C19 —- Gentle Neighbor

Bonus Chap




“I wasn’t doing anything.”


Chu Chen’an heart trembled as he took a step backward, glancing at the dinner plate he placed on the sofa coffee table, “I just came to get some bread for you ……”


Xu Moshu’s eagle eyes slightly narrowed, he glanced at the dinner plate on the coffee table.



“Why didn’t you come when I invited you the other day?” Xu Moshu’s gloom still lingered in his smile. “You’re very warm today.”


He looked at the vase at Chu Chen’an’s side. The blue rose was in full bloom. There were several withered petals beside the vase, and there were several drops of water around it.



Xu Moshu looked at Chu Chen’an’s weak peach blossom eyes and stepped closer.


He took a step forward, Chu Chen’an took a step back.


The atmosphere became anxious, the distance between them was less than twenty centimeters.


Chu Chen’an could even feel the familiar breath from his body.


Xu Moshu raised his hand and held up the crumbs of plastic wrap on Chu Chen’an’s sleeve. He looked into his eyes, “Have you been in my kitchen?”


Chu Chenan’s heart was thumping. It might have been touched by him when he was flipping the refrigerator just now. He didn’t notice.


“No… no, I didn’t go into the kitchen.” He was very nervous and looked sideways at the direction of the door. “If there is nothing, I will go back first.”


Xu Moshu stared at the side of Chu Chen’an’s face, his handsome little face was translucent with thin red, it was almost red to the back of his ears.


Before Chu Chen’an could take a few steps, he was stopped in his tracks by Xu Moshu’s raised hand.


Xu Moshu’s strong arm was against the wall, blocking Chu Chen’an’s heel, although he wasn’t touching him, it made him feel an endless sense of oppression.


He saw the veins on Xu Moshu’s arm bulge, his scent invaded Chu Chen’an’s nose, taking over his senses.


“If you’ve come, why don’t you come see my lover?”


Chu Chen’an’s eyes widened in shock and he met those dangerous eyes.



Xu Moshu was smiling warmly at the moment, his eyes slightly narrowed, like a beast dormant in the darkness, sharply surveying its prey.



Chu Chen’an was so frightened that his legs and stomach were shaking, and at this moment he only wanted to escape.



He couldn’t help but glance at the master bedroom that was surrounded by large locks, that dark room that was filled with ambiguity, silver chains, and the heavy man pressing on him ……




He didn’t want to go back.


“No,” Chu Chen’an spoke back to him with almost all his courage, “I should go back ……”



He looked at the arm that was blocking his body, and lightly trembled.



Xu Moshu’s hand didn’t move at all, “It’s just for a little while, it won’t take you long.”



“I, I said no.” Chu Chen’an was so anxious that the end of his eyes turned slightly red, and he pushed up Xu Moshu’s strong, powerful arm like he was trying to resist.

Xu Moshu lowered his eyes and stared at Chu Chen’an’s weak eyes.


It was too similar.


But why just like it?



“Don’t be so scared, I’m not going to eat you.”


Suddenly, Xu Moshu raised his hand to pinch Chu Chen’an’s chin, and examined his exquisite face. “I just want you to see how much you and my lover look like ……”


Chu Chen’an was forced to meet Xu Moshu’s eyes and stopped the pushing and shoving.


“And,” Xu Moshu lowered his eyes, his tall black shadow covered Chu Chen’an, he released his chin, “Why are you so afraid whenever I mention my lover?”


“What exactly are you afraid of?”



Xu Moshu’s question was sharp.


Chu Chen’an lowered his head and squeezed his sweating palms.



Just when he thought he wasn’t going to get out today, there was a slight knock at the door.


“Xu Moshu, is Chen’an here with you?”


It was Zhang Liang’s voice!


Chu Chen’an looked at the entrance door, only to see Zhang Liang sidle into the entrance door of 701, and froze for a moment after seeing how the two of them were standing.


“What are you guys …… doing?”


This was the second time he asked this question today.

Xu Moshu shrugged and looked at Zhang Liang with a displeased expression. He slowly took back his hand against the wall and stood straight.


Chu Chen’an saw Xu Moshu take back his hand, and immediately walked out of the door. He passed Zhang Liang and rushed out of the door of 701 like a timid hamster.



“I came to call him to have dinner…” Zhang Liang and Xu Moshu looked at each other for two seconds, only to see Xu Moshu’s eyes dim, which made him feel a strong sense of oppression inexplicably.



“Excuse me.” Zhang Liang touched his nose, turned and closed the door.

Xu Moshu clenched his fist and slammed it heavily into the wall in annoyance, and the wall was soon covered with blood.


He suddenly turned sideways and looked at the rose petals on the table. The withered roses were already black, stained with transparent water droplets, making it look a little bit demonic.


Xu Moshu walked towards the table, picked up a wilted petal and gently rubbed it with his fingertips.


By picking away the withered petals, you can make the blue roses in the vase bloom better ……


This was what his Chen An said.


Zhang Liang followed behind Chu Chen’an, “Chen’an, you and Xu Moshu used to know each other, right?”


Chu Chen’an paused but didn’t turn back, he stood at the door of his bedroom, “You are thinking too much, how could I know him?”


“But it seems to me that he ……”


Before Zhang Liang finished speaking, Chu Chen’an closed the door again.


Zhang Liang’s gentle eyes gradually darkened, he stared at the flashing closed door, clenched his fist, his nails were about to sink into the flesh.


One day.


He wanted to trample Chu Chen’an in the mud.




Chu Chen’an trembled and shrunk into the nest.


Although this copy was a novice copy, this person Xu Moshu was really very scary, Chu Chen’an couldn’t help but tremble.



His mind was deep, it was always difficult to guess what he was thinking ……


But he was sure, Xu Moshu had indeed begun to suspect him.


It seemed that he must hurry up and finish the task.


Xu Moshu was so suspicious and paranoid, how could he resist ……


It wasn’t that he hadn’t resisted before, but each time it would end in failure.



At that time, Xu Moshu hadn’t yet given him a silver chain, but only locked him up in the master bedroom.


The two-meter bed in the master bedroom was soft, two layers of curtains blocked out the haze of the outside world, and the surroundings were filled with the smell of the aftermath of the madness.



Xu Moshu’s tie was still wrapped around his wrist, and red marks spread from his neck.


He took advantage of Xu Moshu’s absence to break the vase on the bed, and with difficulty closed his hand to reach a piece of broken porcelain.


He hurriedly used his fingers to squeeze the broken porcelain piece and cut the tie that bound his wrist bit by bit.


Xu Moxu had tied his hands to the bed with the tie a few hours ago, and it took a lot of effort to cut it off.



He cut for a long time, a few drops of fine sweat appeared between his forehead, before he finally succeeded.


He breathed a sigh of relief and moved his wrists. Just when he was about to sit up with a sigh, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a dark shadow at the side of the door.


He didn’t know when Xu Moshu stood at the door, hugging his hands against the edge of the door and looking at him quietly with a gentle smile.

Then he heard him snort, “How cute.”



“My An An is amazing, it took eleven minutes and thirty-two seconds to cut it off, haha ……” Xu Moshu pinched up a piece of the mutilated tie, smiling gently as if he was genuinely complimenting him.


Xu Moshu fished Chu Chen’an from the edge of the bed into his arms and meticulously lifted his hands to examine them. His ten fingers were white and soft, and there was a wound on the belly of his right index finger, which was still spilling blood beads at the moment.


Xu Moshu’s smile then dimmed a few points, “Idiot.”


He lifted Chu Chen’an’s injured index finger, gently sucked the blood off the finger belly, and flipped open the bedside table and carefully applied a band-aid to him.


“Baby,” Xu Moshu tenderly picked Chu Chen’an up and held him face to face like a child, “Why didn’t you tell me if you didn’t like this?”


Chu Chen’an trembled, he only wore a white shirt, for fear of falling down, he could only timidly grasp the clothes on Xu Moshu’s shoulders.


“If you don’t like the tie, we don’t want it, okay?” Xu Moshu held his back and spoke in a warm voice.


Chu Chen’an didn’t respond, the more calm Xu Moshu was, the more scared he got.



The sound of the washing machine came from the bathroom.


Xu Moshu went to wash the clothes and bed sheets just now.


Xu Moshu put him gently on the washing machine, and Chu Chen’an realized that something was wrong.


Xu Moshu was still smiling and gently held him in his arms, soothing him, “Come, be good, hold yourself.”


That evening, his cries were mixed into the sound of the washing machine.




Chu Chen’an snapped open his eyes and slowly stroked his forehead.


It was a dream.


He raised his eyes to look at his clock.


It was already eight o’clock in the evening.




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