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37th comment: [Is the poster serious? Zhou Tianjue was still 0.02 slower than Su Zhe? Crap?! Crouch crouch crouch! Now only the groove can reflect my shock ……] 38th comment: [Zhou Tianjue scored 14 seconds 07, right? But 14 seconds 05 ah …… this is actually that Su Zhe’s results.] 41st comment: [What science is […]

C20-Shining Stars

The entire 110m hurdles site of the National Championships qualifier suddenly fell into an eerie silence, one could only hear the running sound of athletes crossing the finish line one after another, and then all those who had run across the finish line, all revealed the same stunned gaze, looking in the direction where Su […]

C18- Passion And Promise

 This time to participate in the National Championships qualifiers, most of the provincial teams just from the junior group up to the senior “rookie” athletes, although in this year’s season, perhaps because of the lack of participation in the field, most athletes didn’t get a seat in the National Championships, but there was no shortage […]

C17- Coming Soon

Su Zhe’s fans, most of them were teenage girls or in their twenties, they often had a lot of limitations in their understanding of sports. Most of the “philosophers” followed the focus on the 100-meter dash project, their understanding was very limited. But even so, they saw this schedule and also couldn’t help but have […]

C15- Accident

 After Su Zhe replied to Shao Xingchen’s fan page and retweeted the response, the “satellites” and “philosophers” were relieved, and then finally had the mood to start admiring their faces. Everywhere, the fans were filled with excitement. [Your eyes are the brightest stars in the night sky, and the light they contain guides us forward; […]

C14- Strength & Responsibility

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C13- Task Reward

 The heated discussion on the internet went unnoticed by Su Zhe for the time being, as he was sitting in the car returning to the gymnastics team, pretending to close his eyes and rest. After making sure no one disturbed him, he put his attention on the system. The system had alerted him that his […]