C18—- Gentle Neighbor

Bonus Chap




Chu Chen’an was angry and helpless at the moment, he rubbed the back of his neck and coaxed her nicely, “Jiao Jiao, go and bring the key back to brother, okay?”



“No.” Jiaojiao patted the doll’s back and gently shook it, “Want brother to go get it from brother Xu himself~”


Chu Chen’an still struggled, “As long as you get the key back, brother will make a doll for you.”


“No, I will have ten more dolls later, I already have a lot!”


Jiao Jiao wasn’t at all receptive to this, she smiled cheekily, “brother Chen An, look for it, I checked, brother Xu’s door isn’t closed now.”


Chu Chen’an: “Really won’t bring it back?”


Jiao Jiao: “Brother can find it.”


He took a deep breath, rubbed his brow, and helplessly compromised, “Then where did you put it?”


“I won’t tell you,” Jiao Jiao smiled and said delicately, “Brother will find it by himself”




Chu Chen’an once again took a deep breath.



This silly child.


He hesitated for five minutes, wandered back and forth in the house several times, then gritted his teeth and left the bedroom.


It was just a trip to the pervert’s lair.


What was there to be afraid of?


Chu Chen’an came to the kitchen, straightened the hair on the top of his head, and patted his cheeks with cold water.


A few crystal clear drops of water fell on his lush eyelashes, making his face seem more delicate.


And then, he picked up a plate of bread and walked out of 702.


As if there was a thousand pounds under his feet, he slowly turned left towards the corridor on the left, and the end of that faint corridor was Xu Moshu’s apartment 701.


He looked at the hidden door, his legs began to tremble indefensibly, the end of his eyes were slightly red, his eyes were weak and trembling, his eyebrows were slightly wrinkled.



The beautiful face was now pale, his eyelashes tremble a little when her took a step.


That door carried too many dark and ambiguous memories.


His pink fingertips squeezed the white porcelain dinner plate and gently came to the door of 701.


Chu Chen’an’s fingertips were on the door, he quickly retracted it.


He thought about his mission and about the reality of himself still lying in the morgue.


Then he closed his eyes tightly and raised his hand on the door panel again.


He gently pushed open a corner.


The furnishings in the house were familiar, almost unchanged.


He gathered his courage and stepped into the foyer, looking carefully and nervously around the living room.


He glanced up at the wall above his head and was startled.


There were thin red threads circling above that, and the red threads were dressed with many odd charms ……


He was so frightened that his eyes misted up a little, covering his heart with one hand, he slowly adjusted his rapid breathing.


The living room was quiet, and the bedroom on the left emitted the faint sound of water.


Xu Moshu wasn’t in the living room and seemed to be taking a bath.


Luckily, luckily ……


He quickly walked to the vicinity of the sofa.


The table next to the sofa still had the yellow cartoon table lamp, which Chu Chen’an got from the lottery in the last game.



That time and now was similar, just a few people more had died.


Chu Chen’an was still a novice rookie, once he encountered ghosts and dead people, he would hide in the corner and cry.


At that time, he was also very easy to deceive, when Xu Moshu proposed that he move in with him, in the name of mutual care, he didn’t think about it and agreed, and sent this yellow ugly lamp to show his gratitude.



As a result, he was foolishly tricked by Xu Moshu into coming in, and wasn’t able to go out again ……


The cartoon desk lamp was shaped like a small yellow cat and was emitting a little shimmer.


He approached and lightly poked the head of the yellow cat lamp and hurriedly bowed and began to look for the key to Jiaojiao’s house.


This silly child was simple-minded and heartless, with her usual preferences, she should love to hide in inconspicuous corners.


He made every effort to open a corner of the European sofa back cushion, put his hand inside and began to feel, and felt a small, square piece.


He couldn’t tell what it was by touch alone.



He simply picked up the object with his index and middle fingers, took out the back cushion and almost threw it out with a shaky hand.


It …… Was a …… condo-m.


Chu Chen’an’s neck turned red, he stuffed it back in. He then remembered that this thing was the …… thing that he used to hide in the sofa.



The previous Xu Moshu was really crazy, he used a lot.


Later Chu Chen’an really couldn’t stand it, so he took advantage of Xu Moshu in the kitchen cooking, with red eyes and thighs still trembling, he hid them one by one all into the sofa.


It was only at night that he realized how silly he had been.


Xu Moshu smiled and hugged him, kissing his jaw, hot air sprinkled on Chu Chen’an’s face, “Baby is so nice, how do you know I like to come straight?”


He cried even more pitifully.




Chu Chen’an set the European back cushion back, waving away the black history in his mind that he didn’t want to remember anymore.



He left the sofa and turned to the cabinet under the big screen TV.


He started opening the cabinets one by one.


He opened three cabinets in a row, three cabinets were full of Chu Chen’an’s photos, when he was laughing, when he was sleeping, when he was dazed, and all sorts of sneak pics ……


These added up to at least a few hundred.



Really perverted.


His hands trembled as he picked up the only one of the photos without a human face.


The photo was a pair of slim white legs photo, the photo him wearing casual white sports shorts, his thin ankle were held by a slender palm.



The legs were slightly raised, and the perspective of the raised arc captured was Xu Moshu’s.


It should have been taken secretly by Xu Moshu while he was asleep.



Xu Moshu held up his foot.


Kissed on the back of his foot.


Chu Chen’an froze.


Inexplicably, when he looked at this photo, he spontaneously associated it with Xu Moshu’s mood at that time.


When Xu Moshu kissed him.


It should be reverent and careful ……


He looked at the photos and had an indescribable feeling in his heart, shallow, but depressing.


He put the photos back in the cabinet and got up and turned to the kitchen refrigerator.


Chu Chen’an opened the refrigerator, which was as big as two of him.


Very unexpectedly, he paused.



Unlike what he thought, the refrigerator was filled with fresh fruits and ingredients.


Fresh strawberries, carrion, and peeled grapefruit and pomegranate ……


Every single thing was something he loved to eat.


He glanced sideways at the food waste bin not far away, which had the same ingredients as inside the refrigerator, all intact, it got rotten before being thrown away.



Chu Chen’an didn’t dare to imagine.


Could Xu Moshu have been like this for the past ninety days or so?



Replace the things in the refrigerator with fresh ones when they are bad, and re-stuff the refrigerator with his favorite foods just to wait for his return ……


Chu Chen’an felt even worse in his heart, he closed the refrigerator door.


And fled from the kitchen.


He saw the fresh and elegant bunch of blue roses on the dining table.


His footsteps stopped.



The blue roses were beautiful, laid flat on the table, with the vase next to it and a few drops of water dripping on the table that hadn’t had time to dry.



The flower looked like it had just been taken out of the vase and forgotten to put it back.


Very much like the work of that silly child Jiao Jiao.


He actually didn’t want to get close.


The reason was that his sinful relationship with Xu Moshu started when he sent a bunch of blue roses.


He slowly walked towards the table and looked at the bottom of the vase, and there was a rusty key lying inside.


He hurriedly poked his hand into the bottom of the vase and stuffed the damp key into his pocket.


Chu Chen’an hesitated for a few seconds, but still picked up the blue roses lying flat on the table and carefully put them back into the vase.


He casually picked off a few wilted petals so that it could bloom better.


As he was putting it in, he hadn’t noticed that the sound of the water in the bedroom had stopped.


The vase was placed back to its original position, and when he was about to turn around and slip away, he heard the bedroom door open.


Xu Moshu was casually draped in a bathrobe, half showing his toned muscles, his skin was a healthy dark wheat color, and a strand of damp hair hung down in front of his eyes.



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