t tolerate the words “playing around”. He suddenly grabbed the dean’s neck, pouring the half a pot of tea in his mouth.


“Cough! Cough! Cough cough cough ……” The dean fell to his knees, scrambling to reach deep into his mouth with two fingers to make himself vomit, “Cough cough ……”


After the half a pot of tea, the dean was mentally disturbed and convulsed violently.


Shen Delu picked up the document again, flipped through two pages, and let out a light laugh, “I asked you to clean up the affairs of the institution, but you just want to find a scapegoat?”


“Qu Qi, if you want to get out alive, do this last thing for me properly.” He slapped the papers in the dean’s face, “This insane asylum must be closed by the end of the month, I’m getting out.”


“Ahem …… yes …… ahem ahem ahem ahem,” the dean convulsed, struggling to respond.


He had put a strong dru*g in the tea that made people mentally disturbed, and as long as he drank this dru*g, he could be controlled and put at the mercy of others.


He himself drank half of the pot, at this moment, his situation was simply worse than death.




When Chu Chen’an returned to his office, he didn’t know where Liang Xu went.


He had just sat down not long before he received a temporary change in notice.


The job of distributing medication to the patients en masse after the meal was given to the new head nurse, Chen Xiao.


He suddenly didn’t have to do it again.


Chu Chen’an didn’t pay much attention to this matter, he was hesitating whether or not to go to the monitoring room again this afternoon.


Although he was scared to death, he still had to hurry up and finish the task.


After Chu Chen’an made up his mind, he stood up and went to the dormitory to get a torch.


As he passed through the hallway, he noticed that the door to the dormitory next to his was wide open, and it was all decorated inside.


He remembered that no one lived next door.


Could a new nurse or doctor be coming in today?


He was thinking about that when he glanced again at the bouquet of roses on the table inside the room.


There were a couple of familiar oil paintings hanging on the walls, and the familiar blue cashmere doll lying right at the foot of the bed ……


His gaze finally landed on the only rose essential oil lying on the bedside table.


Chu Chen’an was stunned.


It couldn’t be ……


Timidly, he took a step inside and walked towards the nightstand.


He looked closer and realized that a little amount in the jar of rose essential oil had already used.


It had a false lid and continued to give off a familiar intoxicating floral scent.


He moved closer to sniff it and his eyes widened suddenly.


It was exactly the same as the fragrance he had smelled last night!


“Doctor, what are you looking at?” Shen Delu’s voice suddenly rang out behind him, startling Chu Chen’an with a jolt.


He jerked back two steps, his eyes drooping in panic, then he turned to look at Shen Delu and whispered, “No, I wasn’t looking at anything ……”


Shen Delu picked up the jar of rose essential oil, smiling, “Is the doctor looking at this, I’ll give it to the doctor, it should be very suitable for you.”


In fact, he knew it last night.


It was indeed very suitable and tantalizing.


Chu Chen’an was so flustered that he just wanted to hurry and escape from here.



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