Three days later, Wen Run entered the group.

Zheng Xuan personally accompanied him over, and Wen Run sat behind Zheng Xuan, staring at the back of his dark hair for a while, trying to act as if nothing had happened, and asked, “Brother Zheng doesn’t need to take care of Mr. Ye?”

“Mm.”Zheng Xuan didn’t think that this kid wouldn’t hold a grudge at all, and with his lost appearance that day, he thought that he realized that Ye Hansheng definitely didn’t have anything nice to say.

“He’s been discharged from the hospital.”

Ye Hansheng’s injury just looked scary, the wound had two stitches, and he was discharged from the hospital after making sure there was no major obstruction.Ye Hansheng had always disliked hospitals.

Wen Run hummed.There was no further question, it was good that he knew he was fine.

Zheng Xuan glanced at him through the rearview mirror and thought about it and couldn’t help but say, “That day… what Ye Hansheng told you, don’t take it to heart. He’s a person…who likes to be stubborn with a bad mouth”

Wen Run gave a short “ah” and didn’t say anything else.

He thought of what Ye Hansheng had said that day, but he had actually said something similar when they first met. Then Wen Run went home and thought about it for two days, he concluded that there were probably too many people who had ulterior motives towards him, so he was on the defensive against everyone. After all, he was in charge of such a large company, just the number of company artists were staring at him wanting to climb into bed. He was not related to him, and had only met him a total of two times, so it was normal that Ye Hansheng would be defensive of him.

When Zheng Xuan heard him say that, he couldn’t say anything else. He could only explain to him some of the things that he needed to pay attention to in the crew. It wasn’t Wen Run’s first time, and he was also aware of the doors and the ways inside, but he still took down Zheng Xuan’s instructions carefully.

When Zheng Xuan finished speaking, Wen Run recalled the matter of Shen Muxun and hesitantly asked, “Brother Zheng, besides Starland, do you know of any other brokerage companies that are more reliable?”

He didn’t mention Shen Muxun, as if he was casually asking.

Zheng Xuan raised an eyebrow, “Why are you asking this, do you want to jump ship?”

Wen Run said no and swallowed, “I’m just helping a friend to ask casually.”

Zheng Xuan was even stranger, his brain spun around and he understood, “You have a friend in the Starland that wants to jump out?”


Wen Run didn’t say anything, thinking to himself how Zheng Xuan had guessed it all at once. After all, the termination of the contract was Shen Muxun’s private plan, and he didn’t want to say it until he officially brought it up.

Zheng Xuan glanced at the rearview mirror again and saw him pursing his lips and looking out the window, recalling that Wen Run’s friends should be the only two roommates he had.The information about those two roommates he also took a passing glance at earlier, and remembered that one of them, Shen What’s-His-Name’s contract was about to expire.

Zheng Xuan remembered Wen Run and his two roommates, who were both under Song Li in the beginning, and thinking about Song Li’s virtue, Zheng Xuan thought to himself that it was no wonder people wanted to jump ship.

He thought for a moment and said, “Song Li’s contract is also about to expire, and the company isn’t going to renew it with him.”

He said this because he wanted to tell Wen Run that his two roommates would soon be able to change their agents, and he would then pass on a private message to take care of them more, and as long as his roommates competed for themselves, they would still have a chance to get ahead.

Wen Run understood what he meant and his eyes lit up, “Really?”

“It’s due next month.”

Although Song Li didn’t make any major mistakes, his personal ability was really average. Plus, Ye Hansheng didn’t like him, and the company wasn’t going to renew his contract with him when his labor contract expired.

Leaving next month, Song Li’s contract expiration was still ahead of Shen Muxun. If there was a new agent who could lead him properly. Shen Muxun should not have to consider jumping ship. After all, Starland was considered a very clean company in the industry, unlike some companies that took the initiative to pimp their artists, Starland was rich and resourceful, and the conditions for artists were considered very good.

Wen Run thought for a moment, and posted the good news in the dormitory’s small group chat.

Lu Zhan popped out at once, [Really great! Then I won’t have to be a duck!]

[ What duck? ]

Wen Run sent a confused expression over.

Shen Muxun followed suit and sent a huge question mark, [What’s going on?]

Lu Zhan returned a pitiful.jpg emoji, [There’s an old woman who has a crush on me and wants me to sleep with her].

He didn’t tell his two roommates about this until Wen Run said Song Li was leaving and the alarm was lifted, so he said it on the spur of the moment.

The old woman who saw him was a widowed rich woman, Song Li took him to a dinner party when he met that rich woman at that time, she took a glance at him, but also at the table he sat on, he dared not offend people, he could only endure, who knew Song Li would make him go out three times, every time the old woman followed. Although Song Li didn’t say it explicitly, it was obvious that he wanted him to get a backer.

Lu Zhan was almost ready to explode into a wave of death with Song Li, but didn’t expect to see this good news!

He sent another happy.jpg emoji, [This master’s first time can only be given to the woman he loves the most.]

Shen Muxun texted back, [Okay, I know you’re still a nestling.]

Lu Zhan jumped to his feet and sent a hundred unilateral insults to Shen Muxun.

Wen Run looked at the group chat, and the corner of his mouth unconsciously raised  into a smile.


The filming location was in the suburbs of film city, the next day , Wen Run had arrived early, in the afternoon he heard that the two main actors and Xiao Xiao and other people had arrived.

In the evening the director arranged a dinner party, the crew dined together. The director and the lead actors talked freely at the wine table, but Wen Run was just a small star, he quietly ate without adding to the discussion, a seat separated him from Ling Shangyao, whose eyes swept to him from time to time, filled with malice.

Wen Run secretly frowned, he never thought that Ling Shangyao, who didn’t get the role of “Yan Wu” would still be in the crew, and he was playing the younger brother of the female lead, the Prince of Zhenbei. Wen Run had a few more scenes with him. Thinking of his unkind eyes, Wen Run couldn’t help but sigh, feeling that he won’t be able to live in peace in the group for more than a month.

After the dinner party broke up, everyone went back to the hotel to rest. Xiao Xiao had a good impression of Wen Run, and she was just on her way back to the hotel, so she left with him.

Before leaving, Ling Shangyao stared hard at Wen Run, Wen Run didn’t want to cause trouble and pretended he didn’t see it.

“You have a problem with Ling Shangyao?” Xiao Xiao also noticed Ling Shangyao’s hostility.

Wen Run puffed up his face and said it was probably because of the role of “Yan Wu”.

Xiao Xiao knew a little more than he did, and it was easy to understand when she thought about it. At that time, it was rumored that he was selected to play “Yan Wu”, but director Li suddenly named Wen Run to audition for the role, so there was a question mark over this. That was the first time he’d seen Wen Run in an audition and he didn’t know why he was chosen.

Ling Shangyao, who had been a victim of his last drama, had a bad temper and a small mind. Xiao Xiao worked with him once, and her impression wasn’t good, so she mentioned to Wen Run, “He’s a bit small-minded, and I’ve heard he likes to play dirty tricks, so be careful.”

Wen Run earnestly thanked her, and left a thought in his heart.

The next day’s startup ceremony, after praying, filming officially started. Director Li, who had entered work mode, seemed to have changed into a different person, and the atmosphere of the entire crew became tense under his pressure.

The first half of the film was devoted to the Wen Run’s scenes, in which Yan Wu was the man’s personal bodyguard, and when the male lead changed his name and traveled among the various marquises, he followed him closely.

The male lead was Chen Hua, who was in his early thirties. He was a rare male star with both fame and acting skills. He had a rare gentle personality. Compared with him, his acting skills were naturally young. Chen Hua occasionally taught Wen Run in his spare time, which benefited Wen Run a lot.

After a week of intense shooting, Wen Run had his first martial arts scene.

Yan Wu accompanied his master back to his homeland, but he met the Prince of Zhenbei, who was running wild in the street.The Prince of Zhenbei, who had been a favorite since childhood, was arrogant and tyrannical, and he only cared about his own happiness and didn’t care about others’ lives, he went straight towards the master and servant in the middle of the road.

Yan Wu naturally refused to let him hurt his master, and drew his sword and flew up to fight with the Prince of Zhenbei.

The fighting moves were all demonstrated repeatedly by the martial arts instructor, and Wen Run went through them in his head, waiting for the staff to tie up the wire for him. Ling Shangyao at the end of the long street was riding on his horse and gave him a subtle malicious smile. Before Wen Run could figure out what he meant, he heard a shout to begin.


Wen Run immediately flew up, his long sword pointed straight at Wang Shizi.

Ling Shangyao spurred his horse to run, an arrogant smile on his lips, and drew his sword to meet him, the tip of the sword stabbing towards Wen Run straight in the face, Wen Run’s eyes flashed with surprise, and his body bent back narrowly avoiding it.

–This wasn’t a move designed in advance at all.

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