At 8:00 p.m., “Jinling Terrace” was broadcasted on Lychee Channel on time.



The ink painting-like scene was spread out in a distant and vast background music. In the pavilion by the river, two people in white and one in green were playing a game, black and white chess pieces were firm on the board, a quiet and intense fight.


In the pavilion, the man in white dropped the last piece, and the camera pulled away, just across the river, there were two armies fighting, blo-od splattered in the rain, the sound of war, stained the picture red.



The story of the ups and downs, the thick and mellow narration began ……



The dramas directed by Li Chao was always known for its exquisite graphics. “Jinling Terrace” was the ultimate in refinement, and both the scenes and the soundtrack were of a high standard of elaboration. The ink painting-like scenes and the resounding music was as different from today’s common use of Arbor color filter as if assembly-line production of the drama, instantly grabbed the audience’s eyes first, and then the plot slowly unfolded, more people didn’t even want to change the channel.



Before the episode was finished, the online word of mouth had already exploded.



Many netizens said, “Just because of this scenes and soundtrack, even if the plot is trash, I’ll still follow it.”



Some of the fans who followed the official page of Jinling Terrace and had seen some of the footage immediately retorted: [The above, please finish the second episode before you speak.]



The first episode of the show finished when the online discussion was in full swing, and many people were waiting for the commercials to end.



The first episode was mainly a background introduction, through the battle of Chen and Wei, leading to the six states suffering at the time of strife.



At that time, the world was divided into six states: Chen, Wei, Yan, Zhao, Han and Qi, each of which had its own strengths and weaknesses. But no matter which country, they all had the ambition to annex the remaining five states to unify the world. At this time of war and strife, there were countless talented people that served the country, to make a contribution to the king, a fight for their name to be written in history.



At that time, the weakest state, Yan, was affected by the Battle and faced with the predicament of being annexed by Wei. The Prince of Yan set up the Jinling Bureau in Jinling Terrace, using the secret treasures of the Yan Palace as bait to attract numerous talented people to join Yan to work for the state in order to solve their predicament.



The hermit Shang Jianliu of Baishui also went to Yan with his guard Yan Wu.


The second episode began with the first encounter between the master and the servant, who entered the northern border of Yan, and met the Prince of Zhenbei. The crowd on the long street was bustling, the King of Zhenbei’s son galloped his horse, countless people avoided him, only Shang Jianliu and Yan Wu, the master and servant, unhurriedly walked in the middle, as if he wasn’t visible.



The prince was born tall and handsome, but was spoiled to the point of lawlessness, he saw human life as grass, seeing them, his expression became sullen, not only didn’t he stop, he whipp-ed the horse to go straight ahead.


Shang Xianliu stopped, but he still didn’t move, and his servant on his side flew up, dree his sword and pointed it at the prince of Zhenbei. Although the prince was a dandy, his martial arts skills wasn’t bad. He immediately stepped on the horse and drew his sword to meet him.



This scene was Wen Run’s first martial arts scene, but also Shen Muxun’s as the Prince of Zhenbei, because of the scandal, the role of the Prince of Zhenbei changed to Shen Muxun. The two had a good relationship, and both were seeking for precision in acting. It took a lot of thought and suffering to shoot this martial arts scene, but the effect was obvious.



After the second episode was broadcast, the martial arts scene was blown up by the fans of the two.



Especially Wen Run’s fans, before the drama, they were always chased by anti-fans that mocked Wen Yun for bad acting, they could only hold their breath, after all, no outstanding work was really no work. But now with “Jinling Terrace” on air, a martial arts scene was enough to make everyone shut up and be amazed.



Wen Run had a mild harmless look, so usually the characters he played were also soft. But in the drama, no one could find a little bit of the usual Wen Run, his long and thin eyebrows were slightly raised, and his eyes were cold. Whether the way he held the sword or pulled out the sword, it was felt that he was the cold and silent mam in the novel, but his heart was fiery.



Especially this martial arts scene, Shen Muxun’s acting skills were recognized as good, but Wen Run didn’t show the slightest mistake, the performance of the two got different reactions, but no matter which one, no one could say it was bad.



Especially after Wen Run was mocked for bad acting on the hot search list, with this contrast, it was more prominent.



So this night, just after the broadcast, the previous posts that mocked Wen Run were found again, a fan laughingly reposted: [what did you say about our brother’s acting skills.]



[The one who said his acting is extremely poor, can you take two steps out? Is your face swollen?]



[You said that he barks with no expression on his face? Today we are in a good mood. You can just go see a doctor for your eyes.]


Previously, some of the blogs that followed the trend and forwarded mocking posts silently deleted them to pretend nothing happened, but some of them were stiff mouthed, they still grabbed a few vague old photos and bit them to death, insisting that Wen Run had gotten plastic surgery.



But this time the anti-fans also learned a good lesson, they didn’t dare to talk about it, but indirectly made references: which hospital did Wen Run go? To not even see the traces, the doctor was really good.



The fans were angry and posted the old photos of him as a student to refute, but still couldn’t stop their selective blindness. They wouldn’t stop regardless.



So again, # Wen Run plastic surgery # topic went up, but it was brushed aside, and familiar with the routine, Wen Run’s fans quickly responded. It was speculated that someone intentionally bought the topic on the hot search list to take advantage of the situation. Fans quickly began to counter hateful rumors, but couldn’t stop the high interest of the topic. Many people just read a title and began to follow suit.




Zheng Xuan naturally reacted immediately, contacting the public relations department to prepare to withdraw the hot search to disprove the rumor. However, the PR Department hadn’t yet started to act when one of the first people that made posts about it suddenly came alive.


The original page had only dozens of zombie fans, and the content was just viewed by ordinary passers-by.


Later, this trolling page was dug out by some bloggers, anti-fans left encouraging comments but also didn’t see any movement in the original blog, so they all concluded that the page had been abandoned.



But now, this abandoned runaway blogger came back to life. Not only that, she also deleted the trolling post and made a long post.



The first sentence at the beginning of was: I apologize to Wen Run for my blindness back then, he is really a pure natural, unpolluted beauty, too da-mn good-looking, I love him!



The latest comments: [?????]



Oh, this anti-fan, she turned pink.



Not only that, she also wrote a spirited article about the journey of black to pink, because the language was witty, and used a lot of emoticons, the effect was very laughable, so it once again triggered a craze.



The blogger said she was extremely annoyed with Wen Run at the beginning, and felt that he was no different from those sultry bitc-hes who relied on hype to establish their persona. In order to mock him, she picked up all the dramas that Wen Run had done, and posted a few screenshots of Wen Run’s ugliest scenes. But she didn’t expect this to lead to his fans attacking her. They also threw photos of Wen Run’s student days to hit her face.


Of course, she wasn’t convinced, but she had endured the disgust of watching all Wen Run’s bad movies. Now which actor’s picture wasn’t beautiful ah? That was all editing.



So she decided that those pictures were edited, in fact, Wen Run must be extremely ugly and plain.



So she followed the Baidu encyclopedia information and found Wen Run’s high school and university postings and school forums. Her intention was to dig up black material and ugly photos to hit the faces of his fans. The result wasn’t what she expected.



She found a side photo of Wen Run’s college days, the youthful-faced teenager sat in the library, wearing the most ordinary white T-shirt, holding a book in his hands, eyes downcast, even time seemed to have stopped for him.



The blogger was hoarse with anxiety: [My brother is simply an angel! The vocabulary of mortals can not describe his beauty, I advise you all to go to Q University posting bar to see, those pictures are simply treasures! The young and good little angel, who can’t love him!!!]



After the rant, she also attached a few post links to Q University’s forum. Even the exact picture was marked clearly. It was very thoughtful.



This long post probably had a thousand words, half of which were sending compliments like crazy, and not just dry and soulless words, she also had pictures, it was true and soulful blow for anti-fans.



As for those who said that Wen Run had plastic surgery, the blogger fiercely fought back, [why did, I, your mother put so many all-around deathless angles of the high-definition picture for? May I ask if your two eyes are ornamental?]



The blogger’s operation wasn’t expected by anyone. Not only the passers-by, even Wen Run’s fans were also stunned.


After reaction, they were hesitating to accept the little sister who became a big fan. Then they saw that she changed her bold style: Actually, this is my small account, and I got it after I became a fan @Drinking milk everyday



Milk fan group:


The account of “drinking milk every day” was still a little famous in the fan group. Because the blogger had good editing skills, and could send compliments, she gained many fans every time she posted pictures. Later, she even posted her pictures when she went out of the neighborhood. It seemed that she didn’t use Weibo much, and she only came up when she posted pictures. In the heart of milk fans, she was a beautiful and mysterious fan.


As a result, the persona was now completely collapsed, but they also found that she was previously a anti-fan.



The milk fans had mixed feelings.



But that didn’t stop the little sisters from first uniting to fight back against the real anti-fans.



After that trolling page was deleted, this new page was quickly topped on the hot search list again. Half of the credit went to the milk fans and passersby, and half to Starland PR for lending a hand and using the new buzz to clarify and debunk the rumors after the nasty posts were removed.



The effect was obvious.



The way it was reversed was comfortable no matter where it was placed. Wen Run’s strength slapped the faces of the anti-fans, and fans followed with another hit, so the twists and turns and comfortable plot greatly delighted passers-by. In addition to a small number of people who didn’t know whether it was true anti-fans or bots bouncing around, the vast majority of passers-by recognized the beauty and strength of Wen Run. The “plastic surgery theory”, “poor acting” and other rumors were broken. There were even many passersby who turned to fans, part of them were busy looking at the photos sent by some fans, part of them joined the army of milk fans and start sending compliments in a fancy way.



“Jinling Terrace” took advantage of what happened, and successfully attracted a wave of attention, the ratings steadily rose, not only did the online topics remain high, even offline, it also triggered a craze to follow the drama.



When “Jinling Terrace” was on air, Ye Hansheng finally finished his work and took some time to open the webpage. In addition to being broadcast on Lychee TV, the online version of ” Jinling Terrace” was also broadcast exclusively on the Love Catching Up app. The first day of the show, Ye Hansheng registered his account, but he was too busy to watch it.



Until today, he finally had a little free time.



Ye Hansheng wore the headphones and sat straight, he seriously stared at the computer. Those who didn’t know would think he was dealing with work, but in fact, the headphones played the “Jinling Terrace” atmospheric opening song.


The network update was a little slower than the progress of the TV station, but even so the network version had pop-ups that covered the entire screen. Ye Hansheng frowned, he was about to turn off the pop-ups, but suddenly noticed that most of the dense pop-ups were related to Wen Run.



Or rather, related to Wen Run’s Yan Wu.



“Jinling Terrace” was an IP adaptation, and the original novel itself wasn’t low in popularity. A variety of CPs popped up all over the place. And in these, Yan Wu was undoubtedly one of the most paired people. Who wouldn’t love a beautiful boy with a tragic life and martial arts skills?

[TN: CP — Couple Pairing]


So after the drama aired, many that liked the novel, naturally pulled up the pairings.



Ye Hansheng saw the dense pop-up screen, it was Shang Jianliu x Yan Wu, the “Shang Yan” CP, Zhenbei King’s son Yun Changshan x Yan Wu, the “Yun Yan” CP and Yan Wu x the little county princess Yun Changge, the “no song ” CP.



This was the hottest three pairs of CP related to Yan Wu in the current drama, no song CP fans thought they were the right palace, those other pairings could go to hell.



Shang Yan CP fans and Yun Yan CP fans, on the other hand, felt that brotherhood was the true love, Yan Wu belonged with his brother!



So they fought.


Ye Hansheng looked at the dense pop-ups, with an abruptly cold smile, he blocked the pop-ups.





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