I Became A Big Star After I Quit The Entertainment Industry

Chinese Name: 退出娱乐圈后我成了大明星


Chapters: 268


As a no-name member of a boy band.

Because there was no value in continuing packaging,

Su Zhe was abandoned by the company and peacefully canceled the contract with the company to withdraw from the entertainment circle

On the day of termination,

Su Zhe was inexplicably bound to a “super idol system” that did nothing right? !

This sand sculpture system, the daily task was to run 10 kilometers every day

Was the skill given to him sprint lv1? ? ?


A year later.

[Sports Times]

Our sprinter Su Zhe had set a new national record in the track and field championships! ! !

[Entertainment News]

According to Xiao Yue, the player who set a new national record in the track and field championships was Su Zhe, a member of the former idol men’s team the thrid. ! ! !


Fans: This person who broke the national record is so familiar …

Fans: … Wait for this person …? ? ? ? ! ! ! !

Fans: … It seems to be our little transparent idol! ! !

And then …

[Sports Times]

Congratulations to Su Zhe, a famous sprinter in China, for bringing up the individual champion of the National Shooting Championship!

Congratulations to Su Zhe, a famous athlete in China, for winning …

Until he became a hot super idol,

Su Zhe’s mood was still very complicated …

Some guy hiding in the corner: … Why doesn’t the copywriting even have my part?




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