C23 —- Gentle Neighbor

Bonus Chap





Xu Moshu casually threw the plastic bag in his hand into the garbage bin and waited for Chu Chen’an’s back to disappear around the corner before walking down the steps and quietly following Chu Chen’an’s pace.


At the moment he stepped down the steps, his heart inexplicably flooded with uncontrollable excitement.


The anticipation and longing he had suppressed inside was gradually amplifying.




Maybe he wasn’t just like him ……


When he took the third step down the steps, a shout behind him broke the silent and anxious atmosphere.


“Xu Moshu!”


Zhang Liang called out to him from behind him, still carrying two large black plastic bags in his hands, “What are you doing here, have you come to throw away the garbage too?”


Xu Moshu frowned grumpily and slowly turned around, in between, his expression returned to normal.





This shout from Zhang Liang echoed in the hallway, and even a slight echo could be heard.


Chu Chen’an was shocked by this shout and trembled, it was just before he could walk down the sixth floor of the building entrance.



When he heard the word Xu Moshu, he turned around abruptly and hurriedly walked back.


He was so nervous that his palms were sweating, and his calves trembled with every step he took.




He reappeared below Zhang Liang and Xu Moshu’s view again.



“Chen’an?” Zhang Liang as if surprised, said in a warm voice, “you’re also here, you just …… Why did you go downstairs, it’s very dangerous ……”


Chu Chen’an squeezed his palm, he only wanted Zhang Liang to shut up right away.


He glanced at the obscure eyes of Xu Moshu, his heart thumped.


He bravely passed Xu Moshu and looked at Zhang Liang, ” I dropped my headphones at the stairway, so I came to look for them.”



“Even if you lost your earphones, it’s dangerous downstairs. Don’t go down by yourself next time…” Zhang Liang looked gentle, as if he cared about Chu Chen’an.



“Stop, you’re so wordy.” Chu Chen’an frowned and his expression was proud and arrogant, and he closed his red lips with impatience.


“So fake, I’m tired of it.” Chu Chen’an muttered in a low voice and turned back to the corridor on the seventh floor.


As he walked, the system sent a prompt:
[Congratulations on completing the daily task of cannon fodder]


[Reward points X5]



Despite opening the window, the stench in the living room had not yet dissipated.



The burst of stench made him physically retch, he frowned and moved a small stool to sit under the window opposite the door.


Xu Moshu and Zhang Liang came to 702 one after another.


When he opened the door of 702, Xu Moshu saw Chu Chen’an pinching his nose, he rested his chin on his knees, and squinted at him warily.


Like a silly, cute cat.


Xu Moshu delicately pursed his lips and took a few steps into the living room.


It seemed that he also smelled the foul odor, but he reacted more subtly than Chu Chen’an, only frowning lightly.


“What a smell,” Zhang Liang fanned his hand near his nose a few times and coughed uncomfortably, “so stinky.”



Li Yaya was probably afraid to stay alone in 703.


As soon as Zhang Liang wasn’t there, she quickly came looking for him.


She lowered her head expressionlessly and quietly followed behind Zhang Liang, without raising her head from the beginning to the end.


Chu Chen’an pinched his nose, almost about to put his back to the wall, he let out a distorted hum, his small face was almost wrinkled into a ball, “It should be from the house, why don’t you help Su Yu take a shower, Li Yaya?”



Only then did Li Yaya look up.


Her gentle face was now only cold and mean, her eyes haggard, she was obviously emotionally agitated, “I? How is it possible, she’s …… she’s almost dead, why should I give her a bath.”



If he remembered correctly, the new set of characters, Li Yaya and Su Yu should have known each other for ten years, BFFs.



From middle school to college graduation, the two had a very good relationship.


Now with the life and death situation, they were as strange as enemies ……




Human nature was inherently selfish.


Chu Chen’an squeezed his nose and thought dully.



Xu Moshu looked at him quietly.


Every time he saw Chu Chen’an, his heart would be agitated.


Why was he just like…



Maybe his Chen An was there.


Maybe it was just a body change



Xu Moshu was stunned by this thought, the suspicions that had been pent up in his heart and hesitant to admit came pouring out.


He clenched his fist in annoyance.


Zhang Liang glanced at Xu Moshu, and then at Chu Chen’an, who buried his head to avoid sight, his eyebrows jumped, the bottom of his eyes was covered with gloom.



“Let’s go see Su Yu ……,” Zhang Liang suggested in a warm voice, then turned to look at the reluctant Li Yaya, “…… ventilate the room too.”


“Mm.” Chu Chen’an and Xu Moshu said in the same breath.


Chu Chen’an stood up with his head bowed and followed Zhang Liang, Li Yaya also followed close behind Zhang Liang.


Xu Moshu walked at the end.


Zhang Liang raised his hand and pushed open the door to Su Yu’s room.


The thick stench suddenly rushed out, so bad that Chu Chen-an almost immediately fainted.


The people raised their hands to cover their mouths and noses and walked into the small and dark bedroom.


When Chu Chen’an saw Su Yu on the bed, he immediately turned pale and began to retch by the wall.


Su Yu’s face had become bloody.


To be precise… her face was gnawed off by something, and the hollow bones could even be seen clearly in the potholes.


The blood stained the whole sheet, and the blood was dripping on the floor.


Su Yu died.


A girl who loved beauty so much, died in such a miserable way.


Her limbs were gone, even the bones couldn’t be found, the rotten flesh somehow rotted faster than normal people, there were already faint white maggots wriggling, and her lower body was covered with a puddle of dark brown corpse fluid ……



“Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhh!” It was Li Yaya’s reaction that was the greatest, she screamed for a long time.



Her spirit was on the verge of collapse, her eyes widened hideously as she grabbed her hair and muttered, “Impossible ah …… Impossible, how could it turn out like this, how could she die so quickly …… I didn’t cut her leg Ah …… ah, how can it be, so quickly dead, it’s too cheap for her ……”



Chu Chen’an dry vomited for a while, he heard Li Yaya’s words, only then did he slowly straighten up, he was stunned, “Li Yaya, is …… it you who killed her?”


How abnormal should her spirit be to the point that she would expose herself as the murderer ……



“Even if it is, so what?”


Li Yaya glared at Chu Chen’an, her eyes were dense with red-eyed silk, numb and mean, “She stinks, anyway, she had to die sooner or later, I did it in advance for the good of everyone ……”


Several people didn’t speak, silently looking at Su Yu.



“Why are you all looking at me?” Li Yaya looked around at the silent crowd and glared with hideous eyes, “It’s all said and done! She stinks, staying here is just a waste of food and medicine, I did this for you guys! Ah! What are you all looking at me for?!”


Chu Chen’an frowned.


Li Yaya glared at the crowd, cursing and running out of the room, like a shrew who was already mentally disturbed.


No one spoke again.


They sat on the sofa in the living room, leaving Li Yaya alone in the kitchen to wrestle and smash things.



Li Yaya sometimes roared, sometimes muttered and spoke to the foot of the wall, and sometimes she would smile strangely at Chu Chen’an.


It bothered Chu Chen’an.


They sat until the evening, and no one could eat after seeing what Su Yu looked like during the day.



Xu Moshu left twice in the middle of the day and was now walking in slowly through the door.


Chu Chen’an leaned back on the sofa and kept his head down the whole time, afraid to meet eyes with Xu Moshu.


Time passed quickly.



The three of them were silent and waited until twelve o’clock.


Chu Chen’an yawned, tears flooded at the end of his eyes.


Li Yaya also couldn’t make a scene.


She sat in the doorway, her gaze seemed like a stagnant water, numb and hollow.


Chu Chenan’s sleepiness swept over him, and he couldn’t stand it.


He yawned, his voice mixed with a lazy little nasal tone.



“I’m going to bed.” He stretched his back, revealing slim pale skin.


Xu Moshu’s gaze was dark as he began to rub the cap of his thumb to relieve the irritation in his heart.


Zhang Liang: “Okay.”


But Chu Chen’an didn’t care, he rubbed his eyes, walking to his room.


He was too sleepy.


He squinted and went straight to his bed, not even bothering to cover the quilt, he directly laid down and fell asleep.




In his sleep.


He vaguely heard the crunching sound of “click click click click” from the room, the sound was so loud that it disturbed his sleep.


He frowned, slightly squinted open eyes ……




He saw a middle-aged woman with a green face appeared in the slightly lit room at some point.


The woman’s hair was white, at the moment was holding a white bone gnawed click times, her whole body wounds all over the bloody flesh, blood drops constantly dripped on the floor.


She saw Chu Chen’an awake, then smiled eerily and held up the white bone in her hand, “Hey hey hey …… bones are delicious …… you want to eat?”


“If you don’t eat, you can give me the bones in your body to eat?”


Chu Chen’an was so scared that his whole body trembled.



He looked at the horrible female ghost in front of him with wide eyes, and didn’t have time to hesitate, he jumped up from the bed, shoes were forgotten, he ran straight to the door of the room.


He fought his way to the living room, where only Li Yaya was now still squatting in the doorway.



She raised her eyes unkindly, and after seeing the female ghost behind Chu Chen’an, she got up in fright and shrieked repeatedly.






“Ghost ah! Get away! Ah ah ah ah don’t squeeze me!!!”


Li Yaya heavily pushed Chu Chen’an, she squeezed out the door and also closed it, fleeing in all fear to 703 where Zhang Liang lived.


Chu Chen’an was pushed and staggered back two steps.



He was so anxious that he looked back, only to see that the female ghost was cupping the white bones with a hand dripping with blood, the corners of her mouth almost reached behind her ears as she eerily followed behind Chu Chen’an, revealing a bloody maw.


“Your eyes look delicious …… hehehehehe give me to eat it ……”


Chu Chen’an was so frightened that he lost the remainder of his thoughts and pushed open the closed door with all his strength.


Because he ran too fast, he tripped over the threshold and knocked his knee heavily on the rough floor.



The fall was so hard that it hurt him badly.


The pain between his legs rose up and he drew a cold breath.



Climbing up quickly on shaky legs through the pain, he wore knee-high shorts today, and blood from the wound began to spill down his knee.



He stumbled through the dark hallway.


With each trotting step, the wound on his knee tugged.


“Ta, ta, ta.”


Only his hard footsteps could be heard in the silent hallway.


Suddenly, the sharp pain took away his strength, and he couldn’t support it any longer, trembling and kneeling sideways on the hallway.


His nerves had been more sensitive than normal since he was a child.



He forgot to endure the pain, he covered his calf and his eyes turned red indisputably, glistening teardrops accumulated in the corners of his eyes as he looked around the dark hallway with fear.


He looked sideways, gasping for air, at the door of 702.


Luckily, the female ghost didn’t come after him again.




A blinding incandescent light shone on the side of Chu Chen’an’s face.


He subconsciously raised his hand, blocking the light in front of him.


Only then did he realize that he had just run all the way to the end of the roadway, just as Xu Moshu’s doorway stopped near.


The door of 701 was open.


Xu Moshu was looking down at Chu Chen’an’s injured knee.



The tears that had accumulated at the corners of his eyes fell with him as he raised his hand, and a tear flowed down his face, making him look pitiful.


Xu Moshu only saw him saw him on the floor, he helplessly looked up at him.


Xu Moshu looked at Chu Chen’an in silence, and in a trance, it was as if he saw the injured Chen An at that time.



That was the thirteenth day he and Chen An had known each other.


It was also on such a night.


Chen An was pushed out of the door, he held his injured calf and shrank into a ball, only helplessly whimpering.



He looked at Chen An’s appearance, his heart suddenly ignited with endless restlessness and pity.


In fact, he was excited from the first moment he saw Chen An, because he had never seen such a beautiful and warm person.


At that moment Chen An was so pitiful.


Like a poor cat.


If he were to raise it, he would never let him get hurt.


He would love him well, kiss him, care for him, and possess him ……


He thought at the time.


Xu Moshu finally couldn’t resist his inner desire and went up to pick Chen An up carefully.



Chen An’s body smelled so good, even her little hands were soft.


As he hugged Chen An, his eyes fell closely on Chen An’s white and bare neck.


So beautiful.


He wanted a bite.



But in order not to scare his kitten away, he held back.



He reluctantly put Chen An on the sofa, lifted Chen An’s calf on his own lap, and slowlydressed the wound.


The wound was around the calf to the knee and was red.


No wonder the kitten was crying.


His fingertips wiped away the teardrops at the corner of Chen An’s eyes.


He asked him, “Does it hurt?”


Without thinking, he carefully rubbed it between his hands.


In fact, he would prefer to taste it.


See if it tasted sweet.



Xu Moshu gently applied the medicine for Chen An, and his eyes glanced at Chen An’s lips.



That little mouth seemed to be slathered with honey, moist and tempting.


It should be very delicious.


He couldn’t resist.




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