C32 – Nuo Mask (V)

Bonus Chap

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The new land pointed to the fish spirit, voice trembling.


“I – I think he is human!”


His heart had been taken over by the horror he now faced, he defiantly said, “He must be human!”


The fish spirit’s teeth gritted and creaked. Kou Dong heard him incredulously speak, “You ……”


He propped up the armrest violently.


The statue slowly turned around, extending his hand towards him. The candle flame at the head of the temple barely lit up this small area, the fish spirit was in the light, his body was shivering slightly.


He finally got up from his chair and stood opposite the new land.


“He must be human,” said the new land, “he said so …… he must be ……”



Kou Dong’s brow knitted.


Such a tone of voice, was really unpleasant.



The new Land moved with shaky hands and finally went to take off the mask of fish spirit. After removing the Nuo mask, there was a pale man’s face behind it, without any color. The whole audience waited quietly, and nothing happened after waiting for a few minutes – instead, the person whose mask was removed collapsed on the ground, and his pupils tightened.



He guessed it right.


These words appeared in everyone’s heart, and then sank down heavily.


The new land, however, was fiercely happy, his grip on the mask loosened, and said loudly: “I said it!”


“You see? –He’s a human being!”



“He is a man!!!”


He was shocked and delighted, overflowing with the excitement of the aftermath, yelling for every one to see. When he got to the Nuo masks on the chair, he realized that it was wrong – the Nuo masks didn’t even move.


They didn’t look at him either, they just stared at the limp man on the ground.



The new land finally realized what was going on. He slowly shifted his gaze down, hesitated for a few seconds, and finally looked at the fish spirit on the ground as well.



The fish spirit’s hand covered his face, and he suddenly let out a shout that barely resembled a human being.


That cry was full of despair, everyone heard it.


The new land’s body also trembled, he averted his eyes and whispered: “Don’t blame me, I have no choice ……”


The man was already ashen and stopped talking.


While his identity was verified, the fact that he was human was also exposed to all the ghosts.


–what would happen tonight?


He no longer wanted to know.


Ye Yanzhi frowned seriously.


“One life for one life.”


Kou Dong didn’t say anything, he was also a little less comfortable.



In this way, the only way for human beings was to find ghosts. If it was human, it was basically equivalent to killing each other.


This game was far more cruel than he thought.



The look of the statue seemed to be happy. He picked up the signbox again and shook it in his hand. This time, the number one fell out.



The Turtle Nuo mask was trembling and pointed to the eighth player, the new Zhong Kui.


He identified the other player as a ghost.


The new Zhong Kui Nuo mask was taken off, and inside was a green and fanged ghost face – a face that was never what a normal person should have.


This was a ghost!



Kou Dong sighed, a little relieved, and saw the idol coming towards the discovered ghost, and immediately, a fire was lit from the palm of the idol’s palm.


There was a bright light blue around the flame, and the god stretched the fire towards the ghost, and soon lit his hair.



“Ah ah!”



The ghost began to struggle and exclaim. He rolled desperately on the ground, trying to suppress the fire on himself. However, no matter how he rolled, the fire didn’t tend to decrease at all. He was caged in the blue fire from head to foot, and could only stretch out a scorched hand with all his strength.



“Help me,” he moaned, saying over and over again, “help me–”



No one moved. Everyone knew it wasn’t one of them.

The smell of burning flesh spread through the air and made people’s heads numb.



The figure in the fire shrank again and again, eventually turning into a charred charcoal, unable to distinguish even the limbs. He fell to the ground, by the idol’s feet hard, and instantly collapsed into a pile of ashes.


The statue’s body was also covered with the ghost’s ashes. He twisted his head in silence and regained his pace, walking toward the temple.


This was undoubtedly a signal of the end, but still no one moved, until his figure disappeared at the gate of the temple, and then the Nuo masks rose again and again.


The fish spirit Nuo mask was still lying on the ground, full of fear, unable to speak a word, just staring at the new land with resentment. He was an ordinary young man, and his facial features were not surprising, but at the moment, his eyes seemed to be burning, as if he wanted to tear him into pieces.



The new land didn’t dare to look at him, his footsteps was hurried, and he was the first to walk in front. His wide white robe rolled in the air and disappeared in the blink of an eye.


“How impersonal.”


Kou Dong heard Erlang whisper.

He turned his head over and gestured for her to continue.

Erlang explained, “I saw them this morning. This land sneaked into the temple and was discovered by the villagers and was almost set on fire – the man saved him.”



It was probably on the way to escape. In order to reassure people, the man revealed his identity.



He thought it was a kindness from humans to help each other, but a day had passed and this statement had become his death sentence.



Return what kindness? On the contrary, it was a catalyst.



Kou Dong listened til the end, his brow also wrinkled up. He was silent for a few seconds and said, “Indeed, it’s not right.”



He wasn’t a decent man, but he never wanted to harm people.


Erlang was still staring at the person on the ground. She murmured, “If only I knew what that guy’s identity is tomorrow ……”



There was obviously an unfinished business in this sentence, Kou Dong heard it and twisted his head to look at her.



“And you can’t be sure.” He said, “It is better not to be hasty.”


This was different from a side game, one wrong step was a dead end.




Erlang was silent for a while, “That’s right.”



“Besides,” she said softly, “it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll die.”


“There might be a chance of life.”


This time, Kou Dong didn’t answer. In fact, both people knew very well in their hearts that there would be no more chances of life.


But if there was a little hope, the man wouldn’t be in this state.



This night, Kou Dong did not sleep well, just lying in bed and waiting. He waited until after midnight, then he violently heard a wail ring out, full of despair.


He closed his eyes tightly again.


Ye Yanzhi lying on his side, suddenly reached out his hand and covered his ears.


He was now small in stature, his hands were also small, two hands could barely cover one together.



Kou Dong’s body shivered a bit again, he couldn’t say if it was because of sensitivity, or because of something beside. He laid on his side and clearly heard the thumping of his heart.


Ye Yanzhi kept a blank expression: “Don’t think about it.”



Kou Dong really couldn’t not think. He closed his eyes and murmured: “Cub, I feel a little strange ……”


Villain: “Hmm?”


Kou Dong couldn’t describe how he felt. He worded it for a moment before whispering, “I had thought that the idol and the ghost should be on the same side.”



But right now, it didn’t seem to be.


The god here was alone out of the top, he cared neither for people nor ghosts, he just wanted to have fun with it – as the system said, it was a simple game for him.


They were all in this game field, and had to k-ill each other.




Kou Dong rolled over. His voice lowered, he asked, “Do you think, up here – could there be such a god?”


NPCs and players, were all just pawns for his amusement?



Ye Yanzhi looked at the system box next to him. The system was quiet, and showed no sign of jumping out to remind.


He was silent for a few seconds and finally answered, “No.”


Kou Dong: “Your answer is too sure.”


Ye Yanzhi still said, “No.”


He explained, “It has a tendency and a purpose.”



After this sentence was uttered, a dialog box popped up from the otherwise unmoving system, and big bright red letters reminded him in front of him that


[You have violated!
You have violated the rules!
You have violated the rules!]


He could no longer say more.



Kou Dong’s eyes opened and looked at him blankly. Even though it was blocked under the thick Nuo mask, Ye Yanzhi could still imagine his expression – long eyelashes trembling slightly, the thick black pupils under the eyelashes gazing intently at his expression.


He was familiar with every small expression of the youth. Even if it was blocked now, he knew it all.


And the tendency and purpose of this system-



Ye Yanzhi’s hand stroked the hideous Nuo mask, shook his head, and finally swallowed the words back into his belly.


He didn’t tell the youth that all the goals of this game, all laid in him.



—Only in him.


In game field, you are the supreme prize, the unique god.



The game entered the third day, Kou Dong gradually began to get tired of the Nuo mask.


He stared at the Zhubajie Nuo mask on his bed: “I’ll get acne if I keep wearing it.”


Wearing it every day was very heavy.


In addition, the people in this copy lost their appetite, and Kou Dong’s fun was reduced by half in an instant.



What else could Ye Yanzhi do? He could only comfort him, and coax him to endure, it wouldn’t take long to end –


In fact, this was pure bluff.


Kou Dong dawdled to put the mask on his face, muttering in a low voice: “Might as well use the bath trick ……”


Ye Yanzhi: “……”



Kou Dong was washing his face, and heard the sound of gongs and drums blowing from outside. Listening to this movement, a new person died.



He put the cub to his shoulder, and was about to step out of the door, but his footsteps slightly stalled.



Ye Yanzhi also knew why he paused, just outside the sound of gongs and drums, he heard a new movement.


The same hot and lively gongs and drums.


Today, there were two people being buried.



Kou Dong murmured, “What a coincidence.”



Indeed, the first day a person died, there would be a person buried; the second day two people died, two people would be buried.



The ghost was the exception.



There must be some connection, but Kou Dong didn’t know yet.



He thought for a while, and finally crossed his heart, made up his mind and went outside. This time, Kou Dong didn’t even hesitate, he easily followed the funeral procession.


Halfway down the path, someone at the back suddenly shouted at him, “Hey, hey!”



Kou Dong turned his head and found that it was Erlang who came over. He was a little surprised, because the one who called out to him was a familiar female voice, “Your mask hasn’t changed?”



Erlang shook her head, “It should be random again.”



She looked at Kou Dong and said from the bottom of her heart, “As soon as I guessed, you came back to stalking, you are really bold.”


Kou Dong said, “Since you’re here, just in time, I have a plan.”


Erlang turned his head to look at him, suspicious, “What plan?”




A few moments later, after listening to the plan, Erlang was dumbfounded.



Da-mn, what the hell kind of plan was this! Was this not playing NPCs as monkeys?


Kou Dong: “Just say Yes or no.”


Erlang: “……”


She hesitated for a moment, then ruthlessly said, “Let’s do it.”


If she didn’t do it, what else could she do? She couldn’t really wait for one night to be chosen.


The two followed carefully behind the two groups, trying to hide their figures. They didn’t dare to follow too close, so those people didn’t turn around.


When they arrived at the grave, it happened to be two opposite graves. Two groups of people stopped and began to dig their graves.


Kou Dong hid behind one of the stones, nodding to Erlang.


Erlang took a deep breath, finally picked up a small stone from the ground, and smashed it in the direction of Kou Dong’s group of people.



He didn’t know whether her hand was shaking or what, the stone did not hit villagers, but fell to Kou Dong’s side.



Kou Dong: “……”


Bottom level teammate.


Erlang was also startled, but fortunately no one was paying attention. She looked around and touched a larger stone again.


This time the smash was much more accurate, it steadily hit the leg of one of the villagers.


The villager froze and subconsciously lifted his eyes to look across the street: “……”



Across the street was only a group of people who were also being buried.


At the same time, Kou Dong also quietly threw the stone in his hand, hitting one of the other side.


The person who was hit jerked his head up, and they looked at each other at once.


Both sides looked at each other.



As early as the initial contact, Kou Dong found out that this group of villagers’ temper was not considered good.



Even though he had full good sense, he was still almost beaten, enough to show how heartless these people really were. The person they loved could be beaten, not to mention the usual neighbors.


The villagers stared at the people across the street.


“Who smashed it,” he said grimly, “you?”



The man across the street was even more baffled.


“Who smashed you – you smashed me, okay?”


The two tempers flared, and gradually developed into a large group fight scene.



“Who did it? He did it?”


“Don’t want to face, so you’re talking nonsense ……”


After a word of disagreement, the two sides began to fight. Kou Dong tut sighed a few times and began to dig the grave in front of him. He thought it would take some effort to provoke both sides to fight, for example, he suddenly jumped out to accuse one of the people who bullied him..


The result was easier than he thought.


Erlang also took the opportunity to touch it and looked at it silently. He stretched his head and looked at it.



“No -” he was a little hard to describe. “Is that how they fight?”


Kou Dong was happy to see the success. “Yes.”

When they fought, they had time to do other things.


The two hid behind the grave, leaning on a shovel felt over and began to dig the grave, from time to time they stuck out their heads to observe the progress of both sides. Ye Yanzhi clasped his arms as a supervisor, giving them pointers to pry where easier, and soon the coffin dug out pried open a corner.


Surprisingly, the inside wasn’t completely empty, but there was a suit, and a man’s photo.



The man on the photo was wearing the clothes, smiling slightly towards the camera.



Erlang looked at it and whispered, “It sucks ……”



She was telling the truth. The owner of this grave had features that could only be described in one word: ordinary. From the eyes to the mouth, there were no features to speak of, one second she saw him, the next second she couldn’t remember what this person actually looked like.



Kou Dong was instead holding this photo with a frown. Erlang said, “What do you see?”



Kou Dong thought for a moment and said, “I seem to have seen ……”






Erlang was surprised, “Where have you seen? It should be a mistake, this person died long ago.”


Look at the grass on the grave, it was already so thick.


This person looked too ordinary, Kou Dong also couldn’t be sure that what he saw wasn’t him, pondering for a long time, he finally tucked the photo into the robe.


Erlang watched him lift the robe, and didn’t speak.


Rather, Ye Yanzhi wasn’t happy, although there was a layer of pants under the robe, it still made him vaguely uncomfortable: “Pay attention.”



Only then did Kou Dong remember that the Erlang in front of him was a girl. He put the clothes down and apologized, “I forgot for a moment.”


He blamed this ghost clothes, the male and female body type were blocked, and the face was hidden – with a sharp glance, one really couldn’t distinguish between men and women.


Erlang said, “It’s okay.”



She walked forward and suddenly said, “Your waist is really thin.”



Kou Dong: “……??”


How ambiguous this sentence sounded.



The little man lowered his face violently, and his cheeks puffed up, he sat on Kou Dong’s shoulder and glared at Erlang. Erlang sounded flirtatious, and twisted her head again, “Not going?”


Kou Dong: “…… go.”



They sneaked back along the path again, and only separated when they reached the village. Kou Dong held the photo, but in his heart he was thinking about the words that came out of Erlang’s mouth just now.


Not like a joke.


–but also not like an unusual tone.


Ye Yanzhi was obviously angry, muttering over Kou Dong’s shoulder that Erlang wasn’t good, “She seems to have an ulterior motive.”



What does it matter to her if his waist is thin!



She couldn’t hold it!


He thought indignantly, shouldn’t have let her see –


Kou Dong was still thinking. Seeing his appearance, he smiled and said that Ye Yanzhi was afraid of him finding a stepmother for him.



Ye Yanzhi: “…”


Kou Dong’s words destroyed his anger.


Damn stepmother.



Kou Dong said, “Don’t worry, even if you really have a stepmother, I will definitely not be a stepfather.”


Ye Yanzhi’s watchful string in his heart quickly tightened.


Listen to this tone….



Kou Dong: “Of course, she can’t.”



The gender wasn’t even right.


Moreover, he always had a feeling that the other party wasn’t a simple character.



Ye Yanzhi breathed a sigh of relief, but still said, “No one else can do it!”


He pulled a strand of Kou Dong’s hair and politely asked him what he wanted.



On this point, Kou Dong thought about it and counted it with his fingers, “taller than me, more handsome than me, wider shoulders, narrower waist and longer legs -”


The little man listened, then looked down at himself.


He said quietly, “Actually, just by looking at the proportions, I am also long-legged.”



After this sentence was uttered, it triggered Kou Dong’s laughter. Kou Dong laughed till he was bent, he was full of compassion as he touched the child’s head, “good good, long legs ……”


Ye Yanzhi: “……”


He had to move faster.

He carefully thought about it, and his heart sank – he couldn’t wait.


No way.



He had to eliminate others in the bud!


Ye Yanzhi held Kou Dong’s earlobe in his arms. He felt very aggrieved and put his head up.


“Can’t we not find it?”


Can’t you wait till I grow up?


Kou Dong didn’t care. He never felt that love was a necessity of life, and he alone was enough to make a living. Only when he saw the cub, he couldn’t help teasing him.



“Do you really not want a stepmother?”





Ye Yanzhi simply gave up, he gritted his teeth and nodded.


Kou Dong smiled: “Then call me dad.”



Ye Yanzhi: “……”


I really spoiled you!


“Call ah,” Kou Dong teased him, “or I’ll find you a stepfather?”





That also can’t ah!



Ye Yanzhi was aggrieved, struggling back and forth between calling and not calling, but he finally lowered his eyes, holding back his shame, and whispered father, his face was red, and he buried his face in his arms.



Kou Dong’s heart trembled with this sweet sound. He wished he could kiss him directly, and his fatherly feelings rushed like a sea. Under the control of this emotion, he finally chose to throw the cub up high: “Oh, you’re really father’s good son!”



Ye Yanzhi, who was thrown up, was ashamed: “Let me down!”


What a shame!


I’m your old top!!


Unfortunately, this protest was doomed to be futile. In this kind of parent-child game with love, Kou Dong naturally had to play several times.


By the time it stopped, Ye Yanzhi’s hair was scattered and he was talking practically through clenched teeth. He said, “Kou Dong–”


Before the words were out, Ye Yanzhi suddenly pivoted his body up and stared firmly at what was behind him.


Kou Dong said, “What?”


Saying that, he turned his head and saw a villager wearing a white mourning suit, who looked like he had just returned from the graveyard. The villager was dressed in an unusual manner and was patting the dust he had gotten on the door.


Ye Yanzhi’s voice was a little tense, “This person, is very familiar.”



Kou Dong stared at the face carefully, and suddenly also slightly trembled. He reached his hand to the hidden photo, pulled it out, inch by inch and carefully compared with the person in front of him –


The person in front of him – had thin eyebrows and thin eyes, he didn’t have an outstanding appearance. If Ye Yanzhi hadn’t pointed it out, he wouldn’t even have noticed.



But when they looked again with a comparative mind, the facts jumped out clearly from this photo and surfaced before their eyes.


This villager was exactly the same as the photo in the grave.


It was clearly one person.


But what the hell was going on here?


Kou Dong stood in place in shock.



–The person who was supposed to be dead was now standing in front of them, back in the world of the living?




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