“You’re right, I believe you.”


Jiang Qing also smiled, a very sincere smile.


Although this didn’t prevent him from telling lies with his eyes open.


The phone in his pocket suddenly rang, he didn’t continue to ask, he took the phone out of his pocket and pressed the connect button.


“Brother Jiang, have you arrived? Do you still need me to pick you up?”


The caller was Ji Yebai, and the environment on his side was quiet, so he shouldn’t be in a bar.


“I’m here.” Jiang Qing said.


“I’m near your house, where are you? I’ll come over.” Ji Yebai said.


Jiang Qing got out of the car, walked around He Zhidu and looked at the environment, and said, “North Gate.”


“Okay, I’ll be right there.”


Although Ji Yebai was a wandering man, he was still reliable, after saying that he would be there immediately, in three minutes, he came over.


Jiang Qing saw him and turned to He Zhidu, “Mr. He, thank you for sending me back, my friend is here.”


“Bye.” He Zhidu waved his hand, “Sleep well.”


“You too.”


He Zhidu felt that Jiang Qing wasn’t blessing him.


Jiang Qing likewise felt that he would have nightmares tonight.


But they were still polite like ordinary friends.


Ji Yebai approached, nodded politely to He Zhidu and walked to Jiang Qing’s side to hold him, “Brother Jiang, did you drink too much?”


“Hmm.” Jiang Qing responded, “It was slightly too much.”


“I’ll take you home first.”



After they walked out some distance and He Zhidu also left, Jiang Qing pulled his hand out and wanted to walk independently, Ji Yebai held him again.


“Remove your hands.” Jiang Qing said, “I’m not drunk.”


Ji Yebai refused to believe, “Generally, drunk people would say that.”


“Do I have to smack you before you believe?”


Ji Yebai silently withdrew his hands: “Brother, can’t you be more gentle with me?”






After arriving home, Jiang Qing went to the bathroom to wash his face, eliminating the exhaustion of his body, once out of the door, he saw Ji Yebai moving left and right in his living room, he didn’t know what he was looking for.


“What are you looking for?” Jiang Qing walked over and sat down on the sofa.

Ji Yebai sighed and sat next to him, “Actually, tonight wasn’t all about me.”


“Or else it could be for me?” Jiang Qing asked rhetorically.


“Of course, you don’t think about it, look at you, you have everything, money, a good face, you only lack a wife, today ……”


“Husband won’t work?” Jiang Qing interjected.


Ji Yebai:?


Jiang Qing took out a card from his pocket, turned it around between his fingers, his eyes slowly stopped on the card, and read in a low voice: “He Zhidu, Linzhou City Hospital No. 1, twenty-three years old, still quite young and talented.”


Ji Yebai:?


“How is he?”


“Sh……” Ji Yebai said, “How about what?”


“Is he good-looking?” Jiang Qing asked him.


Ji Yebai subconsciously replied, “He’s handsome.”


“Handsome is handsome, just what are you asking this for?” Ji Yebai said.


Jiang Qing slowly and methodically folded the card and put it in his pocket, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, his tone was frivolous and diffident.


“I’m going to get him.”


Ji Yebai: ????


Ji Yebai asked again, “Do you like him?”


“Who says I have to like him?”



“If you don’t like him, why go through the trouble?”


“I think it’s because – no one would reject the charm of taming a wild dog.”


And He Zhidu was that untamed wild dog, wild and arrogant, never putting anyone in his eyes.


But once the wild dog was tamed, the arrogance would be ground into a good behavior, he’d willingly tend to be subordinate, and only belong to him alone.


When Jiang Qing thought of this, he felt anticipation.


The next day he got up early, leisurely made himself a breakfast, after eating, he packed up and left.


The first hospital in Linzhou City was a bit far from where he lived, it took nearly an hour to reach by car, and by the time he arrived it was close to mealtime, the corridors in the hospital were empty and not many people could be seen.


He lowered the brim of his hat a bit and walked up to a nurse sister and said politely, “Hello.”


“Hello, may I ask what can I do for you?”


“I’d like to ask where Dr. He Zhidu’s office is?”


The nurse sister changed her expression for half a moment then responded, “It’s room 612 on the sixth floor, Dr. He is in the operating room now, you may need to wait for him.”


“Well, that’s okay.”


When Jiang Qing was ready to go, the nurse sister added: “Remember to wait in the corridor, Dr. He doesn’t like people entering his private space without permission.”



What kind of private space was the office?


But since she said that, it would be a bit rude for him to go in.


Jiang Qing took the elevator up to the sixth floor, and looked through the window of door 612, the office furnishings were clean and tidy, all kinds of objects were neatly placed, there was no symbol of the owner’s identity of personal items, the whole space seemed a little cold.


Like the person He Zhidu.


He withdrew his gaze, turned around and leaned on the door and played with his phone, not much interest in continuing to look around.


Not long after, the light in front of him darkened, someone stood in front of him and asked in a low voice: “Why don’t you go in?”


Jiang Qing raised his eyes and met He Zhidu’s calm gaze.


He Zhidu was half a head taller than him, wearing a white lab coat, with a pair of silver-framed glasses on the bridge of his nose, his sight coming through that side of the lenses, made him feel far away.


“Doesn’t Dr. He dislike it when people don’t have permission to step into your private territory?”


He Zhidu said, “Have I ever said that?”


“I don’t know yet.” Jiang Qing said.


He Zhidu walked into the office, took off his white coat and casually rested it on the backrest of the seat, loosened the top button of his shirt, and his whole temperament was much more leisurely.


“What are you doing here?” He asked Jiang Qing.


“I came to return this to you, you left it in my pocket yesterday.”


Jiang Qing took the crumpled business card out of his pocket, put it on the desk between them in a serious manner, and put his hand over again, saying, “Also, looking for you to see a doctor.”


He Zhidu ignored the business card and swept his eyes around Jiang Qing’s hands.


Jiang Qing’s hands were very nice, with long and slender knuckles and well-defined bones, a pair of hands that were extremely suitable for playing the piano. Except for his beautiful hands, he couldn’t see anything else.



Jiang Qing poked his index finger with the tip of his thumb: “Here, see? It was accidentally cut by a knife when I was cooking this morning.”


He Zhidu looked again, only to see the slight scrape, the corners of his mouth hooked up and he laughed lightly, “It’s really a serious injury, if you came over later, it would have healed.”


“Well, it hurts.” Jiang Qing said, “Dr. He, help me.”



“I can’t treat a big injury like yours, so I suggest you turn right out the door and take the elevator to 907 on the ninth floor, where there is a doctor for you.”


“Dr. He, you are so discerning, you can see at a glance that I bumped my head in the car yesterday.” Jiang Qing said, “But I don’t want to treat my head right now, I just want the best surgeon, to help me bandage my trauma.”


The ninth floor was a psychiatric department, how could Jiang Qing not know?


Seriously, if the roles were switched, he would probably also invite himself to see a psychiatrist, he had no fucking business taking a minor abrasion to a surgeon for treatment.


Either the head was sick, or there was an ulterior motive.


Of course, Jiang Qing had an ulterior motive.


He Zhidu was too lazy to talk to him, he opened the drawer then took out a band-aid and threw it over, “Put it on.”



Jiang Qing picked up the band-aid and looked at it. The band-aid was pink and had two cartoon characters on it. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, Jiang Qing really wouldn’t have believed that it was something taken out of He Zhidu’s drawer.



“Dr. He, my hand is injured, there’s no strength ……”


Before the word “strength” was finished, He Zhidu grabbed his hand and put the band-aid on top of the wound steadily.


He also patted it twice after pasting it, “Brother, protect your hand well, if you’re not heartbroken, I am.”


“Thank you, Dr. He, I will.” Jiang Qing said.


“Well,” He Zhidu said, “Now it’s my rest time, treatment is considered overtime, my overtime pay is 80,000 per hour, for the sake of being a brother, I’ll give you a discount, 50,000 is enough.”


Just this broken band-aid cost 50,000?


Jiang Qing’s expression remained unchanged, still looking at the other party with curved eyes, “Dr. He, give me some credit.”


“Sure, you can pay when you want.”


“Then add me on WeChat, so you can respond promptly to any subsequent issues related to the wound. After all, it’s a major injury worth 50000 yuan, I can’t neglect it.”


Even if he slacked off, the wound would still heal.


He Zhidu didn’t answer the phone immediately, but quietly looked at Jiang Qing.


A moment later, he suddenly laughed and whispered, “How can I refuse a patient’s request.”


Jiang Qing didn’t stay any longer, and left the hospital after treating his wound.


The same day his Weibo was updated with a new post.


@jiangqin: a hand worth 50,000 yuan / kneeling /


The accompanying image was a picture of his hand.




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