C103 — Kill that big star (1)

Bonus Chap


The sky was getting dark, the last bit of the orange-red sunset was swallowed up.


The streets were empty, the doors of the stores on both sides of the street were wide open, and the goods inside were placed haphazardly, as if they had been abandoned for a long time.


Suddenly a jeep drove up from the distance.


The jeep stopped at a drugstore, the door opened, and a tall man came down from it.


The man, wearing a pair of leather boots, took a gu.n from the car and went inside the drugstore. Soon, he took some things out, quickly returned to the car, drove away from the street.



Just before he left the street, he raised his cap upward, and his eyes fell on the banner of the tallest building.


The banner was a picture of a man holding a brand-name men’s perfume, and if a third party existed, he would have realized that the man on the banner and the man in the car had the same face.



This man was called Shao Ge, a few months ago, he was one of the country’s most popular first-tier male celebrity, a random advertisement Weibo post could get more than 100,000 comments. As a group debut he was the team’s most popular one, his agency was prepared to let him fly alone at the end of this year, but they didn’t expect it, rather than fly alone, the end of the world came faster.


Four months ago, he and one of the team members went to participate in an outdoor variety show and recorded for two days in a row, the shooting location was an ancient town.


On the first day, everything was normal, but in the evening, when the crew wrapped up and Shao Ge and his assistant went back to the hotel, they noticed that some of the people on the street had a strange expression, and they were even staggering when they walked.


But Shao Ge didn’t think that much, as a star he couldn’t stay out too long, so he quickly went back to the hotel until he woke up the next morning and saw the morning news.



On the news, he saw the human bite scene, which was exactly like the disaster movie he had once watched.



He immediately dialed his assistant’s number, but the phone didn’t work. Shao Ge had to change his clothes and go out to his assistant’s room, and on the way, he bumped into his teammate.


The teammate had a shocked expression on his face and came forward and grabbed Shao Ge’s hand, “They’re gone, they’re all gone.”


Shao Ge didn’t move and pulled off the other’s hand, he calmly said, “Tell me clearly, who is missing?”


The teammate woke up earlier than Shao Ge because he wanted to find the program team to ask if he could make up some of yesterday’s footage, which he felt didn’t play well. But when he went to the floor where the program team was staying, he found that the doors of the rooms were all wide open and there was no one inside. He thought it was a hidden camera at first, but when he ran to the front desk of the hotel and found no one at the front desk either, he realized something was wrong.



It was the first day of the end times, and no one knew what had happened to those who were zombified at the beginning.


Now it was the 125th day of the end of the world, Shao Ge no longer performed because no one watched the TV station anymore, everyone was busy surviving.


The night was getting thicker, and Shao Ge was driving faster and faster, because the zombies were afraid of sunlight, during the day humans could still walk on the street, but once it was night time, the zombies would come out of their nests and look for humans.


Shao Ge came out so late because of his teammates.


When he heard the roar of the zombies, Shao Ge quickly grabbed the gun in his hand, poked out the car window and fired a few shots, then quickly retracted and pressed the gas to the bottom.



He was quite lucky, not many zombies were encountered along the way, and all of them were some primary zombies. Shao Ge’s current residence was a basement, he got down from the car and quickly walked towards the basement.


When he opened the door, the house was silent, as if no one was there.


Shao Ge closed the door with his backhand and took the cloth that was placed on the cabinet and blocked the bottom of the door before he got up and turned on the light. Although zombies were afraid of sunlight, they would be attracted to light, so people could only live in the basement, and they also had to strictly prevent the light from being exposed.


Once he turned on the light, he headed for one of the rooms inside, and when he reached the door, he stopped and knocked gently, his voice lowered, “Shen Jue, open the door.”


No one responded to him.


Shao Ge was silent for a moment before he raised his hand and twisted open the door handle.


The light from the living room streamed in, illuminating the patch of ground in front of the bed. The person on the bed was hidden in the darkness, nestled into a ball.



It was his teammate, Shen Jue.


There were four of them on this team, but the remaining two were nowhere to be found, and communications had long since been useless to contact others.



Shao Ge was still escaping with Shen Jue because he was the only one around when the apocalypse broke out, but now Shen Jue was sick.


Shao Ge walked into the room and placed the medicine he’d just ventured out to get on the nightstand. He bent down and pushed the person on the bed, “Shen Jue, wake up.”


There was still no response.


Shao Ge had to rip the covers off the person.


As soon as the quilt was ripped away, the other person’s face was revealed. The silver hair that was dyed a few months ago had lost its color and turned primitively black, since the hair hadn’t been cut in the last month, the frontal hair was a bit long and covered his eyebrows.



The face under the black hair was reddened at the moment, while the lips were so dry that the skin had peeled off.



He had been sick for five or six days, at the beginning, he was still awake, but two days ago, he began to be awake for a while then dizzy for a while, this morning he was unable to get out of bed, by this evening, the person had been burned out, he took all the medicine in the house, so Shao Ge had to go out to get medicine.



Shao Ge touched the other man’s forehead, it was so hot that he could almost boil an egg, he had to get up to pour water, ready to force feed Shen Jue the medicine.


This night, Shao Ge barely slept, he was observing Shen Jue’s condition, in the post-apocalyptic world, people couldn’t afford to be sick, if Shen Jue couldn’t be saved, he could only leave the other man behind, otherwise he would be dragged to death by Shen Jue.



But maybe Shen Jue was lucky, by morning his body was gradually not so hot, and only then did Shao Ge get up to cook something to eat.


Food was too scarce nowadays, so they ate simply, as long as they could fill their stomachs.

Shao Ge ate a meal of clear water and took a piece of bread and put it on Shen Jue’s bedside before going to bed.


When he woke up again, it was already afternoon. Just as he opened his eyes, he saw Shen Jue sitting in front of him.


Shen Jue seemed to have just taken a shower, his body was still wet and his cheeks still had a sickly blush.



Shao Ge frowned and sat up, “Better?”


Shen Jue nodded slowly, his voice a little dry, “Almost, thank you for taking care of me.”


“It’s fine, have you eaten?” Shao Ge got out of bed, casually grabbing a short sleeve and pulling it over his body. He was used to sleeping n.aked. That was why he frowned when he saw Shen Jue sitting in front of him.



After all, he was a star, even with just a normal short sleeve, Shao Ge wore it much better than normal people.


“Didn’t eat.” Shen Jue said softly, “I want congee.”


Shao Ge’s movement to set his pants lurched, but he didn’t say anything, he put on his clothes and walked out of the room. Shen Jue remained in the room, his emotions a little complicated.


Another new realm.


He had just woken up.


In this realm, he was an unpopular star, and although his group was popular, he was the least popular one in it. They had been in this group for many years, he debuted when he was eighteen, and now eight years had passed.


The most popular person in the group was Shao Ge, although he had a singing background, he soon starred in movies, and his first movie as the male lead exploded, eight years down the line, Shao Ge became more and more popular, and the company was ready to let Shao Ge fly solo, and the least popular one, Shen Jue, faced the dilemma of not having his contract renewed by the company.



But a turning point occurred. Shen Jue went to an ancient town with Shao Ge to participate in a variety show, and there, with the advent of the apocalypse, the two of them inexplicably relied on each other and began their escape from the apocalypse.



Shao Ge was the realm master of this realm, causing Shen Jue, who followed him around, to be lucky enough to survive, but luck didn’t favor Shen Jue for long.


The second month after the end of the world came, Shao Ge had alien powers, being water and electricity, so that was why they still had water and electricity where they lived now. Shen Jue, however, was slow to get his powers, until the fourth month after the end times came, when he got very sick.



After recovering from his illness, there was a change in Shen Jue’s body.


In the post-apocalyptic world, the number of human beings plummeted, and the relatively weak women were an even easier group to eliminate, and it was only the fourth month of the post-apocalyptic world that the number of women had already been greatly reduced.


And at this time, another kind of people appeared.


They were originally men, but their bodies would be remodeled after a major illness, eventually turning them into a type of man who could get pregnant.



Shen Jue unfortunately became one of them.


In his previous lives, he hadn’t noticed any changes in his body at first, except that every time he reached the middle of the month, he would always feel a discomfort underneath his body, as if he wanted to shove something in there.


And when he looked at Shao Ge, he always felt greedy, as if the other party had become a sweet cake.



It was only when he started to notice that something would happen during the middle of the month that he realized that something was wrong with him, because men with big bellies had already appeared.



What was even more frightening was that his body had been inexplicably transformed and he gave off a smell that attracted zombies. At the back, Shao Ge realized that more and more zombies were attacking them, and some would even rush out to attack them even at the risk of being burned by the sunlight, and he began to suspect Shen Jue, and eventually discovered his secret.


If Shen Jue continued to give off that smell, they would one day be torn apart by the zombies, so Shao Ge was faced with a choice, either to leave him behind and go off on his own, or to let Shen Jue get pregnant with a child.


As long as Shen Jue was pregnant with a child, he would stop emitting the smell that attracted zombies, and the child would make Shen Jue invincible, and even if he was bitten by a zombie during the time he was pregnant, he wouldn’t zombify.


Shao Ge didn’t like Shen Jue, much less did he want to touch him, so he was ready to go on his own, but Shen Jue wanted to live, and Shao Ge was strong. Although if he got pregnant, he didn’t need to be afraid of zombification, but he would have trouble moving around, and he needed someone to take care of him, so he begged Shao Ge, and ended up crawling into his bed.


Later, Shen Jue became pregnant, and he and Shao Ge went to the largest human base, and at that base, Shao Ge met the person he really liked.


He and Shen Jue didn’t really love each other, and when Shao Ge took care of Shen Jue, it was just a favor, not even an obligation.



Shen Jue saw the situation and had no face to rely on Shao Ge, so every day he did some particularly trivial work in the base, fortunately Although Shao Ge had a favorite person, sometimes he would still give him food and household goods, those things could be exchanged.


Day by day, Shen Jue’s belly grew bigger and bigger, and at this time the temporary government established . The government had discovered new planets that they could relocate to, but there were a limited number of people who could go to the new planets, and there were very few slots available.



Shao Ge had a spot, but his favorite didn’t get it. But there was another way to get on the ship, and that was – the




As long as a person had a child, and gave a sum of money, they could have the qualification to go to another planet, because it was a matter of the survival of the human race, and only new life would allow human civilization to continue to inherit.


Shao Ge thought of Shen Jue.


In the end, he took Shen Jue’s child away and boarded the spaceship with his favorite person, while Shen Jue was left behind on a planet full of zombies. The Earth.



New arc, new suffering 😏

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