C30 —- Gentle Neighbor

Bonus Chap

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Chu Chen’an was picked up by Xu Moshu, he watched the bloody body hanging in front of him suddenly fall into a pool of blood, scattered into broken bones and pieces of flesh.


The surface was fishy red and hideous, and he could see the tendons hidden in it ……


It could easily cause a physiological revulsion, he hid in Xu Moshu’s arms, trembling in small increments.


Xu Moshu supported his back with his broad palm, and he smiled to scare him, “You’re about to fall.”


Chu Chen’an was so scared that he tightened Xu Moshu’s collar and pressed his face against his shoulder.


Xu Moshu was in a good mood.



He stepped on a pool of blood and was about to carry his beloved home, whom he had been pining for for nearly 100 days.


He stepped up the stairs, and kissed Chu Chen’an’s face, “You’re hungry, I’ll go back to cook for you, OK?”


Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes, narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips, not wanting to care about him at all.


“Eat sweet and sour fish,” Xu Moshu steadily stepped up the steps, “you will like it.”




The comment section of the system live room had fallen.


[This body type difference I love it]


[Ahhhhhhhhhh so fragrant]


[Damn, why does he always kiss my wife]


[I suggest to directly buy him.]


[Ahhhhhh princess hug]


[Holy shit, a kiss on the face can be so tempting.]


[The little sweet wife is finally caught, next is the punishment session!]




The gold reward value in the live room soared to N0.1, breaking the record for the day’s live traffic in just ten minutes.


“We’re home.”


Xu Moshu opened the door with one hand and held Chu Chen’an firmly with the other. He placed the key on the entrance door.


Chu Chen’an was placed on the sofa and Xu Moshu turned around to get the medicine box.


Xu Moshu lifted Chu Chen’an’s calf and gently applied the wound for him.


After the application, he didn’t want to let go, but only stared straight at Chu Chen’an’s face.


“Honey, I need your explanation.”


Xu Moshu’s eagle eyes narrowed, peering sharply at Chu Chen’an, “Why did you die for Jiang Lin in the first place, and why did you reappear in this body?”


“Could it be that …… what you said before about liking me was a lie,” Xu Moshu looked at Chu Chen’an with gloomy eyes, “you actually liked that trash Jiang Lin?”


Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes, his ankle was still being held by Xu Moshu, he didn’t dare to answer easily.


Jiang Lin was the protagonist player of every copy.


In other words, every protagonist player he had met was named Jiang Lin, but every Jiang Lin was not the same person, their ages and appearances were very different.


But there was one thing in common among them:


All of them used the cannon fodder character as a scapegoat.


Therefore, Chu Chen’an as a cannon fodder was unlucky, in every copy, the main player Jiang Lin used him to block the knife.


And Jiang Lin had thus become Xu Moshu’s imaginary love interest.




Whenever Xu Moshu talked about Jiang Lin, he wanted to find Jiang Lin’s skeleton again and crack it into slag.


“Don’t be nervous, baby,” Xu Moshu said in a warm voice, “as long as you tell the truth, I won’t be angry.”


Chu Chen’an looked into Xu Moshu’s deep eyes and his eyelashes trembled.


The more the pervert smiled affectionately, the more abnormal he was.


He couldn’t believe this pervert’s bullshit.


“No, I don’t like him.” Chu Chen’an quickly shook his head, expressionless, “I’ve never liked him.”


“Is that so?”


Xu Moshu’s fingertips rubbed the back of his white and tender feet, leaning down to drop a kiss on the back of his feet.


“Then that means that you admit that you like me, right?”


The curvature of Xu Moshu’s lips was obvious, his handsome and perfect face was covered with a warm smile, the luster in his eyes flowed, “I’m very happy, my dear.”


“……” Chu Chen’an didn’t dare to open his mouth to refute the pervert’s words.


“So now answer the second question.” Xu Moshu said, “Why did you reappear in this body?”


Chu Chen’an frowned at the question, not saying a word.


He couldn’t say that his previous body was a fake.


This body was the real one, right ……


Xu Moshu saw that Chu Chen’an didn’t speak, he raised his hand to embrace him in his arms, “This question seems difficult to answer ah, maybe my An An is too stupid, the soul was wrongly attributed to someone else ……”


“Not at all.” Chu Chen’an whispered, not looking at Xu Moshu at his side.


“Then because of what?” Xu Moshu raised his hand, his fingertips rubbing Chu Chen’an’s white and tender face, “If you don’t tell me, I’ll have to take you to the ice cellar to compare with your original body ……”


“Or ……” his voice was gentle and low, but it held a creepy sense of oppression, he whispered, “We can go try the feeling of being in the ice cellar?”


Chu Chen’an trembled and the root of his ears turned red.


How could he go to the ice cellar ……


He didn’t want!


He was so scared that he sat up straight, “This, this is what I was supposed to be.”


Xu Moshu narrowed his eyes, he pinched on Chu Chen’an’s thin chin and scrutinized him, “What about the name, the name too?”


Chu Chen’an was faced with Xu Moshu’s oppression, and nodded timidly, “Mm.”


Xu Moshu nodded his head, his palm was wide, he held up Chu Chen’an’s small face. The pair of peach blossom eyes were watery and brimming, his fingertips rubbed up Chu Chen’an’s crimson and moist lips.


So tempting ……


Xu Moxu’s throat knot rolled and leaned down to kiss Chu Chen’an’s lips lingeringly.


[Time remaining on air: 30 seconds]


[Ahhhhhhhh damn it]


[Kissing! Buy him!]


[ Don’t turn it off.]


[ Damn, it’s about to happen and you’re telling me to close the live?]


[ I want to see my wife being…]


[Everyone, restrain yourselves, I have blocked three accounts]


[ah ah ah ah ah don’t close!]




[Live broadcast closed]

Xu Moshu’s tongue invaded Chu Chen’an’s mouth and kissed him lingeringly and passionately.


“Mmm.” Chu Chen’an was kissed to the point where he was almost out of breath, and he pushed Xu Moshu helplessly.



The strong scent of Xu Moshu filled his surroundings, and he was so hot that his cheeks turned red.


Xu Moshu hugged Chu Chen’an and kissed him for a long time before letting go, “Then shouldn’t you also explain how you came back with this body of yours? Or rather, where did you go?”


“Do you know how much I missed you these days you were away ……” Xu Moshu’s eyes were flooded with decadence, “I was thinking about you every day, looking for you, hoping you would come back… …”


Chu Chen’an raised his eyes and looked at Xu Moshu’s hurt eyes.


Again, he suddenly lowered his eyes.


His heart was stabbed.


He knew.


This pervert had been paranoidly waiting for him to return.


He was paranoidly in love with him.




Xu Moshu obsessively scrutinized the teenager in front of him and sighed, “Why? I always feel that as soon as I let go, you will disappear …… An An, you can’t be so selfish in the future, okay?”


He clutched the corner of his shirt, bowed his head without making a sound and frowned.


But he couldn’t say.


He couldn’t tell Xu Moshu that he was actually just an NPC in a copy of the game, that they weren’t actually from the same world at all.


“Okay, forget it if you don’t want to talk about it.” Xu Moshu saw that he was hesitant to speak, gently stroking Chu Chen’an’s back, and a gentle, light smile crept up under his eyes, “It’s okay, baby, it’s good that you’re back.”


“I will watch you well,” he lightly bit Chu Chen’an’s lips, “I will not let you go again ……”



Xu Moshu carried Chu Chen’an into the second bedroom and put him into the bathtub.


Chu Chen’an was stunned, he braced himself to get up, his cheeks flushed.




He really was a pervert.


As soon as he caught him ……


“What is An An thinking about?” Xu Moshu pressed Chu Chen’an’s shoulders, smiling, “Your clothes are all dirty, it’s time to change. By the way, take a good bath too, you’re tired today too.”


“Be careful when bathing, don’t let the wound get wet, the change of clothes is in the closet next to you, eh?”


Chu Chen’an nodded his head under Xu Moshu’s oppressive gaze.


Xu Moshu wrapped the wound on his knee with plastic wrap, stood up and rubbed Chu Chen’an’s hair, “Okay, I’ll go out and cook first.”


After saying that, he turned around and walked out of the bathroom naturally, closing the door sharply.


Chu Chen’an vigilantly watched Xu Moshu walk out of the bathroom before he slowly let out a sigh of relief.


He busily clicked on the system control panel.


[Task point two completion time limit left: 5 minutes]


[Your live stream is closed]


[ Live time default is: 30 minutes]

[ Your current total gold value is: 13000 】


Chu Chen’an was surprised that this thirty-minute live broadcast would get so many gold coins rewarded.


The system reminded him in his ear:
[ Warning]
[ Warning]
[Your mission point two time limit is only: 5 minutes left]
[Your current mission point progress is only 5%]
[Your task point 2 is about to leave you]


“Can I use gold coins to purchase emergency props? “Chu Chen’an exclaimed urgently.


He had used this trick many times.


Although he was stupid.


He had a lot of gold coins.


Maybe these gold coins could give him a chance to save.




[Order received!]


[Smart 001 is working on a mission plan for you, please wait ……]

[Program developed successfully.]


[You can purchase a [Quest Selectorization] prop card to simplify the quest. Are you sure you want to buy it?]

[Yes] [No]
Chu Chen An didn’t even think about it, raised his hand and clicked [Yes]


Then you will pay for the gold coins: 12999 】

Are you sure about the payment?


[Cancel] [OK]




After buying this card, he would have to lose almost his entire fortune.


Chu Chen’an suddenly felt a physical pain, but he still endured the pain and chose [OK].


And then, the page of Mission Point Two on the control panel disappeared, turning into a blank page.


There were only a few lines of red letters on the page:


[Working on making a simplified quest title for you]
Estimated production time: 6 hours.]
[Please be patient ……]


Chu Chenan sighed with relief and wanted to exit the page when he found the small words at the bottom left of the screen again.


【Warm reminder: after you simplify the task, the system’s punishment for you will also remain in effect oh ~】


[Your game punishment is: stay in the copy.]

[Length of stay: unknown.]


The detention time was unknown?


Chu Chen’an felt vaguely uneasy.


He turned sideways, looked warily at the bathroom door a few times, and saw no one outside the door before he got up to put hot water on himself.




Xu Moshu walked into the second bedroom from the kitchen and sat on the single sofa next to the bed, a white remote control cupped in his palm.


One thing that Chu Chen’an still didn’t know was that on the fifteenth day after he moved in, the glass doors of the two bathrooms in Xu Moshu’s house were changed to controlled doors.


As long as Xu Moshu pressed the button of the remote control, the rough exterior of the glass door would automatically adjust to a clear and transparent glass door ……


The beautiful view inside the bathroom was unobstructed.


The single sofa just happened to be facing the bathroom door, and Xu Moshu, with a black sleeve rolled up, was looking deeply at the clear glass door.


He took out his cell phone, leisurely dialed the phone, softly said, “Hey, Eckel. Help me to do the demolition procedures within today, convert into what you see …… in the old city of Jiang Yuan City Nanyang old street happiness district, yes, the faster the better, I hope to get the investment contract tonight ……”


The call ended quickly, and he put his phone aside and stared intently at the bathroom door.


He looked at the slow movements of Chu Chen’an in the bathroom, and a faint smile spread under his eyes.




Xu Moshu got up and went to the other bathroom to take a shower.


After washing, he tied his bathrobe and came outside Chu Chen’an’s bathroom door, knocked lightly on the door twice and laughed helplessly, “Honey, you’ve been in there for an hour, aren’t you hungry?”


He looked through the transparent glass into the bathroom interior, his eyes dark and blazing, and he licked the corners of his lips.


He was very hungry anyway.


Xu Moshu waited for ten minutes before Chu Chen’an came out in a white bathrobe.


His face was thinly red from the heat, and he looked especially cute.


Xu Moshu pulled out the dining chair for Chu Chen’an to sit down, and diligently poured him half a glass of wine.


Chu Chen’an cautiously sat down at the table, he looked at the warm smile on Xu Moshu’s face and felt inexplicably panicked.


This pervert was too normal.


This was very wrong.


“Don’t be so nervous,” Xu Moshu lifted his wine glass and lightly clinked it with the one in front of Chu Chen’an, “To celebrate your return.”


After saying that, he drank the red wine in the glass in front of Chu Chen’an.


The food on the table was sumptuous, all Chu Chen’an’s favorite food. Even though he took more than an hour to come out, these dishes were still smoking hot.


It could be seen that Xu Moshu was very attentive.


“Let’s eat.” Xu Moshu propped up his chin and looked down at Chu Chen’an.


Chu Chen’an remembered that he couldn’t take a sip of the wine in his glass.


After eating only a few bites of rice, he put down his bowl and chopsticks.


Xu Moshu gave him a piece of fish, “Eat more, or you will be hungry at night.”


Chu Chen’an shook his head and refused.


He glanced at the strawberries on the sofa coffee table, so he quickly walked over and sat by himself on the sofa, holding the fruit plate and began to eat strawberries.


He ate with his cheeks puffed out, and from time to time he glanced at Xu Moshu at the dining table.


Xu Moshu took another sip of red wine and looked at Chu Chen’an with a deep gaze, “If you don’t eat, don’t regret it.”


Chu Chen’an lightly hummed, holding the fruit plate, turning his back on Xu Moshu.




It was night.


Chu Chen’an was dumped on the big soft bed.



“Baby, I heard that you will give Jiao Jiao ten dolls as compensation, what about me? You can’t be so eccentric, I want ten days too ……”


He trembled.


Xu Moshu leaned over and tenderly kissed his cheek, “Since you like strawberries so much …… let’s use strawberry flavored ones, right? How about it?”



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