C47 – Paranoid Patient

Bonus Chap

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Chu Chen’an woke up again.


He opened his eyes, his eyes fluttered in panic as he looked at the ceiling in front of him, and stroked his forehead, the real temperature coming from his palm.



He was truly awake now.


Luckily, it was only a dream.


He exhaled, slowly sat up, and heard a knock at the door.


Chu Chen’an trembled at the sudden sound and walked to the door.


“Chen’an, come out quickly, something happened upstairs again!” It was Lu Chengdong, knocking on his room door.



“Okay, I’ll be right there.” Chu Chen’an put on his shoes, and quickly went to open the door.



Only to see Lu Chengdong’s anxious face, “Someone jumped off the building again today, the same way as yesterday.”



Chu Chen’an frowned, he followed Lu Chengdong towards the roof.


He followed Lu Chengdong towards the roof and saw a bloody heart hanging on the fence of the rooftop.



The blood dripped down onto the rooftop.


It snaked into a bizarre formation symbol ……


Chu Chen’an couldn’t help but feel a chill as he frowned at the symbol and clenched his hand.



Another patient died.



Suddenly, he inexplicably remembered Peng Longlong’s words during the day, “My mushrooms are missing again, the Mushroom King is so sad ……”



Mushrooms, patients?



He remembered the number that Peng Longlong counted during the day, yesterday it was forty-seven, today it was forty-six!



He should have thought of it earlier.



The last time he came to this copy, task point one hadn’t even started yet, and he was locked into the bedroom full of ambiguity by Shen Delu.



He never had the chance to think about Peng Longlong.



Longlong was so simple and honest, how could it be him ……



Chu Chenan thought incredulously as his heartbeat accelerated nervously.



He suddenly remembered what he hadn’t accomplished yesterday, staggered a few steps, and was busy taking the lead to quickly walk down the rooftop.



“Hey Chen’an, where are you going?” Lu Chengdong looked towards Chu Chen’an’s departing back, pondering.


Chu Chen’an walked towards the end of the doctor’s office on the third floor and stood in front of the door of the dean’s office.


He gathered his courage and knocked lightly on the door three times.


“Please come in.” The dean’s voice was hoarse and polite.


“Dean,” Chu Chen’an opened the door and softly walked into the office.


“Dr. Chu ah, why are you free to come?” As soon as the dean saw that the person who came was Chu Chen’an, he busily stood up and poured tea for him, “Come and sit down.”



Chu Chen’an was flattered, he sat next to the dean’s chair under the dean’s warm invitation.



“Try the new tea I have here, I don’t know if the doctor is used to drinking it.” The dean poured him a cup of green tea, the light green tea was poured onto a white porcelain teacup, the tea’s fragrance overflowing.



After not seeing him for a few days, the dean obviously looked more haggard than a few days ago, his face was waxy and there was a lot more white hair around his temples.



Chu Chen’an looked at the teacup in front of him, “Thank you Dean.”



“Hey, doctor there’s no need to be polite with me. You are the backbone of our hospital, and I, for one, can only contribute to the effort by serving tea and water.”



The dean spoke eloquently, and then turned to sigh a few times, lamenting, “You also know about today’s incident, right? It’s really a shame to say that three people died within a few days of your arrival, Dr. Chu.”



“I took over this hospital last month, I didn’t expect it to be so tricky here. Alas, watching the patients here become less and less one by one, I feel like a failure ……,” the dean said disheveledly, he seemed to have suppressed himself for a long time, and took Chu Chen’an as a confidant.



Chu Chen’an comforted him, “Dean you don’t blame yourself too much, the priority is to find out the real …… reason for their deaths.”



“Dr. Chu you say,” the dean interrupted, bowing his head, “how much mental pressure should they be under before they choose to end their lives in such a way. It’s a good thing that the patients here have no relatives, no outside society to hold on to, and they won’t cause any social disputes when they’re gone, and I won’t have to be stirred up by this trivial matter ……”



Chu Chen’an was dumbfounded, his hand holding the teacup suddenly loosened, drooping on his knee.


He didn’t know what to say back.


The dean actually thought that they were simply committing su-icide ……



Was he simple-minded, or did he simply not want to not look deeper?


“By the way, is there something Dr. Chu came to see me about?” The dean moved the teapot closer to Chu Chen’an.



Chu Chen’an smelled the pungent strong tea fragrance, he hesitated for a moment and tentatively asked, “I came to ask, that …… is there only 47 patients in our hospital?”



“No.” The dean shook his head and looked at Chu Chen’an.



A glimmer of hope flooded Chu Chen’an’s heart, and he eagerly continued, “No?”



The dean answered him, “Doctor, have you forgotten? Another patient passed away today, there are only 46 left.”



“What’s wrong Dr. Chu, why are you suddenly asking about this?” The dean asked him in a warm voice, with gentleness and concern in his eyes.



“No, nothing, just wanted to come and confirm.” Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes and nervously gripped his fingers.



“It’s like this, Dr. Chu why don’t you drink tea,” the dean asked in a warm voice, “are you not accustomed to drinking it, I’ll go and re-steep a pot for you again.”



After saying that, he wanted to get up.



Chu Chen’an hurriedly called out to the dean, “No need dean! My stomach isn’t too comfortable, so, I won’t drink any more tea, thank you Dean.”



“Drinking a few sips of tea is good for your stomach, it’s not a problem.” With that, the Dean got up and turned to the bookcase to rummage for his tea box.



“No, there’s really no need ……” Chu Chen’an waved his hand repeatedly as he busily stood up, “I remembered that there’s still work left to be done, I have to go back to my office first, Dean.”



After he politely finished speaking, he quickly escaped out of the dean’s office.



“Oh, good, then doctor, go ahead.” The dean’s hand lurched as he looked at Chu Chen’an’s departing back and covered the tea box back up.



“Why don’t you even drink tea.” The dean muttered, and remade a pot of black tea for himself.



The black tea became colorful and red, and the tea was as if it was stained by the color of blood, churning in the heat ……



Chu Chen’an walked back to the office.



His intuition told him that he couldn’t go and ask the dean about the S-class patient.


He had to be cautious.



The phoenix-eyed doctor came to the office, sitting as usual, reading a blood-colored tome with mysterious characters inscribed on it.



The air pressure in the room was low.



Chu Chen’an didn’t dare to look at it any more, and lowered his eyes to flip through the documents on his desk.


In fact, the doctor’s work here was very leisurely.



It was just to go with the nurses to go check the rooms, there was nothing else to do.



The usual work was taken care of by those nurses next door.



The office was terribly quiet, Chu Chen’an had only been sitting here for ten minutes before he couldn’t sit any longer.



He wanted to get up and go to Peng Longlong, but he was afraid that he would run into Shen Delu …… at this point.



He was hesitating when the phone rang.



Chu Chen’an sniffed and looked sideways, it was Dr. Dan Fengye’s landline phone ringing.


Dr. Dan put down the tome and picked up the phone.



After listening for three or four seconds, he immediately stood up and said angrily, “What are you guys doing, you can’t even watch people! Now hurry up and stop the bleeding, I’ll come over right away.”



Chu Chen’an had been here for a few days now, and this was the first time he had heard him speak.



Dr. Dan’s movement to get up was too large, and the red tome accidentally toppled the information data paper piled up on his desk.



The white paper scattered all over the place.



Dr. Dan tsked and bowed to pick up those papers.



Chu Chen’an wanted to get up to help pick them up when he caught a glimpse of a blood-colored formation symbol engraved right on one of the pages of the red book.



His face went white.


This ……..



Wasn’t this the same formation symbol he had seen on the rooftop?



The phoenix-eyed doctor quickly closed the red tome and piled them back onto the table.



He noticed Chu Chen’an gaze and turned sideways, looking at Chu Chen’an grimly, coldly as if he was looking at a dead thing, “What did you see?”



“No, I didn’t see anything.” Chu Chen’an busily said, his hands shaking.


Dr. Dan snorted lightly and walked quickly towards the door, “What am I worrying about this for, in the end, they all still have to die.”


Chu Chen’an heard the words of this doctor and sat down with trembling hands.



This person, absolutely couldn’t be unrelated to the fall.




After waiting for the doctor to leave.



Only then did he bravely walk towards his desk.



Rummaging through a pile of information material paper, he searched for a long time without finding any valuable information.



He opened this red tome and carefully read a few pages, the content on it was in English, and it roughly preached some sort of morbid cult ideology.



On the front page was a passage that read, “Killing is charity, a favor bestowed.”



It preached killing, preached taking someone’s life and being proud of it, seeing it as a selfless favor ……



Chu Chen’an couldn’t look at it anymore. He quickly closed the book and put it back in its place.



He went back to the other cabinets.


Suddenly, he found a hard plaque underneath the stacked papers of the cabinet on the right.



It was engraved with…..


Attending physician: Liang Xu
Term of office: June 20XX


This doctor was called Liang Xu, and he had come here for his term two years earlier.



The doctors here had changed dozens of times in two years, while Liang Xu had managed to spend two years here safe and sound.




Chu Chen’an reinforced his inner speculation that this matter definitely had something to do with Liang Xu.




He walked out of the office, intending to look for Peng Longlong in Building B.


He had just passed through the building and turned into the stairwell when he heard the sound of conversation coming from upstairs.



“Look at my hair, has it fallen out a lot in the past few days, it’s ugly ……” the nurse’s petulant voice sounded, they seemed to be descending the stairs.



Lu Chengdong comforted her, “It won’t be, you look as good as usual. It’s probably because you’ve been under too much stress lately, you’ll be fine in a few days, why don’t we go to bed early tonight and get some rest and relaxation?”



“Ch, what does this have to do with going to bed late or not,” the head nurse said, “It’s only been a few days and you can’t do it anymore? How useless.”



“No, I don’t mean …… this,” Lu Chengdong’s voice was hesitant.


Chu Chen’an heard the duo’s voices getting closer and closer, and busily retreated outside the building.



The head nurse duo walked towards the building, and when they saw Chu Chen’an, they immediately to stopped talking.


“Chen’an, where are you going?” Lu Chengdong was unaffected by what had just happened as he smiled brightly.



“I’m going to make a trip upstairs.” Chu Chen’an replied.



He glanced at the head nurse, only to see that the head nurse’s plump face was pale, and the hair in front of her forehead was so thin that the scalp was almost visible.



The head nurse smiled down at Chu Chen’an, “Then Dr. Chu go quickly, the ward area will be closed later.”



The head nurse’s scalp itched and tingled, she was in pain and it itched so much that she directly scratched her hair in front of Chu Chen’an.



Smoothing her hair from scalp to the end of her hair, a handful of hair that was two centimeters thick fell to the ground ……



After she smoothed her hair a few more times, a few more clumps of blonde hair fell out.



Chu Chen’an looked at her scalp and went numb.


How could the head nurse suddenly lose her hair so badly.


He talked to Lu Chengdong for a few moments and walked towards the stairwell.


He had just left not more than a few steps when he heard the head nurse and Lu Chengdong whispering, “What are you afraid of, what can’t you say ah, hiding …….”


When he arrived at Peng Longlong’s ward, he saw two administrators holding their gu.ns and blocking the doorway.



“Sorry, the patient here needs to recuperate, you can come back in a few days.” Administrator #9 said.




Did something happen to Peng Longlong?



Chu Chen’an frowned and asked, “What happened to the patient inside?”


The No. 9 administrator standing on the left side hesitated for a moment, but still respectfully replied, “He smashed the window glass today and cut his throat to commit su-icide, but you don’t have to worry, we’ve already stopped the bleeding.”


Administrator No. 9’s attitude was extraordinarily good.


But Chu Chen’an had no time to think about it, he was worried about Peng Longlong, “Can’t I even go and take a look?”



“Dr. Liang has ordered that the patient inside needs to recuperate. If you really want to go in …… you can come back tomorrow, I can let you go in and take a look.” Administrator No. 9 seemed worried about it.



Chu Chen’an nodded, “Thank you.”



He looked a few more times in front of the ward door and left the third floor worriedly.


The administrator on the right side pushed his g.un against administrator #9’s elbow, “Are you stupid, daring to let him in behind Liang Xu’s back.”



“What do you know, it’s only stupid if I don’t let him in, he’s much more important than Liang Xu.” Administrator #9 approached the right side man’s ear and said a few words to him.


That right side administrator was dumbfounded and didn’t speak anymore.


Chu Chen’an walked back to his dormitory disheveledly.



After washing up, he sat down in front of the wooden chair, with drooping eyelids, and sat for a while.



He raised his eyes and saw the exquisite pastries in the food box.


He hadn’t gone to the cafeteria for dinner tonight, and now his stomach was sending out a revolt of hunger.



He probed at the two plates of pastries, pursed his lips and swallowed, blinking his eyes a few times.



Food was food, and Shen Delu was Shen Delu.



No matter what, he couldn’t waste food ah.



He thought, then raised his hand and pinched up a piece of strawberry flavored pastry and put it in his mouth.


The flavor was sweet but not greasy, soft and sticky in the mouth, and carried a faint fragrance of rose wine.




He couldn’t help but eat a few more.



Completely not bothering to think about why there was a rose wine flavor in the pastries.



Chu Chen’an’s alcohol consumption limit was one cup, but he was still obsessed with wine.


And these pastries completely satisfied his love for wine.



He had eaten five or six of them and still wasn’t drunk.


He loved these pastries.




And so.


Chu Chen’an ate the pastries on one side, his cheeks flushed a thin red color.



He was drunk without realizing it.


[Live Streaming Opens]


[Wow! Drunken wife is so tempting.]


[Help, ah ah ah ah so cute]


[What kind of beauty is this? So cute.]



[Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha this wife is drunk on pastry]


[Help!!! I love this little fool.]


[Wife deserves to be suppressed by the old attacker.]





[Wife, if you’re too stupid, you’ll be eaten by the old attacker ah]




Chu Chen’an was full.


He put down the half-bitten pastry in his hand.


Staggering a few steps towards his bed, which was leaning against the wall.



He stood in front of his bed, looking at a framed landscape oil painting on the wall and froze.


He blinked sluggishly a few times.


When was this hung up?


Chu Chen’an couldn’t recall, he was too sleepy.



He didn’t know why his face was burning.


He lifted the covers and lay down.



His small face was tantalizingly red, his butterfly wing-like eyelashes fluttered and his red lips were slightly parted.



He laid in a daze, before he fell asleep, the door of the dormitory opened with a “creak”.



Chu Chen’an squinted his eyes, gaze intoxicated, and saw the hazy figure of Shen Delu.



He thought it was a dream.



Shen Delu walked towards the bedside, holding a bowl of soup in his hand.



He sat down on the edge of the bed and placed the bowl of clear soup on the nightstand, leaning over to look at Chu Chen’an’s red little face.



He let out a low, hoarse, soft laugh, “Idiot, you’re drunk.”



“Not drunk.” Chu Chen’an laid flat, he was so drunk that his consciousness was already blurred, but he still retorted in a small voice.


“Okay, our An An is not drunk.” Shen Delu leaned down and kissed Chu Chen’an’s red lips, the tip of his tongue invaded his small mouth, making slurping kissing sounds.



Until Chu Chen’an was kissed to the point of making “whimpering” sounds of resistance, only then did Shen Delu release him, dropping a final kiss on his lips.


Shen Delu sighed, “So sweet.”



“Oooh don’t kiss,” Chu Chen’an retreated in panic, the end of his eyes flooded with pitiful tears, “I’m obviously Chen An, not Chen An, why are you kissing me, I’m not him.”



His words were slurred.



It was so cute that it made Shen Delu’s smile deepen.


“You are my Chen An.” Shen Delu pinched his reddened earlobe.


“No!” Chu Chen’an was dead set against admitting it, his mesmerized eyes looking at him, “I’m not, you’re recognizing the wrong person.”



“Baby, are you sure you still want to continue lying to me.” Shen Delu kissed on Chu Chen’an’s white and pink fingertips.



Chu Chen’an wimped out, the corners of his eyes red, he asked in a small voice, “Then, then how did you recognize me?”



“I’ve been intimate with An An day and night for so long, of course I’m more than familiar with everything about you.” Shen Delu gently stroked Chu Chen’an’s brows, “You don’t know, do you, that the way you’re scared, the way you’re angry, and even the way you eat and walk, are all exactly the same as the person in the portrait I drew.”



Not only that.


As soon as he saw him, his soul was inexplicably excited and agitated.



The soul within him was constantly persuading him, certain that the person in front of him was his Chen An.


“And ah, the people who sent us medicine over the past two years now send us biological preservatives ……,” Shen Delu said in a warm voice, “You’re the only one who brought me hyperactive medicine the other night, haha you’re too cute, baby, do you still think it’s two years ago?”



Chu Chen’an was stunned.


He was still too stupid.



It turned out that at that time he had made Shen Delu suspicious.



Served him right for resurrecting.



He consoled himself that it was just a dream and that he would be fine when he woke up.



“Then it’s An An’s turn to speak, where did you go in these two years, what did you go and do, and how did you come back with this identity?” Shen Delu stared at Chu Chen’an, “I need your explanation for these.”



Chu Chenan was a little aggravated, drunken and confused, pouting slightly, he was determined not to say.



“Forget it, I’ll wait for you to tell me when you want to.” Shen Delu looked at his pitiful little face and couldn’t be ruthless, he stroked his slightly hot forehead, “Drink some sobering soup first.”



Chu Chen’an shook his head and refused.



“If you don’t drink the soup, you will get up in the morning with a headache.” Shen Delu had a strong attitude, he propped up Chu Chen’an’s shoulders, and picked up the bowl of clear soup medicine.



He looked at his red lips and thoughtfully took the spoon, “Let me feed An An.”



After saying that, he took a sip of the soup medicine and ferried it to Chu Chen’an.




After the bowl of soup medicine was finished.


Chu Chen’an’s collar was mostly wet.


Shen Delu’s eyes were dark, and the knot in his throat rolled.



He carried Chu Chen’an out from the quilt and pretended to be concerned, “An’an’s clothes and pants are wet, let me change them for An’an.”



Chu Chen’an looked at Shen Delu in a daze.




His pants were clearly not.



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