C31—- Gentle Neighbor

Bonus Chap

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Chu Chen’an’s eyes trembled, his cheeks were so hot that they flushed a thin red.


Xu Moshu leaned down and nibbled on Chu Chen’an’s upper lip, he laughed softly in fascination, his voice low and dangerous. “My An An has really grown in ability, you’ve learned to lie to me.”


The aura around him was very oppressive, “Looks like we’ll be sleeping late tonight …… I really missed you, baby.”


Chu Chen’an’s eyes were misting with water, and his small hands were clutching the sleeves of Xu Moshu’s coat.


He raised his eyes and met Xu Mosh’s deep and dangerous eyes, looking at him while shivering, he whispered, “I was wrong, I, I will not lie to you next time ……”.


He knew it.


The pervert was definitely not right today.


“Shh.” Xu Moshu his voice was gentle and mellow, but his eyes were firm, “It’s too early to beg for forgiveness.”


“Here, my An An’s favorite teddy bear,” he took the yellow teddy bear to the bed, and placed it in his arms, he smiled in satisfaction, “so good.”


“Save all these words for later ……,” Xu Moshu specially turned the main light in the second bedroom to the brightest, “and talk slowly.”



Chu Chen’an felt that this evening was the longest.


He deeply realized how crazy a pervert who had been abstinent for nearly a hundred days could be.


Chu Chen’an was sleeping soundly next to the white plush toy cat.


The yellow teddy bear, which was 1.3 meters long last night, had already been washed and replaced with a brand new bed sheet.

The bed in the second bedroom was large and the silk mattress was soft, a hundred times more comfortable than the hard one he had in 702.


His voice was hoarse, and he felt tired even turning over.


The sunlight outside the window was bright, pouring through the three layers of curtains on the quilt inside, it became mild and bright.


Chu Chen’an slept so comfortably that he completely filtered out the system beep.


The system reminded him once again:
[Ding ~]
[Your task point two simplification topic has been made complete]
[Please hurry up and finish your topic] [Please hurry up and finish your topic]
[Task completion deadline: 12:00PM]


Chu Chen’an frowned slightly, squinted his eyes sleepily, and with difficulty changed his sleeping position to lying flat.


He tapped on the Task 2 topic page on the transparent system control panel in front of him, and a dense paragraph appeared on the page.


It was a multiple choice question:
[Once upon a time, a family of three moved in on the fourth floor of a happy neighborhood. The father was an executive in a medical group, the mother was a housewife, and they had a beautiful daughter named Qu Jiu. Both father and mother loved this only daughter and were determined to raise her to be a famous girl].

[ The family originally lived in harmony and happiness, but one day, the news of the father cheating broke their family of three originally peaceful life.
The mother could not bear the shock and became hysterical and didn’t care about her family; the father was so focused on his medical career that he seldom bothered with family matters.
The day she found out her father had an illegitimate child, it was Qu Jiu’s fourteenth birthday. She couldn’t accept the family shame and tried to throw the filthy thing into the trash many times.
In the end, it was her father who stopped her each time.
Because Qiu Jiu was born with a heart condition, and in her brother, there was a ready-made healthy heart.
The 99% match rate was the only value this illegitimate child had to survive.
Later, in order to register, they randomly named this illegitimate son Qu Jiu
[Qu Jiu, Qu Jiu.]


He was born to be used by his sister.


[ That was what the family thought.
When Qu Jiu reached the age of fourteen, his sister soon had a healthy heart. Later, his father died in a medical accident and his mother committed suicide. Qu Jiu was admitted to a prestigious university in China, and she passed on all the inheritance left by her parents and lived a wealthy life.
The brother who had his heart replaced had to be locked up in this dilapidated neighborhood, skinny, with a chain to his neck, eating and drinking in the house, suffering from hunger in the dark and dirty room all day long.
The sister only remembered to give him leftovers every other week or even a dozen days, and many times he was so hungry that he drank his own excrement ……]


[His sister said that he was a disgrace to the family and that he didn’t deserve to go to school and live the happy life he wanted to live like her.
He could only stay in this dirty and smelly room like an animal, wearing torn and tattered clothes, being beaten and scolded by his sister who had returned and abused in an extremely cruel and violent way ……]


[Qu Jiu was lying on his own excrement, so hungry that he ate maggots on the floor to satiate his stomach, and he had imagined countless times that one day he would be able to live the same life as his sister.]


[ One night, his elegant and kind lady sister got drunk and trampled on him with the sharp heel of her shoe, “You’re disgusting, you should have died.”]
[The sister played up her drunkenness horribly, her red high heels stepped on Qu Jiu’s crotch and trampled nobly on the teenager who had fallen in feces and urine, it was like she was stepping on an ant, stepping hard on Qu Jiu’s lower body ……]
[Since that day, Qu Jiu never grew taller and never cried again]


[ He was in severe pain and thought, “Why is he the younger brother, why does he deserve to die, and why must he be a disgrace to the family?
He couldn’t understand and he was not willing.
He wrapped the chain around his sister’s clean, white neck on a night when she was drunk again ……]


[He dropped his noble sister on his own excrement, making her dirty and disgusting too ……]
[He took away Qu Jiu’s life and made Qu Jiu live his life]
[Qu Jiu became a disgusting crazy bitch and he, Qu Jiu, replaced his sister with everything.]


[She was put into the room that reeked of foul odor, and Qu Jiu pulled her hair and would have her chained up like an animal.
Qu Jiu would occasionally give her a few bowls of slop, but he would put a few blades in the slop, and he liked to watch his noble sister drink the slop mixed with excrement on the blades, and watch her mouth being scraped ……]

[May I ask, based on the information you have obtained so far to make a guess, how did Qu Jiu die?]
[A.] Strangled to death by his brother with chains
B.] Starved to death
C.] Died by suicide, with a razor blade
D.] died of severe head injuries and blood loss


Qu Jiu ……
Qu Jiu ……


Chu Chen’an spent a long time reading this paragraph, before he could slowly smooth out his thoughts, there was a slight sound from the bedroom door handle.


He laid back on his side and closed his eyes.


Xu Moshu gently walked towards the bed, put the dinner plate in his hand on the bed, only to see the silver-white chain spreading from the bedpost to the slender ankle of the young man.


He put Chu Chen’an’s exposed feet back into the quilt, a subtle movement that caused a soft clink of the silver chain.


Xu Moshu went around behind Chu Chen’an, sat on the edge of the bed and leaned down to kiss Chu Chen’an’s cheek.


“Baby, it’s already eleven o’clock, get up and drink some congee, it’s your favorite barley congee.”


Xu Moshu stared at Chu Chen’an’s fluttering eyelashes, smiling tenderly, he moved close to his ear and whispered, “You must be tired after crying for so long last night, get up and have something to eat, okay?”


Chu Chen’an’s earlobes were visibly red, Xu Moshu’s hot breath sprayed on his ears, he could even hear his own heartbeat.


He pursed his lips and continued to stubbornly pretend to sleep.


“Are you really not going to eat? Then it seems there is still strength.” Xu Moshu’s fingertips played with a strand of Chu Chen’an’s hair, his voice low, “How about we try directly …… An An screams so beautifully, I haven’t heard enough.”




Big pervert!


Chu Chen’an suddenly opened his eyes and stared at him angrily with round eyes.


“Good morning, baby.” The curve of Xu Moshu’s lips was obvious as he scooped Chu Chen’an in his arms and carried him to the bathroom to wash up.


After brushing Chu Chen’an’s teeth for him, Xu Moshu then carried him back to the bedroom.


Xu Moshu picked up a bowl of congee and fed him a spoonful, “You must be hungry after sleeping so late last night. Come on, drink the congee.”


Under Xu Moshu’s firm gaze, Chu Chen’an chose to open his mouth and swallowed the congee.


Xu Moshu fed him one bite at a time, and Chu Chen’an swallowed slowly.


Soon the bowl of congee was finished.


“So good.” Xu Moshu put the bowl down and rubbed the top of Chu Chen’an’s hair, messing up his fine soft black hair.


“Want to eat strawberries? I’ve washed them.” Xu Moshu wrapped his arm around him intimately and played with his little hand.


As soon as Chu Chen’an heard the word strawberry, he naturally thought of the strawberry-colored box from last night ……


“No.” He shook his head decisively, lowering his eyes to look at the thin calluses on Xu Moshu’s fingertips in a daze.


Chu Chen’an glanced at the silver and white chain at the end of the bed, his ears turned red and he let out a small protest, “I, I don’t want that.”


Xu Moshu’s fingertips rubbed Chu Chen’an’s palm, the touch was as soft as stroking a cat’s paw, “What if you run away again, where can I find you?”


“I will not run,” Chu Chen’an raised his eyes, peach blossom eyes clear, he leaned in Xu Moshu’s arms and whispered, “I won’t run, …… remove it.”



“Baby, just talking is not very convincing,” Xu Moshu’s gaze was deep and burning, “you have to give real action.”


Xu Moshu’s smile hinted at Chu Chen’an.


Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes and his grip on the corner of his shirt tightened.




Last night obviously ended at one or two o’clock, still, still ……


“Don’t be so nervous, it’s just for the promised ten days,” Xu Moshu lightly laughed and hugged Chu Chen’an tighter, he lifted his hand and kissed him on his palm , “For these ten days, you have to stay here all the time, stay with me and compensate me.”


“The next days must be wonderful, I’m looking forward to it.” Xu Moshu kissed the corner of Chu Chen’an’s lips. “Maybe if we work harder, we can even make a little baby ……”


Xu Moshu said in a flirtatious tone, but his eyes were full of excitement and thrill.


His and An An’s crystallization.


Their child ……


The baby would be like An An, well behaved and obedient.


They would form the happiest family and live together.


How wonderful that would be.


Chu Chen’an shook his head, “I’m a male, it’s impossible for me to have a child.”


“How do you know if you don’t try?”


Xu Moshu was serious, “I heard that children are the most capable of retaining their mothers, after having a baby, my An An won’t run away, right?”


“Let’s have a daughter, okay? A daughter is good, she will definitely look as good as you in the future.”



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