Immortal Sect Grand Competition.

This was an annual event for immortal sects.

This year, the Qing Lan Sect, where Yuan Tian stayed, held a gathering of immortal friends on the immortal mountain surrounded by clouds of smoke and bamboo, and a lively gathering of the best and brightest.

However, this event was destined to be extraordinary.

First, Yuan Tian won the disciples’ competition, and for the first time, the Heaven-Shattering Pearl was revealed to the world.

Then thunder clouds appeared in the sky, the evil people came to hear about it and grabbed the Heaven-Shattering Pearl, and Yuan Tian and others really learned about the origin of the divine Heaven-shattering Pearl.

The Evil Daoists underestimated the power of the Immortal Sects and were defeated by the Qing Lan Sect’s Three Dragons Qing Yun Formation.

Just when everyone thought the storm was over, the head of the Qing Lan Sect actually came forward with a so-called sect history, saying that the Pearl was in fact a holy relic of the Qing Lan Sect, but lost to the world for many years –

To put it plainly, they also wanted to take this divine weapon for themselves.

Yuan Tian was shocked and angry.

He grew up in the Qing Lan Sect, for the first time, he discovered the true appearance behind the Sect Leader, the elders, the seemingly immortal and moral cultivators, the elders he once respected so much.

Greed, and hypocrisy.

At this point, someone from another sect came forward to identify Yuan Tian as having been with the evil demoness.

The head of the sect immediately threatened to kill him, unless Yuan Tian handed over the Heaven-shattering Pearl, or else Yuan Tian would be executed on the spot as an undercover agent of the evil doctrine.

In order to protect Yuan Tian, his master, Elder Bai, was seriously wounded to death by the Three Dragons Green Cloud Formation, and his body died while his soul was swept away by a black cloud that suddenly appeared in the sky.

His faith since birth was completely crushed by the cruel and filthy reality.

The fact that his master, who was like his own father, was killed by the division he had always respected and guarded, almost drove this naive young man, who had never suffered anything, crazy.

A pair of clear eyes gradually became red.

A white arc flashed.

A sword pierced into the chest of Yuan Tian.

There was a momentary pause.

Yuan Tian’s eyes slowly turned down, confused and uncertain, he looked at Lin Xue, who was standing in front of him, wearing the Qing Lan Sect’s disciple uniform and attacking Yuan Tian.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back.

[TN: An idiom which means, the seemingly minor or routine action that causes an unpredictably large and sudden reaction, because of the effect of many small actions.]

“I’m sorry.” Lin Xue said softly as she slightly flexed her five fingers, and the Heaven-Shattering bead in mid-air fell into her hand.

The teenager’s eyes were still red, his eyelashes fluttered, as if something was crumbling layer by layer, disbelief, grief, and anger, disappointment …… too many complex emotions intertwined, flowing from the pair of clear eyes.

“You lied to me? You’ve been lying to me ……” The pale face had a smile that was more poignant and heart-wrenching than crying, like a sneer, and like self-deprecation.

Like a broken piece of glass, fragile and heartbreaking.

Straight to the soul!

No one could hold on under such a look.

“No, it’s not ……” Her thin wrist trembled lightly, Lin Xue felt as if the sword in her hand had a thousand pounds of weight, her body shook and she almost couldn’t hold the sword in her hand.

Don’t look at me with such eyes, please don’t.

The young man closed his eyes, a crystal tear silently crossed his snow-white jaw.

He was still smiling.

But the smile contained a strong sense of sadness and heartbreak.

This tear caused Lin Xue’s heart to ache viciously as if the sword stabbed in Yuan Tian’s chest had penetrated her own heart.

Teardrops uncontrollably, like fallen pearls, slipped from Lin Xue’s face, overflowing with remorse and sorrow.

Drop by drop, one by one.

Her lips trembled slightly, and her eyes filled with deep fear.

This moment.

She finally realized.

She had tried everything to get what she wanted most from Yuan Tian.

But at the same time, she had also lost the most important thing she had ……


Director Li shouted CUT with great satisfaction.

The Immortal Grand Competition was the most important scene of the plot, If they were not careful, Yuan Tian, who was grieving and angry, would exert too much force, and Lin Xue could easily become affected.

He had been ready to shoot this clip for a whole day, he didn’t expect it to be so smooth.

The most moving was undoubtedly Zhou Yuhe, he was acting a crying scene, yet the staff outside the studio all cried, there were a few little girls who couldn’t help but feel distressed, they covered their mouths and ran out to cry properly.

But Su Tong’s performance was most stunning.

Compared to Zhou Yuhe who seemed to be a newcomer, Su Tong was the one who was a bit unstable on set.

Because Lin Xue and her previous role were very different, she was sometimes not so precise in grasping the character, the number of NGs[Not good] during the shooting process couldn’t be considered less.

But recently, he didn’t know whether she became familiar with the role, or was influenced by her co-actors, the bad takes got less.

This time, the main scene of the Immortal Gate Competition was actually done wonderfully in one take.

It must be said that director Li was really relieved.

He just wanted to praise Su Tong.

But he saw Su Tong squat and start crying.

On the contrary, the “victim of a sword stabbed through” Zhou Yuhe, with a helpless smile on his face, kept gently patting her back to help her breathe.

Director Li wondered, “Su Tong, why are you crying?”

Su Tong cried frantically, her voice trembled as she tried to speak: “Xiao Zhou, Xiao Zhou acted …… *hiccup*, too good, I cannot control myself ……”

God knew how much she wanted to gag herself and not let herself cry like a fool without stopping.

But as if her body’s faucet was turned on, she simply couldn’t control her tear ducts, a flood of tears quickly soaked the arm of her gown.

She went too deep into the scene.

Director Li’s words of praise were instantly blocked in his throat.

He finally knew why Su Tong could act so easily ……

Director Li had to admit it, it wasn’t only Su Tong, any experienced actress, as long as they stood opposite Zhou Yuhe, watching him shed tears silently like this, he knew they wouldn’t be able to restrain themselves and would end up like Su Tong ……


As they entered the last month of filming, the original tense mood of the crew became relaxed because of the smooth filming process.

Now everyone talked and laughed every day, and Zhou Yuhe’s time was a lot more relaxed.

He could chat with someone on the phone in between shooting.

Xie Yifeng: “Brother misses you.”

When he received this short text, Zhou Yuhe’s heartbeat couldn’t help but speed up for three seconds.

But three seconds later it quickly calmed down.

He didn’t know if wine was the best bridge between people, since that day after the balcony drunkenness, Xie Yifeng’s chatting frequency had increased significantly.

And his tone of voice got more and more teasing, no longer proper.

This behavior7 was too familiar to Zhou Yuhe, it was the same in his previous life.

It wasn’t too much to make this kind of slightly teasing joke among boys who got along well. When he was a trainee before, the b*stard in the upper bunk always said that he was better than his girlfriend when he wanted something. So, he thought Xie Yifeng texted him for a reason, so his slightly faster heartbeat quickly calmed down.


“Can I come to you?”

Zhou Yuhe’s eyebrows jumped: “You’re coming to visit the set?”

“Can’t I?”

Zhou Yuhe thought he was joking, he looked at the dark cloudy sky and replied, “Yes, then you have to show up at our set within thirty minutes, or don’t blame me if you get wet in the rain later.”

“Really? Then you might be disappointed.”

Zhou Yuhe looked at the message confusedly and was wondering what he meant.

Suddenly there was a commotion at the door.

Zhou Yuhe looked up and Xie Yifeng actually walked in through the door.

Xie Yifeng was walking forward while laughing: “If I’m going to get wet, it must be us together, getting wet as a pair of lovebirds, don’t you think so, Yuhe?”

Zhou Yuhe didn’t answer him positively, but pretended to be angry, “How come you came to visit the set without my consent?”

Xie Yifeng was innocent: “Didn’t I say so on WeChat?”

Xie Yifeng blinked, “And I didn’t just come to visit the set, I also came to join the group.”

Zhou Yuhe was surprised: “The group?”

   He turned his head to look at the director who had a calm and unruffled face and asked, “Director Li, what’s going on?”

Director Li hummed twice and didn’t answer, with a bit of dejection on his face.

At this time, Su Tong poked his elbow, “Don’t you remember that the casting of the Venerable Demon had never been announced?”

The Venerable Demon.

The biggest boss of <Searching For Heaven> was also the “black cloud” that took Yuan Tian’s master captive at the first Immortal Gate Competition.

The role of the demon was in the last arc, before there had been a lot of padding, and it was rather obscure, the audience would only to hear the big boss’s voice and wouldn’t see him, until the biggest climax of the plot, then the demon would make an appearance.

Because of this plot setting, the actor playing the Venerable Demon didn’t have to join the group at the beginning, as they did.

The producers had also made good use of this gimmick by not announcing the actor who would play the big boss until the official broadcast, making it mysterious.

Who would have thought that the Venerable Demon would be Xie Yifeng!

Zhou Yuhe was frozen.

 D*mn it.

  Was this crew so good at casting? ? ?

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