Due to the voice of Li Zheng, a drug researcher, the matter of Mary’s Hospital was resolved smoothly. Five of the six patients’ families filed a petition for dismissal of the case, leaving only one family member who had been stirring up trouble and but stopped gaining attention. For this reason, Chen Sufen and Mr. […]


“Sorry sorry sorry.” David insincerely waved at Pete. Smith waved his hand, and then he pulled Li Zheng to the side. “Li, you’re crazy!” The profit of carbapenem antibiotics is much more than bactrim.” He stretched his arm in the air and drew a big circle. Li Zheng looked at David who kept gesticulating with […]


Chen Xuhua resigned. Before Li Zheng’s interview could be broadcast, Chen Xuhua announced his resignation in a press conference on Wednesday. After hearing this news, Li Zheng locked himself in the lab for a day and a night. Although he knew in his heart that even if his talk show was broadcast, and the public […]


When the person of the century columnist stood in front of her, Zheng Lingling still felt some disbelief.   “Jenny Garcia ……” she muttered.   A woman in professional dress who was talking to the staff turned her head with a smile, “Ms. Zheng Lingling, are you calling me?” Jenny Garcia, the host of the […]


The worst happened when the families of six patients who died from drug-resistant strains of infection jointly took Mary Hospital to court. Not only that, one of the patients’ families worked for the Hong Kong Daily News, and she wrote a long article – the human life and blood tears behind the 84.8% miracle. Every […]


“Old, old, really old, but after two or three days, this head doesn’t seem to be mine.” Su Changzhi stretched, then he put the last tube of antibiotic extract into the incubator. These days, professors of Hong Kong University School of Medicine, headed by Su Changzhi, completely put down their work at hand and stayed […]


When Li Zheng left the hospital, Xu Mingsheng’s temperature had come down and his vital signs were gradually stabilizing, so Chen Sufen and Xu Keqiang took his hand and thanked him again and again. Li Zheng smiled and said that it was what he had to do. Chen Sufen looked at his somewhat disoriented look, […]


It was a drug rash, and the side effects of carbapenem antibiotics were starting. “Monitor the temperature, ECG, can you hear me, teacher? Don’t be afraid, if you feel a need to vomit, it’s normal, bear with it, it’ll pass in half an hour.” Li Zheng said calmly while looking at the mechanical watch on […]


“Teacher, I have extracted a brand new antibiotic, biological test is effective against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, but no one has tried it clinically.” The rustling in the ward immediately resounded, Xu Mingsheng was stunned, his student had created a brand new antibiotic? A new antibiotic? “The new antibiotic that works on Pseudomonas aeruginosa?” The actual data […]


Official Schedule: https://untamedalley.com/uncategorized/schedule TN: Yes I missed an update yesterday 🌚 “A new antibiotic?” Since penicillin was introduced in 1943, antibiotics had been developed one after another. However, most of them were too toxic to be used as clinical treatment for human beings. Unlike palmatine, which was used to treat frozen blood, antibiotics have had […]