“I heard that your lab hasn’t been peaceful recently?” Xu Mingsheng poured the boiled tea into Li Zheng’s cup.   Li Zheng picked up the cup of tea and blew it gently.   “Teacher is well-informed.” He took a sip, “The atmosphere in the lab is indeed a bit tense these days.”   That day, […]


“Why should I help you?” Sun Junfang sized up the woman in front of her, the streets were now full of rumours about her, yet she actually had time to harm others.     “Why? You want to be Miss Hong Kong, and then marry into your husband’s family in style. She is your biggest […]


Li Zheng came out of Wen Xuefeng’s house, walked downstairs, then he saw a black car, an old man on crutches standing next to the car slightly raised his head.     Li Zheng followed his gaze.     He was looking at Wen Xuefeng’s house.     “Professor? Shall we go up?” The young […]


Liang Zhe’s heart suddenly surged with an impulse, he wanted to rush over and hug him, kiss his brow, his lips, and let him melt in his arms.   His leg moved forward, and then it seemed like he was rudely awakened, and quickly moved back. “I …… I’ll go back first.” Liang Zhe almost […]


On the second day after the completion ceremony of Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Factory, the official of Guangdong Province and David, the representative of Roche China held a grand press conference to announce the new stage of China’s reform and achievements, while the Chinese media took advantage of Roche’s platform to send a message to the world […]


The production line was smoothly set up, with the sound of roaring machines, a vat of fish bones and fish liver was poured into the huge sealed tank, pressed, atomized, crystallized. When the Roche technician announced that the crystallization test met the production standards, a thunderous applause broke out in the factory.   “Our local […]


“Chaoyang, Uncle Li.” Li Zheng also didn’t expect to meet them on this occasion.   He nodded to Wang Mashang.   Wang Mashang hurriedly waved away the security guards who had walked over, and he turned to Li Chaoyang and his father with a stunned expression, “You know Mr. Li? You didn’t tell me earlier!” […]


“Is it really you? You actually came back without a word!” Zheng Xiaodong exclaimed in shock, he took two steps forward, “I just passed by and saw your lights on, I thought it was a burglar!” Li Zheng showed an appropriate smile of gratitude, “Thank you, Brother Xiaodong.” Zheng Xiaodong waved his hand, “Don’t we […]


  The position seemed to have switched, Xu Yong with contempt for the officials and the masses of Shenzhen, and Liang’s people with contempt for fatty Xu. With this, Xu Yong finally realised that the feeling of being despised by people was really uncomfortable. He stiffened, covered his nose, and pulled out a smile, “Mr. […]