C22 —- Gentle Neighbor

Bonus Chap





Chu Chen’an leaned against the door for ten minutes, quietly combing through his disorganized thoughts.



He squatted until his legs went a little numb before he slowly stood up and went to the bathroom to wash up.


The warm water hit his body, relaxing him for a moment.


He sat on the bed rubbing his hair and noticed that the system control panel’s live feed was on.


His sleepy eyes were hazy and he glanced obliquely at the control panel and continued to rub his hair with his head down.


The collar of his pajamas was wide, revealing his delicate white and clean collarbone, and a drop of water fell from his wet hair near the collar of his pajamas.


He slightly squinted his peach blossom eyes, his long slender eyelashes hung down, like a chicken pecking rice, little by little, he was sleepy.


The system platform live had an automatic shutdown mode with a time limit of 30 minutes.



So he simply hugged the kitten pillow, leaned back on the backrest of the soft chair and closed his eyes to sleep.


The system platform’s live camera slowly moved up from his small hand holding the kitten figure to his sleeping face.


Chu Chen’an slept peacefully and comfortably.


Not even aware that the comment section of the system live room had fallen:


[Ah, ah, ah, who can stand it!]


[I mean, how can his attack resist!]

[TN: Attack — top.]

[So lovely, so fragrant]


[This is the live broadcast of a horror game, but I admit I came to see my beautiful wife]


[I really want to see him cry]


[Why is he letting him sleep alone?]


[Connect upstairs, is there any possibility that the wife is a runaway sweet wife?]


[Is he on the way to catch him?]


[Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, forced love, then I really like it]


[Buy him! Buy him!]



[Such a wife should be taken back to the dark room by his attack, and the sauce should be brewed until he cries]


[My wife smells good, I love you!!!]



The comment section continued, while Chu Chen’an had already fallen asleep.


After the “ding” sound, half an hour had arrived, the live room automatically closed.


Chu Chen’an was also awakened by this beep, he trembled and opened his eyes suddenly.


On the control panel, the background data after the live broadcast was closed was displayed.


Gold coin reward: 8200 +


The number of people in the live broadcast room: 1.2w +

Live broadcast length: 30 minutes.
Live broadcast room ranking: NO.2


Chu Chen’an squinted his sleepy eyes and marveled slightly after seeing the digit of gold coins.


But he only wanted to sleep at this moment.


He raised his hand and decisively closed the system platform’s live broadcast room.


The system issued another prompt.


[The network of the happiness community has returned to normal tonight, please complete the live broadcast of the game reality.]


Chu Chen’an frowned, rubbed his eyelids and sighed twice, bent over to open the computer in front of the table, reluctantly opened VV live and put on the cat ear headset.



Just as he opened the VV live room, there was a large wave of fans.



[ What’s wrong with An An today? He looks so aggravated]


[ How is your stay at the murder house?]


[Is there really a ghost?]


[An’s pajamas look great.]


[His fingers are pink.]


[I love cat ears.]




His account ID in VV Live was: Xiao An, usually fans loved to call him that.


Chu Chen’an couldn’t stay up, he bowed in front of the computer dragging the mouse, and set the automatic shutdown function for another half hour.


He hugged the kitten pillow, got up and walked to his bed in a daze.


Pulled back the covers and lay back.


Pulled the covers up to his chin, rubbed his face against the pillow heart, and lay on his side to fall asleep again.




[What’s up with the cuteness]


[I feel like An is here for a vacation at the murder house, so cute.]




[ You’re so cute, what do you want me to do?]


[Aaaaaaaaaaaa really super cute!]


[I’m going to steal An tonight!]


[I’m ready to go to jail, people.]




Immediately after, the screen of Chu Chen’an’s live broadcast room was covered by a constant floating ship.


User XMS sent the Paris Tower x 33
User XMS sent the sky garden x33
User XMS sent ……


[Damn, it’s the first time I’ve been so hateful to the rich]


[Ahhhhhh blocking]


[I want to see An! Don’t block it!]


[I’d like to interview a rich man on the list, do you have no heart?]


[Do you have no heart?]


[ Do you have no heart?]



[ Maybe, his heart is with Xiao An]


[ The truth]

[ The truth]


[The truth]




Gifts kept pouring in on the live screen until the live room automatically closed in half an hour.


Chu Chen’an slept well last night, and the night was calm and uneventful.


And when he woke up, he was shocked by the background data of VV Live in front of the computer.


His hands trembled as he counted the value digits of the list of gift and froze.




Why did Xu Moshu give him gifts?


He didn’t dare to think more, he panicked and closed the computer, then slowly got up to wash up.


When he came to the living room, a heavy stench came over him.


It seemed to be emanating from Su Yu’s room, and the smell had spread to the living room perimeter, immediately making Chu Chen’an feel physically sick to his stomach.


He covered his mouth in the kitchen and vomited a few times, he couldn’t stand it anymore, and hid back in his room with the jam and bread.



Chu Chen’an hid in his room until about ten o’clock, the smell had faintly drifted to his room.


He wrinkled his brow in pain and fled out of 702 with quick steps.


Li Yaya and Zhang Liang might still be in 703, he didn’t have time to care about that.


Mission point one still had 30% completion left.


He had to make another trip to Jiaojiao’s house to look for other clues.




On the other hand, 701.


The light in the second bedroom was dark, and the treacherous dark lines glowed on Xu Moshu’s handsome face.


Xu Moshu woke up with the little yellow duck pillow on his side.


This cartoon pillow was bought by Chen An before and was as cute as Chen An.



He liked to see Chen An sleep with this pillow in his arms, shrinking into a small ball, like a good little cat.


And he liked even more to see his Chen An kneeling on the pillow, crying with red eyes.


That look was really delicious.


From the back of the white porcelain neck to the thin waist that could be grasped, and the tantalizing beads of sweat.



Delicious to the point that he could hold and do it all night.


So he specially added a lot of such pillows in the house.



Anti-peep floor-to-ceiling windows, kitchen, bathroom and living room sofa …… such cartoon pillows were everywhere.


All were prepared for his Chen An.


Xu Moshu thought they were very loving.


Every day, every night, they were intimate.


Xu Moshu stroked a few cartoon pillows, got up and washed up, then walked to the ice cellar of the master bedroom next door.


“Did you sleep well last night, my baby.” He raised his palm across the ice and stroked the teenager’s face.


Looking at the teenager’s face with tightly closed eyes, he looked the same as Chu Chem’an who fell asleep straight away last night in the live room.


The same sleeping look.


Xu Moshu’s fingertips slid across the ice, from the teenager’s eyebrows, the tip of his nose, and then to his already white lips.


The sleeping look was the most similar.


He had seen Chen An’s sleeping appearance countless times.



Whether it was Chen An’s sleeping look, movements, or subtleties, it was deeply impressed in his mind.


The appearance and movements of Chu Chen’an sleeping were most similar to Chen An.



He looked at Chu Chen’an’s sleeping face in the live stream, inexplicable violence and possessiveness rose in his heart, he sent gifts for half an hour to cover the screen.


Perhaps he didn’t want to let his sleeping face be exposed in the live room of tens of thousands of people ……


Perhaps, there were other reasons, but violent thoughts disturbed his reason, he could no longer think of what the reason was.


“My An An, where the hell are you ……,” Xu Moshu leaned down and kissed the ice, “When you come back, I must keep a firm eye on you so that you never dare to run again.”



He took the wilted bouquet of blue roses and closed the door to the master bedroom.


He did this every day.


New fruits, a new bouquet of blue roses.


With the furnishings in this house, Xu Moshu had carefully arranged everything for Chen An.


Almost everything in their home was what Chen An liked.


Unfortunately, only his Chen An wasn’t present.



He drank a cup of warm water and casually drew the wilted bouquet away from the vase, intending to throw it away along with the medicated garbage in the house.


He carefully locked the door of 701 and walked towards the garbage bin at the stairway.


Between the corners, Xu Moshu caught a glimpse of a slim, blue-clad back down the corner of the stairs.


Chu Chen’an?


Xu Moshu narrowed his eyes and watched quietly as Chu Chen’an sneakily walked down the stairs.




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