He Has A Dual Personality


Chinese Name: 崽崽他有双重人格


Chapters: 125


What? The school bully began to hit his face again. He had a fight with the newly transferred school bully the day before yesterday, and today he hid behind others.

After meeting Liang Xi, Xia Ze went further and further on the road.

Xia Ze: So what … Mm-hmm! (I like you! )

Liang Xi: What did you say?

Xia Ze: I said you are ugly! (Yes, I am scared)

Crowd: I can’t believe that the school bully who doesn’t take no for an answer has such a wimpish moment.

Xia Ze shook his head helplessly: hey! I didn’t know that my boyfriend, who was a little puppy at the mercy of the slaughter, would become my big attacker.

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