Although it was a bit ugly, it could still be used.


Rong Yue also didn’t care so much, seeing that Tian Yang had almost finished roasting the meat, he went over and watched him use the bone knife to cut the outer layer of meat into thin slices, piled on a wide leaf.



“Can you take me when you jump?” Rong Yue opened his mouth and stuffed it with a mouthful of meat slices, squinting as he chewed.





Rong Yue: “Then let Yue Dong stay up there, my rope isn’t well braided, so I can just go down and share food, the holy light can shine a little brighter and it’ll save my strength.”



After the discussion, Tian Yang brought the roasted meat pieces, held Rong Yue and jumped down the rift valley.


Guoguo had been staring at the glowing figure all afternoon, and even spoke to him, although she didn’t hear exactly what he said ……


But that was god! He dispersed the fog!


Although after the fog cleared, they felt a little insecure looking at everyone around them, but there was a god watching overhead, they weren’t afraid of someone doing something bad!


She was too tired in the middle of the afternoon and accidentally fell asleep against Ah Jiu for a while. When she woke up, she was full of panic, afraid that the figure she saw before was just her daydream.


Fortunately, although the sky was dark, the person was still there, and that ball of light was even brighter!


After that exciting scene, she had a chat with Ah Jiu.


“Even if god only stays there and looks at us, I am satisfied.” Guoguo murmured.


“Why?” Ah Jiu asked.



“I can see the stars ah …… before in the fog, it was too depressing, I felt locked up. But now the sky is above our heads, just like this …… When I squint my eyes ……” she stretched out her fingers and made a slit: “Just like this, it’s like I’m still in the tribe ……”



Guoguo couldn’t finish her sentence, she saw the light point in the finger slit suddenly waver and disappear.



“???” Guoguo moved her hands, sat up violently, and saw the light …… fall down!


god! No, god, how could god also fall down!!!



Seeing this scene, of course, everyone else panicked.


Guoguo was worried about Ah Jiu so she stood still.


Then she heard a clear voice, with reassuring power, resound throughout the valley.



“Please don’t crowd and line up, there is food for everyone. Don’t be in a hurry if you can’t walk, I will bring it to you later.”




Guoguo’s eyes went round!

“Did you hear him, Ah Jiu! Food!!! We’ve got food!”


Confused, Ah Jiu tried to look closer.


It didn’t take too long for god to hand out food, so it might as well be that there weren’t too many people left.


Soon the crowd parted and Gougou saw god coming this way.


He had beautiful long silver-white hair, fair skin, delicate looks, and he looked elegant. He was followed by a tall, handsome warrior who seemed to be protecting him.


Gouguo watched as god went to the granny next to her who had been chanting, grabbed a little food for her, whispered something else, and then came towards her.


“god!” Guoguo couldn’t hide her excitement and took a step forward.



“There is no god, I am just an ordinary sacrifice, my name is Yue.” The other smiled good-naturedly, and the tall warrior beside her put a handful of slices of roasted meat in her cupped hands.


The slices of meat were still warm, seemingly freshly roasted and emitting an irresistible aroma.


Guoguo giddily responded: “Thank you …… Lord Yue ……”



Rong Yue saw her feeding slices of meat to the bloodied youth beside her, then he bent down and asked, “How long have you been down there? How did you get by?”


There was nothing that couldn’t be said, Guoguo proudly said: “The night of the subsidence, it’s been almost three days …… the bottom of this valley has many insects and beasts, including the largest scorpion, and it’s not poisonous, the meat is quite delicious! I just had to pick it up at the stone seams and so on, my hands must also be fast ……”



Guoguo unknowingly talked a lot, when she realized, her face turned red.


“Sorry, I talk too much ……”


Rong Yue listened with interest: “It doesn’t matter, you talk very well, I’ll try scorpion meat next time.” Then he turned to the man on the ground: “He is?”


Guoguo’s eyes were tinged with sadness: “My husband. He’s injured.”



Rong Yue squatted down, put the sphere of holy light close to the youth named Ah Jiu, slightly checked the injury, and gave a simple treatment with a holy light.



“For now, don’t worry, he’ll be fine.” He stood up and smiled at Guoguo, “We’ll talk afterwards.”


Guoguo watched as Rong Yue walked towards the next person and pinched her thigh.


“Ah Jiu, I’m not dreaming, am I ……”




“How can there be such a good-looking and gentle god!”


Ah Jiu felt even more incredulous as he mumbled a long sentence, “I feel …… like I got a little better ……”


Guoguo was shocked: “Really! You really feel a little better? Gosh he must be a god!”



After god and the warrior walked through the whole rift valley, they walked back to Guoguo’s spot.


This was right in the middle of the valley and there was a large boulder not far away.



Guoguo saw them standing on the boulder with the white ball of light hanging in the air.



The god said aloud, “My name is Yue, and I am an ordinary sacrifice.”



As soon as his words fell, whispers sprang up from all sides – who has never seen a sacrifice? But they’d never seen one so out of the ordinary!


When everyone was a little quieter, Rong Yue continued, “My partner and I traveled and found this place. This place is rich in water and grass, rich in supplies, perfect for rest and recuperation, we decided to station here. After you go up there, you can choose for yourselves whether to follow us to form a new tribe.”



Guoguo’s eyes widened – since she was born, she had only heard of tribal annexation, but never of starting a tribe!


After all, living would have been very difficult, which people would decide to go out and start a tribe?


Moreover, the people in this valley were mostly invalids and seriously injured people, even their original tribes didn’t want them, so they were thrown here. Was this Sacrifice Yue joking?


The person on the boulder narrated a bright future.


“Perhaps you haven’t yet carefully looked at the environment outside the valley, it’s very beautiful, in the future, after the tribe is completed, we will occupy this grassland, hunt and plant crops.”



Rong Yue looked around: “We will have level roads and build beautiful houses, some of them will be used to house people, some to store food, and some to become stores where you will exchange your crafts for payment. We will also have workshops for making all kinds of items – for food that will be kept for a long time, for weaving linen and finer, softer cotton, for making pottery containers, iron tools, and much, much more ……”



The crowd gradually quieted down, Rong Yue saw Li Shui, Yue Dong and Xiao Ergou listening seriously, then there was an undertone of amusement in his voice.



“We’ll use our own hands to create, we’ll use labor for a more affluent life. Each person will have their own specialties, the warriors who defend the tribe, the craftsmen who create weapons, each in their own way. We will have no disasters, eliminate hunger, and even accidental injuries will be healed by the tribe. In time we will be the strongest tribe on this great road.”



Guoguo’s eyes were filled with tears, when she looked around, many people were crying.



Although she couldn’t understand some words, it didn’t prevent her from imagining the beauty in the words.


…… can they really have such a day? Do they, the abandoned and tired, also have the right to live well?


“But,” Rong Yue’s words turned: “We don’t welcome people with wrong hearts. Nor do we welcome the lazy, and we will not give relief without a bottom line. Please keep this point in mind.”


Beside him, Tian Yang had been paying attention to the cliff above, seeing Yue Dong give him a hand gesture, he leaned over and whispered in Rong Yue’s ear about the rope being ready.



Rong Yue nodded, he finally smiled and said to everyone: “You can immediately go up, and finally I will give you a focus.”


Everyone: “??”



“Whether you are a woman, a child, an old man, or a disabled person, you can enjoy the basic right to be a human being, and respecting and safeguarding human rights is a healthy value worth promoting. Everyone for the tribe and the tribe for everyone, this is the core idea of the so-called ‘people as masters’.”


Crowd: “…………………… ”


Although it wasn’t quite understandable, everyone for the tribe, can the tribe really be for everyone?



After the speech, their hearts surged, the crowd went from whispering to chanting loudly: “Sacrifice Yue…… Sacrifice Yue ……….. ”


“We will always follow Sacrifice Yue!”



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