The matter of Shi Fei participating in the literature club competition, soon spread through the fan support groups, more and more people flocked over to the two anchors live room.   The news was also received by Wu Ziqiang, who had been living a very decadent life lately.     Since the incident that he […]


There were too many people in the Xingyue tribe who weren’t capable of fighting, and it was extra important to keep them safe.     After everyone thought for a while, Ah Jiu spoke first.     “There should be a fence.”     Most tribes built fences, mostly made of wood with spikes.   […]


    Liang Zhe was stuck and didn’t know how to answer.     Li Zheng watched Liang Zhe’s face turn red as he tried to explain, he couldn’t stop laughing.     “Okay, okay, you’re a big man. I can’t control you if you want to go to New York.” Li Zheng said.   […]


Zhu Qing’an panicked when he saw the man pulling his pants.   He hurriedly stretched out his hand, clutching the other man’s fingers, red-faced and at a loss: “Mr. Qin …… I, I will take off my pants myself.”     He had a wary expression and his hands were clutching the top of his […]


  Elisa was frustrated.     She also understood what Qiao Nan meant, and had to relax and sit back down.   Originally she just wanted to apologize and had a slightly good feeling towards him, but when she saw his real face, her slight good feeling turned into an unstoppable palpitation.     She […]