C32 —– Gentle Neighbor


Xu Moshu’s tone was gentle and low, kissing the back of Chu Chen’an’s neck lightly.


He smelled the light fragrance of Chu Chen’an’s body, the corners of his lips curved up in a pleasant arc, his arms tightened around Chu Chen’an, “I hope this is not a dream, my An An …… is not allowed to go away anymore, OK?”


Xu Moshu hugged him very tightly, only to hear his words that were filled with paranoid begging.


He leaned in front of Xu Moshu, his whole body being invaded by his scent.


Xu Moshu hugged him affectionately and said many things, from meeting him to the roses on the balcony, to his experience of waiting for over ninety days.


Xu Moshu said that he lived a boring life every day.


He deeply missed him every day.


“The blue roses you planted only bloomed for a few days, and you came back, how nice.” Xu Moshu squeezed Chu Chen’an’s hand, “In the future, our new home will also be filled with blue roses, okay? I like to see An An in the water, it must be very attractive.”


He knew there would be a mosaic in the words of this pervert.


“A new home? What new home?” Chu Chen’an asked.


“We’re moving baby, sorry, I forgot to tell you last night because I was so happy. We’re moving to A City, the new home has been decorated, the decoration style is according to your preferences, you should like …… but the pool hasn’t been fixed.”


“When it’s fixed in a couple of days, we can swim together in the pool.”


Xu Moshu chuckled and whispered, “Let’s watch the sunset on the distant mountain together, enjoying ourselves in the water ……”


Chu Chen’an couldn’t listen anymore.


He turned around and lifted his palm to cover Xu Moshu’s mouth.


Chu Chen’an’s peach blossom eyes tilted towards Xu Moshu, he pursed his lips, and whispered, “You shouldn’t say… Stop….”



Xu Moshu’s eagle eyes, with a charming smile, looked deeply at Chu Chen’an.


The top of that neck was covered with traces of varying sizes, which were all marks left by him.


He was very satisfied with his masterpiece.


Chu Chen’an suddenly felt a slightly cool wetness coming from his palm, his cheeks turned red and he busily retracted his hand.


“Change, pervert.”


Xu Moshu puffed out, “So cute.”


That mellow voice with a dangerous laugh, he laughed and kissed Chu Chen’an’s white and tender face fiercely.


“Actually baby, I’m not full yet.”


He lowered his voice and pretended to be aggrieved, “Because you’re too delicious.”


“Let’s continue at night, okay? Go to the couch and try ……”



Chu Chen’an’s eyes widened, clenched his fist and hit his shoulder with self-consciousness.



Xu Moshu covered his shoulder and pretended to be uncomfortable, leaning on Chu Chen’an’s shoulder like he had no bones.


“Oh,” Xu Moshu’s forehead rested on Chu Chen’an’s shoulder, a trace of expectation crossed under his eyes, “I almost forgot, it seems like it’s time for our An An to apply medicine.”



He turned around, and went to the bedside table to get it.


As soon as Chu Chen’an heard this, he fled to the other side.



But was easily intercepted by Xu Moshu, “Good boy, we need to apply the medicine on time.”




A few hours later.



Chu Chen’an took advantage of the gap between Xu Moshu’s phone calls and clicked on the system control screen again.


He clicked on the multiple choice question and pondered for a long time.


[A.] Strangled to death by her brother with a chain.
[B.] Starved to death alive.
[C.] Died by suicide, the tool of suicide was a razor blade.
[D.] Died of severe head injury and blood loss.



Qu Jiu was the younger brother and Qu Jiu was the older sister.


The sister abused her brother at first and made him suffer in a dirty house.


Later, the brother wasn’t willing to do so, and he took away his sister’s life and lived his own life.


Qu Jiu may have started out by just wanting to keep his noble sister dirty.


Pulling her hair and bruising her head were just to make her ugly.


Feeding her slop was also to give her a taste of the life he had experienced.


Qu Jiu must have been psychopathic long ago, otherwise he couldn’t have used human flesh as food.


He liked to torture people.



In the days when they moved in, he didn’t just kill them, but made a few ridiculous games and watched people among them kill each other one by one and die slowly ……


So, he hated his sister so much that he couldn’t have let her die so easily.


Using the elimination method, the answer should be [C].


Chu Chen’an hesitated for a moment and raised his hand and clicked to select the [C] option.


The system made a prompt.


[Game answer can only be selected once, are you sure you want to submit the answer?]
[OK] [Cancel].


Chu Chen’an was tense for a moment, but he still raised his hand and clicked [OK].


[Ding ~]


[ Congratulations, your answer is correct.]


[Congratulations on completing the additional task ~]


[Reward points: X10]


【Image Message: The abyss of sin is the pain of struggling with darkness, and when pain is given by sin, pain becomes sin.]




Chu Chen’an exited the system control screen, he slowly walked towards the single sofa by the window, his calves were still slightly trembling when he took a step.



The single sofa had several books on medicine in front of the table, scattered and stacked together.


Chu Chen’an hugged the plush white cat doll, delicate silver chain from the bedpost straight around to his ankles, he felt bored and casually picked up a red book to flip through.



The book was heavy, with five or six hundred pages. There was a line of gilded English words on the cover, and he flipped over the page where the bookmark was placed and suddenly froze.



The content …… was human anatomy.


It also came with this high-definition picture, Chu Chen’an was so scared that he hurriedly threw the book back.


When he threw it back, he inadvertently squeezed a heavy book out of the desktop and it dropped heavily on the ground.


Chu Chen’an bent down to pick it up, but when he bent down, he surprisingly found a brand new small safe placed on the back side of the table.



The curtains were blown by the wind and fluttered, hiding above it.



Chu Chen’an remembered that there was no such box before.


He walked over and the silver chain made a crisp ringing sound.



Chu Chen’an squatted down to check, and the shell of this safe was of high quality, with a fingerprint unlocking function in the middle.



Looking at this safe, his heart became inexplicably nervous.


He tentatively lifted his right index finger and pressed it in the position where the fingerprint was unlocked.


As a result, he heard the “ding” sound, the safe was opened.


The contents of the safe were not much.


There were several stacks of documents and a rectangular blue gift box.



He didn’t dare to touch the blue gift box and raised his hand to get the documents.



He opened one of the documents, only to see the last line clearly read “Mr. Xu Moshu voluntarily transferred all assets to Mr. Chu Chen’an ……”



And on the left side of the signature, there appeared Xu Moshu’s handwriting!


Chu Chen’an’s hand was trembling as he held the document, he put it back and quickly closed the safe.


Xu Moshu was crazy.


He was going to give him everything.


Then use his paranoid love as a shackle to imprison him.




“Brother Chen An, what are you doing squatting on the floor?” The voice of the girl suddenly came from the second bedroom.


Chu Chen’an trembled with fear. He stood up and looked around the empty surroundings, “No, brother isn’t doing anything. How did you come in, Jiaojiao?”



“Brother Xu let me in.” Jiao Jiao hid in the corner and hugged the new doll, “Hehe, he said he had to go out on an urgent matter and was afraid that brother would be bored, so I came to keep you company.”



“I want to watch you for brother Xu, so brother won’t sneak away!” Jiao Jiao said proudly.


“Oh.” Chu Chen’an nodded, sat back on the sofa and turned on the projection TV, “What do you want to watch, Jiao Jiao?”


Jiao Jiao was obviously not interested in TV.



“Brother, you …… you still remember my ten dolls, right?” Jiao Jiao whispered, “Although, although brother Xu found out, but I did not say oh …… I don’t want ten, you can give me five, that’s fine, I can ……”



The girl’s voice was getting lower and lower, getting less and less confident.


Chu Chen’an listened with pursed lips and smiled, she was quite cute.


“Okay, go to brother’s room to get a pillow, brother will make ten for you.”




The girl instantly disappeared into the bedroom, bringing all the tools Chu Chen’an needed, she hugged the doll and shrank back into the corner, waiting obediently.


“Brother, first make me a pink one, okay, I like pink.” The girl’s voice was sweet, eyeing Chu Chen’an movements.


“Okay.” Chu Chen’an smiled and nodded his head, turning the TV to the news channel.


“Beep nine beep nine.”


Chu Chen’an suddenly raised his eyes, only to see that the TV was relaying a live news of a criminal case, and the police car outside was roaring.


He felt like he was hallucinating.


He also heard the sound of the police car sirens downstairs.




He only saw the female presenter on the TV was wearing a mask and introducing herself to the camera:



[Hello, I am the host Liu XX, the place behind me is the Jiang Yuan City Nanyang old street old city happiness district. It is reported that at about three o’clock this afternoon, the police received a tip-off call claiming that there had been two cases of vicious group terrorist abuse and murder in this old city area where the main residents should have been. After fingerprints and DNA comparison, the suspects have now been arrested by the police. These two terrorist incidents have implicated dozens of human lives, and the impact on society is extremely harmful. According to the police, they found dozens of human tissues in the closed house on the fifth floor, and various knives and pots and pans were found inside, and experts revealed that there may also be cases of eating human flesh, which is against humanity… …]



The camera switched and Chu Chen’an saw the figure of Xu Moshu, who was wearing a suit with an upright posture.


Xu Moshu was being interviewed by the media, “This happened, my love and I are also very shocked and sad, after all, we just moved in not long ago …… Well, yes, I am an investor in this old town. Because there are a lot of good memories here for me and my beloved, and I can’t let go, so I wanted to invest in the renovation and construction of this district for free before I move out, and transform it into a public welfare community that benefits the people ……”


Xu Moshu stood in front of the camera, like a scum hiding behind a gentleman mask.



He said he grieved over such tragic cases, and he said he wanted to transform the evil.



“Okay, thank you very much for your patient answer, Mr. Xu. I’m sure the viewers in front of the TV are very much looking forward to your future public welfare endeavors ……” the hostess smiled wide, attraction in her eyes.



The camera panned again and the figure of the old man in the daoist robe appeared in the screen, he was being handcuffed, even with the mosaic, he could see that the old man was smiling fiercely at the camera.


Before being taken away by the two officers at his side, he struggled and said to the camera, “I can die …… I can finally die.”


It was ironic to say the least.



The police car had already arrived at the downstairs of the district, but Chu Chen’an was still able to sit unharmed on the sofa on the 7th floor and watch the news.



No one would bother him, he didn’t even have the need to be interrogated.



Xu Moshu had arranged everything, everything in detail.


No one would suspect Xu Moshu, because Xu Moshu’s control of the huge economic chain of medicine.


The reason for this was that his wealth overrided all doubts.


Because he stood at the top of the pyramid.




This copy world was really strange.


Chu Chen’an thought.



The TV host asked a few more questions.



The sound of the sirens rang clear in Chu Chen’an’s ears, he didn’t hear much.


Out of occasion, Xu Moshu wasn’t smiling, but it was obvious that he was full of happiness, “Yes, my love and I will soon be married.”



Xu Moshu looked to the camera, “I love him very much, he is all I have in my life.”


“There are many unexpected things that can happen in life, but I believe that we will live happily for the rest of our lives, accompanying each other and growing old.”


Chu Chen’an’s gaze froze, and he didn’t even notice that the cotton had fallen out of his hand.


The news ended the broadcast.




It was now 6:00 p.m. sharp.


[Ding Bell]


The doorbell outside the main door broke Chu Chen’n’s thoughts and he shuddered.


Xu Moshu’s voice came from outside the door of the second bedroom.


“Baby, I’m back, what are you doing?”




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