In the VIP ward of a hospital, Huo Guangyao was sitting on the bed with an ugly expression on his face, while his assistant stood beside the bed with her head hanging down, not daring to take a breath.



Ever since the internet reversed its direction and starry-eyed fans were turned into a group of mockers, with Huo Guangyao being mocked in all kinds of ways, Huo Guangyao’s face had never looked good. The agent picked up the mobile phone that had been thrown to the ground, handed him a glass of water, and said, “This has nothing to do with us, so what are you so angry about? When another scandal breaks again in a couple of days, the popularity of this topic will be suppressed.”



Huo Guangyao retorted, “Didn’t you say we could take the opportunity to ruin Wen Run’s image? Now it’s like you tried to steal a chicken and got caught, and I’m even being mocked.”



“Wasn’t I just upset that he’s always ahead of you?” The agent, Huo Guangyao’s cousin, eight years older than him, patted his head and added, “And in the end, it’s all the fans’ fault this time, so you can’t be blamed for it. I think this is just a big gesture to scare people. There are so many blogs that posted about it, and there are so many fans that he can’t sue them one by one.”



Huo Guangyao thought about it too; this kind of thing was commonplace in the industry, and most of it ended with a lawyer’s letter. He hadn’t seen anyone really put in so much effort to sue them one by one, so it wouldn’t be a big loss.



After the agent pacified him, he saw his assistant standing with fear and trembling and quickly said, “Go pacify that fan, and remember to leave Ah Huo out of this. What you said before was all your personal speculation, understand?”



“Yes, I know.” The assistant nodded, gripped her mobile phone tightly, and left.



Her mobile phone was still vibrating, and a girl on Weibo named “Guarding Star” had been sending her private messages.



[Are you there? Didn’t you say that he was tricked by Wen Run? How come the internet is now saying that he accidentally irritated the horse?]



[Is the video real or fake?]



[Wen Run’s studio has contacted lawyers to sue; I’m also on the list; what if they really find me?]



[Speak up!]



[If you ignore me again, don’t blame me for going to Weibo to expose you!]



Seeing that the other party sent over a threatening message, the assistant panicked. This girl was one of the more active managers in the fan club.


Because she often organized events, the assistant had had a few encounters with her. She was a die-hard fan of Huo Guangyao and had been active on the front lines of all activities. Because of that, she had also been the most active in smearing Wen Run’s name. When the news of Huo Guangyao’s horse crash and injury came out this time, she was the first to come and confirm with his assistant.



Only then did the assistant say something misleading to her at the agent’s behest. Afterwards, as expected, she used her fan account to post a long comment, inciting the fanbase to start attacking Wen Run.



The fans were unprecedentedly united; originally, the wind of public opinion was also on their side. As long as Wen Run’s side couldn’t produce evidence to prove that he hadn’t done it, then he couldn’t erase this scandal. Who knew that someone would analyze the reason for the fall from the video, and then they also found evidence? The wind immediately overturned.



Wen Run looked peaceful, but his studio was ruthless, directly looking for lawyers to sue them.


Ordinary people wouldn’t know, but she had been in the industry for a long time and knew that people may seem hidden on the internet, but in reality, as long as they had the intention to investigate, even if the perpetrator only left a trace, they could still follow the trace to uncover the person.



It was just that in the past, no one would spend so much effort to do it.



Although the agent had said they were just using fancy words, she didn’t know why, but she felt that Wen Run’s side was really serious. If the lawsuit was really filed and “Guarding Star” was found, then the consequences…



The assistant looked at the message and typed out a response. No matter whether it was a real lawsuit or a fake lawsuit, she still had to stabilize this person first.



[I was just busy working. I don’t know what’s going on with the video; what I saw at the scene is what I told you… Maybe I misunderstood it.]



[As for Wen Run’s studio lawsuit, this is a common tactic in the industry; ah, it’s probably just to scare people. Can they really sue everyone one by one? Who would have so much energy?]



[And you’re the one who got forwarded the news to “Xingchen won’t fall”? Didn’t I tell you not to spread the news without evidence?]



After she explained, “Guarding Star” really stopped talking. Only after a long time did she send a message back: “I was just too angry.”



Seeing that her anger had weakened, the assistant made a few perfunctory remarks and then exited Weibo.




Whether it was Huo Guangyao and others, netizens who were watching, or bloggers, everyone thought that the lawyer’s letter of warning was the end. But they didn’t expect that Wen Run’s Studio would take it seriously this time.



Not only did it hire a famous lawyer, but also the legal department of Starfield was mobilized, and this team of lawyers collected evidence, prepared the prosecution materials as quickly as possible, and then submitted them to the court.



Seven days later, Lawyer Xing showed the notice of acceptance of the case and some of the submitted written materials on his Weibo page.



Lawyer Xing himself was a big verified account; he posted some legal trivia from time to time and had gotten a lot of fans, and after Starfield commissioned him to represent Wen Run in the reputation rights lawsuit, he had harvested a large number of fans again. Originally, when the studio said it would take the legal route, the popularity of this matter slowly faded. The result was that seven days later, he suddenly sent such a post, once again igniting the silent fans and other watching netizens.



Except for the acceptance notice of the case on Weibo, the rest of the content were all accounts that had been sued, and the one who incited fan group online violence with their strength, “Xingchen won’t fall,”  was prominently among them. Although the further information had been coded, it didn’t prevent everyone from watching the drama..


[WTF Starfield NB, they’re surprisingly efficient!]


[TN: NB: niúbī (牛逼), an arrogant, annoying person, but also used positively for an awesome, impressive person, similar to “badass”]


[I’m a passer-by who’s turning into a fan; several of the defendants are tumors in the circle, aren’t they? It’s long overdue to rectify this.]



[Hehe, they asked these SB marketing accounts to create new rumors and then target Wen Run. Starfield dad will teach you guys to be human again.]


[TN: SB: dumb cu**nts]



[When Run is too favored, right? I heard that the entire legal department was brought out to fight. Which of the Starfield artists before him had this treatment?”]


The netizens were cheering that these marketing accounts that made trouble everywhere had finally kicked the iron plate and been overturned. At the same time, they also lamented that Wen Run’s treatment was simply like he was Starfield’s own son. Jealous, they were so jealous.



If their favorite stars could have half of this treatment, there wouldn’t be so many scandals!



However, they all didn’t know that this wasn’t at all a son’s treatment; this was the treatment of the president’s wife.



The president himself was sitting in his office listening to the legal department report on the latest progress. When he heard that they would have to wait for the court’s scheduling, he let out a dissatisfied sigh: “Wait until the court season begins, then use it to make a fuss about “Xingchen won’t fall,”  and then find ways to involve Huo Guangyao.”



Although “Xingchen won’t fall” used an alternative account, it was too easy for Starfield to find out about her. Not only did they successfully find her real-life information, they even followed the trail and discovered her larger account.



She was actually the manager of Huo Guangyao’s fan club, “Guarding Star,”  and her large account had more than 100,000 followers. She usually organized activities to fight against anti-fans and then strived to fight her opponents.



This rumor was first spread by her smaller account, inciting the entire fan base to commit cyber viol-ence against Wen Run, and Ye Hansheng didn’t believe that this had nothing to do with Huo Guangyao and his studio. This kind of big fan could usually get some first-hand news from the studio and they had very close relationships with the studio. If one thought a little deeper, there would be a possibility that she may have been instructed by Huo Guangyao’s studio.



The Legal Department got their instructions and withdrew to work on other things. Ye Hansheng leaned into the back of his chair, took out his mobile phone, and wanted to give Wen Run a call, but then reacted to the fact that he was most likely filming at this time, so he put the phone away and called his assistant to come in.



“Book me a ticket into Y City tonight.”



The assistant raised her eyes in surprise and then quickly lowered her eyes, pressed down the speculation that was churning within her heart, answered, and then retreated.



As soon as she left the office, she opened the small group chat.



[Report: Boss Ye is going to Y City tonight.]



[You shocked this mother; they’re real, right?]



[I think it is true! It’s only true love that can do this.]



When the entire legal department of Starfield went out to prosecute the marketing accounts, they privately speculated that Boss Ye was directly taking care of Wen Run; after all, their relationship was so good!



Now that they also heard that Boss Ye was going to Y City, the entire President’s Office felt like they knew an unbelievable secret.



Anyone who has paid attention to Wen Run knew that the cast of “Peaceful Tune” was now in Y City.



An accident just happened, and boss Ye quickly wanted to go to the city. If they denied their relationship, who would believe them?



Ye Hansheng didn’t know his own assistants were guessing his relationship with Wen Run. In fact, he hadn’t seen Wen Run for too long and wanted to find a way to meet him.



Incidentally, it’d show that he supported Wen Run, showing the attitude of Starfield.



With the president’s instructions, Starfield’s attitude was very clear: to give support to Wen Run, whoever attacked him would be dealt with.



Not long after the case was filed, another shocking revelation was made on the internet: “Xingchen won’t fall,”  the one who had started the rumor about Wen Run, was actually the manager of the Huo Guangyao fan club, “Guarding Star.” The reason for this was that Lawyer Xing had exposed part of the evidence. Even though the major information on it was coded and the general public couldn’t tell what was going on, “Guarding Star” often participated in offline activities; many people had seen her real face, and her occasional Weibo posts were also located at known places. The province and city in the document matched “Xingchen won’t fall.” In addition, someone checked the IP addresses of “Xingchen won’t fall” and “guarding star” and found that the IP addresses were exactly the same. Taking all of the above into consideration, “Guarding Star” was exposed.



This was a big deal.



Huo Guangyao’s fan club’s manager took the lead in rumor mongering, and the rumors started from her, so netizens wouldn’t believe it even if they said it was her intention alone.




Originally, fan behavior had nothing to do with idols, and although some people had previously mocked Huo Guangyao, the most they could do was say a few words, with no substantial impact. But now that “Guarding Star” had fallen off the wagon, the nature of the matter has completely changed.



A significant portion of the population speculated that she was a career fan and that she had probably been instructed by the studio or even by Huo Guangyao to spread rumors to discredit the other star. As a result, Huo Guangyao, who was originally clean and untainted, was finally dragged off the altar.




Of course, the fans denied it, and when the tide turned, those who had the brains to do so apologized and admitted they were wrong, stressing again and again that it was a fan’s personal behavior and had nothing to do with the star. But now, “Guarding Star” had almost forcibly bundled Huo Guangyao into the fray.



Both fans and passersby were frantically sending private messages to “Guarding Star,” asking her to come out and explain what was going on.



“Guarding Star” herself was also confused. From the time she saw the indictment on Lawyer Xing’s Weibo page, she was confused. She didn’t know how things got to this point. Huo Guangyao has been her favorite star since high school. She was from a well-off family and often saved money for support activities just to support her “star.” After graduating from college and entering the workplace for two years, her “star” became more and more popular, and she climbed from an ordinary fan to the position of fan club management. She was able to respond to all the messages from the fan group and was even able to contact the studio’s staff, getting closer to her “star.” She feels that her efforts have been rewarded.



She regarded the “star” as her guiding light; as he was growing, she was also growing. It was the “star” that brought her a more promising future. Therefore, she couldn’t bear to see anyone smearing his name or hurting him. It was unbearable for her, as if her years of hard work had been denied.



She couldn’t bear it.



So as soon as she heard about Huo Guangyao’s fall, she contacted the studio assistant. The other party told her that her “star” was badly injured in order to demonstrate riding skills to Wen Run and that the fall was also very strange, not like an accident. There were also a lot of other ambiguous words.



From those fragmented words, she almost instantly pieced together the “truth.” Although the assistant said that there was no evidence and told her not to spread the news, she was so angry that she wanted to seek justice for her “star.”.



So she registered a small account and posted her speculation, and as a result, she gained a lot of fan support. She thought she was right; she was fighting for her favorite star.



But reality gave her a loud slap in the face.



She still couldn’t believe that she was about to face prosecution, and as a result of one bad news story after another, she was raked over the coals again. She looked at all sorts of speculation online, saying she was a career fan. They said she was instructed and she wanted to refute, but then she remembered the conversation with the assistant; she was vaguely aware that she may have really fallen into a trap, but she couldn’t believe it.



The “star” she had loved for so many years would not do this to her. She stayed silent and hid behind the Internet, not speaking out again.



However, the follow-up actions of the studio and the fan group completely shattered her illusions.



Huo Guangyao’s studio sent out another post. It clarified that the actions of “Guarding Star” were personal and had nothing to do with him or the studio, and demanded that the rumor-mongering stop. The fan group, on the other hand, unanimously decided to remove her from her management position and expel her from the fan club.




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