C43 —- Paranoid Patient

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Chu Chen’an was lying on the bed, his eyelashes misty and trembling, “…… What?”


He didn’t hear clearly.



Immediately afterward, he regretted it.


He was very regretful.



That night he not only didn’t complete the task, but on the contrary, in the middle of the night he was still awake and did not sleep.


Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes and walked step by step towards the third floor ward hallway.


The head nurse stepped on her high heels and organized her blonde hair.


After Chu Chen’an was brought to the fourth floor by Shen Delu, Ward 301 was left vacant. Later on, no one dared to move in again.


They walked together to 302, which was next door to ward 301.


It was so silent that one could shiver, and occasionally one could hear murmurs coming from outside the concierge.


The door to room 302 was half-covered, and Lu Chengdong went up and pushed it open.



Discovering that there was only one patient living inside.



He was curled up by the corner of the bed, the man covered his head with an iron pot.



He was delirious and was looking down at the water stains on the floor in a daze, muttering.


“One mushroom, two mushrooms …… forty-seven mushrooms, I have so many mushrooms ……”



This man had kind eyes, he looked especially honest and fearful, and he was always bullied by the other wards.



Chu Chen’an followed at the end and watched this patient.


This patient’s name was Peng Longlong, a class A patient.



He was the only patient he met when he came to this copy last time.


He was very simple.


Although he was very sick, he had never hurt anyone.



He thought he was a Mushroom King, and he had a lot of mushroom people.



What he did every day was to count his mushroom people and call them to a meeting to announce the matters of the day.



Lu Chengdong looked back at the head nurse and hesitantly placed the medicine on the hospital bed, “Hey, Peng Longlong, come here to take the injection.”



Peng Longlong suddenly raised his eyes and scratched his cheeks as he whispered to himself, “The king is in a meeting …… The king was rudely interrupted …… The king… . the king isn’t angry, it’s okay, the wizard solved it ……”



Peng Longlong got up, sat on the edge of the bed and rolled up his own sleeves, he didn’t look at the three of them, only lowered his eyes to look at the floor and froze.



Lu Chengdong took out an injection and quickly stuck a needle in Peng Longlong’s arm.



Peng Longlong focused on the “mushroom people” growing on the floor, without any reaction.



“Alright. Here, this is your medicine.”



After the injection, Lu Chengdong casually threw the pill box at Peng Longlong’s hand, Peng Longlong lifted his hand and pinched the pill box, raised his eyes to look at Lu Chengdong, and then swept his gaze from behind Lu Chengdong and saw Chu Chen’an who was hiding behind him…….



Peng Longlong’s delirious face finally had a hint of a different color.



“This room is so damn smelly. Didn’t someone just come and sweep it yesterday? It’s really… the most annoying thing to come here…” The head nurse pinched her nose and walked out of ward 302 first, feeling disgusted.




Chu Chen’an looked around the room and didn’t find anything strange, instead he locked eyes with Peng Longlong ……


He realized that Peng Longlong was carefully looking at him.



Lu Chengdong also followed the steps of the head nurse and walked towards the ward door.



It was indeed too smelly.


This ward was stuffy, and even with the windows open, a sour, fishy odor permeated the room.


Chu Chen’an was just about to follow them when he saw Peng Longlong discreetly pursing his lips slightly and asking him nervously, “You’re a mushroom too, aren’t you?”



“Huh?” Chu Chen’an froze.



Peng Longlong carefully looked around the chamber, put both hands against his mouth, and came closer to Chu Chen’an, “But you’re different from me, I’m the King of Mushrooms …… and you’re a mushroom that’s favored by the gods.”



“The gods love you a lot, right?” Pang Longlong’s hands were a bit chubby, with a serious face.


His eyes, however, were dull and devoid of light.


There were a few deep purple scars on the back of his hands, so he should have been bullied.


Chu Chen’an nodded his head to cope and took a few steps back, leaving the ward door.


He didn’t expect that after two years had passed, Peng Longlong’s condition was still the same as before, half unchanged.



Looking at his dumbfounded appearance, he should not have recognized him.



Chu Chenan relieved himself.



The next time he came back, he would bring two steamed buns for this honest dullard.


Peng Longlong stared at the door of the room where Chu Chenan left and started counting again, “One mushroom, two mushrooms …… forty seven mushrooms, oh, now there is one more mushroom of the gods, that is the mushroom favored by the great gods …… ”



He kept muttering to himself at times reprimanding his mushroom subjects and at times praying to his great god.



“Be quiet, you are no longer mushrooms.”




After Chu Chen’an followed them back to Building A after checking the rooms, he went back to the office area on the third floor.



And the head nurse pulled Lu Chengdong’s sleeve and smiled with spring in her eyes, not wanting to go back to the office area ……


Chu Chen’an didn’t look at it much and walked straight back to the office.



The phoenix eyed doctor on the left was gone, and the white hair doctor on the right was shaking, his eyes were full of scarlet blood, and he was so frightened that he was staring at the potted plant in front of the table ……



After he sat back down, he continued to look through the patient’s information.



Every ward here was filled with A-rank – D-rank patients.


If S-class patients really existed, then where did they live?


Did they really exist?


Just as Chu Chen’an was lost in thought, the white-haired doctor on his right suddenly came over and asked him in alarm, “Can you go to the roof for me? Please, please …… I left something on the rooftop, it’s inconvenient to get it now, can you go and get it for me, okay?”



This doctor’s expression looked extremely urgent, fine sweat spread all over his forehead, and his red eyes was horribly obvious as he was staring straight at him ……



“Just help me once, help me this once …… I can give you my money, lots of it! Please, will you ……” The doctor’s hands were folded together, and he was almost about to go up and yank on Chu Chen’an.



Chu Chen’an was overwhelmed by his expression.



The more urgent he was, the more he felt something was wrong.



Chu Chen’an sat up straight, “Hold …… sorry, I have to work, I don’t have time to help you.”



“What can I do for you to help me just this once!!!”


The gray-haired doctor stood up, the pleading in his eyes instantly turning into fierce anger.



He yanked on Chu Chen’an’s collar and tried to push him towards the door, “Why are you so unintelligent for a newbie, you won’t even do a small favor! What an attitude, go! Hurry to the roof!”



Chu Chen’an broke away from the white-haired doctor’s hand and took a few steps back.



The more this man was like this, the more he felt that something was out of the ordinary.



The white-haired doctor’s face twisted as he clenched his teeth and tried to come and yank Chu Chen’an again, but he was stopped by a knock on the door.




Administrator #1 wore special glasses and poked out half of his body, “What’s going on, making a scene in the doctor’s office. Do the doctors want to go and live with the patients in Building B?”



Some of the patients in Building B were already delirious.


If they went over to live with them, they would either be dead or crippled in less than two days.



The administrator’s voice was cold and indifferent, looking at them like dead things, not like he was joking.



The white-haired doctor instantly wilted, and he sat back in his seat with a trembling hand.



Chu Chen’an also sat back down.



Calm returned to the office.


The second hand on the wall was ticking.



Suddenly, Administrator 1 came again. “Dr. Xu, you’re in charge of Building B 203, right? There’s a patient having an attack, go take a look.”



Seeing that he didn’t respond, Administrator 1 impatiently hit his gu.n against the door twice, “Hurry up and come out, does Dr. Xu want me to invite him?”




The white-haired doctor stood up and walked towards the door under the administrator’s coercion as he asked fearfully, “Only, just a cure?”



“What else could it be for, Dr. Xu,” although Administrator 1 was smiling, Chu Chen’an could hear the obvious mockery in his tone, “Isn’t that what you’re here for, a cure?”


The white-haired doctor didn’t say anything else as he winced in horror and walked with Administrator #1 towards the entrance of the building.


Chu Chen’an watched them leave, feeling that something was wrong.



Half an hour later.


The sunset by the window dyed half of the sky red, the setting sun looked like it was bleeding, and the glow was dotted with a few dark gray clouds.


He was pondering where to look for clues about the S-class patients.


Perhaps …… he could go and ask the director on the side?


The director might have valid information for him.


He glanced at the time.


He should still be in his office.



He had just made up his mind to get up when he heard cacophony and shrill laughter coming from downstairs outside his window.



“Woo hoo hoo hoo! He’s dead! The old man is dead at last! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo.”



“Dead! The brains are bursting out, hahaha so disgusting!”


“Finally dead!”


“He really fell to his death hahaha ……”


Chu Chen’an looked out the window, and saw several patients, who were looking around a body in a pool of blood ……



And the one in the pool of blood with his brain overflowing was the white-haired doctor from earlier!


Chu Chen’an was scared to the point that his whole body trembled.


He didn’t dare to imagine.



If he had listened to this white-haired doctor just now and went up to the rooftop, the person who died might have been him ……



“Chen An, something’s wrong! Damn, my last copy, I didn’t think there could be so much going on …… “Lu Chengdong hurriedly ran into the doctor’s office and pulled on his sleeve, “Go, let’s go check the rooftop.”



Chu Chen’an was pulled by Lu Chengdong and followed a few medical staff to the rooftop.



Although this insane asylum was only four or five floors high, its height was equivalent to a seven or eight story high ordinary residence.


Only on the concrete floor at the edge of the rooftop, a strangely shaped character appeared.



It was like some sort of church symbol, colored red with blood. And in the center of the character, a complete heart that was still slightly beating was placed ……



The heart was stained with fresh blood.


As if allegorizing loyalty to the faith.


Tick-tock, tick-tock.


The blood kept dripping down from the rooftop fence.


Chu Chen’an couldn’t help but cover his mouth and dry-heave after looking at it for a few moments.



The system’s beep sounded in his head:



[Congratulations, you have activated the main quest!
[Task Point 1: Find out who caused the doctor to fall from the building.]



Not five minutes after the doctor’s fall, the administrators quickly removed the white-haired doctor’s body.



The onlookers on the rooftop gradually dispersed as well, everyone was talking and scared.


“Let’s go too.” Lu Chengdong looked twice at the heart in the middle of this and glanced at Chu Chen’an.



Chu Chen’an nodded his head as he dry-heaved so much that a few tears fell out of the corners of his eyes.


Holding onto the concrete wall, he slowly turned to leave, following behind Lu Chengdong.



As he raised his eyes, he suddenly glimpsed the silhouette on the rooftop of Building B across the street.



His footsteps suddenly stopped.


It was Shen Delu.


Shen Delu was standing leisurely on the opposite rooftop, facing Chu Chen’an.



In his hand, he seemed to be holding a drawing board and brush, and was painting on the rooftop of Building A.



Suddenly, Shen Delu sensed his gaze, and the hand holding the paintbrush lurched, looking in his direction ……



as if, he was smiling at him.



Chu Chen’an suddenly felt a chill at the back of his neck.


Lu Chengdong called out to him from the stairwell, “Chen’an, what are you doing, quickly keep up.”



“Oh.” Chu Chen’an hurriedly returned to his senses, withdrew his line of sight, and quickly stepped into the top stairwell.




Shen Delu scrutinized Chu Chen’an’s moving back, put the drawing board away, and left.






Chu Chen’an was going down to the first floor lobby by himself to eat.


He asked for a light lunch box and found a secluded seat.


He held his chopsticks but was slow to start.


He couldn’t help but want to retch whenever he thought of the evening scene.



When he, Chu Chen’an, was about to make up his mind and clip a kernel of corn, the hem of a hospital gown appeared in front of his eyes.



Chu Chen’an froze, raised his eyes, and it was Shen Delu.



He was carrying two dinner plates and looked at Chu Chen’an with downcast eyes. “Can I eat with doctor?”


Before Chu Chen’an could say anything, he had already sat down across from him.



Chu Chen’an: “……”


He started to get nervous.



Shen Delu would have specialized star chefs delivering food trucks every day, there was no need to come to the large dining hall at all.



When things were out of the ordinary, there must be something fishy.



Shen Delu placed two large dinner plates in front of Chu Chen’an and moved Chu Chen’an’s dinner plate in front of his own, “I’m tired of eating all of these, let’s switch.”


Before Chu Chen’an had time to refuse, Shen Delu had already begun to eat the meal on his dinner plate.



He brought two dinner plates.


One plate was coriander and meat.



And the other plate was a bean and vegetable medley ……


The temptation was obvious.



Chu Chen’an pinched his chopsticks tightly and hesitated to move them.


His heartbeat accelerated with nervousness.



“What’s wrong?” Shen Delu gazed at him, “Is the doctor picky about food?”



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