From Chen Zhen’s studio, Ye Hansheng went straight back to Songhai Mansion. He wasn’t in a good mood, and didn’t bother turning on the lights when he entered the house, he directly turned his wheelchair to the balcony. The floor-to-ceiling windows of the balcony reflected the colorful neon light from outside, making the silent and […]


Cheng Hao’s eyesight became blurred.   He had been able to see the appearance of the person he asked for help, but now he could no longer see clearly.   He needed help. Clutching those two skinny legs, Cheng Hao’s voice became weak: “Help me ……help ……” But it was strange, at this moment, his mind was […]


A copy of Qin Hengyi’s ID card, a copy of his work permit! All the things the agency was currently pushing him for!         In order to ensure the safety of their artists, the company would put the identity of the artist’s parents and lovers into a file. However, only copies of some basic documents […]


Duan Hengye felt that Lan Jingchi had changed a lot, compared to the silent and careful look he had at the beginning, he was like a different person. At this time, standing on the stage, Lan Jingchi looked incredibly confident, and his words and actions were extremely decent, so he could indeed carry the task […]