The Idol And The Disabled President Made An Official Announcement


Chinese Name: 爱豆和残疾总裁官宣了




Ye Hansheng was disabled in both legs and bad at walking. The rumor was that he was a moody man, and no one dared to hold his shining golden thighs.

 Wen Run never believed these rumors, every time he saw him from afar, he smiled with curved eyes and was filled with joy.

  Then someone else said, “Look at that Wen Run, he even risked his life to climb the bed, and Ye Hansheng, the god of evil, dared to mess with him.

 Wen Run tried to explain every time: Ye Hansheng is not like that, he is a good man.

  Ye Hansheng happened to hear, and decided to show the little sheep what a bad guy was.

  The little sheep was trembling with fear and shyness, but not fear and disgust, he was simply unbelievably good and soft.

Ye Hansheng’s heart suddenly softened, thinking that it was not difficult to be a good person.

Later, they found out that the little transparent Wen Run really held the golden thigh. All the way, the resources kept gathering a line of traffic like a rocket.

And Ye Hansheng was also really a good person. Only…he was only good to Wen Run.


  Starland Media had a CEO with a face like a Shura, disabled legs, a moody temperament, and was the ghost of the industry.

 Starland Media also had an entertainer who was handsome, mellow and super spoiled and loved by everyone in and out of the circle.

  And then…they made an official announcement.

Fans: He must have been forced!

Industry: there must be transaction!

Passerby: This is definitely not true love!

Everyone was waiting for them to break up, waiting as the artist became the film emperor, waiting as the president occupied half of the entertainment industry, and the family were still together.

 CP fans: wuwuwu, What immortal love QAQ


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