“You’re right, I believe you.”   Jiang Qing also smiled, a very sincere smile.   Although this didn’t prevent him from telling lies with his eyes open.   The phone in his pocket suddenly rang, he didn’t continue to ask, he took the phone out of his pocket and pressed the connect button.   […]


  “Your set of things has completely formed its own system, and is extremely practical, which is a valuable asset for us biologists.” Zhao Depei’s voice trembled slightly because of his excitement.   “Yes, publish a book. It’s considerate of us old bones, this word picking is too difficult for us.”   Good-natured laughter rang […]

C13—- Pillars

  Mu Sichen thought the tattooed totem was going to be up close and personal, but he didn’t expect it to be drawn far away.   Yao Wangping told him to close his eyes because he didn’t want him to see what was happening. Mu Sichen thought it wasn’t necessarily hidden, according to this world’s […]


  “With the last one, this is the second time.” He looked around the empty bathroom, casually resting his glass of water on the vanity, his gaze lingered on the sink mirror for a few seconds before moving away, “A stranger with free access to my place, ha, that sounds exciting.”   “Maybe I should […]


  Zhong Ling finished, and apprehensively looked at Ye Hansheng. Ye Hansheng’s expression from the beginning to the end didn’t have much fluctuation, he was just silent, he couldn’t see joy or anger. But Zhong Ling felt that even if Ye Hansheng didn’t feel angry, at least there would be a hint of joy.   […]