After coming out of Ye Hansheng’s office, Zheng Xuan had someone contact the original blog, and deleted the initial explosive blog, as well as some blog posts with a larger number of retweets, so that the Weibo looked a lot cleaner.

Delete the major ones, and the rest was just some scattered people discussing, which couldn’t be deleted in any case. Zheng Xuan remembered Ye Hansheng’s narrow-mindedness, and sent him a reply with a headache, saying that he had already dealt with it.

Ye Hansheng searched on Weibo again and didn’t see any more of those obtrusive photos, finally satisfied slightly and didn’t go looking for Zheng Xuan’s strife.

The mouse cursor rested on the corner of the teenager’s upturned lips for a while, and Ye Hansheng saved the photo, thinking that he had to find a chance to collect the chicken soup he was owed.


At the height of the scandal, Wen Run didn’t speak out, all the comments were made by the team on his behalf to clarify, he stayed in his dormitory without leaving, picking the scripts Zheng Xuan sent him.

With his popularity, the road was wide open, and there were naturally more opportunities. This time Zheng Xuan even sent three scripts over for him to choose, and none of them were small productions of cannon fodder roles. All three were good scripts, and the characters he was invited to act were either male I or male II.

Each of the three scripts had its own advantages and disadvantages, so Wen Run struggled for a few days.

The first was the male lead of an ancient web drama “Order of Flying Flowers”, the drama was popular a few years ago so it was a big IP adaptation, although it was only a web drama, but both the adaptation script and team configuration was very good, not a crude small production.

The second was the urban idol drama “Meteor Shower,” a male remake of an idol drama that exploded more than a decade ago, with a very good mass base.

The third was the Republic of China drama “Folding” the second male lead, it was also an IP adaptation, but not as big as the first, it had fans but the online popularity was not high, but the story and characters were very good, and a big director was in charge.

Wen Run’s favorite was actually “Folding”.

The story was set in the Republic of China, where the female lead was in a troupe and followed her master around the country, while the warlords were fighting and the Japanese were invading China. In the midst of the turmoil, the opera troupe had been in a state of flux, and the troupe master had been killed for offending the warlord party. The two worked together with different goals in mind, but the fame of the opera troupe attracted the attention of the warlord’s son, which led to a love-hate relationship and feud between the male and female lead….

Wen Run’s favorite character was Zhang Lanzhi, a warlord’s son. Zhang Lanzhi came from a warlord’s family, but he had the appearance of a handsome gentleman with a clear sky. However, he found that the warlords and the inaction of the Republican government were the root cause of the country’s weakness. He was struggling with pain in the country and at home when he met the female lead, because the female lead’s decisive and transparent heart, but also because of his encounter with her, he finally found his own heart, and abandoned literature to join the military, persuaded his father to fight the Japanese army, to join the battlefield … …

Zhang Lanzhi had all the qualities of the second male lead, a distinguished family, a handsome face, erudition and patience, but he ended his life by dying on the battlefield for the righteousness of his family and the love of his heart.

The script had put a lot of effort into the portrayal of the second male lead, Wen Run could almost imagine such a noble son of the Republic of China just by reading the script.

It was just that although the persona was brilliant, if he wanted to act well, it was also a big challenge.

For today’s Wen Run, who had no shortage of fans and was steadily rising in popularity, what he lacked was a chance to prove his strength. Apart from the still unaired Jinling Terrace, the past dramas he’d been in really didn’t show any acting skills, and he was still able to have the popularity now because of the popularity of <Farming>, but he couldn’t just rely on this variety show to maintain it forever, he also needed to have a solid track record to match his current fame.

He already had “Jinling Terrace” that didn’t have much parts, and the remake of the idol drama didn’t represent his personal achievements even if it was popular, he needed a brand new script that showed his strengths again.

Folding was perfect for that.

Wen Run told Zheng Xuan what he thought, and Zheng Xuan was a little surprised, but now that Wen Run had surprised him with his own selection, his approval of Wen Run had grown a little deeper.

Wen Run’s image in his heart had changed from a good and sensible little dog to a good and smart little dog.

Naturally, Wen Run was unaware of the label he was poking at him, but instead, he discussed with him again, saying that he wanted to enroll in an acting class that taught more in depth, and if possible, it would be even better if he could hire a teacher. Since Jinling Terrace, he had felt that his acting skills were not enough and he was far from his predecessors.

Starland actually had acting classes, and he had listened to every single one of them, but when it came to practice, he would find that all the knowledge in the classes was too shallow and not enough. He then thought that with Zheng Xuan’s connections, he would be able to find a teacher who could explain things in more depth.

Zheng Xuan listened for a moment and made him wait for two days before taking him to meet Wei Ye.

Wei Ye was one of the movie kings brought out by Zheng Xuan. He was only thirty-two. After moving from TV series to the big screen, he basically won all the awards he could get. After that, he set up his own studio and was affiliated with the starland name. The poaching of Zheng Xuan was not successful in the past, so the outsiders thought that the relationship between the two of them had been frozen long ago, but in fact their private relationship had always been good.

It just so happened that Wei Ye had been resting for the past few months, and Zheng Xuan shamelessly went to invite him to give Wen Run lessons.

Wen Run was extremely confused when he saw Wei Ye. Wei Ye was an insurmountable monument that he could only look up to as a younger generation, and he would never have thought that Zheng Xuan would invite this legendary movie emperor for him.

“Senior Wei, hello.”

Wen Run nervously stood up and extended his hand to Wei Ye in a respectful manner as a student would to a teaching director.

“Don’t be nervous, I don’t eat people.” Wei Ye’s eyebrows moved, and looking at his serious appearance, he also stood up and shook his hand.

After sitting down again he spread his hand towards Zheng Xuan, “When I tried to poach you into my place and you refused to go, I thought you were ready to retire.”

“I was ready to retire then.” Zheng Xuan smiled again, “But here and there, I changed my mind again when I saw a good seedling.”

Wei Ye smiled, his eyes carefully examining Wen Run.

Wen Run’s physical condition was pretty good, and from what it seemed just now, his personality was good, but he just didn’t know how good his acting skills were. After Zheng Xuan approached him, he went to look for dramas that Wen Run had acted in and watched them, but most of them were characters that only appeared in a few episodes and could be seen to be very agile, but how he actually was, he still had to see again.

“First of all, I don’t take on apprentices easily, so if you want to be my apprentice, you have to meet my standards.”

When it came to business, Wei Ye restrained the smile on his face and appeared a bit more serious.

Before Zheng Xuan said anything, he saw Wen Run nodding his head repeatedly like a chicken pecking at rice, looking like a student about to enter the examination room, “Yes.”

Wei Ye was amused by him and picked a clip out of his memo on his phone for him to act out a part.

After mulling over the phone for a moment and quietly taking a breath, Wen Run began improvising.

There wasn’t much time for him to to figure it out, and he could only rely on his own understanding to interpret it. The short video Wei Ye picked out was only a few hundred words, but he acted it out and had to change three emotions in just two minutes.

The first was the extreme joy, the joy only barely reached his eyes, but because of the sudden bad news, it turned into extreme sadness, the face of the joy was not yet gone, even the corners of his mouth was still slightly curled, the tears had slipped down, he cried quietly, not making the slightest sound, only his chest rose and fell violently, then he became instantly like a drained plant, powerless to stoop in the the ground. The sadness between those brows was still there, but his dark eyes were dead, the numbness that remained after the extreme despair….

It was only a short two to three minutes performance, but the two as an audience took a long time to come back to their senses.

Zheng Xuan was smiling with pride.

Wei Ye, on the other hand, was helpless, “It’s true that the waves of the Yangtze River are pushing forward, your eyes are still so poisonous.”

Wen Run’s acting skills might still have flaws in his eyes, but they were only flaws, he was not a trained person. It was beyond an ordinary person’s ability to release emotions so freely by his own training.

In the end, Wei Ye was quite satisfied to accept this apprentice. He made an appointment to give him one lesson per week afterwards, and if he didn’t understand anything, he could communicate on WeChat.

Wen Run, on the other hand, seriously gave him a cup of tea and called him teacher instead.

When the three of them parted, Zheng Xuan’s smile was visible, if there was a tail behind him, it would have been shaking up by this time, he only thought that he really was discerning, good at spotting a dusty pearl, completely forgetting how he had rejected Ye Hansheng.


After following Wei Ye’s class, Wen Run got busy all of a sudden. Wei Ye was indeed a strict teacher, although it was only one class a week, but after class he would leave video homework for Wen Run to complete, who had to spend a lot of time practicing.

After New Year’s Day, he still had to work on the script and write the biographies. Plus, he hadn’t put down his previous workout schedule, and still maintained his training of three sessions a week, even though Zheng Xuan hadn’t scheduled any other thing for him during this time, he was still too busy.

So it was only when Ye Hansheng wanted to go and collect a debt that he found that he couldn’t even catch a single glimpse of the person.

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