C48 —- Paranoid Patient

Bonus Chap

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[ Is this something I can watch?]


[Wait, didn’t I hear something important?]


[Wife is Chen An!]


[Lost and Found Love]


[Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.]




[Help! What’s he doing?]


[So astringent]


[Why did you put your hand on my wife?]



[My wife is mine!]


[Whatever! Hurry up!]


[Where is he touching?]


Suddenly, the live broadcast automatically went black.




[What’s with the black screen, 001?]


[Is there anything I can’t see?]


[Let’s fight, 001.]


[I’m willing to pay for it.]


[Okay, now I can’t even hear.]




Chu Chen’an was intoxicated, he looked at the blurred light and shadow in front of him, and couldn’t help but feel more and more limp and weak.


Rose wine fragrance mixed with Shen Delu’s unique scent, he could no longer discern whether this was a dream or reality ……



He forgot when he fell asleep.


Shen Delu firmly wrapped his arms around him behind him, confining him.





Chu Chen’an woke up.


He rubbed his sore eyes, sat up violently, and looked around the bedroom.


The surroundings were as calm as yesterday, there was nothing strange.


Last night’s dream was too real, so real that it made him panic.


Chu Chen’an frowned slightly, and when he looked down, he realized that he was wearing a pair of pajamas.


And the clothes he wore last night were hanging on the edge of the bed. ……


He was stunned, and his eyes widened.


He was so drunk and delirious last night that he couldn’t remember many details.


Maybe he changed his pajamas last night and then went to bed, but he forgot?



Chu Chen’an looked at the closed door and the portrait hanging on the wall.



No, it couldn’t be.


He was just too nervous.



It wasn’t true.


He comforted himself.


He lifted the covers and walked towards the bathroom with a new set of clothes.



While changing into his suit pants, he noticed a rash snaking up his leg.



The inner thighs were obvious.


Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes, his eyes were dull as he blinked a few times.


This was ……


Perhaps the weather was too hot these past few days.


So he got rashes?



He pushed down the doubts in his heart and didn’t think too much, quickly changing his clothes.



He was checking in this afternoon and didn’t need to go to the office.


He ate two slices of bread hastily, then quickly left the dormitory and went straight to Building B. The material of his pants was rough and abrasive.



So it was a bit uncomfortable.



He walked slowly to the stairwell on the third floor and went to Peng Longlong’s hospital room.


The two administrators were still outside the door, patrolling the hallway with their gu.ns raised.



Administrator #9 saw Chu Chen’an, he hesitated for a moment and walked towards the door of the ward where Peng Longlong was.



“Dr. Chu, I can only let you in for ten minutes, please come out as soon as possible after your visit.” Administrator #9 said, pushing open the ward door.



Chu Chen’an nodded, “Okay.”



He walked into Peng Longlong’s hospital room, only to see Peng Longlong shivering in the corner of the hospital bed, his gaze empty, a white bandage was wrapped around his neck, but a few drops of blood still faintly seeped out of the bandage.



“Peng Longlong.” Chu Chen’an’s softly walked over and called him, “Longlong?”



Peng Longlong’s body shook violently, and he shrunk into the corner in panic.


“Longlong are you alright?” Chu Chen’an sat on the edge of the hospital bed and gently patted Peng Longlong’s shoulder, realizing that Peng Longlong’s hand had a few more bruises.



Chu Chen’an hadn’t seen these bruises when he came to him yesterday.



He had heard Liang Xu say yesterday that Peng Longlong should be guarded.



So it was unlikely that the patients on the third floor would dare to come and bully him.



Was his injury …… caused by Liang Xu?



And why did Liang Xu let the administrators guard Peng Longlong, what was the relationship between them?


Peng Longlong trembled, his eyes were devoid of light, unwilling to speak.



He had his head on the lid of the iron pot and looked down at the hand Chu Chen’an had placed on his arm with a panicked expression.



“Longlong,” Chu Chen’an placed a light green candy on Peng Longlong’s palm, softly comforting him, “Don’t be afraid, eat the candy.”



Peng Longlong’s eyes immediately lit up, like a simple little child, he suddenly forgot to be afraid.



Honestly glancing at Chu Chenan, he regarded the green candy as a treasure and carefully put it into his pocket, “King Mushroom will wait until later.”




“Okay.” Chu Chen’an nodded his head and said in a warm voice, “Longlong, can you tell me how you got the injuries on your body?”


“King Mushroom likes candy ……,” Peng Longlong smiled dementedly, scratched his head and whispered, “Witches will like it too …… ”



Chu Chen’an looked at Peng Longlong’s neck, saw that this kind of questioning didn’t work, so he changed a kind of rhetoric and asked tentatively, “Why did the Mushroom King cut himself?”


“Wizard …… sugar …… mushrooms, my mushrooms ……”


Peng Longlong’s murmuring voice paused, and he looked at Chu Chen’an. Suddenly, he mysteriously came closer to him, “Favored Mushroom, did you find out too? The bad wizard is going rogue, he’s actually going to cut off my mushrooms, he’s really the worst wizard I’ve ever seen ……”



Chu Chen’an frowned and asked him in a thin voice, “Who is the sorcerer of the Mushroom King, is it Liang Xu?”


“Ah!” Peng Longlong hid back in the corner, cowering, “No …… it can’t be …… I’m still a mushroom, I’m still the king in the Mushroom Kingdom!”



Peng Longlong’s mental state became very bad, he muttered to himself dementedly, tugging frantically at the bandage on his neck, not listening to Chu Chen’an.



Chu Chen’an was busy stopping his movements.



Peng Longlong’s voice attracted Administrator #9.



Administrator #9 gave him a shot of tranquilizer and looked at Chu Chen’an with difficulty, ”Dr. Chu, you’d better go back first. He’s unstable right now, and Dr. Liang will be here soon.”



“Okay ……,” Chu Chen’an worriedly looked at Peng Longlong for a few moments, but still got up and left.


He went back to Building A.



As he was passing through the long corridor connecting Building A and Building B, Liang Xu came right up to him.


Chu Chen’an clenched his palms and lowered his head as he continued walking.



The moment he passed Liang Xu, Liang Xu suddenly raised his hand and tugged on Chu Chen’an’s arm.



“I heard that you went to look for Peng Longlong?” Liang Xu’s eyes were filled with gloom.


“Uh-huh.” Chu Chen’an raised his eyes, his eyelashes fluttering slightly as he nodded.



An indifferent killing intent crossed Liang Xu’s eyes as he pressed closer to Chu Chen’an, “Hey, it was after meeting you yesterday that Peng Longlong had an accident, what did you say to him?”



Chu Chen’an was forced to retreat , “No, I didn’t say anything.”



“Heh, you didn’t say anything that made him attempt su-icide? You went to him again today, what the hell do you want to do!”



Liang Xu yanked on Chu Chen’an’s collar, his eyes were scarlet and horrible, gritting his teeth, “Do you also want to kill him, don’t you think that you’re really here to be a doctor …… I’ll tell you, right now, even if I push you off from here, no one will ask about it, and you’re no different from those cheap patients! ”



Chu Chen’an was so shocked that he stumbled a few steps, and he was pushed to the fence of the long corridor.



Today was definitely the most Liang Xu had ever spoken to him.


Chu Chen’an hadn’t even said anything yet, and Liang Xu’s emotions was already out of control.



It meant that Peng Longlong was very important to Liang Xu.


Pang Longlong’s su-icide irritated him a lot.



“Dr. Liang, who are you trying to push down?” Shen Delu’s hand rested on Liang Xu’s shoulder, effortlessly yanking his hand away from tugging on Chu Chen’an’s collar.


Chu Chen’an naturally thought of last night’s dream when he saw Shen Delu.



His eyes trembled slightly, his earlobes reddened with nervousness, and he quickly lowered his eyes.



As soon as Liang Xu saw that the person who came was Shen Delu, his hideous and twisted expression immediately froze, and he didn’t make another sound.



Shen Delu looked at Chu Chen’an with a gentle smile, “Did the doctor sleep well last night?”


Chu Chenan’s heart thumped.


He became even more uncomfortable when Shen Delu mentioned it.



“I …… still have things to do, I’ll go back first.” Chu Chen’an lowered his head and quickly fled the place.


Shen Delu watched Chu Chen’an leave.



When he left, he put down the hand on Liang Xu’s shoulder.


Shen Delu put his hand into Liang Xu’s white coat pocket and took out a dagger from his pocket, saying, “Dr. Liang still carries a knife with him, is this the one you’ll use to dig out your heart?”


Liang Xu: “Uh-huh.”



“I heard that your brother committed su-icide yesterday?” Shen Delu pursed his lips and smiled, “Condolences.”



Liang Xu frowned, but he didn’t dare to anger Shen Delu and argued, “He didn’t die.”


“Oh.” Shen Delu opened the dagger, the light of the knife shining a dangerous cold light, he put the surface of the knife on Liang Xu’s shoulder, using his clothes to leisurely wipe the surface of the knife, “Sorry.”



Liang Xu’s eyes flashed with a hint of fear, glancing at the dagger plastered against him.


“You’re too fierce to my wife, look at how scared …… he was,” Shen Delu’s gaze was cold and creepy, “You just said that you want to push him down?”



He used the dagger to leisurely move against Liang Xu’s arm.


“I …… didn’t know he was ……” Liang Xu shook his head, his face white, “Ah”



Liang Xu felt his dagger stabbing deep into his arm, blood quickly staining his white sleeve.



“Now you know.” Shen Delu wiped the blood stained on his hand on Liang Xu’s clothes, his voice light and ghostly.


“Seeing as you’ve been working diligently for two years, I’ll forgive you first this time. The next time, I’ll let you jump from here yourself.”


Shen Delu wiped his hands with a handkerchief, his eyes were gloomy as he walked back to Building B.




Chu Chen’an ran all the way back to the doctor’s office.


He sat in the office until the afternoon.


Liang Xu didn’t come back, instead, the head nurse came knocking on the door.


The head nurse’s hair was even less than yesterday, and there were even large patches of bald spots.


“Is Dr. Chu busy?”


Her face was frighteningly pale, her smile was forced, and she carried a breathlessness between her walks, Lu Chengdong followed behind her, but all the time he was looking at the little nurse Chen Xiao by his side.


“I’ve come to inform Dr. Chu that your job has been adjusted. From today onwards, you are the attending doctor for that patient on the fourth floor of Building B.” As the head nurse spoke, her breath came out in sharp gasps, “The job of delivering medication to the fourth floor every day is exclusively assigned to you.”



“Hmm? Why would my job suddenly be adjusted?” Chu Chen’an asked in a panic.



He didn’t want to take this hot potato.


The head nurse said, “I’m not sure about the specifics, this is the dean’s arrangement. The medicine is inside, doctor, remember to send it over in a while, we’ll go check the rooms first.”


Lu Chengdong went forward and handed him the medicine box.


“Okay ……” Chu Chen’an nodded.



After receiving the medicine box, they left.



Chu Chen’an gripped the handle of the medicine box tightly, vaguely feeling uneasy ……



He dawdled for ten minutes or so, but still walked towards Building B again, he stepped up the steps of the fourth floor to 401.



The door of the ward was wide open, and melodious music was echoing inside.



Chu Chen’an’s calves inexplicably trembled as he slowly walked inside the ward.



When he walked in, he saw Shen Delu sitting by the window holding up a paintbrush and drawing.



Shen Delu raised his eyes and smiled, “Doctor is here.”


Chu Chen’an didn’t dare to come close to him and whispered, “I came to bring you medicine.”


“I know, I’ve been waiting for doctor for a long time,” Shen Delu stood up and put the brush down, “Doctor come quickly, take a look at my painting.”


Chu Chen’an hesitated for a moment, but still took a step towards him.



He looked at the oil painting that Shen Delu had painted, and immediately opened his eyes wide, his eyes trembled, and his cheeks flushed red with nervousness ……


The face of the youth in the oil painting hadn’t been painted yet, he was lying on a soft bed, his skin was as white as snow, his legs were slim and slender, and his posture was tantalizing.



The point was that the abdomen and collarbone of the teenager in the painting actually had a red mole that was exactly the same as his.



Chu Chen’an looked at the oil painting in a panic, it would be a lie to say it didn’t look like him.



“How about it, you also think it’s beautiful, right?”


Shen Delu looked at his painting obsessively and looked at him sideways, “Doctor, my condition seems to have gotten worse today, can you help me look at it?”



Chu Chen’an’s heart trembled.



He was tempted to throw down the medicine box right now and run.



I wish I could stay in denial like Chen’an 😪

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