C21 — Gentle Neighbor

Bonus Chap



Chu Chen’an frowned and asked, “Why?”


“Because I cut her face off.”



“Haha …… and her fingers, her nose ……,” Jiao Jiao continued laughing, her tone as delicate as usual, “Oh, and gouged out her eyes ~”



“You …… why you,” Chu Chen’an’s face turned pale and his words became incoherent, “what about your father?”


Jiao Jiao said good-naturedly, “Brother, you just saw him.”


Chu Chen’an was stunned and raised his eyes in dismay.


“The ash on the bed is him.”


He was stunned as he heard Jiao Jiao continue, “Hehe, but how is he considered my father? I don’t have a father ~”



Jiao Jiao’s tone was as casual as if she had cut a Muppet, and her laughter was still ringing in Chu Chen’an’s ears.



Chu Chen’an turned to look at the master bedroom door across the room, and then turned back to look at the skeleton on the large bed in the second bedroom.



His left hand, which was holding the doll in vain, began to tremble uncontrollably, and his right hand, which was holding the flashlight, was shaking slightly.


“Brother is so stupid, brother is afraid of the dark, so you can turn on the light ah.” Jiao Jiao said softly.



Suddenly, the room was bright, surrounded by white light.


Chu Chen’an froze and raised his eyes to look at the glazed main lamp in the second bedroom, a ring of antique bells made a crisp and eerie sound as the main lamp turned.


“Jingle Bells …… Jingle Bells ……”


Jiao Jiao excitedly said, “Does my bell look good, brother?”



Chu Chen’an dryly swallowed, his eyes twitching with the swinging bell.



【Congratulations on activating main task point two: Please find out the cause of death of the fourth floor occupant. Mission time limit: 1 day.]


[Please complete task point one: find out the cause of the little girl’s death as soon as possible.]
[Task point one completion: 70%]
[Reward points: X5]

【Task completion is just around the corner, please keep up the good work!]


“Brother, do you also like my bell? Then I’ll give it to you!”



The girl’s childish voice rang out, disrupting his complicated thoughts, and he walked out of the second bedroom in dismay.



“Thank you Jiaojiao, your bells are very pretty, but brother doesn’t need them yet.”


Chu Chen’an was so tired that he casually sat on the carpet next to the sofa, the main light in the living room was wide open and the white light was so bright that it was a little blinding.


He casually placed the doll on the carpet and raised his left hand in front of him to block the light.


He used his consciousness to tap on the system platform and spent 2,888 gold coins to buy an easy plot prompt, and he typed in the question: [Were the two people who died Jiao Jiao’s real parents?]


System prompt was displayed: [This question is a little difficult but the system can give a hint: one of them is.]


Chu Chen’an closed the system control panel with his consciousness.


Only one person was Jiaojiao’s blood relative ……


This meant…


Jiao Jiao had a stepfather or stepmother?


“Oh, well then, I’ll save it for brother Chen An and give it to you when you want it!”


“Thank you, Jiao Jiao.”


Jiao Jiao stared at the wound on Chu Chen’an’s left hand and pouted, “Brother is so stupid, your wound is still bleeding.”


Chu Chen’an put down his injured left hand, only to see several thin wounds on the fair palm of his hand, which were continuously bleeding.


The girl’s childish voice was gentle and simple.


It was hard for him to imagine that such a simple and so gentle to him little girl would personally slaughter two adults with a tragic and inhumane method.


He regained his grip on the doll on the carpet, deliberated a few times, and asked, “Jiaojiao, why are you so nice to me?”



“Because Brother Chen An is good to me!”


Jiao Jiao said firmly, “Brother will make my doll, and will care about me, and won’t let brother Xu scold me …… Anyway, I will always be good to brother Chen An!”


“Also, brother has given me dolls, you are the only one who has given me dolls! Of course I have to be good to my brother!”


Chu Chen’an’s heart felt sour.


“Hey ……” The stubborn silly child seemed happier, giggling around the main lamp with the bell hanging.


“Brother Chen An, are you still not going upstairs?”


Chu Chen’an sat up straight, “Hmm?”


Jiaojiao: “Brother Xu is going upstairs.”



Once Chu Chen’an heard this, he jerked up from the carpet and walked quickly towards the door.


The red light in the corridor flickered indefinitely, and Chu Chen’an gently turned towards the stairway on the sixth floor. As he walked up the stairs, he heard the sound of conversation from the entrance of the fifth floor.




“It seems that after so many years, you still can’t hold your tail between your legs. ……” It was Xu Moshu’s voice, his voice was mellow and very soft.


Chu Chen’an’s steps stalled.


He trembled as he listened to the conversation on the fifth floor down the hallway.



Xu Moshu’s hand was stained with a few smears of blood, and he leisurely took out a handkerchief to wipe it up.



“Hahahaha …… ahem ho …… sorry Mr. Xu …… I was just joking with you… …” It was the voice of the male landlord.



The male landlord’s eyes narrowed into slits as he laughed, and a bloody wound was on his arm, blood stained his sleeve, and his dagger fell on the floor of the hallway.



The sharp sound went all the way down the handrail to Chu Chen’an’s ears.

“Don’t get mad, I really I just hahaha, I ……” the male landlord’s laughter sounded again untimely, he was clearly begging for forgiveness, but still couldn’t stop laughing.



“Ah,” the male landlord’s laughter mixed with a painful wail.


The male landlord’s index finger was suddenly bitten off, and a strange crunching sound rang out around him.



His finger was eaten by something.


Xu Moshu smiled and wiped his hands, looking at the male landlord’s hideous appearance, “Qu Jiu, since you still can’t learn to be honest, your hands are useless, feed your sister.”



“Spare my life …… cough ha …… I beg you to spare my life ……,” the male landlord covered his bloody palms with his constantly laughing mouth, kneeling on the ground and kowtowing, “I don’t dare …… I really don’t dare ……”


“Hiss ah ah ah ah ah!”



The male landlord’s other index finger was also torn and bitten off, and he lay on his side on the floor wailing in pain.



“Kaz Kaz Kaz” the weird sound again.


Chu Chen’an pressed up against the wall and listened with bated breath and a pale face.


“It’s the middle of the night, be quiet.”


Xu Moshu squatted down on one knee, picked up the sharp dagger, and pressed the cold side of the knife against the male landlord’s cheek, “You want to kill me with this thing?”



Xu Moshu snorted, “Qu Jiu ah, you’re too stupid.”



He laughed quietly, his eyes were gloomy, and the dagger that was pressed against Qu Jiu’s face slid.


A narrow bloodstain then immediately appeared on Qu Jiu’s face.


“Pfft cough …… spare my life of General Xu …… General Xu I was wrong cough ……”



Chu Chen’an stood on tiptoe and hurried up the steps of the seventh floor in fear.


Xu Moshu: “Don’t forget, how you survived here.”



“Ho ah ah ah.”


Xu Moshu stabbed the blood-stained dagger on the back of Qu Jiu’s hand, straightened up and wiped up his hands, turned around amidst Qu Jiu’s wails of pain, and walked towards the stairway on the fifth floor.



The bloody handkerchief was casually thrown by him on the garbage bin.




Chu Chen’an quickly ran back to 702, pulled open the door and sat on the sofa in the living room.


He hadn’t sat down for two minutes when the door opened immediately after!


He raised his eyes in astonishment and saw Xu Moshu sidling out of the doorway, his eagle eyes were sharp, he cocked his head to survey Chu Chen’an on the couch.


Xu Moshu’s sleeve was stained with a lot of mottled blood.


“Don’t sleep so late.” Xu Moshu’s mood was unknown, and his slender fingers gently touched the door.



Chu Chen’an stood up and blocked the dust on the corner of his clothes from Jiaojiao’s house.


“I’m going now.”



He walked quickly towards his bedroom, not daring to look at Xu Moshu again.



“Oh~” Xu Moshu’s eyes narrowed, staring at Chu Chen’an’s desperately retreating form, the corners of his mouth curled up in a distinct arc, his eyes dark.


“Then, good night.”


Chu Chen’an quickly closed the door of the room.


He crouched down against the door.


His weak eyes trembled, twisting his fingers and gasping for air.




Xu Moshu was such a vengeful pervert.


Last time in the game, when Chu Chen’an first met Xu Moxu, he had thought he would be a reliable and gentle person.


During a group escape, he and his companions all hid in a safe interior, while the protagonist player pushed Chu Chen’an out alone at a dangerous juncture, leaving Chu Chen’an to fend off damage for him and kept the door to the house tightly closed.


Chu Chen’an looked at the closed door and felt particularly frustrated and helpless at that moment.



He fell and hurt his knee while being shoved by the lead player, the abrasions spread from his knee to his calf, and his white porcelain skin made the wound seem severe.



He had been afraid of pain since he was a child.



When he was in pain, his tear ducts developed and he covered his leg and got red eyes. Teardrops hung pitifully at the corners of his eyes, his crimson, moist lips pursed, as he sat weakly and helplessly on the ground, looking around at the shadowy surroundings, constantly trying to get up.



But the wound was too painful, he simply couldn’t get up.




A tall figure appeared at his side and picked him up with a pair of strong, powerful hands.


Xu Moshu carried him back to safety.



He remembered that Xu Moshu’s eyes were particularly nice, gentle and secure.



Xu Moshu hugged him intimately, and his warm breath spilled over his body.


Xu Moshu treated it and bandaged the wound, every action was gentle to the extreme.


Chu Chen’an even forgot about the pain of the wound at that time.


“Does it hurt a lot?” Xu Moshu held his ankle with one hand at that time, and raised one hand to wipe away the teardrops that hung pitifully at the corners of his eyes.



Chu Chen’an shook his head.


“It suits you, An An.” Xu Moshu gently tied a beautiful and delicate bow for him, and gently held his slender white calves, with no intention of putting them down.



Xu Moshu’s long, slender palm wrapped around his ankle, his fingers rubbed his white porcelain skin, then he smiled warmly and proposed, “Why don’t you move in with me? Chen An, this way we can still have a lookout at night.”



Chu Chen’an’s heart skipped a beat as he looked into Xu Moshu’s eagle eyes.


He foolishly nodded his head.



At that time, he was still happy that he had found a companion.




Later, Chu Chen’an remembered it was late one night.



He heard the sound of a female ghost wailing, and his companions who were with him died one after another.



He hid in fear in the closet inside room 703.


One of his companions also fled towards the bedroom, but before that person could touch the bedroom door, he was yanked by Xu Moshu by the back collar.


Chu Chen’an looked over through the gap in the cabinet.



Only to see Xu Moshu’s gloomy and cold expression, but his face still had a cold smile on it, he asked that person, “Did you push Chen An out?”


That companion trembled and shook his head, “No, it wasn’t me ……”


“Oh sorry, it wasn’t you.” Xu Moshu loosened the man’s collar.


The man thought he had escaped.


“Then why didn’t you stop it?” Xu Moshu slyly asked.



After saying that, that companion was pushed out of the door by Xu Moshu.


“Ah! No ah! Ahhhhhhhhh.”


That person’s hands were was bitten off and his body was eaten clean.



Blood splattered onto the bedroom door, and Chu Chen’an was frozen in shock by the scene.


He saw Xu Moshu turn around leisurely and walk into the bedroom.


“An An, don’t hide, I haven’t seen you in two hours, I miss you so much ……”


Xu Moshu was like Satan walking in the purgatory on earth, stepping on blood everywhere to catch him.

“It seems that you will go to bed two hours later tonight. How about moving yourself today?”


Suddenly, Xu Moshu put his hand on the door cabinet. He bowed, and the tall shadow covered him like a black net.


Xu Moshu smiled and looked at him hiding in the closet. “It’s time we went home, baby.”


The minute hand in the bedroom made a light sound.



Chu Chen’an leaned his back against the door and took a deep breath.


Then he buried his head in his lap.




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