Forced To Be Favored By The Whole Stars

Chinese Name:被迫受到全星际的宠爱




Shen Tong came to the interstellar age because of an accident.

Became a grass.

In this era, cats evolved rapidly and occupied a dominant position.

Shen Tong, unfortunately, was a catnip _ (:з) ∠) _

And would soon be dedicated to the famous tyrant of interstellar.

This tyrant, he was tyrannical, cruel and indifferent, with blood on his hands.

After learning of his fate, Shen Tong decided to be honest and make grass, carry out photosynthesis properly, and give the tyrant a good bite if necessary.

What he didn’t expect, unknowingly, was that Shen Tong had already scratched the tyrant’s own chin, braided his mane, pillowed him for naps, and even had him learn to cat-call.

Shen Tong: “Can I give you a bite as if nothing happened QAQ?”

Caesar: “Not enough.”

Shen Tong: “?”

A few minutes later, the hottest blogger of Star Network updated a dynamic:

Shen Tong V: There is a cat @ Caesar

Hundreds of millions of fans instantly blew into a firework: [Honey, you finally remembered the password! ! No-wait a minute? Have a cat? ]

[This means falling in love! ? ]

[What? In love? ? ? Little mint, you are still young, and your mother forbid you to fall in love! ]

[Wait a minute, Caesar? Is it your Majesty Caesar? ? ? ]

[the tyrant? ? ? ]

[Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, mint, if you didn’t volunteer, blink your eyes! ! ! ]

On this day, the whole star fell out of love!


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