C31 – Nuo- Mask (IV)

Bonus Chap

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Kou Dong was good. He had just one problem, he wanted to be someone else’s father.


Ye Yanzhi couldn’t understand where his stimulating fatherly feelings came from….


Later, he thought about it carefully and concluded that this man was just willing to take advantage of others.


Someone had to smooth out his fault – the kind of friction grinding.


He looked at Kou Dong deeply and put the matter of “growing up as soon as possible” on the agenda again.


There was no time to lose.


If there was further delay, this person could go to the sky.



Kou Dong, who could reach the sky, walked around the village twice. This time, he didn’t even see a child. Maybe it was because he nearly bought one last time. Every family at home locked their children in the door and didn’t ‘t let them out at all.


Kou Dong’s clay figurine method was useless, so he had to give it all to his cub, he said it was conductive to promoting the healthy growth of children’s body and mind.



Ye Yanzhi, a mature man who was 21 years old physically and mentally: “…”


With regard to the craftsmanship and childlike innocence of playing clay figurines, where did Kou Dong get it from?



He talked about the matter, “Is there any clue about the ghosts?”



Kou Dong squinted and looked a bit lazy. He poked the grass on the ground, “Yes.”



Ye Yanzhi: “What?”


Kou Dong seemed to be thinking. Then he said slowly, “Actually, I have a very simple method.”



The little man stood up from his shoulder and looked at him.


Kou Dong: “Alas, it doesn’t have to take so much trouble at all. For example, I will release the news that I want to take a bath…”


Ye Yanzhi: “????”


This had nothing to do with bathing?


Kou Dong: “Anyone who comes to peek, is a ghost. –It’s that simple.”


Ye Yanzhi: “……”


Ye Yanzhi couldn’t say whether he was angry or amused.



In the heart of the youth, was this game so obscene?


Ye Yanzhi was tired.


Kou Dong was very aggrieved: “It’s not my fault that I think they are obscene. What do you think they do?”



And the idol, what was the purpose of pulling the paper man in? Don’t think he doesn’t know – although it was covered by red cloth, it couldn’t cover the sound, OK?



That movement, which was in line with the core values of socialism?


All had to be rebuilt.


Ye Yanzhi’s knees hurt even more. He was silent for a long time before he said, “Their ideas, may be too extreme.”



Kou Dong said incredulously, “You call this extreme?”


Was this not called perverted?





The villain was completely silent. Only after half a day did he pull a strand of Kou Dong’s hair and stifledly choked out the sentence, “It’s too rash to take this as a decision.”


Making a bait with the youth himself – Ye Yanzhi couldn’t accept it just by thinking about it.



Kou Dong thought for a while, but was convinced by him.


“That’s right. What if there is such a pervert among players?”


It was hard to say, anyway, since entering the game, he felt that he had extra potential to attract psychopaths ……


Ye Yanzhi tightly pursed his lips, and didn’t say a word.


The coffins of the dead villager was carried up, they blew gongs and drums around the village, heading south.



From the looks of it, this was clearly an ordinary funeral. The family cried, strong men carried the coffin, followed by a band of blowers and drummers in front and behind, marching fervently towards the burial place. White clothes, white flowers, white paper money, only the paper man was colored, the top two eyes were painted black, which didn’t seem right.



Kou Dong met the Nuo masked person who had just been beaten in front of a villager’s house. There were many eyes painted on the Nuo surface, which were different from each other. A sudden glance seemed to make people afraid.


It was Erlang.


Erlang was squatting on the ground and looking intently. When Kou Dong approached, he found that he was looking at the footprints.


Those were the footprints left by the people who had just carried the coffin. They easily left traces on the mud. Erlang stared for a while, and said without looking up: “Do you see?”



As soon as she spoke, Kou Dong realized that this was the land of yesterday.


The female voice hadn’t changed at all.


Kou Dong simply also squatted down and seriously looked for a while, “What is wrong?”


Erlang said, “The depth is not right.”


She instructed Kou Dong to also step on the side of a footprint.



When Kou Dong lifted his foot up, Erlang seriously commented, “You are shorter and lighter than him, and more importantly, he is also carrying something, so it is reasonable that the force of stepping should be heavier than you.”


Kou Dong: “……??”


Talk well, why suddenly mention height?


Personality attack?


He held back, “I’m very tall.”


It was this copy made him short!



Erlang ignored him, “It doesn’t matter – the point is, his footprints are shallower than yours. What does that tell you?”



Kou Dong pretended to be confused, “What?”


Erlang sighed, with a bit of hate: “That means there’s nothing in that coffin, at least not a dead person.”


She stood up and urged, “Come on, let’s follow to see.”



The two people were not far behind the funeral procession, the mourners were just blowing and beating, they moved forward, as if no one had paid attention to them.


Even so, the two still followed carefully. They finished the last street and slowly realized that the road under their feet had changed.



It was no longer a smooth dirt road, but a thin sheep’s intestine path. The road had a lot of moss, moss surface covered with a thin layer of water mist.


In front of him there was also a sudden appearance of other scenes, the sharp mounds of earth came into view, just below the dull sky, in front of a succession of trees. Because no one took care of it, grass had long grown everywhere, densely covering the yellow soil underneath.



Deserted mound withered forest.


Erlang asked in a low voice: “Have you seen here yesterday?”



Kou Dong shook his head.


On the first day, he walked through the whole village, but no matter how he walked, it was the same street. He never walked out of the village. This was the first time he came to the cemetery.


Erlang said, “I haven’t seen it before.”


She paid close attention to the movement in front of her, and her voice was very low: “Alas, the coffin is down.”



The soil had been dug, and the widow finally put down a shovel and put the shovel aside. Several strong men worked together to lift the coffin and slowly put it into the tomb.



Kou Dong stared closely at the men and suddenly felt that something was wrong, he could actually see their exposed teeth from such a side.




He suddenly realized that they were laughing.



He looked over one by one, and the more he looked, the more his scalp tingled.


Not one, but everyone- they had surrounded the tomb, each with a smile on their faces.



This smile in such an occasion, the situation, wasn’t at all intimate, but creepy.



Kou Dong gently touched Erlang, he wanted to signal her to go now. But she mindlessly stared firmly at this scene, her head didn’t even turn, the mood was simply demented. Kou Dong even tugged her several times but she didn’t respond, and he finally had to heavily pat her.



This time, she finally shivered and turned her head. Nuo mask with dozens of eyes were directed towards Kou Dong, she opened her mouth: “F -”



Kou Dong quickly covered her mouth, her heart thumped in fear.



Her voice wasn’t low.



They were now crouching behind a grave, not far from those buried, and speaking at such a volume could easily be heard by the others.


He leaned out his head carefully, and sure enough, he saw those people twisting their heads, looking suspicious, as if looking around.



Erlang was stiff all over, as if she had just realized what she had done. She curled up and didn’t dare to move.



The mourners were discussing, and immediately there was a sudden silence around them.


Kou Dongxin finally relaxed a little. Before he could put it down completely, his heart jumped again——



He heard footsteps.


Someone stepped on the grass and leaves, making a rustling sound, getting closer and closer. Kou Dong didn’t even need to turn his head, he could feel the other’s searching eyes wandering in the vicinity.



His hand slowly grabbed a handful of dirt on the grave.




Closer. They were now at the back of the grave, and if only this man took two more steps forward-



Ye Yanzhi hugged him tightly, moving more like a comfort. Erlang leaned over him and covered his mouth to death, blocking the sound of breathing that might leak out through his fingers.


Kou Dong heard the prickly sound of a heavy object dragging the ground. The man seemed to lift the heavy shovel, held in the hand, if they couldn’t escape, they would certainly be hit.



Run? No. The ground was unobstructed, except for this side of the grave there wasn’t much cover. In addition, these coffin bearers were strong, the two couldn’t run faster.


Don’t run?


Such a heavy shovel, just one hit was enough to make them bleed. What would happen afterwards? No one dared to think.


They had to fight to the death.



Kou Dong gritted his teeth and made the worst of it, and instructed Erlang to split up and run later. They held their breath, feeling the shadow of a man slowly looming over their heads –






A scream suddenly rang out from the north, like it came from one of the players. The NPCs one step away from them froze, then abruptly turned their heads and ran in stride towards the place where the sound was made. The sound of the shovel gradually got farther and farther away, and Kou Dong then believed that he had actually gotten away with it again. He fiercely pulled Erlang’s hand, indicating to hurry.



The two then peeked out from behind the grave, then quietly went back along the path, the good news was that there was no danger, and soon they saw the village houses.



This shock wasn’t trivial, Erlang covered her heart and said she was simply scared out of her mind.


Kou Dong was fine, he just used this time to appreciate the benefits of his cub.


If not for the presence of Ye Yanzhi, he wouldn’t have this luck.


You know, when the supermarket did a lottery draw to thank customers for their patronage, he still got nothing……


Erlang was stunned and still looked back.


“Who did they catch?”


Kou Dong shook his head, and his heart sank a little, “I don’t know.”


It wasn’t a good thing.



The two were silent for a while, and only after a long time, Erlang said, “Thanks to you today.”


Kou Dong: “I didn’t do anything either.”



“That’s not true,” Erlang said softly, “I was the one who almost caused a big problem. I don’t know, how I picked that moment ……”



She reached out to adjust the Nuo mask, pausing for a moment, as if making a big decision.



“Actually, there is nothing I can do to repay you,” she said, “If I draw you tonight, you – identify me.”


“I’m human.”


Kou Dong was a little surprised.


In fact, according to his guess, even if the person identified was indeed a person, there would be no good result. On the contrary, this was equivalent to exposing the identity of the other party to all Nuo masks. According to the sentence ” ghosts are also looking for people”, it would become a death sentence, and ghosts would go to them that night.



This matter, he didn’t think Erlang was unaware.



She seemed, like a smart person.


Erlang laughed bitterly: “No way. If you don’t identify, of course, it is the best – but if you are really chosen, you have to choose a sure thing, right?”



“It can’t be like you did yesterday, aiming the spear at the NPC. that kind of opportunity won’t come again today.”


Kou Dong said calmly, “It won’t draw me every day either.”


The NPC could pick him once for selfishness, but not every time, it was against the rules of the game set by the system.


With his cub’s luck added, Kou Dong was confident he can avoid bad luck.


Erlang sighed vaguely, “I hope so.”



Who knew, he wouldn’t be the “lucky one” today.



At eight o’clock in the evening, all the Nuo masks again went in front of the temple. This time, Kou Dong didn’t come so early, occupying the seventh position.


Lying on his shoulder, Ye Yanzhi sized up the people who came.



By eight o’clock, there were a total of ten chairs with people sitting on them.


This was what Kou Dong expected. The smiling monk who was eaten last night, and the Nuo mask unexpectedly found in the cemetery today… these were all the rest.


Ye Yanzhi also thought so, so he wasn’t surprised.


However, the Nuo masks, who didn’t know about the grave, looked at the right chair frequently, and was a bit jerky.



Tonight, they didn’t see Bai Nuo mask coming from the end of the path. It was the candle in front of the statue that seemed brighter, reflecting them clearly.


Kou Dong sat on a chair and waited, and suddenly heard movement from the right. A few seconds later, a person wearing a land Nuo mask stumbled over from that side, panicked.


“I, I ……”



He gasped and said in horror, “I was lost… I met someone. Why couldn’t I walk along that road just now?”


Kou Dong was stunned and turned to look at him. His heart suddenly sank.




He and Ye Yanzhi looked at each other.


Their previous deduction was overturned, – the eleventh Nuo mask appeared in front of their eyes.



The new land was shaking all over. He didn’t see the white Nuo mask from last night, but clearly knew that he was late. The rules of the game said that all Nuo masks must be on time at eight o’clock, they couldn’t be absent.


And at eight o’clock, he was already considered absent.


He fell into the eleventh chair, his body shivering slightly uncontrollably.



“It’s okay,” he forcefully comforted himself and said to the Nuo mask beside him, “he’s not here yet – he didn’t notice, did he?”



Nuo-fan, who was sitting in the tenth seat, didn’t answer. The new land murmured one after another, “It’s okay, it’s okay ……”


Ye Yanzhi shook his head.



“He’s thinking too simply.”



He leaned over Kou Dong’s ear and said faintly.



“This is already a clear violation of the rules for him.”



“And what the system is most tired of, is people who violate the rules.”



The tip of Kou Dong’s ear twitched, hearing the system from his cub’s mouth for the first time. The tone of voice made Kou Dong feel wonderful.


He had thought that Ye Yan Zhi was also manipulated by the system.


After all, that egg was drawn from the redemption pool by Kou Dong’s hands.



But now, listening to Ye Yanzhi’s tone, it was not the same thing. He spoke of the system, he obviously knew a lot, but the tone wasn’t intimate, but rather like aversion.



This attitude was really subtle. The tips of Kou Dong’s ears again couldn’t help but tremble.



Ye Yanzhi spoke well, but he was distracted by his moving ears and reached out to touch. Who knew, as soon as he touched the earlobe, the young man suddenly leaned back and asked in a low voice, “What are you doing?”


He rarely had such a big response.


Ye Yan was confused at first, and then suddenly came back.


——What does this mean?



This meant something!



The melody of turning over the serf to sing suddenly rang in his head, he slightly pursed his lips and replied, “I just wanted to.”


Kou Dong was a little squirmy, he pulled him off his shoulders and placed him on his lap to hold it in place, “Don’t touch.”


His earlobe was very sensitive. Just talking against the ear was still tolerable, if he touched, it was simply to kill him – it felt as sharp as electricity.


“Be good,” he said vaguely, “Daddy will make you a clay figure later.”


The little man didn’t say a word this time, still reveling in the joy of actually finding Kou Dong’s sensitive spot.


When Kou Dong didn’t notice, his cub stared at his ear with wolf-like eyes several times.





It was a good place.



Kou Dong pulled away from the topic, “How come that white one didn’t come today?”


Not only did the white Nuo mask not come, but no one else came either. The whole venue was empty, only the eleven chairs were filled.


At this moment, however, the door of the temple made a dull creak, attracting everyone’s eyes.


“Moved!” The Nuo mask nearby seemed to see something, and it suddenly became agitated, “The idol… the idol moved…”


He was right. The statue was coming out of the temple slowly.


It was extremely high, nearly three meters long, and every step was very powerful. The red cloth that was originally covered on the top had disappeared, and they had finally been able to see the true face of the statue.




As soon as Kou Dong saw the face, he exploded and cursed.



As he cursed, he also forgot to cover Ye Yanzhi’s ears.


Ye Yanzhi: “……”



The man’s body was strong and powerful, handsome face, typical broad shoulders, narrow waist, long legs – Kou Dong was too familiar with this one.


He was a love game anchor, and he went out on dates with this NPC every day. This NPC’s style of action was also quite domineering, people bought a ticket to the movie theater, he simply bought a theater.



People would at most buy a few pieces of clothing, he directly built a factory.


People sent diamonds, he sent a diamond mine ……


In the experience of this love plot, Kou Dong also really experienced the benefits of a rich man. That wasn’t even a mine at home anymore, that was home built on the mine.


Also, this NPC had a more widely known identity abbreviated: overlord.


Kou Dong’s mouth was full of lemons at first, but now Kou Dong’s cheeks and his teeth ached.

He watched the statue stride out and whirl around with his two wooden hands grabbing the tiny sign tube and began to shake it.


Kou Dong: “……”



Kou Dong suddenly understood the change today.



…… should not be because that sentence, right?



He asked yesterday if White Nuo mask was the owner of the temple, White Nuo mask said no, and the result was that he was caught short.



So today, the real temple owner came?


No – this game shouldn’t be so strict?



The statue of the god stood there, the tall figure set off the sign tube like a toy in the hands of a child, crackling and shaking. It was obvious from his carved wooden face that the was unhappy.



It shook the sign on one side, while glancing at Kou Dong again and again, bursting with anger.



Kou Dong rubbed his chin, a little confused, “What did I do?”


Ye Yanzhi reminded him, “You got him to work.”



Kou Dong: “……”





If not for his words yesterday, he would still be eating offerings at the god’s table.


Ye Yanzhi whispered, “You used a double yesterday ……”


Kou Dong: “!”



Yeah, he even cheated it yesterday!


No wonder the idol looked angry at him. The prey that was finally found ran away and was replaced with a thin piece of paper – nothing could be done just by looking like it.



Speaking of the paper man, Kou Dong remembered, “Where are my props?”


He seriously surveyed the idol from top to bottom several times, and finally found a few pieces of scraps of paper on the feet of the idol After the prop had been effective, the idol realized that he had been cheated, so he was furious and tore it to pieces.


The sign box was still shaking, and the eyes of Nuo masks were firmly on it. The new land was the most concentrated. He secretly prayed that it didn’t see.


It did not see, it did not see ……


He repeated the phrase almost nervously to make his heart a little more peaceful.


Finally, one of the sticks fell out of the barrel. The idol leaned down and held it firmly in his hand.


Immediately, its hand turned slightly, and its huge finger pointed to the rightmost Nuo mask.



It was the eleventh one.



The new land’s was blocked by the Nuo mask became white, and for a long time couldn’t get up from the seat.


The statue took a step forward, with the finger still pointing at him.






Last night’s lesson was still fresh in his mind, he gritted his teeth, finally trembling from the chair to stand up. He looked past the Nuo masks present one by one, and finally snapped his eyes shut and reached out to point at one of them.



“I choose–”



He clenched his chattering teeth hard, desperately spitting out the words.



“I choose him.”



The finger swept past Kou Dong’s body and stopped at number six. The chosen Nuo mask trembled in shock.

It was the fish spirit.




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