C102—- Kill That Half Blood[End]


I didn’t realize that I had come back to life, and that I had gone back to the days when I was still helping out in the kitchen, years ago.



What surprised me even more was that Qiao Jiangyuan was also reborn, because I realized that he was a little different from his previous life. He noticed my difference too, and approached me openly and honestly.


“You’re also reborn, right?” He asked.


I nodded.


“Heh, that’s funny, let me be straight with you, I’m going to get back at Shen Jue, you can stop me, but you need to weigh yourself first.”


I wasn’t surprised by Qiao Jiangyuan’s words, because Qiao Jiangyuan was just as stupid as I was, and he didn’t even know by now that Shen Jue had liked him.


“I won’t stop you, because I want to get back at him too, and it’s not me he loves.” I said softly.


Qiao Jiangyuan froze for a moment at my words, “Then who is it?”



I thought for a moment before saying, “A half-blood named Ye Ye, who served by Shen Jue’s side, do you remember?”



Qiao Jiangyuan slowly wrinkled his brow with more depth in his eyes, he should’ve remembered Ye Ye, the valet who’d served at Shen Jue’s side.


Why didn’t I say Xiang Wen’s name? I didn’t know, maybe I hated Ye Ye more than Xiang Wen.



I and Qiao Jiangyuan teamed up, determined to get back at Jue Shen, and we started discussing our plan. I asked Qiao Jiangyuan to pretend to like me, and he agreed. He was probably afraid that I would turn against him and get back together with Shen Jue.



Living a new life, I saw many details that I couldn’t see in my previous life, I noticed the different way that Shen Jue looked at Qiao Jiangyuan, only that Qiao Jiangyuan was more immersed in hatred than I was, and it seemed like he had to get back at Shen Jue in order to let out the anger in his heart.


As for me, I wanted to make Shrn Jue suffer, the more he suffered, the better.


Qiao Jiangyuan and I pretended to kiss in the rose garden, deliberately letting Shen Jue break it up. Shen Jue was indeed greatly irritated, and looked at me with such loathing, but what made me a little strange was that he didn’t treat me like he did in his last life.


Maybe it was because in his mind, I was already with Qiao Jiangyuan. He had come to hurt me because he hated Qiao Jiangyuan for liking me. Now it was my turn to hurt him by being with Qiao Jiangyuan because he liked him.


Ever since Shen Jue saw with me and Qiao Jiangyuan in the rose garden, he became devastated and started going to the casino, staying out all day and night. Everyone in the manor was on edge, Xiang Wen was the most anxious of them all, no wonder Shen Jue ended up killing me because of Xiang Wen.


Because compared to Xiang Wen, I’m nothing but a rat living in the gutter, despicable, selfish, otherwise why would I want to get back at Shen Jue?


But I wouldn’t stop, just because of the way Shen Jue was losing his mind over Qiao Jiangyuan, who seemed to be so happy with the way Shen Jue was acting that he hid in the casino’s cubicle every day to sneak a peek at Shen Jue.



He had asked me if I wanted to come along, I wasn’t interested, who wants to see the person they love become another person for another person?


I loved him, yes, I loved Shen Jue, but I also hated him. How much I love him, how much I hate him.




Shen Jue lost his luck in love, but he didn’t have any luck at the casino either, he lost his family fortune, and Qiao Jiangyuan and I had been prepared for that for a long time. Qiao Jiangyuan secretly acquired all of Shen Jue’s family assets, including the deed of sale of my body.



With no money left, Shen Jue was kicked out of the manor, and the day he left, I stood at the window of his room and watched him.


He seemed to be crying, carrying a small suitcase, his shoulders hunched.


Qiao Jiangyuan stood next to me and didn’t say anything.


I knew why he didn’t say anything, because he was thinking the same thing I was, that we were both thinking about stopping.


Still, we didn’t stop.


Shen Jue had to live in the slums because he had no money. Shen Jue’s neighbor seemed to be a secret prostitute, who worked both day and night.



I don’t know why, but I snuck over to see Shen Jue, but I happened to run into someone bullying him, so I couldn’t intervene directly, so I went and tumbled into the prostitute’s room, forcing him to go over there and threatening him not to say anything about my existence.


Shen Jue seemed horrified by the incident and refused to live in the slums anymore. He ran back to his manor, where he ran into Qiao Jiangyuan.


Qiao Jiangyuan was clearly excited about Shen Jue’s arrival, and he purposely shouted for me to come down and asked me to put on the ring of Man Shan, the former First Beauty.


When Shen Jue saw the two of us, many emotions flashed under his eyes, from anger to shame …… but in the end he just lowered his eyes and stood there quietly.


I looked at his wretched appearance, even his shoes were rotten, my heart wasn’t much happier, I felt that Shen Jue just confirmed my suspicions, he really couldn’t take care of himself.


Shen Jue seemed to notice me staring at his shoes, he bit his lower lip and hid his feet back, but where could he hide them?


I was amused by this little action of his.


After I laughed, Qiao Jiangyuan looked at me, the bottom of his eyes full of warning. I knew that he was warning me not to be soft.


After thinking about it, I came up to Qiao Jiangyuan’s ear and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t be soft-hearted.”


“I hope so.” Qiao Jiangyuan looked at me with cold eyes, but he had to put on a warm and soft voice.


Guess I’m pretty much the same.


“Follow the plan.” I said.


Qiao Jiangyuan was silent for a moment before turning his head to look at Shen Jue.


“You can stay here, but you’ll have to sign a contract to work here voluntarily.”



When Shen Jue heard that, he exploded like an offended cat, “You want me to be a slave? No way.”



Qiao Jiangyuan shook his head, “We’re brothers, how could I make you a slave? Don’t worry, the contract you signed is just an employment contract, but there isn’t any good work left to do here, the horse farm does have one less horse feeder, would you be willing?”



Qiao Jiangyuan and I had already figured out that if he came to our door, we’d trick him into signing a contract of sale, the owner of the contract wasn’t us because neither of us wanted the other to be his master, and in the end, Qiao Jiangyuan brought up a nobleman.


That nobleman had a reputation for being a habitual tormentor.


“It’s only when he fall into his hands that Shen Jue will taste our pain.” Qiao Jiangyuan said.


I thought about it and agreed.


We sold Shen Jue to an evil man.


Later, we saw him at the party, and at that time, he was a completely different person. He was wearing a large dog’s clothes, kneeling softly and obediently at the nobleman’s feet, and the nobleman was holding a leash in his hand, the other end of which was a collar, and that collar was around Shen Jue’s neck.


Shen Jue had lost a lot of weight, his face looked as if he could cover it with just one hand, and his eyes were red, as if he had just cried.


I looked at such a Shen Jue and couldn’t help but take a step forward, but Qiao Jiangyuan suddenly wrapped his arms around my waist, his hands clasped around my waist were exerting force, his lips moving slightly as he spat out a sentence,


“Don’t forget what you agreed to with me.”


Qiao Jiangyuan and I had long ago stipulated that we would sell Shen Jue to that nobleman for a few months, and only take the other back when Shen Jue had suffered enough.


When I heard Qiao Jiangyuan’s words, all I could do was stop and twist my face away, “I haven’t forgotten.”


I wasn’t going to be soft-hearted.


But when I went back, I didn’t fall asleep, I sat on the bed where Shen Jue had slept, tossing and turning, and finally could only get up to go to the underground wine cellar to get some wine, not realizing that I’d run into Qiao Jiangyuan inside.



I didn’t expect to run into Qiao Jiangyuan inside. Qiao Jiangyuan was sitting on the floor, many empty bottles of wine scattered around him, his collar covered in wine stains. When he saw me coming, he didn’t say anything but just tilted his head back and continued to drink.



I didn’t talk to him either, I grabbed a bottle of wine and headed out, before I could walk out of the cellar door, I heard Qiao Jiangyuan talking behind me.


“Yu Qing, do you think we did the right thing?”


I stopped in my tracks.


“I don’t know.”


I did not know, I should be happy to see how miserable Shen Jue had turned out to be, but why was I not happy at all.


Qiao Jiangyuan let out a laugh, his laughter creating an echo in the wine cellar, “I had sworn that if there was an afterlife, I would never fall in love with him, and that I would let him taste my pain, being a scandal and being betrayed.”



His voice stopped abruptly, “But I got back at him and I’m not happy at all.”



I was silent for a long time before I said, “Then pick him up tomorrow.”



Qiao Jiangyuan hmmmed.



But neither Qiao Jiangyuan nor I expected that Shen Jue would kill himself.


He burned himself in the sunlight.


When I arrived, there were only his clothes on the floor, no, none of the clothes were his.


Qiao Jiangyuan looked at the clothes on the floor and angrily punched the nobleman in the face, “You fuck…. how did you promise me?”



The nobleman was hit and fell to the ground, he looked at Qiao Jiangyuan who actually exploded, he couldn’t think of anything else, he only knew to hide back in fear, his mouth begging for forgiveness, “This …… can’t be blamed on me, I just did what you guys told me to do, how did I know that he couldn’t withstand the tossing and turning, to be honest, a lot of the tools I have didn’t even touch him.”


Qiao Jiangyuan gritted his teeth, stepped forward and grabbed the nobleman’s collar, punching him again and again, “And tools? Heh, I’ll kill you today.”


I didn’t care in going to see the farce between Qiao Jiangyuan and the aristocrat, because the person I wanted to take revenge on was no longer there.



I regretted it, such an afterlife, I don’t want it, but what’s the use of regretting it, because he’s no longer there.



This chapter fully broke my heart and was the main reason I dropped this for a while, it shows that sometimes Shen Jue’s revenge causes his suffering and makes others suffer, creating a cycle, basically everyone is suffering 😭😭😭😭

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