It wasn’t just Ming Doyen who was shocked, there were others as well.


As the saying went, insiders looked at what was going on and outsiders saw what was going on.


As people in the industry, they knew what the graphic effects shown in Underworld Chronicle really meant.



In past commercial blockbusters, no matter how much money was spent on special effects and how shocking and lifelike the final effect felt, it was still only lifelike.



It still actually felt like it wasn’t real, which was why live action was so important.



The footage in Underworld Chronicles wasn’t fake at first glance, meaning that all of the scenery was post-produced, but it was full of realism, unlike many blockbuster movies where the otherworldly scenes were so animated.



If they looked at the reason for this, it was probably because the image was filled with a myriad of terrific details, light and shadow, textures, the texture of soil particles being blown by the wind, all of which blended together in the image.



It completely deceived one’s eyes and brain, making it impossible to distinguish the reality of the image in front of one’s eyes with one’s past viewing experience.



At this point, the nice male voice spoke again, and the camera gradually moved to a man whose side face appeared in the screen.



He had probably the best-looking side profile in the world, with a deeper-than-usual outline, but not as high or low as a white man.



His eyelashes were thick and long, and they didn’t know if it was the wind in the scene or because he was talking, but it fluttered gently like butterfly wings.



The entertainment industry had almost gathered the best-looking layer of people, and all the bigwigs in the room thought they had seen the world, but they still couldn’t help but hold their breath when they saw this man’s face.



The man on the screen turned his head and looked at them as if he were talking to them, breaking the fourth wall.



“This man who was hanged by the jailers is called Lin Bin, in his lifetime he was a kidnapper, in order to pay off his gambling debts, he kidnapped a child as young as two years old, after getting the ransom delivered by the victim’s family, knowing that there was no way the two year old could have divulged information about him, Lin Bin still brutally murdered the child.”



“In his life, he had deprived others of their freedom and killed innocent children, and thus, after death, he will be tortured at the Dread Vulture. The Underworld jailers will chase him endlessly, torturing him and inflicting on him the atrocities he once did.”



“Sins are like scents chasing flowers, and whether he escaped punishment in life or not, punishment will come as it should after death.”



The camera moved away from the person in the screen again, toward the sinners who were chased, tortured, and repeatedly executed.



No specific killing action could be seen in the distant view, but one could hear the jailers roaring in anger, and the sinners wailing and crying, as the once hunters became the prey, and the victimizers became the victimized, as played out in this blue flame.



The image gradually became blurred, and large, powerful words appeared in the center:



Underworld Chronicles.



It was only at this point that the viewers regained control of their breathing, having held their breath for so long that there was a sudden sensation of breathlessness.


The credits lit up, a rickety tour bus appeared in the lower left corner of the screen, and a cast list slid across the right side of the screen.


Producer: Qiong Ren
Lead actor: Qiong Ren
Director: Zhang Huaisu


“Wait! Pause it!”



Ming Doyen saw that Li Kui didn’t move and even went to grab the remote control.



He rewinded for a few seconds and looked at the director’s name, unable to hide his shock: “Isn’t that Teacher. Su’s pseudonym?”


Other people’s focus was different from his, exchanging words, “Qiong Ren is the idol who plays Ming Chen in Zhang Hao’s new movie, right? Zhang Hao just posted a dozen or so compliments to his acting skills in his circle of friends just a few days ago, and I almost thought that Zhang Hao and Chen Ruize broke up and he turned to look at that little idol.”



“Whew – I didn’t even dare to take a breath when I watched it just now. It’s not a thriller, I don’t even know why I’m so nervous.”



“This scene is really amazing. Which company did it? I’ve never heard of them before. How could such a big project be so quiet? Anyone would brag about it. The confidentiality work is really great.”


Ming Daoyan pulled Li Kui, “Who is this director, how did he use Teacher Su’s name?”



Su Huaizhang occasionally shot some self-indulgent experimental works, and he signed himself Zhang Huaisu for such works. It was actually his real name in reverse. Ming Daoyan was also Su Huaizhang’s student, although later because of conceptual differences they had almost no interaction, but he had always been very affectionate towards Su Huaizhang in his heart.



Unfortunately, Su Huaizhang died suddenly, and he didn’t even get to see the old man for the last time.



The big brothers discussed a few sentences, then snatched the remote control back from Ming Daoyan: “What are you doing, hurry up and sit down, this movie is too awesome, fuck!”



Li Kui patted his shoulder, “Watch the movie first.”



The more Ming Daoyan watched, the more shocked he was in his heart, the camera and color tone of this film were all permeated with Su Huaizhang’s shadow.



Su Huaizhang, who was famous for his ink films, had always had a very special aesthetic in the use of color tones. The colors of his late films were as thick and vivid as oil paints, but they also had the handsome and ethereal look of Chinese ink paintings, which was very special.



This special perception was a combination of the colorfulness of the color and the ethereality of the lens, a sensory blend of thick and light.



“That was a super long shot just now, who was the person running the camera? How can everything be done so appropriately, how can this kind of work without publicity be in Aikuxun? Is the producer Rong Zhen’s father?”



Li Kui smiled bashfully, Rong Zhen did call the producer dad, but unfortunately Qiong Ren didn’t recognize Rong Zhen as his son, unlike him, through his unceasing efforts, Qiong Ren was now too lazy to refute the father-son relationship between the two.



As the plot gradually unfolded, the bigwigs came back to the fact that the movie was a pseudo-documentary.



That was to say, it was a documentary format to film fictional content, horror movies preferred to use this filming technique, but there was no shortage of movies with serious themes that borrowed this format so as to portray a more realistic plot and characters.



It stood to reason that Underworld Chronicles was already set in the Underworld, and even if it were shot in a pseudo-documentary format, it would be impossible to add to its authenticity.



But the shots in this movie was too good, the special effects were too real, and the documentary effect raised the sense of realism even a notch.



It was as if there really was an underworld in this world, and there was a crew that went deep to film a documentary.



Qiong Ren played the narrator in the documentary, who would lead the audience to the customs of the underworld.



Ming Daoyan knew the name Qiong Ren, but it was the first time he watched him perform.


As he watched, he couldn’t help but admire him.



This actor’s acting skills were too good.



What kind of person was the most difficult to act? Ordinary people were the hardest to act.



As long as the character’s characteristics were grasped and the appearance and temperament of the character could fit well, it was relatively easy to perform the character. But the more three-dimensional and homely the character was, the more difficult it was to portray.



A character could be an ordinary person, but he had to be placed in an extraordinary situation so that there would be a story and conflict.


Qiong Ren played a documentary narrator, and he was definitely in front of a green screen the entire time he was performing, which meant that all of these mind-blowing hellish scenes in the picture weren’t there when the actor was performing.



But his performance was so subtle and real. Every reaction, every subtle expression, was just right.



One was led to believe that he saw the running sinners and jailers, and the blue-flame earth that was like a sea.



The dubbing and sound effects in this movie were also a masterpiece, the jailers’ heckling made you feel the boiling anger in their hearts, and the sinner’s wailing brought out the pain and fear in his heart.



The door to the small screening room was suddenly pushed open, and the late Ming Bianju arrived, the younger brother of Ming Daoyan, the two were the Chinese version of the Wachowski Brothers, except that they both didn’t have to go through the process of the Wachowski Brothers turning into the Wachowski Siblings, and then into the Wachowski Sisters.



“Isn’t this Qiong Ren? Good looking, Li Kui, you can’t do this, a fresh newcomer with this kind of theme is a 100% bad movie, you want me to watch this?”



“Shhh–” everyone looked at him together, seriously raising their index fingers in a shushing gesture.



Ming Bianju was shocked for a moment, then he sat down next to his brother with a heart full of slander, he had had enough of bad movies ah, Qiong Ren looked good but ……






What did he see?



The quality of the scenes, the special effects, and the beauty of Qiong Ren, who appeared in the sky full of red clouds, were not like something man made. He couldn’t distinguish for a moment whether the special effects were done too well, so there was no sense of separation from Qiong Ren, a real person, or whether Qiong Ren was actually modeled, which was why he integrated with the magnificent…..



Ming Bianju had been late for a long time, and by the time he arrived, Underworld Chronicles was a quarter of the way through, and Qiong Ren was having a cordial conversation with and experiencing the work of the jailers at the Vulture Division.



He puts on the jailer’s clothes, laces up the jailer’s special boots, and said to the off-camera audience, “These boots are woven from the spider silk of the Blood Pool Underworld, which makes the fabric extremely tough by simply adding this silk thread inside of ordinary fabric. My fan once gave me gloves woven from spider silk, he said they could cure frostbite, I’ll be sure to try them on when this winter rolls around, thank you for the gift.”



Qiong Ren smiled warmly at the camera, his nose scrunching up gently to reveal his white teeth and his eyes curved in a smile.



If the fan who gave him the gloves saw this scene, he would be touched.



Eh? Ming Bianju suddenly realized something unusual, to be able to send gloves made of spider silk from the blood pool underworld, then his fan should also be a being from the underworld.



After all, Qiong Ren was playing the role of a narrator of a documentary in the underworld, so it was normal for him to have fans from there.



In the next shot, Qiong Ren was holding a sledgehammer in his hand, which was several times bigger than his head, “Now I’m going to experience the job of a jailer, so wish me luck.”



He ran after the sinners with the huge hammer raised and joyfully played gopher smash.



There were many moments in the movie that showed the ferocity of the Underworld’s punishment, and with it came the explanation of why these sinners were subjected to this punishment.



It was hard to watch, relieving, scary, and nerve-wracking.



Complicated feelings were kneaded together.



But every time Qiong Ren showed up, movie watchers immediately felt their hearts comforted and healed, and they couldn’t help but smile at the sight of him holding up a sledgehammer and slamming people hard.



Clenching their fists to cheer him on.


“Smash the one on the left, that one is close, yes, yes, yes!”



“He smashed it! Little Qiong is superb!”



“Our little Qiong is so awesome, there’s nothing to say, just awesome.”


Ming Bianju looked on without blinking and murmured, “He’s so cute. I would call him an Underworld goddess.”



Seeing Qiong Ren tenderly touching the dog’s head, Ming Bianju couldn’t help but sigh, “Dogs that eat people are also dogs and need to be loved by their masters.”


On the screen, the sky was filled with evil birds chasing the sinners running on the ground, and the sound of the suona sounded suddenly. In an instant, the crazy and angry state of the prison guards was vividly portrayed by the music.



Ming Bianju felt that he had been opened up by the sound of this suona, and his mind tightened, with a kind of numbing and unrestrained feeling in his scalp.



The soundtrack was too good!



Based on this suona alone, he was willing to buy the soundtrack disk.



The jailers complained about having to be filled with rage in order to torture sinners, and had even developed serious psychological problems, and Qiong Ren recommended that they be allowed to listen to his song “Light Chaser”.



Ming Daoyan smiled and asked, “Is there really such a song?”


Li Kui nodded.



The image of Qiong Ren skillfully doing business while doing an advert for the bird’s eggs made them smile even more.



Subconsciously, the marvelous movie “Underworld Chronicles” had come to an end, the sky behind Qiong Ren burned red, the sea water was hanging upside down, he casually tore off a rose as colorful as blood, the petals drifted with the wind and floated with the waves on the upside down sea water.



“All beings are deceived by the heart, deceived by love, and fall into the underworld.” Qiong Ren looked into the camera, “Those who are punished at the place of the vulture are described in the Sutra of the Nemesis of the Righteous Dharma as ‘compelled by hunger and thirst, their lives are always wanting to be cut off, there is no salvation and no return, their breath wants to be cut off, yet they have a life, they are filled with all the sufferings of the people.'”



The camera drew closer, and Qiong Ren’s face slowly took over the screen.



“Sin doesn’t end with death, it follows the person who carried it through the various parts of the underworld.”



The movie watchers were subconsciously staring into his clear, icy gaze.




“Those who are still alive, please be vigilant from time to time.



“Never fall here.”


The screen went black, and a few seconds later, the cast list played straight up.



“And it’s done?”



Ming Bianju was disgruntled, “I haven’t seen enough.”



On the screen, Qiong Ren suddenly appeared again, “Don’t turn it off in a hurry, there’s still the end credits!”



As soon as the accompaniment of the exciting music was played, the scenes of the various small underworlds of the Great Black Rope Underworld appeared on the screen, and the other small underworlds that couldn’t all be added due to the length of the movie appeared in the end credits.


Qiong Ren reappeared on the screen, staring straight into the camera and expressionlessly singing, “You won’t get away with this!”



These bigwigs weren’t too familiar with the new hot idol, and seeing Qiong Ren’s performance in the movie, a few of them thought this was a talented new actor, and when they heard this dry voice of his, going as high as he wanted, with an exaggeratedly wide range, they said incredulously, “Did he sing this himself?”



Li Kui was smug, “Of course, my father is that good.”



Ming Daoyan: “The father you were talking about is him?”



Li Kui: “Yeah, warning you guys, it’s okay to like Qiong Ren, but don’t be his dad and mom and boyfriend and girlfriend, I won’t allow anyone take advantage of me.”



The song “You Won’t Have a Good End” could be described as an ultimate brainwash, with extremely dense lyrics and a melody that was soothing to listen to, making the bigwigs automatically sing along the second time they entered the chorus.



You will not end well.



At the wheel of the sword the ten directions rain iron, at the fear of the vulture there is no salvation and no return.



Such are the infinite hundreds and thousands of years



The daughter of the marvelous garland of majesty stands on the sword, and all the underworlds are ablaze with swords and leaves.


You have created evil karma, why do you moan and groan?


This is an infinite hundred thousand years


Unfortunately, everyone was dumbfounded and couldn’t bear to speak, so Li Kui had the advantage of having heard it several times before and barely finished reciting the words.



Yes, he could only finish it. He also wanted to sing, but his voice said, “You can’t.”



When the theme song finished playing, the room returned to silence, and Ming Daoyan collapsed on the sofa with a look of weakness, “Aigoo mama, this movie, this song, it’s too strong.”


Ming Bianju was more attentive than him, “There are only two producers of this movie, one is Qiong Ren, the other is called Yan Mo, and his special effects company is also Fudekai, in fact, apart from the playing side called the Knife Wheel Orchestra, there is only one company name appearing in it, which is Fudekai.”



Ming Daoyan and all the other bigwigs realized the gold content of this sentence.



“That is to say, this movie, was single-handedly put together by this company called Fudekai?” Ming Daoyan looked fearful, “How is this possible, if there is a company that can do this, then we all don’t need to be in the business anymore.”



“Not so much, no matter how powerful their company is, how many movies can they produce in a year, it’s impossible for them to take care of the entire market.”



Li Kui cleared his throat, “This is the first part of ‘Underworld Chronicles’ , the Great Black Rope chapter, I guess the second part will be online in a few months, I’ll invite you guys to watch it together then.”






Everyone couldn’t help but exclaim together.



Such a high-quality movie, to be honest they had never seen it before, whether it was Qiong Ren as the absolute main star or a passerby who casually appeared in the movie, there wasn’t a single actor whose performance didn’t leave them in awe.


Not to mention the graphics, sound effects, and soundtrack, all of which could be said to have been done to the extreme.



A work of this quality, yet a second installment would be out in a few months? That was ridiculous.



Li Kui: “Why should I lie to you? Check Weibo. Ming Daoyan, where’s your head?”



Li Kui looked wistfully at Ming Daoyan, the latter was thick-skinned enough, grinning, “OK, your father is indeed awesome. I apologize to you for misjudging your father’s strength.”



“No,” Ming Bianju couldn’t figure it out, “It’s a waste not to put such a good film in theaters, if he’s worried about not getting the bid, we can help, it’s blasphemy not to see this thing on the big screen, okay? Joan Ren’s voice and soundtrack deserve the best sound effects.”



“I’m pretty sure that as soon as it hits the theaters, there’s going to be a ton of fans.”


Li Kui nodded, “That’s true, I’ll discuss it with Qiong Ren.”



After the viewing party, Li Kui invited them for dinner again, but even if it was a delicacy, it didn’t taste too good now.



“I want to eat the bird eggs from Zhan Tu Underworld.”


“Me too ……”


The Underworld Chronicles… It was doing a lot of harm.



After arriving home, Ming Daoyan immediately opened his Weibo page, wanting to write a movie review, but found that “Underworld Chronicles” was already on the hot search, and the reviews were polarized.



For the actor’s performance, sound effects, special effects, soundtrack, and scenes, everyone basically gave extremely high praise, but they had completely different views on the plot.



At this time, Qiong Ren was also nestled in the large suite booked for him by the cast of Chuangqing to read the reviews.



The underworld forums were naturally full of positive reviews, and since the underworld didn’t have a special rating site, the excited viewers could only use the method of sending compliments to express their love for The Underworld Chronicles.



The bird eggs of Zhan Tu underworld even sold out for the second time, and Qiong Ren had a premonition that the people in the living world would soon receive a new content of the dream: can you burn a steel-toothed dog QAQ.


Qiong Ren also expected the controversy in the living world, after all, to put it bluntly, what he shot was a documentary, it wasn’t a movie, it was normal for people to feel confused.


People who liked “Underworld Chronicles” were also many, and many people tagged him, hoping to see this movie in the theater.



This …… he also wanted to, but the bid would be difficult to get.



Rong Zhen and Zhang Hao should be more experienced in this area, so maybe he could go and ask them to help.



This day was destined to be a bloody day, “Underworld Chronicles” came out of nowhere and blew the winds of the underworld to the Chinese movie industry.


Overnight, Fudekai and Qiong Ren became the talk of all those in the movie industry.



They were even more shocked when they saw that this company showed that the investor and beneficiary was Qiong Ren alone on websites such as Ground Eye Search.



How unknown and miserable Qiong Ren had been in previous years, these people could check it with a single move of their hands, and although he had been popular recently, he hadn’t made that much money.



Not to mention that the movie took too much money to make, with Qiong Ren’s income, it simply couldn’t be done. They combined various gossips and surmised that the big investor behind FDK should be Yan Mo.



They went to check on Yan Mo’s background, and when they did, they were shocked out of their minds.



Yan Mo was extremely low-key, but had countless properties under his name, all over the country, many of them even from the Ming and Qing Dynasties all the way down, with a visible family history.


This was the real wealthy family.



The movie was online at noon, the number of ratings on Doujiao were more than 20,000, it set the fastest open score record, it’s open score was 8.8, the score range was concentrated in the five-star and three-star.



Most of the five stars thought that the theme and presentation method of this movie was very novel, the scenes and editing were the best in history, the plot was smooth and attractive, so a five star rating was undisputed.



Most of the low-starred ones also recognized the excellence of the scenes and performance, but they just didn’t understand why they had to spend so much money – after all, this effect felt like it couldn’t be done without burning hundreds of millions of yuan to make a pseudo-documentary.



Wouldn’t it be better to shoot a Chinese version of the “Lord of the Rings”?



[I can’t figure it out, I really can’t figure it out, so much money to make a pseudo-documentary, not even a horror movie. I’m pulling my hair out.]



[Qiong Ren’s acting is so good, it’ll be saddening if he doesn’t win an award. But to play a narrator with such good acting skills, I really …… had a meltdown, you know?]



[I’m in so much pain, on the one hand I want to watch this movie ten more times, on the other hand I really don’t want to encourage this kind of behavior from FDK, how can they use their top strength to make a light drama pseudo-documentary. It’s such a waste, I can’t breathe.]



[This movie, from the lead actors to the group actors, are all like they’ve been put on an acting system, how can they all act so real and sound like they’re on-site, if they’re that good, they should go make a blockbuster movie!]



[I don’t know what you guys are talking, the plot sucks, the acting is mediocre and the special effects look fake]



[A lot of fake reviews, starring only newcomers, one star.]



[The creative team is so brain-dead, it simply had too money to burn, yet they actually spent so much money to shoot this kind of thing? I’m speechless.]



Ming Daoyan keenly perceived traces of paid bad reviews, as a famous director, he suffered from such reviews for a long time.



But these people weren’t the ones who made him the most anxious, the ones who made him the most upset were those who felt that Underworld Chronicles only had excellent editing, but the plot wasn’t up to snuff, and gave three stars with a load of regret.


Wait a minute, you guys totally misunderstood the best thing about this movie!


Qiong Ren must have been under immense pressure while making a movie like this, would these comments, which didn’t understand his painstaking efforts at all, make him toss and turn and be so sad that he wouldn’t be able to sleep?


What to do, should he come out and send out a post to guide the viewers?



After thinking and thinking, Ming Daoyan asked for Qiong Ren’s phone number with Li Kui, who gave him his private number with Qiong Ren’s permission.



He called, “Hello, this is Ming Daoyan.”


“Hello, this is Qiong Ren.”



“Excuse me,” Ming Daoyan was also preparing for a new project recently, and the male lead had yet to be found, he took a look at Underworld Chronicles today and thought he had found the perfect candidate, “Would you be interested in acting in a commercial movie? I’m joining forces with two big companies in the industry to make a series of movies with a mythological background, and I’d like to ask you to play the male lead in the first part.”



Qiong Ren: “Thank you for your kind offer, but this isn’t an area I want to root in, I’m sorry.”



He was just an idol, what did he know about acting, just because Chen Ruize could make the transition didn’t mean he could, not to mention he didn’t want to make the transition.



Ming Daoyan’s heart was stirred, when others heard about his commercial blockbusters they would immediately stick it to him, but Qiong Ren refused, and sure enough, it was just as he thought it would be. Qiong Ren made a movie for a deeper and farther pursuit, he didn’t care about fame and fortune.



The corners of his eyes were a little moist.



Qiong Ren, it’s okay that those movie fans don’t understand you, I understand you.



“There are some bad comments about your movie on the internet now, if you need it, I can help you correct the direction of public opinion.”



Qiong Ren smiled, “No need, thank you for your kindness, if criticism is not free, praise is meaningless. Just …… hey ……”


There were too many people who treated it as an epic pseudo documentary, and his acting skills had been praised thousands of times. Even if others criticized the plot as plain, they didn’t forget to praise his acting skills. He was so ashamed.



He didn’t act in anything at all!



Ming Daoyan heard him sigh and was saddened in his heart, sure enough, those bad reviews still had an effect on Qiong Ren’s mindset.



Qiong Ren: “I’m sure that with the passage of time, the viewers will definitely find out what the things I presented really are.”



They will definitely realize that I really don’t have such a thing as acting skills.



On the other end of the phone, Ming Daoyan was shocked by Qiong Ren’s confidence, but also felt that this child was still too stubborn and too young.



True gold wasn’t afraid of being refined by fire, but since it was true gold, why did it have to be refined by fire?



Getting to this point, Ming Daoyan made up his mind that he must do justice to “Underworld Chronicle”! As for this plan, for the time being, he wouldn’t talk to Qiong Ren, he had a premonition that if he did, he would definitely be rejected by Qiong Ren again.



The next day, Ming Daoyan sent out a new post.


“Seeing that a lot of people are arguing about Underworld Chronicles, I’d like to share my opinion as well. I won’t mention the parts of the movie that have been praised a lot by everyone, but I’ll just talk about my understanding of the movie’s core.”


“At first glance, the core idea of “Underworld Chronicles” is extremely plain, nothing more than a boring movie. However, this core is only the superficial core, the real core is actually Qiong Ren’s words at the end of the movie, hoping that all beings are often alert. We need to be alert to our own love and desires, our own foolishness, and not to do things that will cause us to fall into the underworld.

The documentary format is meant to give this movie a peak of realism, thus making the ideas the movie is trying to convey more accessible to us.

I think a lot of people, like me, when watching this movie, couldn’t even remember that they were watching a movie. We believed that there was an Underworld in the world, and subconsciously we started to ask ourselves, have I ever done anything bad enough to send me to the underworld.

When you have this doubt, the movie serves its purpose, it puts a cautionary tale in your mind.


That’s why, even though it’s obvious to everyone that this movie will make a lot of money in theaters, FDK chose to put it online on a website.

Because making money was never the goal of Qiong Ren and FDK. They are doing this movie with a sense of social responsibility. They would rather lose money like crazy, but they want everyone to feel the connotation of this movie.


What a fearless spirit this is.


I even think that the name FuDeKai is itself a kind of satire on the fickle social climate.


Over the years, we have seen many hundred-million-dollar theatrical movies with 50-cent special effects. How many movies have you seen that have a lot of stars, but they have to rely on eye drops to even cry?


I have watched countless clips that the transitions are completely incomprehensible and fragmented. How many times have you seen such a mess in costume and makeup, with a disgusting plot, exaggerated character design, intellectually disabled plot, and frequent extras that take you out of the movie?


There is already a lousy consensus in the movie business capitalizing on the fact that why make good movies when bad movies make money?


But Fudekai has given this flashy society a hard blow. While everyone else is heading towards money, it has chosen a different path, quality, substance, and for all the viewers who have access to the internet to see this movie.


Thank you to all the cast and crew for such a wonderful and meaningful movie.


Thank you Qiong Ren for delivering one of the best performances of the year.


Thank you for going backwards in the flood of money and choosing a harder path.


I hope viewers don’t see the excellent exterior of this movie and lose sight of its even better spiritual core.


Underworld Chronicles, it’s worth it. Qiong Ren, worth it. Fudekai, worth it. Zhang Huaisu, worth it.”



Ming Bianju immediately popped up and reposted his brother’s post, and passionately commented, “Originally I wrote a 30,000-word mini-essay, but then I thought it was unnecessary, good things are not afraid of discussion or bad reviews. Since my brother posted it, I’ll forward his. By the way @Qiongren, please let’s cooperate.”


Qiong Ren looked at Ming Daoyan’s post, his mouth opened into a round O.



No, he had said to Director Ming yesterday that he didn’t need to help him send out any public opinion guiding posts ah.



Fudekai wasn’t an ironic name, he had been poor for so many years, he just wanted to be rich fast.


Qiong Ren hopefully went to Weibo search and typed his name. Only to see that the associated words behind it all changed.



Almost every associated word was related to acting and actor.



There were even many people who had already said, “This actor is so great, please what other works are there, I want to get into the pit.”



His agent called, “I’ve received no less than thirty film offers today …… Do you want to transform into an actor?”



Qiong Ren: “QAQ”


He really was just an idol who couldn’t act, ah, how could this misunderstanding not be lifted!



I’ve missed a lot of updates, my other novel got really long so I had to focus on it, I’ll post a few extra chapters tomorrow though so see ya ✌️

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