It turned out that the secret weapon that Yu Tong had mentioned before was actually referring to this.

The audience was abuzz with excitement, and those who had been slapped in the face by Lin Lang because of the rankings of the short program were apparently also stunned by this.

Between the words of the people talking to those around them, there was a sense of superiority that was revealed. Yu Tong’s fans obviously expected it to be like this.

“See, what I said is still true. Even though the contestant named Lin Lang can be considered somewhat skilled, he is still far behind regular contestants like Yu Tong, who have never stepped off the podium since childhood.”

“This is the Bellman of the men’s singles; even if it’s put into the international arena, it’s still like a rare move.”

“Even if Lin Lang can’t do it, Yu Tong should definitely be able to pull one off too. But Lin Lang is just relying on money and power to decorate his entire body with high-grade equipment. At a glance, his two costumes are definitely not cheap, and the effect presented by this will definitely be different from other players who wear ordinary clothes.”

At this point, the person was emotionally agitated and even added many physical movements, making non-stop gestures that annoyed the surrounding audience.

“And the pair of ice skates under his feet—I’ve never seen them before. So he has a brand of ice skates that looks like that and has his name written in gold. It looks like a customized version.”

“If you give those skates to any player, which player won’t be able to do what he did?”

The person who spoke seemed to know what he was talking about, and the words he said sounded like they all made sense.
But unfortunately, he didn’t know that what he said was incorrect; the player’s own strength was the most basic one.

The ice skates could be designed and remodeled to provide a certain degree of assistance to the players on the ice.

But there was always a prerequisite for this assistance, which was that the contestants themselves must first have the ability to handle this kind of change.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t make the performance better but may even be counterproductive, affecting or plummeting some of the original skillful movements.

Just like the pair of ice skates Lin Lang was wearing today, looking at the entire ice rink, Shen Lianqiu was sure that, with his strength, there was no other person besides him who could use the ice skates as well as him.

Even so, in the current state, Shen Lianqiu still subconsciously felt nervous for Lin Lang.

He wasn’t worried about his strength; he was just worried that he wouldn’t be able to bear the boiling pressure from everyone around him.

“Amazing! You did a good job. After this game, it’s estimated that among your group of players, you will be the one with the highest level of discussion.”

“Once the Bellman is done, your spot in the Grand Prix will definitely be stable.”

After finishing the entire game, Yu Tong sat panting in the evenly divided KC area with his coach. Although the coach beside him and the surrounding audience couldn’t stop praising him, Yu Tong knew that the Bellman he performed wasn’t particularly standard.

Just because the flexibility of men’s singles couldn’t be compared to women’s singles, it was already very rare for him to be able to perform this action. That was why he was able to achieve the current results.

However, for Yu Tong himself, he was already very satisfied with being able to do this. He really practiced this move for a long time before finally being able to barely do it.

Whether it was tolerance for pain, other flexibility, or whatever, being able to get to this point today was really already his maximum limit.

A normal Bellman should be a more standard teardrop shape; some female ice skaters with better flexibility could even raise their legs over their heads, fully extend them, open them to 180 degrees, and make a candlestick turn.

And what Yu Tong did today was that one could only barely see the meaning of a little water droplet, and strictly speaking, it was more like a circle.

There was no additional commendable aspect; it was just about performing this basic action.

However, that was all. In the environment of the Chinese figure skating industry, it was already quite rare.

After the score of the free skating plus the previous short program, Yu Tong’s total score temporarily ranked second, only four points behind Guan Hao, who was currently ranked first in the adult group.

A result that had never appeared on the field of the All Championships in so many years.

As a player in the youth group, he was able to surpass so many players in the adult group, and even the difference with Guan Hao, the first brother of the men’s singles, was only four points.

Compared to the other players, Yu Tong’s result was absolutely unprecedented.

At this moment, Lin Lang stood at the edge of the ice rink and was already preparing to go on the ice, but the audience on the surrounding stage was still immersed in the atmosphere of the last match.

Such an atmosphere would inevitably add some other distractions and heavy pressure to the next contestant, invisibly.

Ji Cangshu was also a person who had once performed on the field and was most able to understand this kind of mood, so he was also the one whose expression looked the most foul now.

Not being able to grab the first opportunity to become the first person in the country to make the Bellman meant that Lin Lang would not be able to gain the same influence and surprise as he did, even if he also made the move.

Unless, of course, he could make a significantly more difficult maneuver to defeat Yu Tong in a crushing manner.

Seeing that the time was almost up, Lin Lang took off the black jacket that he had put on the outside, revealing the red and black combination of costume that he had personally designed on the inside, and with his hands holding on to the surrounding barriers, he stood on the outermost edge of the ice rink.

Many people around him were all focused on him. At this moment, not only Ji Cangshu and Shen Lianqiu were in this situation, but even the head coach of the national team who had been standing next to him couldn’t help but sweat for Lin Lang, worried that his mentality would be affected.

But unexpectedly, Lin Lang wasn’t affected; his current state was even more relaxed than theirs.

Right before he was about to start the competition, he was still able to happily comment on Yu Tong’s program and even compliment him from the bottom of his heart.

“Not bad.”

Then he turned around and stomped on the ice, standing in the center of the ice rink, snatching all the audience’s attention the moment the music started.

Due to the fact that he hadn’t fully adapted to the new ice skates, all the movements and difficulty levels in his short program were the same as what he performed in the provincial team selection competition in his previous life.
Because of this, his short program score was almost as high as that of Yu Tong and Guan Hao.

And today, he had actually taken another step forward long ago and was fully capable of doing better.

Now this free skate was the choreography and difficulty that truly represented his strength.

For this free skate, the style used was still Lin Lang’s best, and the music chosen was a tango.
The distinctive style, smooth skating, and movements, matched with the costume he was wearing now, were simply wild.

Lin Lang, on the other hand, was still standing on the ice without the slightest bit of self-awareness, continuously radiating charisma.

The intertwining of purity and chaos, the collision of power and softness, all reached the most perfect presentation in Lin Lang’s body, making people feel that even the ice ballast splashing up from his feet to the surrounding area at this moment had a different kind of beauty and was able to compel and attract a person’s heart.

Such a picture made Wang Ling, who was sitting in the audience, stare blankly.

He seemed to know why Lin Lang loved this sport so much; even with such outstanding design talent, he still insisted on refusing to come to his studio.

After all, compared to his talent in skating, his outstanding talent in design could be called worthless the moment he got on the ice.

The outfit at this moment felt exactly the same as it did when he wore it off the ice.

On the ice, it was as if it had been given life by Lin Lang. That kind of vivid beauty was something Wang Ling had never seen before, and it was also something that couldn’t be compared to a single design.

“Sure enough, no matter what the naysayers around me said, I was sure Lin Lang was the more powerful one. Before he even got on the ice, I noticed him. I have a keen eye for pearls.”

The handful of spectators behind them were still arguing with each other, even though they had already been slapped in the face twice. The one who had previously spoken out against Lin Lang and the girl still refused to bow down and give in.

On the contrary, it was like a life-saving straw, they tightly grasped the bellman pulled out by Yu Tong in the previous match and repeatedly talked about it.

However, she didn’t expect that, on her side, she had just finished introducing the difficulty of the Bellman, and the next second, Lin Lang was on the ice doing the usual bow spin that players would use to connect the Bellman.

Her line of sight was also forced to shift back to the ice rink by the constant exclamations of surprise.
With her own eyes, she witnessed Lin Lang pull out a textbook-like water droplet-shaped Bellman after Yu Tong, which was almost like a candle holder spinning.

“No way. It’s really a Bellman.”

In this moment, the strength of the two of them was made clear, and Yu Tong, who should have been more flexible than Lin Lang at the age of fourteen, was almost instantly reduced to ashes.
Even Ji Cangshu was a bit surprised and couldn’t close his mouth; after all, when he was training, he had never seen Lin Lang do this kind of thing.

Within a day, in the same game, two Bellman were done domestically, which made ice fans feel as if they were celebrating the Chinese New Year.

A large part of the dolls and flowers originally reserved for the two players behind were thrown to Lin Lang on the spot.

When the final results came out, Lin Lang was directly ahead of Guan Hao, who had previously surpassed him by ten points.

He made history as the first youth player to win a gold medal in the Chinese skating championships.

And not long after the end of the game, there were several hot searches.

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#Lin Lang is the future of Chinese skating.

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#Lin Lang redefines the purple star.#



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